Monday 31 May 2010

Me knee update

I have done a MRI and it confirmed that my Anterior Cruciate Ligament (“ACL”) is completely torn. Many people have been asking me what exactly it is and I think this is a good analogy…

Imagine a house supported by a single main pillar. Now, the pillar has completely collapsed and the reason why the house is still standing is because of the walls. Worse, some of the internal and side walls are either damaged or have also collapsed. Imagine the house being my knee.

That’s quite a good explanation, isn’t it? Came up with it myself… hehe…

I am off crutches for now but I can’t really walk normally. I certainly can’t jump and running is out of the question. I can’t imagine myself not running or playing any games for the rest of my life, so I will need an ACL reconstruction surgery. It will take 9 months before I can play again.

Timing has been bad. This injury happened while I am busy preparing to make my brain-drain move down south. But I guess I shouldn’t be complaining after
this conversation.

As the surgery can only be done after the swelling is completely gone, I will most probably head down south first and then fly back for my surgery. There will certainly be lots of flying in the next couple of months.

I hope to find a surgeon who I am comfortable with, currently looking at one who came highly recommended.

With a good surgeon, discipline to do proper rehab and God’s grace, I hope to run next year’s KL Standard Chartered Marathon…

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Tuesday 25 May 2010

The injury conversation

I have not seen an orthopaedic surgeon yet. The person treating me for the last 2 days is senior physiotherapist. He used to be with the national football team and he gave the confidence I needed to let him manage my knee for now. He has treated a few of my team-mates and he came highly recommended.

I will be seeing an ortho surgeon tomorrow for further assessment. Thanks for all your prayers.

Anyway… as the therapist was assessing my knee yesterday, I was being a typical patient asking all sorts of questions…

How long before I can walk again?
Can I still run a marathon?
No more football for sure right?
What about badminton?
And golf?
Huh? I might need surgery?
What if I don’t want surgery?
Will my knee be the same again after the surgery?

He was very patient with me, I reckon I was not the first to bombard him with all these text-book questions. But something happened along the way…

After answering all my questions, he began to talk about himself as I asked him how long has he been doing this, etc. It was then that he said… “Oh, I have just been diagnosed with 4th stage cancer”.

Oh man… at that moment, I was actually lost for words, which is quite a rare thing. I just do not know what to say besides uttering the usual “Sorry to hear that, hope you’ll recover…”

That man was potentially staring at certain death, but he was all cheerful and patient and so positive about life and was encouraging to me remain positive and think of the good signs. And there I was sitting there with a busted knee asking all sorts of questions as though it’s the end of the world for me.

Oh yeah, no sports for the rest of my life is quite end of the world for me but that’s another point.

At that moment, I was reminded… no matter how low I feel, I should still be thankful…

You should too… because you don’t have a busted knee…

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Monday 24 May 2010

Appreciate prayers for my knee

My boots were slightly broken since the game last week; perhaps it was a sign. I wasn’t even challenging for the ball, was just running and tried to change direction.

I heard a “crack” and the next thing I knew, I felt like my left knee has been cracked open with a dagger.

Initial assessment indicated that the meniscus was torn but not too sure about the anterior cruciate ligament. I will have to wait for the swelling to subside before going for a MRI. Then the extent of the damage will be clearer.

Appreciate prayers that the ACL is still intact and not ruptured. If it is ruptured, it will be surgery and a kiss goodbye to active sports. Many thanks.

Blood being drawn out from my knee…

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Friday 21 May 2010

A quick fix

Been fairly busy preparing for my entry to the drain. Car has been sold – sad… more update in a bit…

This has been my breakfast for the last 2+ months, everyday except for Sunday. I hope my cholesterol dipped a bit…

Have a good weekend.

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Monday 17 May 2010

Facebook caption from our badminton player

I’ve mentioned before, facebook is extremely dangerous

I don’t know if this is real... but... if it is real, then we shouldn’t brand the China team as arrogant, because our 1badminton team ain’t that far behind in terms of arrogance as well.

[click to enlarge] - image taken from here.

P/S: Anyone wants to take over Tan Boon Heong? He said he will sponsor racquets if you are good enough…

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Friday 14 May 2010

Baru aku tahu kenapa ramai orang tengok Piala Thomas

Masa aku tulis ni, bergu pertama negara baru tumbang. Kononnya, bergu nombor 1 dunia. Chong Wei pun pemain nombor 1 dunia. Pemain China tak bakyak masuk tournament saja. Kalau tidak, kau ingat pemain kita boleh jadi pemain nombor 1?

Kau orang tahu tak, kenapa ramai orang sokong pasukan Piala Thomas? Betul ke semangat 1Badminton? Aku bagi tahu kau orang… semua orang yang sokong ni, pasal nak dapat cuti saja. Bagaimana aku tahu… facebook lah, mana lagi.

Tadi bila bergu pertama hampir kalah, semua update kat facebook sama je… “aiyo, can forget about holiday on Monday already”… “Holiday on Monday is officially O.V.E.R.”… “Die lah, no more holiday on Monday lah”… Bukan itu sahaja, ada lagi yang marah… “why our players so stupid wan, now I can't get my holiday on Monday”.

Baru sekarang aku tahu, kenapa semua orang tiba tiba begitu gung-ho pasal Piala Thomas. Rupa-rupanya, pasal nak cuti…

Sekarang, nampaknya Wong Choong Han dah ikut skrip. Tapi, kalah menang, aku tetap respect dia. Dah tua pun kena main. Xia Xuan Xe, lawan dia dari China sudah jadi coach. Kenneth Jonassen, lawan dia dari Denmark pun sudah jadi coach. Hendrawan, lawan dia dari Indonesia… sekarang coach dia! Itulah, negara takde lagi bakat,.
Sekian sahaja lah aksi2 skuad Piala Thomas negara kita… dan memang pun, selamat tinggal cuti hari Isnin.

Thursday 13 May 2010

Lagi pasal Piala Thomas

Kalau orang kata lelaki tak erti multi-task, memang tak merangkumi lelaki Malaysia. Lelaki2 Malaysia, bukan main terrer… masa tengok badminton, boleh juga kecoh kat facebook, sms tak berhenti-henti. Kat facebook, bukan update status saja, komen pun tak berhenti. Itulah dia, lelaki2 Malaysia handal multi-task.

Woaaah… Hafiz yang main lembab semalam kembali jadi penyelamat. Aku rasa, isteri semalam tak beri seks kot, jadi hari ini tenaga sudah kembali. Harap-harap, jangan bagi sampai hari Jumaat. Tunggu ya, Puan Hashim.

Baik aku jangan cakap banyak, kawan aku dah marah sebab aku caci Hafiz. Itu pun, kawan aku marah kat facebook… Hafiz, aku cakap untuk ketawa je… bila main Bao Chun Lai nanti, tolang pastikan dia “bao chun doi” ok?

Mungkin ianya takdir… esok 13 Mei, tarikh hitam dalam sejarah negara. Tapi, malam ini, aku sungguh bangga seluruh rakyat Malaysia yang tak kira kaum, tak kira bangsa, tak kira agama, sama2 menyokong pemain negara yang berbilang kaum. Kalau yang caci pun, main2 saja…

Aku dengar, orang yang tengok kat shopping complex pun jerit gila. Macam mana aku tahu? Dari facebook, mana lagi…

Kononnya, ada NGO yang menganjurkan perjumpaan esok yang bertema
Mei 13 “Melayu Bangkit” sempena menyambut ulang-tahun 13 Mei. Kononnya, dah dibatalkan. Semangat perpaduan dari badminton terlalu kuat kot.

Cakap pasal perpaduan, aku rasa slogan 1Malaysia tak terrer lah. Aku ada satu cadangan… tukar 1Malaysia ke 1Badminton… lagi hangat. Pasti semua rakyat suka.

Tumbangkan kubu China Jumaat ini… semangat 1Badminton!

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Wednesday 12 May 2010

Dari stadium kejohanan Piala Thomas

Aku baru balik dari stadium selepas menyaksikan negara mencipta sejarah dalam Piala Thomas. Kalau tak silap, Malaysia tak pernah kalah kepada Jepun dalam Piala Thomas. Akan tetapi, itu sudah berubah…

Malaysia mencipta sejarah setelah tumbang 2-3 kepada Jepun sebentar tadi.

Aku memang tak faham. Kenapa Zakry-Fairuzizuan dipilih dalam skuad Piala Thomas dan bukannya bergu Tan Fook-Wan Wah yang mempunyai taraf dunia yang lebih tinggi. Bukan aku seorang yang cakap begitu sahaja. Bekas pemain negara, Razif Sidek pun berpendapat bahawa
Zakry-Fairuz tak sepatutnya dipilih.

Dalam pandangan penonton di stadium, dah sampai kena belasah dari bergu kedua Jepun. Smash pemain Jepun macam lepas tembakan pistol… bunyi “bang bang bang”… smash pemain kita, macam pukul lalat. Kadang-kadang lah ada bunyi juga… “piak”.

Member aku kata, dalam temuduga selepas kekalahan, alasan yang diberi… kononnya “… belum menyesuaikan diri dalam gelanggang..”

Oi! Apa belum menyesuaikan diri. Pemain Malaysia main di Malaysia belum menyesuaikan diri… budak Jepun macam mana? Apa alasan ni?

Oh… lepas temuduga, ada kecoh sikit. Seluruh stadium “boo” mereka dan tiba-tiba aku nampak Fairuz macam nak lawan dengan seorang penonton. Kecoh seluruh stadium. Nasib baik Chong Wei keluar menghalang dia. Itulah, kau orang kat rumah boleh tengok ulang-tayang, tapi aksi sebegini kau orang tak nampak lah.

Lepas tu, pemain perseorangan ketiga, Hafiz. Bagi mereka yang mengenali Manchester United, Hafiz adalah seperti Berbatov. Main macam tak peduli saja. Dan aku tengok banyak ulasan2 di facebook, kenapa dia tak smash.

Kau orang tengok di TV sudah frust. Bayangkan lah, aku yang bayar duit tengok di stadium. Oh, yang lebih marah ialah pak-cik yang duduk sebelah saya dengan 2 orang anaknya. Dia orang datang dari Seremban untuk memberi sokongan. Pak-cik tu marah, katanya “bazir petrol datang tengok orang yang tak tahu smash”.

Sungguhpun begitu, aku rasa Hafiz ada juga main bersungguh-sungguh. Sekurang-kurangnya, sampai 3 game. Tapi, Hafiz akhirnya juga habis.

Mungkin ada orang yang kata… Choong Han pun kalah. Tapi, sekurang-kurangnya, smash dia ada standard sikit, bunyi macam pistol. Ada juga dia mengejar bulu tangkis seluruh gelanggang. Lebih-lebih lagi, bagi face sikit… Choong Han dah tua.

Aku tak tahu lah… suku akhir kena lawan Denmark. Aku malas nak ambil cuti pergi tengok dah. Baik aku tengok kat rumah.

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Monday 10 May 2010

Just the next stage of infection

The death of 15-year-old Aminulrasyid is not a case of irresponsible parenting, over-adventurous teen or trigger happy police. It is not.

In this country, particularly in small towns, you will see people riding motorcycles without helmet. Some of them are so young, even riding bicycle would be a challenge. But they are riding motorbikes. It’s against the law. But no one gives shit.

In this country, in big cities, you will see people breaking traffic rules like nobody’s business. Worse when it is peak hour traffic jams. Jumping lights, cutting queue, going into emergency lanes, going against traffic-flow, all against the law. But no one gives a shit. Did I mention double park?

In this country, you will see people caught with their pants down (no pun intended) on camera; or saying many correct correct correct things, also on camera. There can even be a Royal Commission (wooaah!!). They were seemingly nailed by the balls, but yet their balls are seemingly untouchable. And of course, no one gives a shit.

It used to be MYR20 duit kopi to “settle-sini”, then MYR1,000 for a hammer and MYR1m for a contract. It evolved magnificently MYR12b for a certain Port Klang Free Zone.

So now, from kids riding motorbikes, we have kids driving cars. So now, from jumping lights, we have cars hitting other vehicle and run. So now, from people going correct correct correct, we have guns going bang bang bang.

Gee… the nation is surprised? Engkau datang dari planet mana?

If you have been reading all related stories, you will realise that the guns have been going bang bang bang for a long time already. Just that we don’t give a shit.

You know this thing called cancer. You have different stages. If it is not detected and treated during its initial stage, it will most certainly get worse. If continued to be ignored, it will most definitely kill.

This country is infected with cancer, and this cancer has developed into the next stage. It has been for a while now, just that we don’t give a shit.

I told my some of my friends… in 20 years time, if some son of some connected datuk or tan sri laid eyes on their daughters and decided that she is a good pussy for a quick fuck. He can just drag her to the roadside, fuck the shit out of her, and there is nothing you can do about it. They said I was exaggerating.

Well, 20 years ago, if you tell the folks then that guys can be sent flying out of windows or guns going bang bang bang and justice will not be served. They will probably say that you are exaggerating too.

So the death of 15-year-old Aminulrasyid is not a case of irresponsible parenting, over-adventurous teen or trigger happy police. It’s the next stage of cancer. And it will progress to the next stage in 10 or 20 years time.

But of course, you don’t need to give a shit about it because … yes… the nasi lemak, bak-kut-teh and char-kuey-teow are still good.

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Friday 7 May 2010

Same theme, different team

Music out of nowhere. The character began to sing and suddenly, dancers appearing out of nowhere to accompany the character. They were all Indians, and everyone will call it a bollywood movie and laugh about it.

Music out of nowhere. The character began to sing and suddenly, dancers appearing out of nowhere to accompany the character. Sometimes, you even get back-up singers appearing. But they were all Caucasians, and everyone will adore it because it’s called Glee.

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Wednesday 5 May 2010

Like student once again

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of being a student once again. Actually, it has been the case for slightly more than 2 weeks now. I had an exam yesterday and in the last couple of weeks, I have been frantically doing last minute revision studying.

Waiting outside the exam hall, the whole scenario just brought back the good ‘ol memories. Congregated at one corner were those who continued to dig into the reading materials, as though these are results changing reading. At the other end of the spectrum are those who sat down looking cool without reading thing.

I sat with the latter as I don’t believe in stressing yourself before the exam.

And of course, one of the reasons I don’t do such last minute reading is – it was an open book exam.

Speaking of which, the girl sitting in front of me came with a cabin-size luggage. A. Cabin-size. Luggage! Emerging from her luggage were stacks of reading materials, 2 text books, 1 dictionary and a whole load of notes. And there I was, with 5 bundles of paper, which were essentially the given reading materials, nothing more.

As I was allocated a seat right at the back, I managed to catch a good view of the other candidates. Not trying to sexist here but generally (focus on the word “generally”), the guys will just have the study materials folder like I did while the girls will bring their whole study room to the exam hall.

When I was in university, the guys will come together and organise the next football session. The girls will congregate and started comparing their answers and then proclaim to everyone that they might fail.

It would appear that evolution has failed to penetrate this segment of the human species.

As soon as we were released, the first thing that the girl in front of me said to her friend was …”I didn’t finish the questions, I think I will fail.

As I head to the toilet, the guys inside there were arranging their lunch appointment.

Outside the male toilet, there was a long queue outside the female toilet. While waiting, some were frantically comparing answers and debating who is wrong and who is right. Then I heard one of them said… “I think we are both wrong, sure fail lah”.

Some things really never change.

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