Tuesday 19 May 2009

Vote your best Zewt Laugh

I have put up a few of my so called "deep and thought provoking" entries and have asked for votes to see which are the most popular ones. The results are shown on the side bar, the so called Top 5.

I just ran through my archieves on my more humourous entries and have selected quite a few. Since I will be away in Singapore till the end of the week, perhaps this is a good time to get you people to vote on which are the good "Zewt Laugh" entries. You have a few days to laugh... and vote...

Do you have sweaty chest?

Ask before you hump

From shitty good news to gym to a penis song

One night on a wrong stand
(Warning: Some find this offensive)

Keywords splendour

More keywords splendour

Henry Suckers and the 4 schools of magic

A locker tale

Those typo experiences

Of hip-hop to diet and a search

The block resulted in 3 laws

The Chronicles of holes and poles

you have 4 votes each... Happy laughing ang voting!


JoMel said...

I need time to read, before voting, and that's heck of alot to read! ;P

Jojo Struys said...

Hey Zewt,
You have an awesome blog ! I am going throuugh it now. I am quite new at blogging myself but am learning alot. It is fun though :) Take care

littlepolaris said...

Hmmm I like all ur posts. How how how? Dunno which to vote. =P

Petite Lass said...

Hey Zewt, notice that "Do you have sweaty chest?" is not one of the options in the vote. Wanted to vote for that actually.

zewt said...

Jomel - that's why i only put this up since i am going away :)

Jojo Struys - hi there, welcome to AZAIG and good to have you here. indeed, what's more fun that blogging :P

littlepolaris - must still choose 4 which you like more lah.

petite lass - i actually had that in the list. however, vizu only allowed 10 to be in the voting list so i had to take some out. sorry...

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