Thursday 28 August 2008

The game

When I was still a modern slave in the first firm I joined, there was this particular game that my then-superiors like to play. This game does not involve any excessive physical movement, but rather more towards good brain-mouth co-ordination. The game is usually played in pubs, where alcohol flows freely.

No, if you are thinking that this is a drinking game, then you are wrong. This game is not to get people drunk. Instead, this game is played after people have had a couple of drinks, best when people are a little tipsy and when the brain-mouth co-ordination is at its worst.

Some will find this game rather sick but I can tell you… it is played with both guys and girls so there is really nothing overly sick in it. In fact, some girls thoroughly enjoy the process of the game while the guys are at it.

And again, if you think this game involves oral perversion due to the involvement of the mouth, you’re wrong.

Now… it is actually a very simple game. It is usually played with the players sitting around in a circle. It can be just chairs or at the table. Then, each person in the circle is supposed to say… who in the whole department that he/she wants to bonk have sex with. Yes, that’s it!

But I have to tell you, because this game is usually played after people are under the influence of alcohol, the things they say can really throw you off your chair. And let me reiterate that girls also join in the game so it’s really quite amusing.

Once you are done with the first question, you can further modify or enhance the questions into… who amongst the executives in the department you want to… who among the managers in the department you want to… who among the people in the other department you want to… and if you work in a company with hundreds of employees, it can be really funny.

Yeah, it can be quite sick but when you are all tipsy and with guys and girls going at it… it can be quite a game.

Wednesday 27 August 2008

The thought after

Looks like all the swearing and twisting and spinning failed miserably. Some uncles at the coffee shop even said cloud seeding was done to prevent people from voting. Talk about creativity, or the lack of it.

So now he is a MP, but what’s next? Many quarters are talking about Project 16-9, but will it happen? He has made it sound as though becoming MP is easy as swapping the alphabets of MP.

But whatever it is, I do not like the idea of 30 MPs (or more) jumping ship. It just doesn’t sound right, though it is indeed very exciting to see a new govt formed. But I am inclined to think that our new hero, being the intelligent tactician that he is, will not easily disclose their battle-plan.

What am I saying here?

I think this notion of 30 MPs jumping ship is just a decoy. I think if the new MP does become the PM, it will be via other means. The more Malaysia Today talks about the cross-over, the more I am inclined to think it is a decoy. No, I don’t have any insider information. It’s purely a zewtpinion. Of course, I could be wrong but I just think one don’t openly disclose your battle-plan.

Chinese call it “diu fu lei san ji gai”. (lure the tiger away from his mountain)

One very important thing though, let us all focus on the National Budget announcement this Friday. With a recession getting ever more imminent, the National Budget will be a crucial one. Let’s hope there will be some goodies for all of us.

Sunday 24 August 2008

The non-swearing act

In about 2 days time, our nation will again come to a crossroad. If you are a Malaysian but doesn’t know what is happening in the next 2 days, go look for a toilet and plunge your head into the toilet bowl.

Anyway, much has been said about the Permatang Pauh by-election. I do not need to talk about what exactly is going on. I am sure you all probably know what exactly is going on, with details and all. Again, if you don’t, go plunge your head into the toilet bowl and while you’re at it, get a few gulps in.

I was talking with
myop101 the other day about our so-called political-cum-economy-messiah. Amidst our conversation about our views on who will win and whether we can trust this self-proclaimed messiah, myop101 pointed out a very interesting point --- regarding the whole swearing issue.

Both of us are Christians and according to our religion, swearing is not accepted in the eyes of God. According MalaysianToday, swearing is also not part of Islam. Any Muslim friends out there care to confirm this?

The guy with the most talked about asshole in town has sworn by the Quran that Anwar has indeed sodomised his backdoor. Anwar on the other hand, refused to do the same, leading to “many quarters” citing his refusal a clear indication that he is guilty of the allegation. This has caused a serious dent in his campaign. Many also said that if he were to swear by the Quran, he will definitely win.

Now… IF… If swearing is indeed not permitted in Islam (I said if because I am not sure whether swearing is permitted in Islam), then this is a clear indication that Anwar is a God-fearing man. He would rather be answerable to God, than to be answerable to the people and to me and myop101, it is a remarkable act.

It is even more remarkable that swearing will almost guarantee victory, this means Anwar is not prepared to do what his religion prohibits, simply just to gain political mileage.

I don’t know about you but someone who prioritises his religion ahead of his political career is definitely one who deserves respect and trust compared to people who would do anything just to stay in power. That, to myop101 and myself is a mark of a respectable leader.

That is on the basis that swearing is indeed not recognised in Islam. Otherwise…

Thursday 21 August 2008

The way of the child

Just as I was driving home today, a thought came to me. I wonder… if I am given a choice, would I want my children to be super intelligent but carry an evil heart… or less intelligent but carry a kind heart.

Let’s say that there is no choosing the “in-between”, which I am sure all of us would want in our usual great escape route, I would prefer the latter. Imagine all of us produce super intelligent but evil children, the world would end up like how it was shown in Wall-E, or worse. Some will be worried that if your children are less intelligent, they will lose out. Fret not, because if everyone carries with them a kind heart, I believe no one will lose out.

Unfortunately, I observe that most, if not all parents nowadays are moulding their children into super intelligent beings more than nurturing their children into someone with a kind heart. One can see what the days ahead will be, isn’t it?

What do you think? What would you prefer?

Have a lovely weekend.

Tuesday 19 August 2008

10 vs 1

10 reasons why I will fly the Jalur Gemilang in conjunction with Merdeka Day.

1. When Lee Chong Wei lost, I felt sad. I do wish for the best for this country. It’s my home.
2. When people talk bad about Malaysia, I do feel angry. I do love this country. It’s my home.
3. When I am out of the country, I converse in BM with other Malaysians and it’s good fun. I am proud of the national language. This country is my home.
4. Each time I eat ‘Bak Kut Teh’, I am proud that it is an authentic Malaysian dish. I am proud of this country. It’s my home.
5. When I ponder upon my childhood days, I realised no other country could have given me such wonderful memories. This country is my home.
6. When I see how much money have been wasted, I wonder what could have been. I want the best for this country. It’s my home.
7. When I see the good things in other country, I wish it could happen here. I wish this country would progress well. It’s my home.
8. When I read and hear about shameful news about this country, I wish things could have changed for the better. This country is my home.
9. When I think about the chances that I might leave this country for good, I have a heavy heart. This country is still my home.
10. No matter how shitty things have become, no matter how bad things might be in the future, I still hope for the best for this country. This country, no matter what, is still my home.

1 reason why I will not fly the Jalur Gemilang

1. Because this would happen…

Monday 18 August 2008

Is it possible?

Update: Fair enough. As I do not have facts, some part of this entry has been removed.

Do you know how it feels when something that you feel strongly about, something you are passionate about, something that you fight for, might end up to be nothing but a fa├žade?

It was June 1998, and it was the World Cup Final 1998 in Paris between the defending champion Brazil and the host France, a team which failed to qualify for world cup in 1994. The score was 3-0 to France, 2 goals from Zidane who rose unmarked to head the ball from corners.

For those who watched the match, you would noticed that standing next to Zidane was Dunga, the ferocious Brazilian captain who looks as though he will bite off your head on the pitch. But all he did during those 2 fated corners were to turn his head and stare as Zidane headed 2 goals into his net. I don’t recall Zidane ever scored any headers there-after in his career.

My neighbour told me that ‘an agreement has been reached’. I was just a hot-blooded teenage football fan. I don’t know any such ‘agreement’.

Along the years, I still hear a bit here and there about such ‘agreements’ and how things can be fixed with money. But I still never buy any of it. At least not until June 2004, also a world cup year.

15 minutes before the game, this friend of mine called me and told me…

“Zewt, put your money on xxx, eat half ball. Then extra time, xxx will give ball, take yyy instead. In penalty shoot out, take yyy”

That match changed my perception on football forever.

From then on, I always remember my friend’s motto --- don’t let your passion damage your wallet. The bookmakers rule the game, he said.

Sunday 17 August 2008


He was so impressive in the earlier games that they actually tested him to see if he was on performance enhancing drugs.

It was supposed to be "the" match of the tournament.

It was not even a fight.

At this level, it's a thrashing!!

Very disappointed... and that is an understatement.

For the record, how many of you guys put your money in the local bookie on him? I wonder if the same rumour will come out, like the one during his defeat to Sony during the world championship. Do you all remember what was the rumour? I wonder if it is true.

Thursday 14 August 2008

The ultimate gym conversation

I know I have written several times about my traumatic experience in the gym and the notion may be getting stale but I can't help it. What happened 3 weeks ago topped the chart… big time!!!

I just changed the package of my gym membership which now allows me to access all the gyms in the network. Since my weekends are pretty free nowadays, I visited one of the bigger branches 3 Saturdays ago. I have to say that I was rather impressed with the set up and the size of the gym. Certainly much bigger and more glamour than the branch I frequent.

So there I was doing my workout and as usual, after a good round of exercise I changed and head to the sauna. Inside the sauna… yes, you got it right… there was a guy there. He looked pretty ‘normal’ to me.

Ya’ know, he doesn’t appear to be the type who has lost a sense of ‘preference’. How?... well, he has a rather big belly. Many will agree that one of the criteria of being one with a ‘different preference’ is that you must have 6-packs, not 1 mountain. Also, his face does not look like one, no hard feelings.

As I sat down, he kept looking at me and I was getting rather uncomfortable. Then he started to ask me things like how old I am, where I work, is this my first time here to which I have the one-word reply. It was rather obvious that I do not wish to talk with him.

It was then he asked me one question that caught me off-guard…

“Why you wear underwear in the sauna ah?”

Thank God I didn’t punch his face.

Sunday 10 August 2008

Take your pick

A lot of people call me a thinking blogger, to which I have to admit, I am rather proud of it though pride isn’t a very good thing. But I also have to make a confession, it is not easy to come out with thought provoking entries all the time. The thinking juice does not flow all the time.

Worse, there are times when I write subtle thinking entries and some people don’t really get it. It’s quite a funny feeling when that happens.

Anyway, I have always wondered which is my best piece and when I put up my “Zewt Top 10”, some said some other entries should be there instead. In true democratic manner, I am going to let AZAIG readers decide, which entries do you think are amongst the best?

Here are 10 entries which I think are amongst the best I have written. I encourage you to read them again as sometimes, even I find it refreshing reading my own entries, particularly those about my Mom. I believe this also gives me a good break from blogging, at least for a few days.

2nd chance with Mom – why is it enough

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A glimpse from the other side

What’s your answer?

More but less

Once is enough


Of alone and lonely

Vizu only allows 10 choices so if you think there are any other posts which should be there, do let me know. I am sure you remember your favourite ones. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be your favourite, right?

You are allowed 3 votes only. Hey, in life, sometimes you have to choose which is the best so… Happy reading and happy voting…

Thursday 7 August 2008

It was just an ordinary day

It’s Friday tomorrow and I am supposed to be feeling ecstatic. It’s a time where I will pen my usual Friday Frolics. Not today though. Somehow, today I feel rather disturbed. No, I am feeling disturbed not because bloggers are getting arrested, or some sex scandal has blown out of proportion in the blogosphere, or sodomy-story that is going around. No, it’s not that.

My mind brings me to the life of this person, this doctor. I wonder what goes through his mind that day. It was probably just another day… waking up next to his loved ones, brushed his teeth and had his breakfast. Maybe he then waved goodbye to his loved ones and then head to work.

It was probably just another day of work for this doctor. However, that day was different. That day probably changed his life. That day, a young man came with a complaint about his asshole. Did the young man choose to arrive at this doctor’s examination room? Probably not. Some will call it fate, some will call it God’s will.

It was not a special asshole. In fact, it’s just an ordinary asshole, one that you and I have… eerrrrr… unless of course, you have lost a sense of preference. Anyway, it was just an ordinary healthy asshole that thus, the doctor made a certification that it was a healthy asshole.

Though it was an ordinary asshole, that particular one made a big difference in this doctor’s life. Suddenly, his name was printed all over the place. Suddenly, his report was circulating all over the place. Suddenly, police were all over him. And now, he has gone into hiding.

For that, I am disturbed. Why?… because it was just an ordinary day for him. Unlike the other infamous personality who has also gone hiding, he did not choose to get involve. And again, the asshole did not choose to be seen by him. But things happen. Life as they say, took a twist. And for that, lives are changed.

I am not a doctor but yet, I am fearful. What if it was also just an ordinary day for me but someone came and asked me to certify on something just because I happened to be there? And somehow, this certification is part of something big? Will I need to go into hiding too? And could it also happen to you, or your bf, or your gf, or your neighbour's dog's breeding partner's owner, or your friend's friend's one night stand partner's bf's sister's husband? Who knows?

It was just an ordinary day for that doctor. He did not choose to get involve, but he is now involved. All of us, as ordinary people with ordinary days, with our ordinary jobs… how confident are we that we will not end up in an extraordinary circumstance?

I am very disturbed. Are you?

Tuesday 5 August 2008

It’s not about blogs or blogging?

Malaysia is famous for its variety of food and one business that always seems to make it big is the ‘food’ business. Many people have this perception that you will always make big bucks if you open up a restaurant. While we can see a lot of restaurants earning big money out there, do all restaurants made it big?

Much has been said about blogs making waves in the local scene, political or otherwise. You and I don’t need to be reminded of the barrage of names credited upon bloggers in the last year or so. Bloggers were belittled, somewhat threatened and branded as a threat to national security amongst other things.

But one cannot deny the power and influence of blogs as recent events showed, blogs nearly changed the course of this nation. I am sure those at the wrong receiving ends will testify that. You can call bloggers liars, ‘goblok’ or whatever not, but information they disseminate, many continue to sought.

This realisation sparked a sudden erection of blogging community amongst those who used to belittle bloggers. Suddenly, every big shot starts a blog. Suddenly, blogging is ‘hot’. Suddenly, all wants to play the game of ‘goblok’ so much so that even the dude who claimed that his ass was unwillingly screwed even started a blog.

But it is all about starting a blog and joining the blogging wagon?

Just because what was traditionally delivered to us via the mainstream media is no longer easily accepted, changing the delivery medium to ‘blog’ will not alter the result. Declaring your innocence or proclaiming what you want us to believe as truth via blogs instead of the traditional way will not suddenly make the people lose their discerning mind. It’s not about blogs or blogging.

Coming back to the restaurant discussion, not all restaurants will make it though food industry always seem to blossom. If your food sucks or you charge exorbitantly high prize, your restaurant will still face imminent doom. Unless of course, you engage the local ‘triad’ and force the food upon the patrons… which isn’t impossible given the way things go.

Monday 4 August 2008

Between myth and truth

I grew up in quite a traditional Chinese family and my Mom was one who goes by the book very closely. Many will know that most Chinese are also a superstitious bunch. We have many rituals and taboo, things you are not supposed to do at a particular time, age or place.

I would consider most of these practices as myth. One that comes to mind is this instructions where we are not suppose to cut our nails at night, lest we want a lot of people talking behind our back. Have you heard of this before? I don’t know about you but to me, I find this to be a myth. Please let me know if this has been proven to be correct.

However, there are a few practises that I find it difficult to discern whether they are proven ancient discoveries, or purely myths. Most of these practises are usually medically driven.

And they are…

One should not rice if you have fever. I understand this is widely practised. When I was young, I somewhat found this to be true. When I was recovering from fever and decided to have some rice, the fever mysteriously returned. Any doctor wants to provide a medical connection in this?

One should not drink soup if you have flu. Again, I think there is no medical connection between the 2 but I understand this is also another widely practised lifestyle amongst Chinese. Any mothers out there still practising this?

One should not eat egg if you have a sore throat. Apparently egg is considered ‘tuk’, meaning ‘toxic’ but not one which will kill you; just bad enough to cause it to worsen. I remember this very clearly as my throat has not been good since I was young. Anyone with me on this?

One should not have cold drinks or ice-cream when one is having a cough. I believe this is one of the most common practises amongst Chinese. I personally find this to be very true. If you are having a cough, the moment you down an ice-cold coke, the cough will come almost immediately. But then again, ask any western medical practitioner and they will probably tell you there is no connection between the 2. Or is there?

I have just mentioned a few and I am sure there are many out there where they border between medical truth and ancient beliefs. But there is one which is quite mind boggling. It is a very strict practise amongst Chinese, and even in other races but to the western world, this is practise is virtually non-existent.

What I am talking about is… …. confinement. For those who are not familiar with confinement, it is a time (usually a month) after a mother has given birth to her child and she is supposed to stay in-door and observe a very strict military like ‘protection’. This is a time where the mother is supposed to wrap herself all the time to guard against ‘wind’ and she is eat a lot (and I mean a whole lot) of ginger to ensure there is no ‘wind’ inside her. Taking a shower during confinement is a privilege.

My Mom said the body of a mother is at its weakest during that time and thus, one has to protect herself or else, she might have to face the repercussions later on in life. My Mom was unfortunate enough to fall sick during one of her confinement and according to her, that is why she has been weak and not healthy all her life.

But then again, there was this English couple in my church where she brought her baby to church within days after delivering and the mother was happily worship God in an air-conditioned environment. Mind you, that was her second child. And I also understand that most westerners do the same.

Do you find them anything less healthy towards the end of their lives? I have yet to be enlightened.