Monday 4 November 2019

Hello world, are you still around?

And so…. it has been 7 years, months and 13 days since I have shown any sign of life here.  So many things have happened and I feel as though I am now living in a completely different world.  Amongst the change is the death of blogosphere as we used to know it.  It is all now about products and services and people just do not read blogs for the sake of reading anymore.

And so, the notion which has been long touted here has finally come to pass, I am finally in Australia. Looking back, it took more than a decade for this to happen, it has not been an easy ride.

Long story cut short, I have spent almost a decade in Singapore, saw and experience what it is all about working in this pressure cooker, resigned without a job to move to Australia and I have seen been (as the Chinese say) “measuring road”, commonly known as jobless.  Well, apparently anyone without ‘local experience’ is not very in demand here, nevermind the vast non-local knowledge you have.

But…. While it is not within my workspertise, I have landed myself a role as a host for a TV programme! Yup…. Hey Mom, I am going to be on TV!

So life is not like a box of chocolate…. Life is like you resign without a job, you never know what you are going to get. And indeed, I am truly going to find out what I am going to get.

Just a quick one to send a chilling howl out there…. To see whether anyone answers…..

Yoo…. Hooooooo……