Friday 30 November 2007

One for the girls...

I read a blog earlier this week which talks about girls wearing over-sized bra which resulted in guys given full view of those assets when the girls bend down to try out shoes in shoes store. Hmmm… now I know why a lot of guys accompany their partners to shop for shoes. A lot of things to see apparently. *cheeky smile* Forgotten which blog is this, will the blogger in question speak up?

Anyway, I have been posting a lot of hypothetical sexual questions which centres mainly on guys. I am sure a lot of girls enjoyed reading those comments from us guys. To be fair, I think girls should also play some part and share some stories, right guys?

Before I ask the girls the question, I want to share an experience about over-sized bra. No you moron, I didn’t wear one. What were you thinking!?

I was talking to this girl in my former church. She was wearing a rather low-cut spaghetti strap top and her bra was rather… over-sized. She wasn’t bending down or anything, she was just standing in front of me… talking to me. As I am taller than her… I could… errr… see the whole thing, know what I mean…

It was quite an awkward situation because it was very obvious and I was struggling to control my natural instinct as a man and at the same time trying to be a good Christian in the church. And hey… it was rude to actually turn away when someone talks to you right? I know a lot of girls are very sensitive to that. So… what a predicament…

Yes, I have seen many situations where the girls’ top has got a plunging neck-line and at the same time, the vacuum between the bra and her boobs are generous enough to present a rather… pleasant view. Sometimes, it can be awkward, sometimes embarrassing and sometimes… nice…

So the questions to girls here are… and you may want to comment anonymously… what is your worst or most embarrassing ‘exposure’ that you’ve ever had?

Guys, maybe you can also share your “awkward” experience?

P/S: Hmmm… hope no one minds that AZAIG is on high dosage of naughtiness lately…

P/S/S: Have inserted a new poll... do vote ya...

Wednesday 28 November 2007

The ultimate fine dining

I have always wanted a chance to do a review on food but never really got around doing it. Alas, my chance came today when I brought Jules to an exclusive fine dining experience to celebrate her birthday.

It was said that this place is always fully booked during weekend as it carries the reputation of having the finest steak in town. Though today is a weekday, I took no risk and already made my reservation yesterday. Upon arrival, I mentioned my name and was immediately ushered to my table, already nicely set-up for two.

After being shown the menu, we were served with bread, 2 types to be exact. One of it is called focasia and the other… well, I can’t recall. All I can say is, they are really good. I first though Italianies serves the best bread but now, the bar has been raised.
Further, the bread is served with 3 different types of butter, all nicely laid in front of us for our enjoyment. One is spicy, one is original and the other one is honey based, making it sweet. Once combined with the exotic bread, it's just absolutely delicious.
We ordered a Portobello Mushroom Salad to share. The mushrooms are really juicy, cooked to perfection and it can almost melt as soon as you place it in your mouth. We soon realised that a lot of people actually ordered this as starter. Looks like we made the right choice.
Jules had the Lamb Rack. As soon as she cut a piece and placed it in her mouth, her reaction was “mmmmmmmm”. I was like… “sure or not??” and thus she cut a piece and I gave it a try. My reaction? “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”… it was just so tender and was indeed, the best lamb I have ever tasted.
I had a 16oz (approximately 450g) of T-bone steak, medium. It’s very difficult to find a place where they can really cook according to your requirement but this place did it. As you cut through the meat, you can see a nice layer of pink and it was very juicy. However, it was not exactly the best I have ever tasted for this one. Nevertheless, the specialty of this place lies in the sauce, which they gave us 3 selections because I was not sure which to choose. Once the taste of the sauce blends with the steak, then I must say, it was quite good. Oh, the asparagus and the mashed potatoes came separately too. After dinner, we were just too full to order any desserts. Overall, I would say this place lived up to its reputation. I know a lot are asking for the most important element of the dinner, pricing.

Well, I must tell you that this place is not cheap at all. The wine that we had, Marques from Spain, one glass of it is more expensive than one whole bottle of wine which I am having for my wedding dinner. There is no such thing called ‘plain water’ here. You either have distilled or sparkling water. I ordered a bottle of distilled water and it was more expensive than a steak in a regular restaurant. Yes, you read that correctly.

The main course… well, all the steaks in the menu are displayed according to country of origin, weight and how long has the cow been fed, e.g. 120 days or 150 days. And they specify that these cows are fed with grass and grass only. On the average, the price of a steak is made up of 3 digits and most of it even start with the number ‘2’.

The place is Prime, Le Meriden Hotel and this is a place where you want to pamper your loved ones… to the ultimate.

To love the man of my life

Conversation was non-existent between us. Only the sound of our cutleries hitting the base of our plates occasionally broke the silence. Once done, I quickly cleared the table and washed the dishes. It started very quickly and ended even quicker, just like always. That was about 8 months ago, the first time I had dinner with my dad… alone.

I have never had a good relationship with my dad, neither did I had a good one with my Mom. I guess I am just different from them in many ways. Of course, it also bogs down to the fact that I never tried to build a relationship with them. But then again, neither did they; except for my
Mom who tried and tried without me knowing.

I was actually quite furious with my dad in the few weeks after my Mom’s passing. Why? It’s because he was quite reluctant to go vegetarian for 49 days in mourning for my Mom. In fact, he didn’t complete it. If I remember correctly, he only went vegetarian for 3 weeks. Even that, it was obvious that he was reluctant and I can't understand why food is so important to him.

Months have passed since Mom’s passing and I have had countless dinners with my dad alone since. Between those dinners, there were also quite a number of conversations between him and me, mainly about planning of finances, my future plans and also my imminent wedding. I must admit, my dad is now quite a changed man.

He is no longer the selfish person he used to be and somehow, I have found an element of understanding in his way of life, though not yet entirely. Just like how I now understand
the way of life of Mom, I could see why food was so important to my dad. He grew up without knowing whether the next meal is forthcoming or otherwise.

I said my hotel dinner will be for my friends and it will be conducted in English. With it being a black tie event, I told him it will not be very possible to invite his business associates and some neighbourhood folks. I am very thankful that he understood and didn’t make a fuss about having to organise another dinner.

Speaking of which, I am also very proud of him in organising this separate dinner. He looked for the place himself and got the booking all done and cards all printed before I can finish my planning. For a man whom I thought only knows how to work, eat, sleep and shit; he has impressed me, and I am proud it.

Dinners alone with dad now can be quite noisy. He can just talk and talk about the food and how it tasted and what he wants to eat tomorrow or the day after. It can be quite annoying but I am certainly not complaining. I try to participate where possible. We also talked about my wedding and where I will be staying thereafter, there were actually conversations.

The other day, when I had another dinner with him alone, I was observing how much he was enjoying his food and I thought to myself, life to him was just so simple. While he never really provided anything for the family beside food and shelter; he also never asked of anything from me as a son. It is a blessing I now see.
I once told myself that I will never shed a tear when this man leaves the earth due to something he said to me in the past. But now I know, that when my dad’s time comes to an end, I will cry just like how I cried when I lost Mom.

P/S: Zewt would like to thank so many of you for helping me reach my century hits. It wouldn’t be possible without you all. This is corny but… I LOVE YOU ALL!

Monday 26 November 2007

Romancing the channel

It was not allowed into countries such as Singapore, China, Philippines and Brunei. It is only a minor system in Thailand and Indonesia. As of last year, no cable network in the US has been fit to carry it and it was (still is?) only available in the US via satellite or on the web.

But, labelled as having unbiased news about Iraq and one which reveals the truth about US’ invasion in Middle East, Malaysia welcomed it with open arms. With Kuala Lumpur being its flagship station in the Asian region, Al-Jaazera made its way into the highly censored Malaysian media.

Broadcasting from the Petronas Twin Towers, the pride of the nation, it was also said the government was so pleased with Al-Jazeera English that it was granted MSC status, one which effectively exempt the news channel from paying any taxes for a minimum of 5 years, amongst other goodies. Please note this piece of information is unconfirmed, but I wouldn’t be surprise if it’s true.

One thing for sure, the Malaysian government was very happy and proud to have Al-Jazeera broadcasting from Kuala Lumpur. Forget about CNN or BBC, Malaysia has Al-Jazeera! And seriously… CNN vs BBC vs Al-Jazeera, which one do you think Malaysia will favour?

But lo and behold, I am sure it never occurred to the Malaysian government that while it can ask almost 100% of the media to “shut-up” when it comes to sensitive news, it failed to check its pet, this Al-Jazeera station. Now, we all know which station did the honour of putting our country at the world’s stage in the last 2 weeks. And now, the whole situation changed.

Now, Al-Jazeera is said to have very good ‘actors’ as their reporters. Al-Jazeera was branded by that that that that that minister as a channel trying to portray Malaysia as a non-democratic country. Al-Jazeera was said to be
‘trying to confuse people living overseas’, again by that that that that that that minister.
And the best part is, where Al-Jazeera was once labelled as having unbiased news, suddenly that that that that that minister is saying that Al-Jazeera has biased coverage.

How fast things can change. And how funny when a pet bites its owner. When I look at the whole thing, I just find it so amusing. I guess this is what they call “harap pagar, pagar makan padi”.

Then Information Minister Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir (the predecessor of that that that that that minister?) made this statement in
a telephone interview regarding the launch of Al-Jazeera in Malaysia…

“It gives us an opportunity to be a role model and example and inspiration to the rest of the world”

Hahaha… indeed it has… indeed it has…

Sunday 25 November 2007

A very familiar situation

It is no secret that in the environment of a company, most employees; a.k.a. modern slaves are not happy with the management. From being underpaid to unpaid overtime to excessive workload and responsibilities, modern slaves just have to take them all. While some of us are still living the dream of making it big some day, most are in it in the name of survival. Hence, we continue to remain silent as slaves.

But there are a few brave souls.
Some are willing represent the majority to voice out concerns to management, and there are some who are bold enough to start union so that slaves can come together for a common cause.
Union is not a common thing in Malaysia but there are certain industries where unions are still in existence. One thing for sure, existence of union is hanging on a thread. Why? As time goes by, more and more people are not willing to join the union anymore and there are 2 main reasons.

The first reason is that most slaves believe the union is weak and is no longer a force to be reckoned with. Slaves believe or are made to believe that the management is just too powerful and any challenge will be futile. Union just do not get the support that they used to get anymore. But what slaves fail to realise is that the union is weak simply because they refuse to support it. Slaves fail to realise that if all of them come together in unity, the management might just tremble, pay might just increase and slave-hood might change for the better.

The second reason, which is the main reason why slaves refuse to be part of the union, is fear. Slaves fear that their career slave-hood will be threatened if they join the union. This fear is very real. Management will be notified of any slaves who decide to join the union and once that happened, the career slave-hood of that slave is finished. Call it exploitation or oppression or whatever you want, but this is also… very real.

And of course, when it comes to union, there are 3 types of approaches to it…

There are those who are brave and stand up for what they believe, stand up for their rights, and fight for what they deserve. These are those who will join the union and do the dirty work.

Then there are those who only hide in the background, refuse to join because they fear for their slave-hood but at the same time are very aware of what is happening in the union and are greedily waiting for any goodies that the union managed to rip from the management.

And of course, there are those who just want to go to work and play their part, get their pay-cheque and go home. They don’t want to be involved; they rather not know what is going on. If the union managed to negotiate any goodies, that’s good. If otherwise, life still goes on.

This is not a parody, it’s as real as it gets.

Now, does the whole situation sounds familiar to you?

Thursday 22 November 2007

And… she placed her hand on your inner thigh…

A new girl just joined your company. Besides having a face of an angel and the figure of the devil, she also knows how to dress to kill. Each time you lay your eyes on her, you’re sent to heaven and back. While she bears a friendly character, you found out that she is particularly friendlier to you. And there are times when you want to take a short tip to heaven by taking a glimpse of her, you caught her catching a glimpse of you too… you think to yourself…

“I think she has got the hots for me…”

There was a company gathering and following that, a bunch of you went to a nearby pub for more drinks. She joined as soon as you asked to go along. At the pub, she sat next to you; you think she did that on purpose. It was then that you realised that her bosom, hidden beneath those lacy black bra were very shapely. You could tell, as her blouse was rather… transparent. Each time the spot light landed on her, you can't help but to catch a guilty glimpse.

It was getting late and everyone began to leave, except for her. Before you know it, there were only you and her. The conversation that followed was really interesting. However, there is a thought which kept popping from the back of your head… “you’re married (or you’re attached, depending)”… it just kept coming to you.
Just as when you were about to maintain a cool head… she placed her hands on your inner thigh and leaned towards you… It’s obvious, she was there for the taking…

What would you do?

Purple~Mushroom asked me this question and then requested that I asked this on my blog cause she said her blog’s traffic is rather low, to which I disagree. Anyway, I took the liberty to ‘enhance’ the post…

It is very difficult to answer hypothetical question, particularly one which test the side of you which you don’t intend to tell the world. Many will say that being a married or attached man, one should not have landed himself in such situation. But purple-mushroom was quite adamant in getting a sincere answer out of us.

“If you wanna fuck her, say you gonna fuck her”… that’s what she implies. So let us put away our it-will-not-happen-to-me thinking and give her a sincere answer…

I am sure many will want to know my sincere answer… well… my sincere answer would be…

I will politely excuse myself and rush to the toilet and immediately Ta-Fei-Kei… Ahhhh… after which, her charm is absolutely powerless…

So what’s your sincere answer? Do not copy my answer!

Have a good weekend. But don’t spend it Ta-Fei-Kei-ing ok?

P/S: Ta-Fei-Kei = masturbate

Wednesday 21 November 2007

Don't ever let this happen to you

I actually had something drafted for today but something happened and I just have to highlight this.

Following my Mom’s passing, I blogged about
things we need to settle before, during and after a funeral and one of them is getting money out of the deceased’s bank account. Those who have been following AZAIG will know that it has been 8 months since Mom passed away. You would have thought that things would have been settled already. Well, think again.

I am not sure whether I have mentioned it before but I received a letter from the authority asking us to track Mom’s parents. Those who read entries about Mom will know that
she was an adopted child. Therefore, we are not sure who Mom’s birth parents are, let alone tracking them down. Further, we are not sure whether they are still alive or otherwise.

Because we are unable to track our birth grandparents’ where-about, the authorities, under the authority of Unclaimed Monies Act, will take a chunk out of my Mom’s account balances which they intend to “pass to my birth grandparents”. How are they going to do it? Beats me!!!

Now, the money inside Mom’s account is not exactly substantial. But what I am really angry is that the they, under the authority of Unclaimed Monies Act, will do all they can to take away whatever your parents or spouses have should they (touch wood) passed away without a will. And when you can show evidence that you are the children or husband or wife of the deceased, they will do all they can to bite of a chunk.

Thank God, me and my siblings are all educated people and we will do all we can to get what is rightfully ours, lest we want to give extra sponsorship to send another fucker (mind my language, I am pissed) to space. But I wonder how many people out there, perhaps out of total oblivion or the usual don’t-want-to-go-through-the-trouble attitude, have stupidly allow the them to just pocket what is rightfully theirs without even sending them a thank-you note. Imagine the deceased had property!

And imagine how much money just fall conveniently on the their pocket. If these funds are used for the betterment of the nation, then it’s fine. But hell… not when it’s… ok, let’s not go there.

So friends, the law is brutal. And if we let it capitalises on our ‘tidak-apa’ (“don’t care”) attitude, it will kill us. Therefore, make sure you get your parents or your spouses, particularly the Chinese to write a will now. I cannot stress enough.

Tuesday 20 November 2007

If you think you're ugly...

Update - 21 Nov 2007 8.17pm:
For discussion purposes, this entry only covers grooming of physical appearance.

I have met many people in my life, I am sure we all do. There are those who are very good looking (guys and girls included), there are those who are moderate and of course, there are those who are… well, not so good looking.

Those who are good looking are usually blessed with captivating features and a figure to die for. The likes of Orlando Bloom or Angelina Jolie come to mind. And there are also those who are good looking because they know how to dress themselves. The right top to show your right curve can do wonders. Of course, there this thing called… plastic surgery.

What about those who are… not so good looking?

I am not trying to say I am a hunk but I have met some not so good looking people before. And to me, some of them fail to do themselves justice.

I was in a social gathering which took place in an up-class shopping complex some time ago. A “not so good looking guy” showed up and someone asked him why he “dressed so casually?” That was actually an understatement. And his reply was…

“I am ugly, makes no difference”

Messed up hair … oversize faded tops… pants that do not really fit him, think I saw some stains… sandals instead of a proper footwear… all in all, ‘ugliness’ radiates from him. It’s one of those people whom you won't have a second look and even if you do, you’re probably looking for things to criticise about him.

If a person is ugly, not all is lost. Firstly, there is a Chinese saying which goes “yan kau yi jong” which simply means a one’s appearance depends much on one’s clothing. A good selection of wardrobe can do wonders.

A girl once told me that hairstyle is important that is quite true. Unless one is bald, a quick visit to the hairstylist for a hairdo which suits you can do wonders too. Believe me; paying a little attention to these 2 elements can change your appearance quite a bit. Of course, there’s also this thing call ‘make up’ for the ladies.
I am not trying to say that we should all be vain. What I am saying is that if you think you’re ugly… don’t make yourself uglier.

P/S: Zewt would like to apologise if this post offended anyone.

Monday 19 November 2007

The healthy diet triathlon

“Are we going for lunch?” I asked.
“Yeah, sure. Where to?”
“I wanna eat something healthy”
“In Malaysia????” My friend answered sarcastically.

We ended having “claypot loh shui fun” in Taman Tun instead and that to me, was as healthy as it gets.
Ever since my
“health scare” 2 weeks ago, I have been trying to be healthier in my diet. Well actually, I have been trying to do that for some time now. But you know what? Living in a country where food is legendary, trying to go on a healthy diet is quite a challenge. Even if I am discipline enough not to eat ‘nice food’, which is usually unhealthy, I have to go through 3 major obstacles. It’s like you need to run this triathlon in your quest to eat healthily

The first thing you need to overcome is peer pressure. Whenever I say I would like to eat something healthy, I get this look from my friends and it’s as though I have just said the most moronic thing in the whole world. Let’s face it, how many of us actually cares about our diet? And if you are a modern slave who has worked your ass off to earn your pay, you certainly want to pamper yourself with a good meal. And a good meal is usually a very unhealthy one, in Malaysia particularly.

The second challenge is to actually look for healthy food in Malaysia. Honestly speaking, this is by far the most challenging part of having a healthy diet. I am sure some of you said sandwiches. Please note that not all sandwiches in Malaysia are ‘healthy’. When you have bacon and cheese and mayonnaise in it, it’s hardly healthy at all. And trust me, that vegetarian store you visit everyday is not healthy at all.

The final obstacle in having a healthy diet is price. If you can find a place which can satisfy your healthy diet requirement, chances are, you may have to pay a premium price. It’s ok if you are only eating healthily occasionally. But if you want to “maintain” a healthy diet, it is certainly a challenge to your wallet. Somehow, you are just not willing to pay a lilttle extra for that salad but more willing to pay more for that nice “bak kut teh”, right?

Indeed, it is quite a challenge to maintain a healthy diet in Malaysia, to me at least. But I think I should, lest I want to take my health for granted again. A friend of mine was told by the doctor that she might have nose cancer. It certainly serves as a reminder to me that health is not something we want to put in the line. My prayers are with her, hopefully she will be alright.

Now… how the hell am I going to overcome that triathlon in getting myself some healthy food… any suggestion?

Will you attend?

I was in Ipoh last Saturday for a colleague’s wedding dinner. Trips to Ipoh is always very damaging to the stomach, as one tends to always put it to maximum capacity. Can't help it though, have to say the kuay teow soup there is truly one of a kind, in a good way of course.

Anyway, our bunch was early for the dinner and we took our place at the table. Jules was with me and we started taking pictures, the usual stuff. It was then that a familiar figure walked in…

“That was my ex”
“That girl?”
“Is she married yet?”
“No, not that I know of”
“Are we inviting her to our wedding?”
“Will she invite you to her wedding when she gets married?”
“Will you go if she invites you?”

It was then that Jules told me about how her friends have got this belief that if one is not willing to attend the wedding of one’s ex, one is not truly over his/her ex. Jules was quite adamant about it and we engaged on a short discussion about that notion.

Do you think that is true?

I believe not, at least not entirely. I think the willingness or the possibility of one attending one’s ex’s wedding depends on the manner of the break-up. I have some friends whom I know will not attend their ex’s wedding, no way at all. And I don’t think it’s because they are not over the ex yet.

Having said that, I also believe not many of us will attend our ex’s wedding for various reasons. What do you think? If you’re invited for your ex’s wedding, will you attend?

Some of us here are too young to think about weddings so how about being invited for ex’s birthday party. Will you attend?
Before I end, would like to specially thank Jessie aka HijackQueen for giving me the
“Nice Matters Award” and to Swei for giving me the “Break Out Blogger” award and the “Blogging that hits the mark” award. Special thanks to you two.
Have a nice time thinking about whether you will attend your ex’s invitation.

Friday 16 November 2007

Ghost sex = good sex

I am sure many of you are suffering from politics overdose recently, particularly stuff about the BERSIH rally. I just finished watching 101 East on Al-Jazeera news with nazri, khairy and Malik Imtiaz as the panel. I must say nazri’s English is no matter than that, that, that, that, that information minister. I am sure the video will be up in youtube in no time.

Since Friday is on the way, no more political stuff.

You guys still remember the
steamy encounter with the third kind story last week? Some of the comments really made me laughed like an idiot in front of the screen. One thing for sure, ghost or not ghost, most of you will band him/her regardless. If there is anything that can overcome fear, it’s definitely lust.
Here are 5 top reasons why many of you will bang a ghost:-

5) One must fulfil one’s dying wish.

4) One must not deny a gift from God. (you better pray the gift is not permanent)

3) Horniness tends to overcome fear. (think opposition should take up this idea)

2) No condoms needed. (I actually never thought of this)

And the best reason of all is…

1) Can ask for 4D after banging ‘it’. (you guys’ money making mind is incredible)

So ghost sex is good sex to many huh? Also, I should also seriously consider writing romantic novels eh? Haha…

Have a good weekend…

Wednesday 14 November 2007

Can we really “not be part of it”?

If reading about how some people selfishly criticised the rally is astonishing, then this has got to the mother of it all… someone told me this today…

“Ya’ know, I was caught up in a bad jam last Saturday. Dunno why the traffic was so bad”

I shall skip the part about how I royally admonished that person. At the end of the conversation, I got the usual remark…

“Oh, I am not involved in all these politics and I am not going to be part of it”

Friends, honestly speaking… can we really entirely distant ourselves from politics? Is that truly possible? I would like to think otherwise.

The fact that my friend was caught up in a massive jam on 10-eleven was because of a rally which carried a political propaganda. My friend was part of the population who suffered from it.

The fact that you have to fork out extra amount of dough to pay whatever expenses today or tomorrow, you are part of the community who suffers from poor economic planning. And who are those doing the economic planning?

The fact that you curse the existence of mat rempits and how they are allowed to roam the streets… The fact that you are afraid to let your children go out at night due to poor level of safety… The fact that you have to pay through your ass to drive a proton… The fact that you have to save hard for your children’s future education… The fact that you are still waiting for your refund of your taxes, or your salary is too low to even pay taxes… The fact that you cannot seriously say that this is a great country… and the fact that you are still reading this post… you are directly or indirectly part of politics. You are just not a front runner, but still…

Fellow blogger Jamy said that
politics and religion are blood and culture of the country. Some of the things mentioned there are quite real. And I must add that politics and religion is the blood and culture of any country. Why are the Indonesians poor and the Singaporeans rich? Is it not because political decisions?

Perhaps I may have been too extreme there, but if the people at the very top have been making al the right moves, I can't help but think that a lot of things could have been better, a lot better.

I am not saying that people at the top of the political quadrant must always make the right moves; but I am saying that the people at the bottom, by virtue of being at the bottom…can never entirely say that they are out of it.

Monday 12 November 2007

A little bit more on the BERSIH rally

I must tell readers of AZAIG that I was not there at the BERSIH rally though I said I will go. I have a reason, or some may call it an excuse, but I shall let you decide.

A few days ago, I got a checklist from the PR agent (yes, my quest for grass has commenced) and one of the thing needed was a police check to see if I have any records. Any arrest would tarnish that and my PR application would have been wrecked. I decided not to risk it, although I did don my Brazilian jersey and read to leave my house at 2pm.

That was my lame excuse, what’s yours?

Anyway, I am sure you all know by now who pinkpau is. I have linked her a few times before simply because I think she puts a lot of us to shame, and she has done it again. Not only did she put up another brilliant entry about the BERSIH rally, but
she was actually there to march with the people. I particularly like one of quote from her…

“… this is truly the dawn of something great, we’re no longer succumbing to scare tactics, and this is a HUGE step out of the blind fear that Malaysians have been groomed to live in ever since May 13”

Indeed, we have all been living in fear and that is very understandable. But what I truly cannot understand is people living in what I call… blind ignorance.

I went on a blog hop trip this afternoon and was astonished to come across blogs which criticised the rally. No, it’s not the criticism which annoyed me, it’s the perspective they criticise the rally which totally threw me off my chair.

A few blogs said they missed their shopping trip and lunch appointments because they were stuck in a massive jam… and they blamed the rally. One letter was sent to a mainstream paper saying they he and his family missed the Chicago play; again because of the traffic jam. All these people are so comfortable living their lives that they feel their lives were intruded because of the rally. Had they been a little less ignorant, they will be aware of the rally taking place and stay at home.

Another few blogs talked about how their cars were damaged because of the rally. They were stuck in between the FRUs and the rakyat and their cars were given a free wash, water cannon style. The chemicals and the pressured damaged their cars and they are not happy. No, I am not going to link them.

How selfish can people get? Incredibly selfish… and they really disgust me.

You what other things which disgust me? The mainstream media, newspaper and tv stations alike. They behave as though they are in a competition to see who can come up with the best cooked up stories from the rally. From ‘no one showed up at the rally’ to ’4,000 at the riot’ to ‘police successful foiled the walk’… do they think we are stupid and still living on trees? Can someone please tell them what is IN-TER-NET. Bunch of morons!

Of course, nothing can beat our information minister. Check out the phone interview he did with Al-Jazeera news. You may not be able to make up what he is trying to say so you may want to hop over to Bongkersz’s place who jot it down. Our information minister’s English is sucks atrocious. Heck, I think he can't even speak properly.

Last but not least, I salute this young man. 22 year old and he was there for the march because he wants a better future for his future generation. Others might laugh at him but I salute him. Listen to what he has to say.

And we thought staying at home is the best we can do for our young ones huh?

10 November: A day to remember

The govt called it an illegal gathering.
The organisers called it a peaceful march.
International news called it a rally for a fair election.
Some local news called it a riot.
Some blogs called it ‘people power’.
What do you call it?
The comics mainstream news said there were 4,000.
The information minister said there were hundreds.
Blogs said there were 45,000.
Which do you believe?
The historic event made its way to Al-Jazeera news…

Despite such an event, I am still meeting Malaysians who are totally unaware of it. Really, it makes me wonder how ignorant people can get.

Anyway, no matter what you call it and how many turned up, I think the whole thing will mean nothing if the Agong does nothing about the memorandum submitted to him that day. Will he fulfil the call of the rakyat? It will be interesting to see…

I just went over to the mainstream website and
the rally is now said to be inciting racial disharmony. And I must say… the above statement worries me. Friends, I think we are living in interesting times… and trust me… ignorance, is no longer bliss.

P/S: Pictures courtesy of Mr.Anonymous.

Thursday 8 November 2007

What would you do?

You have always had a thing for her, but no matter how hard you try, both of you only managed to remain friends. Perhaps the missing ingredient was ‘timing’, something which you thought always seemed to appear as the stumbling block. When she seemed positive, you moved away… when she joined you at your college, it was time for you to move abroad to study. During such times, you saw her going out a few guys, but not you.

Years have past, and all you could do were to think about your dream girl.

On serene night, just as you were looking to the sky through your apartment window like any other day, the door bell rang…

“Hi… Diane…it’s you!”… You could not believed your eyes when you opened the door
“Hi. I was around the neighbourhood and heard you’re staying here so I thought I just pop by”
“Oh, how did you find out? Please… come in”

As you closed the door behind her, Diane told you that she has been trying to locate you for the past months and she was lucky enough to bump into one of your ex-schoolmate who then told her about your whereabouts.

It was an evening of your dream. She still looks like the gorgeous girl you fell for years ago. She now appeared to be more refined since you last saw her. You could see the curve of her body from the tight hugging outfit she was in and as she shift her sitting position, you can't help but to take a glimpse on her beautiful legs; exposed by her rather short skirt.

Encouraged by her vibes, and probably a little influenced by the wine you had… yes, both of you have been drinking, you finally poured out your heart to her.

“I was just wondering when you are going to tell me that. I have had the same feeling for you for so long”

At that moment, you felt like the luckiest bloke in the whole world. Then, she put down her wine and moved towards you. Both of you were locked in passionate kissing in no time.

“Why don’t we move to your room?” She suggested.

You didn’t even bother to reply as you carried her to your room, with your lips still tightly pressed against hers. As you laid her down on your bed, your hands were everywhere while hers were trying to remove your top. You soon replied by removing her blouse and just as you were about to unclip her bra… the phone rang…

“Maybe you would like to get that”
“Don’t worry about it”… There was only one thing in your mind, and it ain't the phone.
“No… I think you should”

You had no choice but to comply as she was quite adamant about it. You hesitantly walked to your living room topless and picked up the phone…

“Hello” You tried to hide your anger.
“Hi, is this Mr-‘your name’?”
“Yes I am”
“Oh, I am calling from the General Hospital. We managed to retrieve your number from the purse of a traffic accident victim named Diane Lee”
“Diane Lee… she died in an accident a few hours ago. Your name and number was in her purse”

What would you do?

P/S: Inspired by a forwarded mail. Any similarity with this entry is pure co-incident.
P/S/S: Girls, you can substitute Diane with the guy of your dream… Brad perhaps?

Tuesday 6 November 2007

No impact at all

I don’t know about you but it has been ages since I last boarded a public bus. It’s so long ago that I am not even aware of the fares to board a public bus now. I think it was RM0.90 during the days when I used to take Intrakota buses. As for LRT and monorail, I do take them occasionally, but mainly because I am very sure that I will not be able to find a parking space at my destination. If not, it’s usually because I am meeting someone at destination.

Yes, I am part of a big and growing population of Malaysians who are spoilt with the luxury of having my own car. Are you one of us?

When I wrote about the
increasing prices of crude oil a few weeks ago, everyone was astonished and of course, we all agreed that an increase in domestic petrol price is imminent. Many are speculating that the next increase will be significant… very significant.

Why?... Well, where else is the government going to get the funding to have economic region left right and centre? Also, they need to send another tourist to space, remember? And this is on top to of the fact that the increase will have to make up for the losses suffered for not increasing petrol price till the end of 2007. So like it or not, the next increase should be a really painful one.
But really, how much will the imminent increase impact our driving habit?

Many commented in that entry that they will probably cut down on a lot of expenses in view of the imminent increase and some even said they are probably going to start riding bicycles. Now, I do not doubt the significance of an increase in petrol price, but I do doubt that it will actually impact our driving habit.

Let’s do a simple calculation…

Let’s say an average car which can house about 40 litres of petrol. That would need RM76.80 to fill up its tank at the current petrol price.

For analysis purposes, let’s say the price increases to RM3 per litre. That will mean RM120 is needed to fill the tank, an increase of RM43.20 for each full tank. I have asked around and I found out that an average Malaysian driver pumps about 4 full tanks a month. This translates to an additional petrol cost of RM172.80 per month.

So tell me… for an additional RM172.80 per month, are you going to get yourself amongst the crowd in the LRT everyday? For an additional RM171.80 per month, are you going to start riding bicycle? For an additional RM171.80 per month… are you seriously going to stop driving?

Let’s not kid ourselves. Most if not all of us will still be willing to get our ass stuck in countless hours of traffic jam even if petrol goes up to as high as RM3 per litre. We Malaysians are car freaks and if 2 – 3 hours of traffic jam a day can't stop us from driving, you think about RM200 can? You got to be kidding me…

And I dare say that even if petrol is to increase to RM4 per litre which translate into approximately RM332.80 extra a month, we will all still continue to drive. Despite the abundant complaints about petrol price, I think it will have no impact to our driving lifestyle… not at all.

**Here is wishing all Hindu readers of AZAIG a very Happy Deepavali**

Monday 5 November 2007


Seems like only yesterday when I wrote my first century entry and how the zewt mystery was revealed then. My daily blogging affairs have now brought me to my 200th entry, which means quite a lot to me. And in dedication to my TWO-HUNDREDTH…
... Thankful… I am thankful for having started this blog; it is a good feeling to actually have people reading what I wrote. I am also thankful to have made so many friends through my blog and as corny as it may sound, it is something money could not buy.

… Weary… I am weary from my blogging affairs, I will not deny that. Being a full fledge modern slave, it is difficult to juggle between work and blog. Further, as my wedding preparation intensifies, I will certainly be putting more energy into that. So blog hopping will probably needs to slow down.

… Overwhelmed… that is the only word I can use to describe the support for AZAIG. While I can't compare myself with all the celebrity bloggers out there, I am truly overwhelmed by the support from all of you, particularly during my mother’s passing and the course of last week.

… Hunger… that is still in me about blogging despite feeling weary. So it will be interesting to see how I am going to get through my next few months.

… Unchanged… AZAIG will remain as a thinking blog, for most of its entries at least. After all, I would like to believe I am a thinking blogger… hehe…

… Naughtiness… is what I would like to incorporate more into AZAIG despite it being a thinking blog still. I am sure many of you would like to read more about further gym experiences; not about gays but about girls… no?

… Determined… to not allow money creep into AZAIG. I have been tempted many times to do paid post but I think I shall hold on to my belief that when money is involved, the beauty intended will be affected. It could be anything, not just blogs… even human relationship.

… Respect… is what I have for all the socio-political bloggers out there. It doesn’t matter whether they are making a big impact or otherwise, the energy and the courage put in to bring forth news to us deserve not just mine, but your respect as well. I also respect some of us bloggers who occasionally speak your mind in some of your entries, you know who you are.

… Experience… a tremendous one. If anyone is to say blogging is a waste of time, they probably don’t know what they are missing on. Do I get 3 cheers for that?

… Diversify… is what I am thinking to do, from the usual modern slavery and modern colonisation focused entries to other notion, environment for example. But it will still remained unchanged, thinking entries. Maybe it is also interesting to talk about prophecies and fortune telling, I am sure many are intrigued by such topics.

… Trivia… Do you know that my real name is actually hidden somewhere in this blog? I have actually blogged about this before.

… Hope… that AZAIG will reach the landmark of 300; and also hope for this nation. While I am already looking at greener grass, I do hope this nation will see better days. Also hope that my book project sparked by AZAIG will actually make it.

Thank God for AZAIG and many thanks to you all too… (wow… I sound like a columnist… a self proclaimed version… hehe…)