Thursday 28 June 2007

Closure and coffee man

I spent more than an hour reading all the comments, truly incredible. And amongst all of them, I particularly like Helen’s comment. She said it’s a bit flawed to derive answers from the assumption that a rich guy can’t be nice and caring and that poor dudes are always great. I agree with her totally.

All girls do not wish to be generalised as materialistic. But in justifying themselves, girls conveniently generalise all rich guys as jerks. Don’t you think that’s a bit unfair?

Materialistic girl + rich jerks = serve her right

Not materialistic girl + rich saint = …ok… I think we have enough of it already. I sincerely hope that no readers will be placed in such predicament. But if you did, I would be very interested in knowing the result.

Right, it’s
hip-hop day today which means tomorrow is friiiiiiiiiiiiiday! And nope… no mind boggling riddle for today. But how about an eye exercise?

Try to find the coffee man in the following picture within 3 seconds. According to medical research (which zewt is unable to verify), anyone who succeed in finding the coffee man within 3 seconds has a ‘beyond normal’ brain.

If you take a minute, then your brain development is normal.

If you take between 1 to 3 minutes, your brain is not developing properly and requires protein intake.

If you take more than 3 minutes… errr… maybe you can have a shot at our local politics?

Right… here goes… this is not a joke, the coffee man is there… good luck!


When the ‘if’ turns real

When I looked at the multitude of answers in my previous entry, I noticed a lot didn’t really answer the question, at least not specifically. Essentially, the question was directed to guys as to who they will fear “more”. As for girls, I was hoping you all will tell me whom should the guy ‘fear more’. The key words are ‘fear more’.

Many though… came out and talked about who they will ‘choose’. But of course, that’s very natural. In fact, it was what I expected. I know it sounds a bit absurd but I was really expecting a lot of “If I were the girl, I will choose…” kind of answer. And indeed, there many such answers.

I have personally encountered many such girls. Some of my friends, some are my friends’ girlfriends. To be honest with you, not many will say they are money-minded. And of course, I am not saying that they are. When they said they only wanted a man who is charming and caring enough to take care of them, I believe girls really do mean it. But then again, the term ‘take care’ is rather subjective.
Allow me to share some stories with you… very briefly…

2 of my friends’ girlfriend fiancés were privileged enough to be given the opportunity of being ‘the wanted girl’. And hey! What a co-incident… both couples were being attacked by a No.2 type of guy. Well, this is a chance for girls to actually show their noble self and say… I-will-choose-a-guy-who-cares-about-me or I-will-choose-the-guy-whom-I-want-to-spend-the-rest-of-my-life-with.

And you know what? That’s exactly what they did!!! They chose the guy who cares about them… the one whom they want to spend their life with… they chose the 3rd party. And I mentioned fiancé, no girlfriend. Cancelling a wedding is an unpleasant affair. Cancelling a wedding because your fiancé left you is a painful process.

I know… I know… I know… you all don’t even have to say it. I know it all. It was better right for my guy friends right? Better for them to know that their partner was actually a gold digger, and that it was a good thing that they didn’t get married… right? Rightttttttt… but you know what? If you’re in their position… let’s just say it is not as ‘good’ as you think. But anyway, that’s not the notion here.

So are the 2 girls money-minded-gold-diggers? A quick answer would be yes. But then again, maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to judge.

Girls… imagine everyday you caring bf comes and fetch you from work with his old rugged proton wira. He is even thoughtful enough to buy you your favourite dinner, knowing that you would be hungry after waiting so long for him to arrive. Well, he also happened to be a modern slave thus he usually don’t leave work on time which result in you having to wait for him. After savings for months, 2 of you brave through the crowd in a travel fair and managed to secure the best deal for a trip to Redang, one of the best domestic beach resort. Yeah, I am sure the holiday hunt was fun, probably romantic. During the trip, you have to spend according to budget and while it was an enjoyable getaway, you would have wanted more. After the trip, you are back to the trend of saving for the next trip… which means… tight spending again.

But now… imagine a guy waiting for you to finish work with this FerrariBMW… Honda Accord. He is there as soon as you walked out of the office because he works for his father and thus, he can always leave work early. And he does that everyday… everyday… just to fetch you. You’re not hungry yet because it’s still early so he takes you to a nice boutique not to do window shopping… but real shopping. You immediately put on your new outfit and he takes you to a restaurant of your choice for dinner. On a day you don’t feel like eating out, he bought groceries and conjured some nice dishes from your kitchen.

On a particular Friday, he picks you up as usual in his Honda Accord and send you home immediately to pick up your passport and some clothes… he just bought 2 tickets to Hong Kong. You had the best trip of your life without spending a single cent and when you return home, you realised you can spend all the savings you intended for your Langkawi holiday.

*inspired by real life event*

Friends, there is a very big difference in saying “If I am the girl…” compared to “actually being the girl”. A lot of things will look very different when you are actually ‘the wanted girl’. Because by then… it’s not about “if he buys me a Gucci or LV bag” but you are actually using the Gucci bag. Do you want a Gucci or LV bag? Also, some mentioned about the current bf having the potential of being rich. Again, “my bf WILL BE rich” vs “my bf IS rich”… read the ‘imagine’ part again…

So girls… if a No.2 type of guy come shows up… what would you do? Remember, when the ‘if’ turns real… you can't say “if I am the girl” anymore.

P/S: Anyone haven’t voted yet?

Tuesday 26 June 2007

What's your answer?

This entry is potentially provoking so… brace yourself…

My entry titled “
with or without a reason” received thunderous amount of comments. The issue of love and relationship is often very intriguing, don’t you think? From the comments, one will be able to grasp the general understanding of love between the male and the female species… truly enlightening.

One comment however, highlighted an element that influences much in any particular relationship. That element is……$money$. Now, this is the part where it starts to get provoking…

Many of my friends, and to be more specific… male friends are of the opinion that most girls are money minded. Girls, is it true? Of course, many girls will disagree and hey… you are not alone. There are many guys out there who share the same sentiment. I do have a few friends who think as such. They are very adamant that girls are not going after their money. Reason being… they are not rich… and they are having nice loving girlfriend respectively.

Well, I really couldn’t argue with them. I mean… they are indeed not very well to do and their girlfriends aren’t exactly ugly. In fact, some of them are pretty hot looking too. I know… I know… all the hot babes out there must be cursing my name but no, I am not saying that all you hot babes are money minded. I am just saying that my friends believed that their girlfriends could have gotten a richer guy compared to them, but chose to stay with them. So obviously, their girlfriends are NOT money minded.

Naturally, I asked my friends why do they think their girlfriends love them? Many reasons surfaced such as “I am nice”, “I am caring”, “I am kind”… ya’ know, the usual reasons, but of course, money is not the reason. For discussion purposes, we shall take ‘nice’ as the attribute which represents all the non-monetary reasons why girls like them.

And I reiterate, it never occurs to them that their girlfriends are money minded. And this is the time when I will ask them this question…

"Supposed there are 2 guys who now appear and try to wrestle your gf away from you. Not a very pleasant experience I am sure.

Guy number 1… is a very sweet guy. He is not exactly very good looking, probably as charming as you. He is also probably as rich as you. He could afford what you afford. BUT… BUT… this guy is 10 times nicer than you and also 10 times more caring than you.

Guy number 2… is also quite a sweet guy. But then again, you are much sweeter. Also, he is probably not as charming as you and in the tender loving care department, you 2 are comparable. BUT… BUT… this guy is 10 times richer than you. Whatever you could afford, this guy beats you 10 times."

The question is… which guy you fear more?

All my my-gf-is-not-money-minded friends never really gave me answer. Most gave me a smile and the best was “how can you say like that?”…

Why not? And… what’s your answer?

Girls… any thoughts?

Monday 25 June 2007

Blogging under the influence of alcohol

A friend asked me whether I am going to blog about a topic which I mentioned to her last Friday. Don’t think I am capable of such 'thinking' entry that today. Reason being… it’s already quite late and to top that up, my mind is still under the influence of alcohol from the wine I had during dinner. Wouldn’t want to drink and blog, I might just say something stupid… hmmmm… or you all prefer that to happen? Terrible…

Oh… before I forget, the answer of the riddle I posted last Friday is…

11 = 6 (6 alphabets)
12 = 6 (6 alphabets)

That’s why 1 = 3, 2 = 3, 3 = 5… the answer 6 was in conjunction of the imminent 6 month-liversary of AZAIG. The clue has been there all along… I bet not many managed to catch it.

Just some notes on today… made a trip to
StarHill as Jules’ mom treated me on a foot-spa there. It was absolute pampering of oneself. The treatment includes foot scrub, 30 minutes neck + shoulder massage and 45 minutes of foot reflexology. While it is absolutely marvellous, I wouldn’t recommend it was rather expensive and I think they are targeting tourists.

One thing I must say about StarHill though, the toilet is one place you should must visit. It is located on the “feast” floor. Oh yeah, all the floors are uniquely named, not the regular “LG”, “G”, “1st” floor kinda thing. If you have not been the toilet on the “feast” floor, you should go. Rest assured, you will be in awe. I have seen tourists taking pictures inside the toilet. Yes, I may be under the influence of alcohol but what I’ve just said is true. Also, toilets on other floors are free from cigarette smell, something you seldom find in a shopping complex.
Ok, enough about toilets. After my regular football session, Jules treated me to a romantic dinner at
Ciao. No… I am not telling you I am leaving, it is a name of an Italian restaurant. Fantastic pasta, one of the best I have ever tasted and the price is very reasonable. The wine was good too!

You must be wondering why I am so privileged today. Rinnah has been thoughtful enough to
tell the reason to the world. Thanks rinnah for your thoughtfulness. And to the rest who knows, a big word of thank you.

P/S: Anyone not voted at the poll yet?

Thursday 21 June 2007

Good or bad, let it out

Some of the readers commented that the diet plan which I introduced last week only applies to men. In view of this, I tried to come out with one for women and guess what… I can't. I guess such diet plan is exclusively for male. Besides, I am sure twisting that diet plan will make it less… ‘appealing’, don’t you think?

Since there’s nothing to laugh at this Friday, why not put your brain cells to the test? I am sure some of you would prefer this. Here is a good one…

1 = 3
2 = 3
3 = 5
4 = 4
5 = 4
6 = 3
7 = 5
8 = 5
9 = 4
10 = 3
11 =
12 =

Last but not least, it’s 8 more days before A.Z.A.I.G. is 6 months old. Quite a milestone if you ask me. I am amazed by the amount of energy that I found to carry me through this blogging journey. In view of A.Z.A.I.G.’s 6 month-liversary, I would like to know what my beloved A.Z.A.I.G. readers think of A.Z.A.I.G. so far. May just help me in writing my 6 month-liversary entry. Good or bad, let it out! I am all ears.
This certainly sounds like some self gratification exercise but it’s absolutely not obligatory. It's entirely up to you.

Happy weekend!

P/S: Another pole poll is up… do vote.

A glimpse from the other side

Tomorrow is Thursday and I dread it. I have been having this resentment towards Thursday in the last 3 months. Yeah, it’s my hip hop day but it has never been the same. I wish hip hop class is 2 hours long so that I don’t have to go home so early… so that I will have a reason to stay away from her, stay away from my duty.

It has been tiring, much more tiring compared to blogging as every Sunday and Thursday, I am on duty. I will have to do prepare food for her as soon as I reached home tomorrow as she can only eat certain type of food. Thereafter, it’s feeding time. It’s hard as she can't really control the movement of her jaws. After feeding, then it’s time to check her diapers, so see if there’s a need to change. As she couldn’t talk much, she couldn’t tell me if the diapers need to be replaced.

Then it’s the part I hate most, I have to massage her all around and make sure all her muscles received some sort of movement. There’s also a need to hit certain parts of her body to help blood circulation. It has to be done at the right amount of strength, else I might injured her, and that means… more work… more worry… more stress, I wouldn’t want that.

Last, being on duty also means I have to accompany her and talk to her. But I have nothing to talk to her. All I have in my mind is just frustration, and the never-ending thought of how long will I have to endure this. I wish I can just run away form this responsibility so that I can have my life back, and not having to worry about my… paralysed mother.

It’s exactly 3 months ago today that
Mom collapsed. Many would know that she didn’t end up as being paralysed… she passed away peacefully the day after her stroke. But as I sit here and let my imagination go on an auto-run mode on what could have been, I can't help but see myself in the scenario mentioned above, if Mom was to survive her stroke.

Besides God, and possibly Jules, the person who knows me best is of course… me. If Mom did survived and ended up paralysed which then result in me having to take up the responsibility of looking after her for the longest time, I am not sure how long I will be able to take it. I am selfish, and if you are matured enough to admit it… you are not exactly selfless. We all want to live our lives; no one wants to carry a burden.

With the multitudes of ‘what ifs’, ‘what could have’, ‘what would have’, ‘maybes’ and ‘perhaps’, I can't help but think that what happened, happened for the best of us all. Mom wanted to go when the time is right, and she did just that. I missed my Mom a lot… and I mean a lot… but I am glad she left me with a longing feeling, a fonder heart. While I wish my mom is still alive, I am glad she did not put me in a position where my human weakness will be tested. Would you have it the other way round? Honestly, would you?

I know many of you are wondering why am I taking a walk down the memory aisle again. But if you were to recall my first few lines in my very first entry about my Mom, you will remember me saying… I want to remember that day. Indeed, it brings much hurt… it causes my eyes to tear even right now… it causes my heart to skip a beat… but it also reminds me of the loving mom. Besides, it's what she wanted...
to be remembered. And that’s exactly what I want because as humans… we tend to forget, don’t think?

Also… shedding a tear… feeling the pain… reminds us all that we are humans after all.

Oh mom, oh mom you went away
Three months ago exactly today
And now I have one thing to say
Your love in my heart will remain always

Wednesday 20 June 2007

A Zimbabwean tale

Not many of us know about this country called Zimbabwe. Perhaps some may even find difficulty in pronouncing it. But if you have watched this movie called “Blood Diamonds”, you may have heard about this country one time or another. The main character in the movie, Danny Archer, played by the evergreen Leonardo Dicaprio, is of Zimbabwean origin. In the movie, he referred to Zimbabwe as Rhodesia, it’s the old name of Zimbabwe. Just like how Malaya is to Malaysia.

Zimbabwe has got a long history but 1999 marked a significant event, it’s the year the British obtained mining rights in southern Rhodesia. Yeah, the British just like to colonise other countries in the olden days. Now, they just have James Bond and of course, Manchester United.

Anyway, the mining rights led to an influx of whites into Rhodesia, mainly as farmers and soon. Of course, this pissed off the local blacks and they staged revolts, but they were unsuccessful. Soon, in the year 1922, Rhodesia became a self-governing British colony. It was all peace and quiet until 1953 where African opposition intensified in the wake of growing African nationalism.
Fast forward to 1965, a white man by the name of Ian Smith declared unilateral independence from Britain. Civil war broke out until 1979 which led to the signing of an agreement known as the Lancaster House Agreement between the British and the Rhodesian government signalling a true independence from Britain, and Zimbabwe was born. This agreement covers things such as independence constitution, cease-fire agreement, etc. Ya’ know, like the one our country signed in 1957.

The British rule ended and in 1980, elections were held and a local man by the name of Robert Mugabe won, and has won re-election ever since. Now, this Mubage man appears to be not a very nice person. He was accused of ethnic cleansing of the whites. But the whites can't do anything. Why? Because he is the… … government.

In the year 1999, a very significant issue cropped out. There were claims that the whites, many of which at this time; were born in Zimbabwe, which made up of only 1% of the population owns 70% of the country’s commercial viable land. This means the minority is controlling the wealth of Zimbabwe. This of course, is widely rejected by the people outside the government. Hmmm… Sounds familiar?

This racial imbalance in land ownership means the locals black population ain’t very happy and they complaint to the government. What did the government do? Well, Robert Mugabe then performed a redistribution of land exercise. This “
land reform” took place in the 1990s where the government will acquire the land, mainly own by white farmers for a “fair compensation”. Anyone unhappy with the compensation can go to court. Anyone want to answer who controls the court?

The height of the land reform took place in 1999 when the Zimbabwean government drafted a constitution which allows them to compulsorily acquire land for distribution without any compensation! This really pissed off the white farmers, many of whom were born in Zimbabwe herself. The population of white farmers thus dropped from 4500 to 300. Such expulsion led to food shortage with 45% of the population suffering from malnutrition.

With this, the white population dropped from a peak of 275,000 in 1970 to possibly 120,000 in 1999, and was estimated at no more than 60,000 in 2006, possibly much less. Most emigration has been to the UK, South Africa, Zambia and Australia.

The campaign to seize white-owned farms plunge the country into starvation and near economic collapse. I wonder how long will those 60,000 whites stay in Zimbabwe. Imagine being born in a country that indirectly ask you to leave. Will you leave?

Interesting read

*This entry was done purely based on the author’s personal research and understanding. Readers are advised to read with discernment.*

Tuesday 19 June 2007

Those typo experiences

When I was still working in my first job, we have this software installed in all of our desktops and notebooks called “sametime”. It functions very much like msn messenger, and it allows us to chat communicate with people within the firm, even globally. We were supposed to use it as a tool to discuss “work-related” stuff, and that’s exactly what we did.

What? You don’t believe me? It’s true! We only talk about work related stuff… like what to have for lunch in a working day… which colleague of our workplace has the hots for which female workmate… which junior working staff are morons… bitch about our working managers… bitch about our workplace… about football teams that people in the workplace support… see, they are all work-related stuff, no?

Anyway… in one of my work-related conversation with a colleague, this happened…

Zewt: what are we having for lunch?
Colleague: the one that you mentioned the other day.
Zewt: which one?
Colleague: dick rice

Zewt: what????
Colleague: that one la… oh.. no no no no….!!! hahahaha

Actually, my colleague was referring to ‘duck rice’, but as the letter ‘u’ was located next to the letter ‘i’, a slight typo brought about a whole different lunch plan.

Over the years, I have also made some typos which can give a whole different meaning. One memorable one would be when someone asked me question and I wanted them to hold for a while. I wanted to say “gimme a sec”… but since the letter ‘c’ is located next to the letter ‘x’… yeah, you got it right… I typed…

“gimme a sex”… can be quite an embarrassing moment, particularly when your junior was asking you something. If we are in America, we would have been sued for sexual harassment.

If you think that’s bad, wait till you hear this. One of the all time favourite first line in work-related chat is asking someone “are you busy”… now look at the letters ‘u’ and ‘y’… due to my very quick but not very efficient typing… I ended up asking…

“are you busty?”

Have you ever had suck... i mean such experience?

Monday 18 June 2007

From poll result to postcard and a study

"I release you”, my pastor told me today after church.

Now, for those who are not aware, I attend a church where we serve “refreshments” after the service. Sometimes, such refreshments are as good as lunch. Today was such a day. But I couldn’t eat as today is the 3rd day of the lunar calendar which means I am to be a vegetarian today. So my pastor was trying to release me but since it’s not a matter of religion but a matter of principal, no can't do. As I’ve mentioned before, the difficulty in being vegetarian is looking for vegetarian food. It’s so tough that I haven’t had dinner. Guess I will have to wait till 12am so that I can cook myself an instant noodle. Hopefully to I’ll finish this entry by then.

A very big thank you to those who participated in the poll which I put up in the last 3 weeks or so. For your information, a total of 167 visitors voted. Based on my stats, A.Z.A.I.G. has about 350 to 400 unique visitors a day, which means slightly less than 50% of visitors voted. Hey… it’s ok if you don’t vote here. But when the General erection Election finally comes, I sincerely hope you all will exercise your rights wisely. By the way, A.Z.A.I.G. stands for As Zewt As It Gets.

On an unrelated note, one of my friends in Italy received a postcard from Malaysia. She was kind enough to scan the postcard to let me have a look. And me being kind as well, I should share with you all… click to enlarge.

I am so proud! I mean which country in Asia got the privilege to be called “Venice of Asia”? This is certainly one feat that should make its way into the Malaysian Books of Records. It will also be refreshingly different from the usual biggest pizza or biggest ‘yee sang’ stuff, don’t you think?

Last but not least, read about the gomen setting up a task force to study the need to regulate internet sites. They intend to monitor sites which contain porn and of course… blogs. Not just blogs that criticise the gomen but other blogs as well. Blogs like yours and mine. Think I am screwed! Sigh… since my previous entry is rather erotic, I wonder if they will shut down A.Z.A.I.G… Gasp!

Jokes aside, I find it quite a waste of resources to study on actions to be taken against porn sites or blogs when our streets are filled with serial rapists. For those who are unaware, there have been multiple gang rape cases in our country and they all happened in the last one week. Why don’t a task force be set up to handle this issue?

You know why? My friend kenninaz has brilliantly explained it here. A good read… and after reading it… let us all shout together… this is…!!!!

Thursday 14 June 2007

Of hip hop, to diet and a search

After some heavy thinking entries in the last few days, I guess I shouldn’t write another one of the similar notion since today is Thursday, ya? Why? Cos tomorrow is Friday! That’s why! And Thursday is also cool cos it’s hip hop day!

The dance instructor taught us lyrical hip hop today, where we have to dance according to the lyrics rather than timing. Damn it was difficult! Have to admit I couldn’t really catch it, but it was good work-out anyhow. Speaking of workout… I think I need to go on a diet… again. Was actually on a diet since March but due to what happened in that month, diet didn’t happen.

Speaking of diet, I received this long ago but I never fail to laugh each and every time I read it. Check out the following counter…

With her consent…………………… 12 Calories
Without her consent……………….. 187 Calories

With both hands………………….. 8 Calories
With one hand…………………….. 12 Calories
With your teeth…………………… 85 Calories

With an erection………………….. 6 Calories
Without an erection……………….. 315 Calories

Trying to find the clitoris………… 8 Calories
Trying to find the! G-Spot………….. 92 Calories

Missionary……………………….. 52 Calories
69 lying down…………………….. 78 Calories
69 standing up……………………. 112 Calories
Wheelbarrow………………………. 216 Calories
Her on top………………………… 524 Calories
Doggy Style………………………. 726 Calories
Donkey punch………………… 912 Calories

Real…………………………….. 112 Calories
False……………………………. 315 Calories

Lying in bed hugging………………. 18 Calories
Getting up immediately…………….. 36 Calories
Explaining why you got out of bed immediately……816 Calories

20-29 years old…………………… 36 Calories
30-39 years………………………. 80 Calories
40-49 years…………………….. . 1124 Calories
50-59 years………………………. 1972 Calories
60-69 years………………………. 2916 Calories
70 and over……………………. Results pending

Calmly…………………………………………….32 Calories
In a hurry……………………….. ………………98 Calories
With her father knocking on the door………… 1218 Calories
With your wife knocking on the door………… 5521 Calories
With her husband knocking on the door………7201 Calories

Anyone can testify whether the above is accurate?

And since someone said I should ask something for the weekend, I guess I should end this Friday entry with a riddle…

Since the very beginning, my real name is actually hidden somewhere in the blog. If you look carefully, you might just find it. For those who know my name, appreciate you don’t disclose my name or I will delete your comment. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

So…for the weekend… find my name in my blog! And for the sake of others, don't disclose my name after finding it...ok?

Happy weekend!

Wednesday 13 June 2007

A look at India

We have a person in our Indian hub supporting our work. Basically, he sort of reports to me and my colleague. Since my colleague is on maternity leave, this person has been seconded here to assist me in the coming 2 months. Not bad eh? Yes and no… but then again, that’s not the notion today.

Through this Indian dude, I have learnt quite a few things about India. Since many of us including myself have made comparison between our country and other more developed nations in my
recent entry, maybe we should look at a developing country, like India. No disrespect to the Indian nation, after all, it’s one of the fast growing super power in the world.

For a start, he told me that India is very corrupted. Based on what he said, it’s incredibly terrible. Dealing with gomen there means you MUST bribe. Your turn in the queue is not based on numbers but how much you’re willing to pay. And it’s very blatant too. The officer will openly ask how much you are going to pay him and how much others have paid, so as to let you know when you will be served. Bribes are taken on top of the table.

Another intriguing point according to him is that all the Indian athletes who represent the nation are there simply because their parents bribe the relevant authority. Whoever has money to pay, he or she can represent the country. Same goes to celebrity. You wanna be famous? Just pay the right person and they will help you land contracts, etc. Basically, money gets you places.

“Why don’t you vote the people out of the gomen?” I asked.
“Everyone is corrupted and all of them are trying to make it into gomen so that they can make a lot of money and leave,” he answered.

In terms of infrastructure, we are certainly much better. Despite the many pot-holes we have on our roads and the recent floods, our roads are heaven in the eyes of my Indian colleague. Of course, we also win in terms of public transport. One thing we can match India is… traffic jam. And looking at the trend, we might just beat India in that department one day.

The starting monthly salary for a fresh graduate is approximately INR11,000 (RM933). Yeah, that’s pretty low. But then again, one can afford quite a bit of stuff with INR11k. Let’s just say an Indian graduate earning INR11k is much more comfortable compared to a Malaysian earning RM933. My Indian friend is a degree holder who has about 10 years working experience on top of his Masters in commerce. I reckon he is earning about INR35k to INR40k (RM2,968 – RM3,393) a month. With this, he can afford a house, a vehicle and his wife does not have to work. What can you afford if you’re earning RM3,500 here?

On the modern slavery front, the labour force there has to work very late. It’s typical of any developing nation. They have to in order to “stay competitive” as mentioned by a fellow blogger. One thing though, like us here, the labour force in India is beginning to realise that they are being exploited and is slowly trying to move away from being enslaved by capitalists.

That’s all I have gathered from him so far. Oh oh…one very interesting point. The starting salary for a graduate 10 years ago was INR1,500 a month. That is RM127 a month!!! Can you see what I am seeing? No, I am about how low it is. I am talking about how much it has increased in the last 10 years. As mentioned earlier, the starting salary for a graduate now is INR11k (RM933). This means the starting salary has increased 7.3 times in the last 10 years!!!

What is this starting salary in KL 10 years ago? Compared to now? This will be an interesting point for my future modern slavery entries.
Right… now that we’ve known some of the happenings in India. How do you feel about being in our current muddy ground? If you ask me, I would say this land is certainly much better than India in a lot of aspects. Add what I’ve said above to our very own perception of India, I am sure Malaysia now appears to be quite appealing, don’t u think so?

Having said that, do we wanna compare ourselves with India? We are a country who claimed to be nearing developed status… a country who can afford to waste millions to send one fella to space… a country with smart card, smart tunnels, smart rules, smart excuses… a country with its very own book of records… I mean… we are Malaysia… the country that “boleh”!... do we wanna compare ourselves with India? No disrespect to India of course.

What we should tell ourselves is not how good we are compared to India. Instead, we should ask how far away is India from us. Will India one day overtake us? If yes… why? And most importantly… will we end up like India now? Ok... maybe that's just too far fetched... or is it?

P/S: I hate MyList!

A short one

Yeah, didn’t write anything yesterday as I decided to sleep before half past twelve. In addition, 2 days of consecutive badminton games plus only instant noodles for dinner means fatigue was the name of the game yesterday. Also, lack of sleep has cost me quite a number of hair, those that grow on top of my head, not anywhere else. So sleep is crucial. But heck, despite sleeping considerably earlier, I still woke up rather late.

Oh yeah… there will be a new event that will make it’s way into the Malaysian Book of Records in slightly more than 2 weeks time. It will be something that goes along the line of “biggest performance”. When it comes out in the news… then you can say you hear it first from A.Z.A.I.G
. !

Last but not least, Malaysia beat Thailand 3-2 in the Sudirman Cup.

Update: Zewt going to inspect his condo soon. Anyone here care to give some tips?

Tuesday 12 June 2007

Grass... anyone?

Over the last 6 months of so, this particular notion kept creeping into the conversation between me and my friends, and I wonder how many of you thought about it as well. Well, you can’t blame us, we were openly asked to “keluar dari Malaysia” (get outta Malaysia) so we are just being “compliant”… somewhat.

Some of my friends have already made the leap of faith into what they believe will be the greener pasture. How? Well, they achieved that through various means, which I will probably talk about in another day. Today, however, I am making an attempt to answer the million dollar question… is the grass really greener on the other side?

First thing that comes to mind about migrating, is that we can kiss all the scrumptious local cuisine goodbye. Yup, no more hokkien mee or “bak kut teh” or satay. It will also mean our mamak lifestyle will have to come to a stop.

Next in line is probably our family and friends, not many will be going with us. This also means we will probably have to move into a neighbourhood where everyone are strangers to us.

And how can we forget the beauty of piracy! No more cheap affordable “DVDs”, PS2 games, computer games, etc. Everything will have to be original in the greener pitch. And of course, we can no longer enjoy our famous one stop instant summon settlement ala “settle sini”. Committing an offence in the greener pitch will most certainly land your ass in trouble.

But most significantly, what we will miss most is the life that we have built here. This is more prominent for those who are already earning a 5 figure salary, or close to it. Migration will probably cause you to start your career all over again, or at least move a few steps backward. It will also probably put of a temporary stop to our everywhere-also-drive culture.

And those are not all, things can turn out worse. So suddenly… the grass isn’t exactly greener on the other side, isn’t it? But then again… despite all that, why do people still wanna make the leap to the other side?

Well, the question you and I should ask ourselves is… will you stay here just because you wanna eat “bak kut teh”? Do you wanna stay so that each time you jump light you can settle your summon on the spot at a discount? Do you wanna stay so that you can continue to sit in your air-cond car? Don’t forget the jam though.

So do you wanna stay?

It is a question that sometimes, even I really can't answer correctly. But what I do know is that if I do migrate to the greener pitch… say… Australia… I know my future and welfare is secured.

I know that if I am sick, I can walk into the gomen hospital and will receive first class treatment… free of charge. I will know I can rely on the public transport and it is very convenient. I know the selected representatives of the people will have to perform their best or else they will face serious repercussions. I know if I do own a car, I don’t have to worry about about mat rempits. I know I don’t have to utilise the one stop instant summon settlement facility because drivers there are law abiding citizens which means I don’t need to break the law to get around.

I also know that when I have children, I can send them to universities like Monash or RMIT and only pay less than AUD1,000 per semester while if I were here, I will have to pay RM20,000 per semester for one degree for my children to enter institutions like Universiti Malaya or Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. No disrespect but which university would you want? Oh yeah… I also know there is no racial quota in university entry.

Further to that, I also know that when I read the comics newspaper, I will not feel angry. I know when I hear things will get done, things will get done. I know the taxes that I paid, though excessive, will be channel back towards the people in the most efficient manner ever. I know when the gomen claimed something it’s SMART, it will not certainly appear in a few phases. And of course, I know there will certainly be lesser “act of god” incidents.

There are many other things too, things we know by heart but we are not allowed to talk about it or risk the serious consequences. Oh… I can also take comfort that I can speak my mind on the other side.

Yes… if you take all factors into consideration, the grass may not be greener on the other side. But one thing for sure, there is certainly grass there. And when we look at the ground that we are stepping on, how does it look like? Based on recent weather, the ground looks muddy and we may have to brace ourselves for more floods. So do you think you will be stepping on any grass soon?

So… muddy ground or grass… anyone?

Monday 11 June 2007

A green dilemma and some extras

I increased the temperature as it was really getting cold, I guess Honda’s air-cond can also match Proton in a day like this. I looked to the right and saw a lot of frustrated faces. I don’t blame them, the path ahead of them was filled with vehicles, while I was only 2 lights away from my home. Of course, I had to make a few de-tour to come to this which includes making a journey back to my original starting point just to take the highway.

But what is more frustrating?.... it was 10.35pm!!!!

Yeah, traffic jam, at such unbelievable hour, or perhaps we should learn to accept it if we choose to stay in this metropolitan city called Kuala Lumpur. Of course, the weather didn’t help much. It has been raining thunder-storm-struck for the last 4 or 5 days resulted in flash floods. Speaking of which, what happened to the supposedly counter-flood-enabled SMART tunnel system?

I’ve blogged about traffic before and really, it’s getting from worst to worstest and soon… beyond description. I dread to think how traffic will be in the next 5 years. Just like Cirnelle, taking a step to the greener pasture is certainly a consideration.

Is the grass always greener on the other side? That remains to be seen, but you know what? The grass is certainly brown here. You know why? Cause the flood water carried much mud and left it on the grass, that’s why! I will certainly deliberate more about this in days to come...

Meanwhile, have you heard the news? It's spreading in the blogosphere. C
heck out this poem which has been extracted from this site

From This Day Forward
Author Unknown

From this day forward,
You shall not walk alone.
My heart will be your shelter,
And my arms will be your home.

Does it sound familiar t you. If you have read the comics mainstream news last week, you might have read something similar already. Another 'sam jiu' phenomena eh?

More blogs talking about this here, here and the whole poem was disected here.

Speaking of “sam jiu” incidents… guess rules can be bent everywhere around the world… for those who knows what happened to Paris Hilton will know what I am talking about.

Now… for the Monday blues…

Friday 8 June 2007

Zewt mystery in century entry

Yeah, just in case you haven’t notice, this is my 100th post. I have surprised many, including myself, that I managed to keep to my new year resolution. Thanks guys for giving me 30,000+ hits already... And since this is already my century entry, I reckon I can reveal l little bit about this zewt thing… what exactly is zewt?

Zewt is of course… me… haha! Ok… crap aside, zewt actually evolved from my Chinese name. It was originally yewt. Right… now everyone out there is screaming… what is yewt? Yewt was derived from the following methodology…

Lau Tuck Wah = tuckw
Chow Yuen Fatt = yuenf
Chan Li Lian = lil
Lee Chong Wei = chongw
Tee Bee Ean = beee

Catch the flow? … Yeah, am sure you did. Well done! So yeah, it was derived from my Chinese name.

So how did yewt become zewt? Well, it just evolved that way… thought ‘z’ is more glamour than ‘y’. Besides, someone commented yewt sounds like nude, not very nice.
So now that you know how did zewt come about, and if you’re a Chinese… what is your zewtvolution name? If you're not a Chinese... well... have some creativity in applying the zewtvolution.

Have a brilliant weekend…

P/S: Would appreciate those who know me in person do not reveal my Chinese name here. Also, A.Z.A.I.G. refers to As Zewt As It Gets… duhhhh… so now, can cast your vote at the side bar already? Closing the poll next week.

Wednesday 6 June 2007


My building conducted a fire drill a few months ago… and we failed. Apparently, we all failed to evacuate the building on time and while we are supposed to gather at the designated area, some of us chose to have a tea break ala gomen style at the mamak. The building management decided to carry out another one about 2 months later and guess what… we failed again. C’mon… this is Malaysia, do you think we will ever take such things seriously?

I guess they got fed up and ended up sending us a mail listing all the Do’s and Don’ts when a fire occurs. Here’s the list… and what will probably happen…

Listen to the Fire Marshalls for instructions and advices.
(Who’s the Fire Marchall? Oh wait… we have a Fire Marshall?)
Upon hearing the alarm or PA system, look for your Fire Marshalls for further instruction and advice.
(Upon hearing the alarm, the first thing that comes to mind is … yay! No need to work! Who cares about the Fire Marshall. Ok, now I know we have a Fire Marshall.)
Take care of your personal belongings during evacuation.
(Everything can be left behind except our car keys… even if the car is in the building)
Secure your work area by ensuring that all drawers and cabinets are locked accordingly.
(WTF! So the office documents are more important than our lives? And aren’t they gonna get burnt anyway?)
Immediately inform your Fire Marshall should there be any sick or disabled personnel in your Level.
(If I am sick... Do I get to use the lift? ... ... Ok.. I am sick)
Walk in an orderly form.
(Of course, this is the best time to walk together with your colleagues and bitch about your superior)
Ensure your personal safety.
(Which is why we will take our own sweet time)
Be aware of the location of the assembly area.
(Make that the nearest mamak and we’ll definitely be there)
Queue up at the assembly area accordingly.
(With our ‘teh tarik’ and ‘maggi goreng’… how to queue?)
Cooperate with your Fire Marshalls when roll call is conducted at the assembly area.
(This is the best time to check out what’s the name of that hot babe from other department)
Move fast from the office to the assembly area & vice versa.
(Vice versa? There’s a fire and you want us to move back to the building?)

Do not panic when the alarm is sounded.
(Panic? C’mon, we’re ecstatic! No need to work ya’ know!)
Do not make noise as you may not be able to hear the announcement.
(Oh darn… no celebration)
Do not run as this may cause a stampede.
(Where have you seen Malaysians run during a fire or fire drill? We always take our own sweet time.)
Do not linger around the building area during a fire drill, gather at the assembly area.
(Aiyoo… how many times must I say this… mamak! The keyword is mamak!)
Do not leave the assembly area during roll call so that your Fire Marshall could conduct roll call with ease.
(If possible, we won’t leave until office hour is over)

If you laugh… you’re probably a true blue Malaysian.

P/S: For the benefit of non-Malaysians... "mamak" is a store by the road-side where Malaysians take a break... generally speaking.

Tuesday 5 June 2007

The reason why…

“Hey bro, why are you so angry? Why so against working hard?”

Someone asked me that a few days ago, he was referring to my entries on modern slavery…my relentless attack on employers making their slaves employees working extra hours without proper compensation. Honestly… why am I so against working late? Why am I so against working over-time?

Have you all ever wondered? Are you all curious? Or you all just assume that I am a lazy person, never wanted to put in the extra effort to build my career.

Do you wanna know why?... Let tell you why…

I officially finish work at 5.45pm from Monday to Thursday. On Friday, the misleading document that I signed states that my office hour ends on 4.45pm. Not bad right? But I have never… I repeat… never left my office on those stipulated time.

The same happened on 20 March 2007, I was supposed to finish work at 5.45pm, but I can't leave on time. By the way, leaving your office at the stipulated time is NOT leaving early… it’s leaving ON TIME! Anyway, on that day, I have to work late because there was much to do. If I remember correctly, there were some queries from London.

I left my office at 8.10pm. I am very sure of the time because as I specifically look at the time in my handphone after I received a call. That call was from my brother, telling me Mom has fainted. When I looked at the time then, it was 8.15pm and I still remember where I was when I took the call. From my office to that spot, the journey will probably take 5 minutes. So working back, I left my office at 8.10pm.

Now, followers of A.Z.A.I.G. will probably know what happened to my Mom. She passed away on 21 March 2007, a day after she collapsed after suffering from cerebral haemorrhage. I have been doing some reading about that condition and also based on some things the doctor told me during those times in the hospital. I have discovered that a person suffering from cerebral haemorrhage needs IMMEDIATE medical attention. If my Mom was discovered early and she was admitted to the hospital quick enough, the doctor would have been able to administer the drug to control the blood pressure sooner and while the chances may still be slim… my Mom could have survived. Or at least, I would have been able to at least speak to my mom more because the first few minutes after cerebral haemorrhage, patients are said to be still conscious. But when I reached home after my brother’s call, my mom was no longer responding to anything.

My Mom used to pray everyday at 7.00pm, and it usually last for about 45 minutes, which means by 7.45pm, she would have completed her prayer. When I reached home, Mom was still in her praying costume and my brother informed me that he found mom on the floor, in a kneeling position.

Question of the day… what time did my Mom collapse? Yeah, it should be any time between 7.00pm to 7.45pm. But she was not found until 8.15pm and by the time we admitted her to the hospital, it was probably 8.40pm. By the time the drug was administered to her, it could have been 9.00pm. Based on a worst case scenario, if Mom collapsed at 7.05pm, that was almost 2 hour after she collapsed… that’s too late already.

Now… I am supposed to finish work at 5.45pm and since I am blessed with the fact that I can reach home within 15 minutes, I should have been home at 6.00pm, 6.10pm latest. I should have been able to send my mom as soon as she collapsed. Even if that fail to save her life, I could have at least have a last short conversation with her… something like… “What’s for dinner?”… “This tastes good… or bad”.

But no… that didn’t happen…


Because I worked late… no, I didn’t get any over-time claim… I don’t get to claim any meal allowance. All I get is that I can tell people I have some high level report to London to complete and that I have tele-conference with the British regularly.

Yeah, this is a personal battle between me and working late… all because I feel the cost I paid was too much to bear, and it is something that will scar me forever. No money or fame can replace the hurt I feel, the lost I experience.

Now do you know why I hate the fact that we are made to work late?

Mom, sorry that I chose the career path ahead of coming home to dine with you, please forgive me.

Is your ticket reflective?

It was the day when our results were going to be released. Despite my lack of effort during the entire course, I was still hoping for the best, hoping that I will strike a 1st class honours. But it didn’t happen, I got myself a 2nd upper, good enough actually, for my standard.

I still remember the look on some of my friends’ face, those who got 1st class were having the “I can now conquer the world” look, those who didn’t get what they thought they were getting were having the “my world has come to an end” look, this category usually comprises of nerds or kiasu-being who were aiming for 1st class honours but only managed 2nd upper or 2nd lower. No, I was NOT one of them. They will probably never understand why those who got a 3rd class or even a general degree (i.e. with no honours) were carrying a “Yessss, I did it!!!” expression on their face. They were probably thinking “this bunch of idiots (referring to those who got 3rd class / general degree) just wasted their parents’ hard earned money”. To be really honest with you, I was not that far away from that school of thoughts.

Take this guy called Naz for example. He practically spent almost all his days in London smoking his life away, skipped classes as often as he smokes, played football at every opportunity (hehe, I was also part of this football thing) and others which I thought never contribute much to his studies. Fair enough, he got himself a general degree. Many thought he will probably struggle his way in life. Some probably thought his world has practically ended, struggling would be a privilege. But did his life ended that day?

News came in from Manchester where 2 of my best friends also gotten their results. One of them got a 2nd upper as expected. But for it was not so good news for the other guy, Edward, who only managed a 2nd lower. You see, 3 of us, we were amongst the top notch people from our school (trying to blow my own trumpets here… hehe). To us, and to probably most results driven students, anything besides a 1st class or 2nd upper means nothing more than a worthless piece of paper. To Ed, his life has probably just ended, he had probably just “failed” his family and wasted all his years in university. Many thought he will probably struggle to secure a job because he will need to compete with hundreds and thousands of graduates out there who obtained better grades than him. If a 2nd lower is going to have such fate, what about Naz who only got a general degree?

That was about 7 years ago, while I still keep close contact with Ed, I have totally lost touch with Naz, until December 2005. I was at the Jabatan Pendaftaran office at Putrajaya, amongst the last legion of people trying to make the great MyKad before government starts charging. Despite the imminent charge, I wouldn’t have bothered if not because I was about to leave the country for what I thought would be a substantial period of time. It was there that I bumped into Naz, he was carrying a baby, the baby is his. Naz is now married with a lovely lady, blessed with a beautiful child. He is working with a local firm which allowed him to take his whole family there on that weekday to do his MyKad. The person whom many thought would probably struggle to support himself is now married with a kid! Looks like his life didn’t end after all.

What happened to Ed? Well, to cut the long story short, Ed is also married to a lovely wife. He is sort of having his own business, staying in his own apartment, owns 2 properties and is looking at buying a shoplot. He also plans to purchase a place in Australia because his long term plan is to migrate there. The phrase “struggling to make a living” will probably not be found in his dictionary. He also has a lot of free time past office hour, a luxury to many of us. His life didn’t end on that fateful day too!

Many of us graduated from university thinking that we will rule the world. If we came through the gate of a prestigious overseas uni, we think we are a class above the rest. Many my uni-mates wanted to become CEOs of big firms. Some wanted to be at the top of the corporate ladder within the shortest time, be up there making the so called “big decisions”. Thousands of graduates get out from uni thinking probably the same thing. But the reality is this, the position of CEOs and Managing Directors all most, if not all the firms in the country have already been taken. Some probably are at the age of 35 which means it till be another 20 years before they retire. That position will probably be taken by someone, and that someone may not be you.

On the bright side, for those who did not do too well in their studies, their world has not come to an end. Getting a not so good degree and graduating from a local institution does not mean they will lose out to a lot of people. The future is always uncertain, which makes it exciting. 5 years down the road, these people may have achieved what they want in their life. Those CEOs wannabe will probably still be climbing the ladder.

I am pretty sure many of us have heard the phrase “A degree is just a ticket to the working world”. We all know it and agree to it. However, how much do we understand that phrase? We probably fail to comprehend the true meaning of “a ticket”, or probably fail to grasp the true meaning of “the working world”.

The truth is, a 3rd class or general tickets doesn’t mean you will be not able to board the “plane of life”, while 1st class tickets doesn’t guarantee 1st class seats. You might miss out on your preferred “airlines” but never fret, how high your plane of life can fly and whether it will reach your destination, is often entirely up to you.

So, is your “seat” right now reflective of the ticket you’re carrying?

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Monday 4 June 2007

Ways of life from an idiots’ game

20 idiot men chasing a ball, that’s the usual manner a girl will normally describe the world most beautiful game. Well, who would blame them? Ask any ordinary guys and most will in turn find a barrage of females rushing to a MNG sale a total waste of time. It’s a balanced world after all.

But is it all just about 20 men chasing a ball while the balance 2 hope the ball will never reach them? Certainly not, football is more than that. It’s about passion, it’s about pride, it’s about verbal battle when I wrote
this, it’s about money and… while some may disagree, it may also teach us a thing or two about life. Impossible? Well, let us just focus our thoughts to the recently ended English Premier League season, and see what we can pick up from this idiot game.

I would like to start by talking about READING. They started the season as one of the favourite to be relegated (it means demoted to a lower league). They were a team without any superstar and what did they achieve towards the end? They missed UEFA Cup qualification by only just 1 point. What I said may not make any sense to some. But what I am trying to say is that… while the world looked down on you and think you’re doom… the ultimate fate is in your hand. If you believe in what you do and have confident in your own ability, you may just surprise a few souls.

Let’s shift our attention to WEST HAM UNITED. They were the finalists of the 2005/2006 FA Cup and one pundit branded their football as “a display of entertaining attacking football”. They seemed to be heading for higher grounds this season but what happened to them? Not only did they fail to live up to expectations but the club was fighting for survival early in the season. That’s when the press and most idiots football fans around the world wrote them off. But what happened in the end? They beat Man Utd twice in the season and avoided relegation. What can we learn here? The world may have good words on you but as soon as you screw up, everyone else is just going to step on you. But don’t fret, victory is not about winning, victory can be sweet as well when you prove your critics wrong. Never give up!

Next, the once great LIVERFOOL LIVERPOOL. Having enjoyed a glorious past and recently tasted Champions League victory, they always think they can conquer the world. Of course, they failed to win the Premier League… again, and local fans were quick to brand the FA Cup final as Champions League 3rd/4th play-off having qualified for the final. But what can we learn from Liverpool? Just because you have been good in the past, doesn’t mean you will be good forever. Statistics doesn’t guarantee success and in life, there’s no point living in past successes. Also, in life, don’t be too quick to brag about glorious history. Telling people you were very successful 20 years ago simply means you have not been successful in the last 20 years.

When we talk about CHELSEA, 2 things that will come to mind… A Russian who spent a lot of money… A manager who wasted a lot of money. When Chelsea bought Shevchenko and Ballack early in the season, everyone though the title has been won even without kicking a ball. I was one of them. I mean, looking at what they’ve achieved and you add that with Shevchenko and Ballack… no need to play already. But what happened in the end? They didn’t win… and what we can learn from here is that money may buy you initial happiness, it may stretches it for a year or two, but it doesn’t last forever. While money is important… CHELSEA is a testimony that money is NOT everything.

Finally, MANCHESTER UNITED. Yeah, some of you already know that I am a Man Utd Fan. Many will say that I am a glory hunter but I remember I started supporting them when they lost the league in the last day of the season and lost the FA Cup final to Everton in 1994. Anyway, that’s not the notion today. I am here to say, as a fan, I wrote them off before the season started. They were slow in the transfer market and the fact that Chelsea bought Shevchenko and Ballack while Man Utd bought only Carrick AND kept Fletcher, I thought the season was doomed. Of course, I was proven wrong. This is another classic example of not underestimating anyone or anything just because that person or thing has not lived up to your expectation. Always have faith in whatever you believe in, and support the cause that you said you will.

So who said football is just about 20 men chasing for a ball for 90 minutes? If you would only not watch the match but see things from a different angle… there’s much to learn from this idiots’ game.

Friday 1 June 2007

Dunwanna blog about it

I really dunwanna blog about it. I mean… what’s the point? There’s certainly no joy. Don’t believe me? Ask Lina. Ahhhh…see what I mean, half of you don’t even know what I am talking about. Those who know probably don’t care. So why should I blog about it? I dunwanna blog about it.

Also, there’re quite a number of overseas readers who frequent my blog and they probably think Malaysia is a very beautiful country and everyone is happy and all. Why should I ruin their perception of our country by letting them know that there are people here who don’t really have freedom of religion despite the constitution says they do? Nope… I dunwanna blog about it.

Ah yes… that issue of freedom of religion doesn’t even concern me at all. I mean, I am happy, I can choose my religion, I am allowed to practise my religion, who cares about others? Who cares if
something like this happen? Not my problem at all, and certainly not your concern. So I dunwanna blog about it.

And who cares if there are actually a few in the local blogosphere starting to do a mini Christianity bashing after the verdict of Lina’s case? They are bashing Christianity, not me. So why bother? So I dunwanna blog about it. And of course, I don't want to be seen as bashing any religion, and I am certainly not bashing any religion... which is why it is important for me not to blog about it. So I really dunwanna blog about it.

Last but not least, blogging about such heavy issue is boring. We would rather read about jokes, food, sex and so and so got a new car and so and so is angry with so and so, not to mention these 3 laws. Those are the more juicy stuff right? There you go… that’s why I dunwanna blog about it.

And since I dunwanna blog about it, I believe you shouldn’t blog about it too. Let us all not blog about it.

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