Friday 18 December 2009

Lace Petals Lingerie… go indulge

I was told that the online business is one which is flourishing. Well, judging by the amount of web boutique being set-up, that may just be true.

Another friend has set up another such boutique and it’s not the usual dress and girls’ accessories… it’s hmmm… lingerie… I was told that wearing a sexy pair of lingerie give a girls a boost in self confidence. Is it true? If it is… plenty confidence there I must say.

As for the men, you’ll not regret the sight you can get from there. You might want to get a pair for your lovers? After all, it’s Christmas!

Mention Zewt and you might just get a discount. Happy shopping at
Lace Petals.

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missironic said...

Zewt, u very kind oh, help to promote ur fren's online site here. Hahaha... Selling lingerie eh... might turn out a gud business. :)

eiling lim said...

wow, the lingerie selection are quite nice and eye candy to the men! Haha.. so are you getting a few as pressies?

Crankster said...

There is also a Victoria's Secret commercial on youtube if anyone's interested...

Stormsea7 said...

...ya' know...i'm still waiting for the GST review >_<

kyh said...

I wonder if you're doing this for free... :P

~aSstHa~ said...

wa zewt, i tink this is d 2nd or 3rd site u promoted eh...well d easiest ppl 2 earn money fr has n will always b d ladies... kekeke... thanks 4 da infos...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I feel some hard things done to work on your business is a more honest way rather than easy money.

Great start "Lace Petals" :) keep it kinky

Acute Critique said...


Are u benefiting anything from this?

And.. Im back to Blogsphere after a long looonnnggg hiatus. =)

Huei said...

got discount wan ar? =P

autumn said...

hmmm... i still have qualms when it comes to buying clothes online. what if it doesn't fit? what if the quality's not as shown? what if the cutting is all wrong?? =.='''

zewt said...

missironic - haha... well, benefit guys too :P

eiling lim - you'll never know...

Crankster - michael bay delivers?

StormSea7 - Can't do all at one shot right... have to pause a lil... :P

kyh - technically... yes.

~aSstHa~ - well, if you want me to promote any store, can let me know too.

Mabs N Cals - hello there. well, better do business than asking for money, isnt it?

Acute Critique - welcome back... :)

Huei - got, just mentioned zewt! :)

autumn - true... but i think they are generally cheaper... no?

tulipspeaks said...

lingerie promo @ zewt's??
u gotta be kidding me!



zewt said...

tulipspeaks - in good faith...:)