Wednesday 30 December 2009

That car sticker that got me thinking

I was driving around the other day and I saw this car sticker which states “I love Allah”.

As most of you are aware, Christians in this country are currently wrestling with the “authorities” in court on the usage of Allah in the Malay-language bible and other Christian publications.

The “authorities” are prohibiting Christians to use the word “Allah” as they claim that the usage of “Allah” will confuse the Muslims while the Christians are arguing that “Allah” simply means God and hence, should not be prohibited from using the word.

The encounter with that car sticker got me thinking… Will we Christians put up the “I-love-Allah” car sticker in our cars? After all, we claim that it simply means “God”.

No Christians have answered yes to my question.

P/S: The driver of the car which bear that sticker was not a Christian.

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Monday 28 December 2009

Bali take away

It was my maiden trip to Bali. In fact, it was also my maiden step into Indonesia. And if there is one thing I can take away from Bali, it would be my impression on Indonesians. It has changed tremendously.

As judgemental as it may sound, most Malaysians (myself included) have got rather bad impression on Indonesians. If we are matured to admit it, we do not like to be in their presence here. There is a stigma about them. I believe I do need to elaborate why.

But the Indonesians in Bali are a totally different lot. They are so gentle, friendly and always carry a smile. And their command of English is quite impressive, from villa staff to restaurant staff to taxi drivers.

I guess one explanation of this phenomenon is that Bali is a tourist spot. But then again, KL is a tourist spot too. Are our people friendly and our taxi drivers give others an impeccable impression?

I know Hinduism influence is strong in Bali but I never thought that it would be that strong. 70%+ of the people in Bali are Hindus. You can see charms and offerings outside every store, hotel and villa in Bali. According to the driver, the balance of 30% non-Hindus only started coming in from Java in the past 3 years. So prior to that, almost 100% of Balinese are Hindus.

Another interesting point… the driver told us that Indonesian govt tried implementing Syariah law in Bali 2 years ago after the influx of Muslims from Java. But the Balinese people fought back and threatened to break away from Indonesia. They believe that the economy of Bali will suffer if that is to take place.

In the driver’s exact words, he said… “If tourists are not allowed to wear bikini or go topless at the beach, no one will come. We will all die…” He also sounded sore from the bombing that happened there, and of course, the reason behind those bombings.

And so they fought and the Indonesian govt gave in. The issue was not brought up again. Wow, don’t you just respect these Balinese people for their courage and strength on what they believe in?

And to close it up, I think one can forget about the food in Bali. Nasi Padang… Babi Guling… Bebek… not overly fantastic if you were to ask me. In true Malaysian spirit, I will say that our food beat them anytime.

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Thursday 24 December 2009

Greetings from afar...

Greetings from the extreme heat of Bali! But it’s great to be able to sit in the pool, watch TV and blog at the same time, all in the comfort of your villa. It’s bliss after all…

Just want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Blessed Christmas and a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. Have a fantastic year ahead and stay great and stay healthy…. always!

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Wednesday 23 December 2009

Chicken Ass

It should be about 15 years ago. It was dinner time in a camp. As 10 people filled the table, dinner was served. There was a roasted chicken, some vegetables, a tofu and a soup. With a table full of hungry boys after tiring workouts, food finished in a flash. A piece remain though…

“Zewt, we saved that chicken backside for you…” my friend said…

Imagine the horror in their face when I picked that chicken ass up and stuff my face with the remnant of my rice like there is no tomorrow… I can still make up the look on their face.

Regular AZAIG readers will know that I was
not born with a silver spoon. During my pre-teen days, dishes during dinner can be rather scarce.

I remember we used to have a relative who was a hawker and she will collect the chicken ass from her hawker business and give it to my family. My Mom will marinate those arses in 5-spice-powder and lam-yu (some kind of bean paste) and deep fried them. Like I said, dishes are hard to come by. So, deep fried marinated chicken ass is a treat for my family. Honestly, I still remember the taste and it’s pretty yummy!

I guess one can say that I grew up eating chicken ass. By the way, there are also some other strange dishes which I think not many of you will eat. But I ate them all. When you are young, hungry and life is tough, I don’t think one can be picky about food.

And this is probably why I get rather annoyed when I see some people being overly choosy about food. I-don’t-eat-this, I-don’t-eat-that, I-only-eat-breast-meat, I-only-eat-drumsticks… these people just haven’t experience having to eat tofu in soya sauce with rice as dinner.

As for now, I don’t think I will specifically order chicken ass but I will not go… “Ewww…!” at the sight of people eating it. And by blogging about this, I am not ashamed that it was once a treat for my family.

Will I eat it again? Well, if it’s marinated with 5-spice powder and lam-yu and deep fried just like how my Mom did it… why not?

Will you eat chicken ass?

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Monday 21 December 2009

GST – the compelling reason

If I were to tell you that Malaysia desperately needs GST, what would be your reaction? Would you think that it’s because our country needs the money? Perhaps… but there is a more compelling reason…

In order to dwell into this notion, we need to digress a little… to this thing called “credit rating”.

Do you know that each of us have our very own credit rating? When we apply for loans, mortgages or credit cards, the banks will approve or reject our application based on our credit rating. It basically measures whether one is worthy to be give a loan or otherwise.

Besides individuals like you and me, companies also have their own credit rating. When companies apply for loan, their credit rating will be assessed, just like individuals.

Now, do you know that a country also has a credit rating? It is known as the “Sovereign Rating”. Essentially, it determines whether a country will be able to borrow from others. The poorer a country’s Sovereign Rating, the more difficult a country will be able to borrow from others.

Do you still remember when I blogged about the
2010 National Budget where I mentioned that if Malaysia is a company, it will be a company which has been running on losses for quite a number of years running due to continuous budget deficit situation? That is to say, this company called Malaysia has been borrowing in order to keep going. And to continue to borrow when you have been borrowing for a long time, a country needs a strong Sovereign Rating.

Here lies the problem. With the country continues to run on a high budget deficit situation (i.e. loss), the world governing authorities have “heavily hinted” (actually, I would prefer to use the word “threaten”) to downgrade our country’s Sovereign Rating.

My friends… this is no laughing matter. I can't even think of words to describe the magnitude of this, if it happens. I am sure all of you, in your own intellectual ways, will piece together the consequences, if it happens.

And so, in order for a country to enhance (in our case --- to preserve) one’s Sovereign Rating, a broad-based consumption tax mechanism has to be put in place. I have to be honest here, I am actually not sure if this is a prescribed rule or a directive from the world governing authorities. One thing for sure, this is where GST comes in.

Trust me, if you are a Malaysian, you do not want our country’s Sovereign Rating to be downgraded. Don’t get me wrong, I am not supporting GST. Definitely not, particularly when we all know the level of efficiency on how the money collected will be spent.

I am just saying that we are where we are today because we are in a very screwed-up situation. And why are we in this screwed-up situation? Well…
sam jiu lah…

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Friday 18 December 2009

Lace Petals Lingerie… go indulge

I was told that the online business is one which is flourishing. Well, judging by the amount of web boutique being set-up, that may just be true.

Another friend has set up another such boutique and it’s not the usual dress and girls’ accessories… it’s hmmm… lingerie… I was told that wearing a sexy pair of lingerie give a girls a boost in self confidence. Is it true? If it is… plenty confidence there I must say.

As for the men, you’ll not regret the sight you can get from there. You might want to get a pair for your lovers? After all, it’s Christmas!

Mention Zewt and you might just get a discount. Happy shopping at
Lace Petals.

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Tuesday 15 December 2009

A squid story

I first heard about it when I was in University. The guy who told me is the same person who told me about this “tragic” story. I have since heard similar stories from other people but whether it is true or otherwise, no one knows…

Ya’ see… fishermen go to see and spend quite a substantial amount of time there. I was told that it may be as long as weeks, or even more than a month. And ya’ know, spending time out in the sea for such a long period of time tends to result in extreme boredom and loneliness when fishermen are not actively engaging in fishing activities.

To entertain themselves, they smoke, joke and drink. But then again, they can’t be doing that all the time. So what else do they do?... They masturbate. And over time, masturbation went through evolution…

Apparently, the inside of squid resembles the female love canal. And so, it was said that fishermen use squid as a masturbation tool. Yup… they wrap their pole with a squid and do the up and down motion which produces the white lotion.

Have you heard of this before?
Is it true?
And… are you a squid lover?

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Sunday 13 December 2009

Answer to GST snippet and how it affects you

In the snippet, I asked this question…

“Apart from the govt, there is a group of people who is smiling in the sleep and quietly celebrating because GST is to be implemented. Who do you think this group of people is?”

Thank you for all your answers and kudos to ThomasChan for getting it right. The group of people that I am referring to is the elite bunch of people, the professional tax consultants from the professional firms. I know some of them, and they are really smiling in their sleep.

90% or more of companies in Malaysia; be it big, medium or small will need their service in the next few months. They will be rendering their professional advice in terms of initiation, preparation, implementation and setting up of processes to manage the compliance requirement and payment.

Another group of people who will benefit from the introduction of GST is the IT industry. There will be a lot of system enhancements, translates to a lot of business. But I think this group of people is not quite aware of it yet.

These people are going to make 10s or even 100s of millions in consultancy fees. Trust me when I say they are now smiling in their sleep. Of course, only the top partners will make the big bucks. Those slaves doing the ground work at the bottom will just earn knowledge and lots of sleepless nights.

But anyway, why did I say in the title and it will affect you? Do you think it will affect you?

When 10s or 100s of millions are going to be earned by these consultants, it also means that 10s and 100s of millions will be spent by companies in Malaysia. What does that tell you? Get the drift yet?

10s and 100s of millions being spent means there is additional cost to businesses in Malaysia. Huge additional cost! Now, what usually happens when companies or even small time traders incur additional cost? Think increase-in-price-of-petrol.

Yes… these 10s and 100s of millions of additional costs are going to be passed down to consumers, i.e. you, me, your uncle, your boyfriend, your girlfriend’s one night stand partner, your girlfriend’s one night stand partner’s dog’s mating partner’s owner, etc.

Some of you mentioned that retailers are going to benefit from GST. That is not true is GST is effectively implemented. They can merely pass the cost to the consumers without raking in more revenue and remit the collected GST to the govt due to enticing need to claim input tax recovery (I shall talk more about this later).

Anyway… prices are going to increase. And this is why I said that if you are only worrying about that additional % of GST that you need to pay, you are wrong. And let me assure you, these 10s and 100s millions of additional cost is not the end of it. There are more complicated issues in the GST that will affect you, me, your boyfriend; your girlfriend’s one night… well, I am sure you know what I mean…

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Friday 11 December 2009

GST snippet

It is a very complicated taxation mechanism. To explain it would take numerous write-ups, and I might just end up confusing you even more. I received a few e-mails asking me about it and I will try my best to explain it in the simplest form possible. But I have to let you know that I am no GST expert.

Since weekend is on the way, let’s leave GST talk for next week. However, let me leave you with a teaser…

Apart from the govt, there is a group of people who is smiling in the sleep and quietly celebrating because GST is to be implemented. Who do you think this group of people is?

On a related note, I was in a consultation group with a top govt agency this morning regarding GST where a lot of P&C information was disclosed and discussed. Sorry that I can’t share with you, it’s P&C.
Anti-Zewt claimed that I was only boasting when I claimed I have access to such information and he/she knew such information too. Perhaps anti-Zewt can share what’s in that consultation… can he/she?

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Wednesday 9 December 2009

Monday 7 December 2009

I did it!

1st kilometre…
I could feel the adrenalin rush. Everyone was running; no one talked. All I could here were the sound of shoes hitting the ground; echoing between 2 huge buildings around us.

2nd to 8th kilometre…
Cruising mode, a time when all the runs around the golf club and time spent on the treadmill bear fruits. My lungs and legs went at the rate I want them to go. No sign of other runners walking. This was also when I saw a guy who has got a hilarious message plastered at the back of his outfit. It reads… “No sex for me if I can't finish --- from the wife”. I overtook him and never saw him again.

9th to 10th kilometre…
First sight of people walking, and I was beginning to feel a little of my muscle. I slowed down to load up on packet of chocolate-flavoured power-gel and bottomed-up a few cups of H2O to wash the gel down my throat.

11th to 13th kilometre…
Auto-cruise mode began to show signs of malfunction. Stopped for the first time to do some stretching. Felt a stinging pain in my underarm only to realise that I have suffered from “chaffing” due to constant rubbing against my outfit. Continued running with my arms slightly open (like a chicken) to prevent further damage. It’s not funny.

14th to 15th kilometre…
Quite a number of runners are walking which means, no need to look for empty space to overtake others (even with my arms slightly opened). But then again, who said anything about overtaking now?

16th – 17th kilometre…
Auto-cruise mode completely fried. Stopped a few times to stretch, walk, and load up my second packet of power-gel. Pace was extremely slow. A motivation tip from a seasoned runner friend came to mind… see things that looked nice from behind, pick up pace to overtake in order to check if it the front looks as good, know what I mean.

18th kilometre…
The spirit is willing but the body is weak. Fatigue is the name of the game. Legs do not seem to listen to the brain. Told my ass to get moving but the legs that carry my ass just refused to go. Damn it!

19th kilometre…
Began to feel a slight cramp in my right calf. Stopped to do more stretching. It was here that I saw the most outrages cheering party ever… 1 boy, dressed in florescent yellow and a few girls dressed in florescent pink/green were dancing to loud music blasting from 2 big speakers. Trust me when I say they were dancing… they were realllllly dancing! At the same time, there were chanting… “You can do it”… “You can do it”… “You can do it”… “You can do it”… “You can do it”… Some people stopped to take pictures with them.

20th kilometre…
In trying to preserve my right calf which I felt was about to cramp, I put more weight on my left leg when I ran. Bad idea! Tragedy struck… a sudden massive cramp in my left calf. I have had cramps many times before during my games but this was by far the worst I have ever felt. I couldn’t even stand up.

I would like to thank the 4 guys who stopped to stretch my calf. One guy, with a set of tattoo on his left arm also helped to massage my calf while the other placed a towel behind my head (I was lying on the road) and ask me to keep breathing. Hey guys, I do not know any of you but I am sorry if I have slowed you guys down. Many thanks.

Managed to get up and continue…

21st kilometre…
In my effort to preserve my calf and prevent my chaffing to my underarms, I was literally running like retard. Well, it was more like brisk walking. But I still tried to run, or looked as though I was running. You know why? Too many cameras around at this point… hah!

Final 100 metre…
They said the half marathon is a 21km run. It’s not. It’s 21.1km. That additional 100 metres may seems like nothing, but when you have ran 21km; that extra 100 metres seems to be the distance between heaven and earth.

Nevertheless, when I finally can say… “I did it!”… all the pain was worth it.

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Wednesday 2 December 2009

More money gone

I heard about this shite a while ago, the kind of privilege info that I can get my hands to in my industry. But I thought blogging about it would not be a wise move as it is after all, P&C typed of information. But now that it is out in the open, I guess we can all talk about it.

Did you guys read the big news last Friday? More were elaborated today. I am referring to sub-prime ala middle-east flavour.

Dubai World, the flagship investment arm of Dubai with stakes in Nakheel, the company responsible for the construction of the palm-tree-like artificial residential islands (Palm Islands), is
unable to pay off its debt worth USD60b.

Worse, it appears that Dubai seems to be saying
I-am-sorry-thank-you-bye-bye, metaphorically speaking.

So, USD60,000,000,000 gone. Well, technically, not gone. Just that it has gone from pocket A to pocket B and pocket A is going to cry, get drunk and dump down buildings while pocket B will enjoy all the bliss.

Anyone who has got active thinking juice should ponder on a few things… If Dubai, said to be a damn-f*cking rich place can’t pay USD60b, what does that tell you? Do you think they are really rich? Everyone is saying that the economy has recovered and this, which has been kept under the carpet for a while creeps out, what does that tell you? Don’t you think there are a lot more shite hidden behind the multitude of good news reported in the press?

Of course, this will not affect the taste of your nasi-lemak, bak-kut-teh and char-kuey-teow so you can choose not to bother about it.

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