Thursday 21 June 2007

Good or bad, let it out

Some of the readers commented that the diet plan which I introduced last week only applies to men. In view of this, I tried to come out with one for women and guess what… I can't. I guess such diet plan is exclusively for male. Besides, I am sure twisting that diet plan will make it less… ‘appealing’, don’t you think?

Since there’s nothing to laugh at this Friday, why not put your brain cells to the test? I am sure some of you would prefer this. Here is a good one…

1 = 3
2 = 3
3 = 5
4 = 4
5 = 4
6 = 3
7 = 5
8 = 5
9 = 4
10 = 3
11 =
12 =

Last but not least, it’s 8 more days before A.Z.A.I.G. is 6 months old. Quite a milestone if you ask me. I am amazed by the amount of energy that I found to carry me through this blogging journey. In view of A.Z.A.I.G.’s 6 month-liversary, I would like to know what my beloved A.Z.A.I.G. readers think of A.Z.A.I.G. so far. May just help me in writing my 6 month-liversary entry. Good or bad, let it out! I am all ears.
This certainly sounds like some self gratification exercise but it’s absolutely not obligatory. It's entirely up to you.

Happy weekend!

P/S: Another pole poll is up… do vote.


rainbow angeles said...

Pssttt... your date shows Thursday wor...

I like to read AZAIG because...

(is this a slogan competition? Got prize? :p)

I'll do the poll after this. Happy 6 months ol', AZAIG!

BoNdI said...



dying to know already


Antabax said...

wahaaha dun know what to guess. answers please !!

confessing7girl said...

ok ill probably fool myself but thats pretty easy!!!!!!!!!!! duhhh
11=6, 12=6!!!
6months old!!!!!! congrats!!!!! wheres the celebration!!!!! what about champagne!!!!!! :D

Unknown said...

You have got quite a following. I have not seen one entry on how to make a bomb or how to stalk or how to rape and not got caught so I guess you are doing alright. Lets say you are a good influence on your hordes of fans. So what to say about your 1st 6 months? 2 thumbs up.

Ehon said...

why got such quiz one? -_-

oh, happy 6 months!!! AZAIG getting old liao. kekekekeke. :P

**************Jz***************** said...


im bored.......lemme's friday.........kill me

ah nel said...


11 = eleven

12 = twelve


11 = sebelas

12 = dua belas


11 = elephen

12 = tdwarf

me said...

11=3, 12=5 ? unless it's another one of those where you mess with our brains again. said...

I don't like those riddles and stuffs cos my IQ very low lah. But hor, nochet 6 months old blog so big following, wuah....imagine 1 year. That time must take number only can comment? Hahaha.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

aiyah..answer 3 and 5??

hey good job in lasting 6 mths..i tell you its much easier with the amt of support you have gathered lar.. look forward to greater things..

as a blogger i know its hard to do an entry everyday..but would be lovely to see a bigger variety of topics covered..i mean after all i hav been spotting a trend of slavery and ur dear mom (no offence)..

rock on boy!..

rinnah said...

Why do you like to torment our brains on Friday with your quizzes? Arrrgh! *pulling hair out* Just kidding! LOL! But seriously, numbers are not my thing so I'll sit this one out until the answers are revealed.

Happy 6 month old blogiversary! If I have your amount of readers I would be happy until fainted liao. Hmm... my entry would be - I like to read AZAIG because it makes me think and the readers are smart too. Oh and I think zewt is pretty cool too. Does that earn me brownie points? Hehehe.

baggie said...

erm... 3 & 5?? LOL dunno? I follow the sequence from the previous one... ;P

Also, keep up feeding good entries in your blog, write what your heart wants you to write. *wink*

Happy 6 month-liversary too.. :P berjenis-jenis term larh you have.. LOL

Huei said...

happy 6mths old!! heheh

vote liao!


11 n 12 = 33?? =P

Seaqueen said...

You rock man!
My initial 1st morning read would be thestar online, but yours has replace it. So what do you think??

Hopefully when I start my own blog in the days to come I'll look for inspiration from you. =)

Anonymous said...

Please fell free to contact zewt if you don't know the answer to his gu waakh question.. heh heh

chanraymond said...

I'm too lazy to do the IQ thingy, but to comment on your blog.. Hmm. I can honestly say that I am really really impressed with the dedication you have towards your blog, updating it almost daily without failure. Keep it up!

Horny Ang Moh said...

Aiyoh! Weekend is resting day not another riddance to solve! A suggestion how about posting up some 'nice' pic for ur reader to enjoy over the weekend? I am very sure ur reader will appreciated it.(Actually I want to post up 'nice' pic at my sites but my office computer very very 'holy' wan so I have no choice but be a 'goodboy').Well wish u nice weekend.

Anonymous said...

11 = e + l + e + v + e + n

Azlan Zed said...

11 = 6
12 = 6

(u sure make me think, zewt) :)

me said...

ok, i'll try again :-p

i think u found the energy because this blog stayed by you thru good and bad, giving you an outlet to stabilise your feelings after your mum's death. the road would have been very much harder if you didn't have the blog.

so, i wish for you that your blog will always be there for you as your companion, to gear you on when you are faltering, to cheer you on when you are down, to bring hopes and life to your days, to be there to hold your hand...sounds a little like trespassing jules territory...but sometimes, we just want to be alone with our thoughts. not instead of, but together with your close relationship with jules. as for what i think about AZAIG, you'll need to maintain a diversity in your topic, seeing that you have so many diverse readers. but you know....when you work too get burned out. when it's all work and no fun, it'll become a chore. just enjoy it! eeep! too long already!

zewt said...

angel - Thursday night mah.. yeah... slogan competition somewhat hahaha...

BoNdI - wrong... refers to confessing7girl's or jaezrel's reply for correct answer...of cos, you will ask me why... hah!

Antabax - aiyah... dont be lazy!

confessing7girl - well done! pretty easy for you... genius u r eh? ok ok, i will pop one tonight.

Kata Tak Nak - thanks my friend. those are very encouraging word.

ehon - i tot you are the one who wanna have some riddle for the weekend?

jaezrel - you are not dumb blonde after all eh?

zewt said...

ah nel - u missed out 'sap yat' and 'sap yi'.

me - wrong... wrong... wrong...

5xmom - where got... compare to you... i am still small fry ler... summore i dont have libu libu amelika punya doit doit yet.

constant craver joe - 3 and 5 are wrong answers. my recent peep into issue of migration does not amount to other flavour? :)...

rinnah - it's ok... then you should save your brain power for today. dont pengsan la... without ppl like u... AZAIG wont be what it is today anyway. thanks for the endless support.

Calvin's wife - 3&5 are wrong... yeah... berjenis-jenis term... u remember how your nick is also a jenis from AZAIG? :P

Huei - thanks... and... wrong answers ler.

zewt said...

Jessica - woooahhh... i am so proud of myself now hahaha... i will be more than glad to inspire if you wanna blog. start quickly.

Oz - hey, where have you been?

Little Ray - it's not easy my friend. but i do have quite a lot of things to say... i have a big mouth... so i limit myself to one per day.

Hor Ny - 'nice' pic... later the gomen ban me leh... didnt u read the task force thingy?

Anon @ 11.05 - wrong...

alan zed - well done my friend.

me - aiyoh, didnt know you commented again... think my blog has been an avenue for me to let people know what i think, a platform for self journalism... that's what it is to me. hahaha... i was reading... thought jules would have killed you for putting all that... but it's all good in the end.

Anonymous said...

welldone bro...yeah baby.
hey cool blog.... will link you. keep blogging yeah...

p/s - check out my new blog k. its 'R' rated by the way.


Tunku Halim said...

What AZAIG is only 6 months old? I thought you'd been blogging for years! You're a real pro.

Doreen said...

Aiya, I can't think on Fri, brain already dead so I'll skip the maths. This time, I done the poll! Happy weekend to you too.

Rabbit said...

*scroll through the above comments*

Okay I know the answer! 11 = 6! 12 = 6! I no cheating one! =P

Have a nice weekends!

Helen said...

So many smart people commenting on your blog so I dun have to do the maths. :-P (not that I know how)

6 months already? *pop a bottle of champagne* Here's to many more!! lol

kyh said...

6 and 6 lor... aiya this one not so challenging... :P

happy half a yr annviersary KEWL KEWT ZEWT DEWT! HAHAAAHAAHAHAAA!

Rashikaps said...

6 months of posting something everyday.. wowowowowow! *applaud applaud* :):) keep going!

Anonymous said...

Nah...this one..exercise for your finger.

You just got tagged!

sereneannabelle said...


nuff said.

day-dreamer said...

Okay, I confess I didn't know the answer until I read the comments. Haha.

Have a great weekend ahead! :)

ahjohn said...

if we are going to use the law of kejonathanan, 6 to the power of 2 minus 11 divide by 23.25 multiply by 2 elephant and plus one papaya, we get the answer.

happy that you did it for six months. to be honest 6 months is a long long time because i havent had a long relationship. to think back, yeah, very difficult to maintain something to 6 long months. no wonder you're my si-fu in love.

may said...

I'd do the quiz, except my mind's too sleepy now... almost 3am here! zzzzz... so what's the answer ah?

may said...

oh, and Happy 6 Months Anniversary, AZAIG!

Bena said...

erm... erm... :S
i would think it's 3,5 but haiya...

JamyTan said...

Wow, only 6mths, u really sound like a pro.

J.T. said...

I am not going to attempt another numerical riddle. My brains are too fried. hahaha

You sound like you have been blogging for years, Zewt. And I have to tell you again..
A.Z.A.I.G. is my daily drug! ;)

Happy 6-month-liversary. May you have many more wonderful months and years ahead.

Anonymous said...

Wei..the question is hard..Next time give something easier, can?

I voted too! And happy 6 months old!

neno said...

wow..this week's question is hard..

Happy 6 months old!!

wat i think of AZAIG ar..great blog..sth tat doesnt come everyday..

bought ur world championship tickets ad??how much ar??still thinking if i wanna go o not..kekeke..

Deo said...

AZAIG is simply great. How envy I am for the ideas you have for your entries.

As as tribute, I'd link my favorite entry of your blog in mine (although mine doesnt attract many visitors) :-(

Hope will get your consent on this.


Winn said...

ya u do have a lot of energy? wat keep you going ? cornflakes? milo?

Anonymous said...

Why 6? LOL.

Keep blogging! =)

Sheena said...

Zewt, I am trying not to feel incredibly resentful that you can get a 2-digit number of comments on any-given post, when your blog is ONLY SIX-MONTHS OLD!

(Compared to mine, which is donkey-years old...)

(And I bet I'm not the only blogger feeling this way... Might just be the only one honest enough to admit it, though, so don't hold it against me :P)

I console myself by telling myself you might've had a blog elsewhere before, making you a blogger of more than 6 months, which is where you got your loyal audience from. (Of which, I am now one.)

Don't undeceive me!

Happy 6-months, anyhow.
And just to show there're no hard feelings, I cast a vote :P

What A Lulu said...

hi zewt, could you drop me a mail at

Anonymous said...

screw the diet.

go out and celebrate your birthday.

Happy birthday, and hopefully many more.


Anonymous said...


happy burpin' day!!! said...

I have no idea what the answers are.. maybe its too late and im too drunk..
Anyway, looking forward to your 6 month anniversary entry.. :)

Anonymous said...

happy birthday dude! have not been online for a while .. ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

i'd say that u give it as it is n it's straight from the heart. keep it up,'re going to go further than the distance!! i like u...!!!! :D

Weig said...

Gosh... I can't believe I haven't missed a day yet... Keep it as zewt as you can, my blogger mentor...

zewt said...

d'Fish - yo! have checked out your blog... interesting indeed. thanks for dropping by.

Tunku Halim - ahhh... you're too kind with your words

Doreen - try it again tomm? i.e. monday! haha...

Rabbit - but... do u know why?

Helen - thanks... i love champagne.

kyh - thanks thanks... aiyah... i pose challenging one... ppl cant answer :P

Rashikaps - thanks my friend.

zewt said...

mott - hmmm... thanks... i know i kena blogivitis... so sick already... till i dont do tags :)

goodshithappens - smart. nuff said.

day dreamer - but do u know why it's 6?

ahjohn - haha... you were once my sifu... so... there's much knowlegde and wisdom inside you too.

may - 6 lor... but do u know why?

Bena - wrong... it's 6 :)

kayatan - and you're too kind... just like tunku halim.

zewt said...

JT - well... have to say i wont be able to do without all your support. let's see if i can keep the energy going for the next 6 months.

Seok Thong - answer is 6... :) thanks.

neno - very hard meh? not yet bought... will certainly buy. you should go la... but better not support lin dan.

deOughtred - you certainly have my friend. :) ... which is your fav post by the way?

Winn - friends like you.

mar - cos it's six month-liversay. clue given...

Sheena - well, i hate to disappoint you but no... i dont. if you've read my earlier post... you will know that i ade 'starting a blog' as my 2007 new year resolution. and it's the only resolution i've managed to keep in my life! are u disappointed? :P :P .... thanks for voting doc... appreciate it.

zewt said...

What A Lulu - sure thing.

Aput - Ahh... thanks my friend... my first bday wish here!

Russ - thanks my friend... the answer is... 6... haha...

cibol - thanks my friend... my 3rd bday wish here...

yvy - i guess honesty is always the best policy eh? thanks my friend.

cirnelle - yes... you certainly deserve a medal for that :)

day-dreamer said...

Yeah, I know. That is, before you announced the answer. :P

Cherry Popcorn said...

Hmm.. I don't even know how old my blog is. Let's see.. I started in September, means.. 9 months! Haha..

Congrats for reaching the 6 month mark! You have done a great job in doing your blog! I love reading your blog! Keep up the good job!

neno said...

kekeke..i never support lin dan..kekeke..

Huei said...

y isit 6??

1 = 3
2 = 3

11 n 22 mai 33 lor!! =P according to ur quiz last last time!

or isit 3+3?


Jacss said...

me lazy & weak to do test also......!!!

but am really surprise that it's only 6 months............coz it's too good!!!!

good work must keep it up.....cheers!!

Huei said...

oops my bad..i should read the post on top first >.<

ok it's monday morning! i'm half asleep! =P

zewt said...

day dreamer - ahhh... well done :)

princess shin - thanks. oh... i still havent earn a single cent from PPP though... unlike you...

neno - ahhh... very good!

huei - ahhh... luckily you told me you read already in your latter comment. now u know why.

jacss - thank you my friend. wouldnt be able to do it without you all... honestly, as corny as it may sound.

Anonymous said...

couldnt have said it better, buddy!

zewt said...

yvy - thanks... :)

Rashikaps said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Shi Wei said...

i still don't get why the answer is 6. am i the only one here?

zewt said...

shi wei - hey... welcome... still cant get it? think harder..! :)