Thursday 29 May 2008

Ask before you hump?

I think I took more time reading the comments in my previous entry than writing it. My “twin”, Johnson Tee said he took nearly 2 hours to pen his first comment. As always, AZAIG encourages debate so it is certainly healthy. But I have to admit, my brain tends to slow down as Friday draws near and it will certainly be difficult for me to reply all the intellectually written comments.

And since it is Friday, I think I would like to touch on something lighter.

The recent thumping and humping entries led to a certain discussion between me and some of my friends/colleagues. The question is… should a guy ask before he has sex with a girl? Obviously, we are talking about a couple doing it for the first time and they aren’t married. Before I continue, I would like to reiterate that I do not condone pre-marital sex but at the same time, I do not have the right to tell you not to do it. It’s your choice.

So yeah… should a guy ask before he humps?

Most girls said yes, they believe a guy should ask before making the plunge. Regardless that you already know the answer, you should still ask. Of course, if it is a purely sexually driven relationship, I don’t think there is any need in asking. But, I just find it awkward to actually sort of seek permission before you do the deed. Do you say…

“Hey darling, should we do some bedroom exercise tonight?” or “Hey baby, I think it’s time for us to do deed. How about tonight?” or “Sweetie, should we enhance our love by making some tonight?” or in the most straight forward manner… “We’re f**king tonight ok?”
And if you get the green light, you plan for a night of glory. I don’t know about you but I just find it a bit awkward. Maybe that’s just me. I think if it is to happen, it will happen rather naturally. And if it is to happen naturally, do you still ask? Some girls actually said yes… you must still ask.

What? Imagine this…

Your hands are all over each other…
While kissing, both landed on the bed…
You begin to strip each other…
Both of you are stark naked…
Hands wondering freely…
The guy is already on top…
The girl spread and the guy takes position…
Then suddenly the guy stop ask… “Can I put it in ah?”

You don’t do that, do you? Imagine the girl say no, that would probably put life to the phrase “potong steam”.

And… imagine the girl says yes and the guy says… “Nah, some other day. Let’s dress up”. Is there a phrase call “potong juice?”

Wednesday 28 May 2008

Some things don’t evolve

The other day, I saw the message “Must a person be a Christian in order to be good?” hanging by my former colleague’s chat window. It was after a brief inquiry that I found out that she was feeling rather frustrated as one of her friends rejected a guy because he was “not a good Christian boy”.

We then engaged on a mini debate which she later claimed to be an argument.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying a person has to be a Christian to be good. But I did make it clear to her that it is specifically stated in the bible that a believer should not yoke with a non-believer. Can someone please help me out on the book and verse?

On top of that, I did tell her that her friend doesn’t really need to look for a Christian if she wants a good lad. But my friend was very adamant that religion is the culprit of the ruined potential relationship. I told her that if she doesn’t respect the religion, at least respect her friend.
That was when she made this point…

She said she used to be a church goer and she knows Christianity well. In addition, she has also read about Quran and books about Buddhism. Then she said… “the bible was written yonks ago, humans have evolved and progress, why do we need to comply with all the rules”. This was a reply to my point that a Christian is specifically told in the bible not to yoke with a non-believer.

Again, don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that all Christians will follow this so called ‘rule’. In fact, I know many who don’t. And of course, there are many good people out there who aren’t Christian. No doubt about that. But to actually say that the bible was written ages ago and thus does not apply to our modern lifestyle was to me… absolutely absurd.

The bible; or any other religious books, does not go through re-editing according to time. Also, some instructions or life tips do not change in accordance to time. Just like how many have said that
humping at a young age in this day and age, though common, doesn’t mean it is right.

I can't help but to rebut her by saying… “The bible said do not commit adultery. So since the bible was written yonks ago and humans have evolved and progress, I guess your husband doesn’t really need to follow those rules and thus, he can go screw around.”

That was when she said it’s no point arguing with me.

We are all like that isn’t it? We only accept things when it is convenient to us.

Monday 26 May 2008

Be generous but yet wise

Now, I am sure all of us have got a wonderful generous heart and are all eager to contribute one way or another to help the victims of the recently occurred disasters both in China and Myanmar. However, I just want to say that we should be mindful of the channels to which we are contributing to.

Reports are saying that the Junta govt, ya’ know, the one who killed all the marching monks recently, remember?… They are refusing international aid. But of course, some organisations are still trying to go in regardless.

Therefore, if you wish to contribute to any form of Myanmar relief fund, make sure the organisation you are contributing to goes directly into the country to aid the victims and not just handing the money to the Junta govt. If the money is handed to the Juntas, it’s as good as paying tax in this country gone.

I think funds heading into China are fine, but one can never be too careful. After all, this is Malaysia; remember the alleged disappearance of the tsunami donations? Again, it is best that you contribute to organisations that will personally go into the country to provide aid to the victim.
Let us all have a heart and contribute generously and wisely.

V for virginity, P for purity

I had a very interesting conversation regarding the above notion with my evil twin last week. I call him my evil twin because we were born on the same day, only a couple of hours apart. He raised some questions that really made me think.

I am no expert, but I am darn sure masturbation will not make one loses one’s virginity, in case you are still wondering about that. It’s really funny how some people believe masturbation will. But then again, what exactly is virginity? What really constitute a virgin?

Let’s not go into the medical definition of hymen and all. I am sure all of us are very familiar with that already. But there are quite a number of understanding, and I am sure many of us posses our very own interpretation as well. But how diverse do you think our understanding can be?

I was once told of a story of this girl who only let her bf do the deed via the backdoor. Her reason… she wanted to preserve her V for her husband. No kidding. To her, preserving front tunnel exploration means preserving her V. I disagree. What do you think?

Anyway, the discussion with my evil twin about virginity led to a discussion about purity. It’s very intriguing indeed. Sad to speak, virginity is hard to come by nowadays. So the question of purity comes into place.

Before I continue, please accept my apology for focusing the discussion on girls. Anyway, consider this…

Girl A has got 2 bfs before and one of them have actually explored her frontal love canal. All is not lost though. After the maiden exploration, the guy left her. So she only let her ex do the deed once, just once.

Girl B has got so many bfs till she lost count. But she never let any of them do the deed with her. She kept her front canal and backdoor tight, no one got to her panty. However, she has given blowjobs to all of her bfs on a regular basis.
Who do you think is more pure?

I am sure many will agree that Girl A is no longer a virgin, but the above scenarios posted to me by my evil twin did got me thinking. Indeed, the issue of purity have a role to play here. Guys, whom will you choose?

A lot of readers said that virginity is over-rated nowadays and to a certain extent, it is true. Very sad, but true. From an emphatic point of view, there are many girls who lost theirs to jerks thinking that particular guy is the one. Or perhaps they are left in a difficult situation to reject. So I think guys should not place much emphasis on the V notion, though I know some of my friends are very adamant about having a virgin for a bride.

Many have commented in previous humping related entries saying that in this day and age, people are just happily humping away. It’s human evolution, and there is nothing we can do about it. Some truth in it, unfortunately.
But to the guys, I just want to say… if you love her, and you have not ‘touched’ her… isn’t she a ‘virgin’ to you?

Thursday 22 May 2008

A fitting end to a brilliant season

The Chelsea fans are saying that Man Utd was lucky to win. Excuseeee me! The equalising goal from Lampard was like lady lucky flashing her entire body to him! Fair enough, 2 shots hit the post. But Tevez missed a sitter and Terry cleared off the line too!
In all fairness though, I think a penalty decider doesn’t really portray the true picture of any match. Well, that’s football I guess.
When I sarcastically asked an Arsenal fan “Who is playing in the Champions League final?”, his answer was there Arsenal is sending a representative from London. I have to say that was a good comeback line. But then again, too bad… London representative just not good enough.
Of course, how can we forget about those historians aka Liverfools. Immediately after the match, I got a sms from a historian telling me that Man Utd need 2 more to match them. Sigh… these people really leave me speechless sometimes.

To the next season!!! Man Utd rulezzzzzz!

Tuesday 20 May 2008

That is why the young humps

Based on my previous entry, there are indeed quite a number of virgins reading AZAIG. But of course, Twisted Heels made a very interesting comment saying whether any non-virgins will show up to comment. True enough, no one said they are 18 and not a virgin. And you know what? Makes me wonder why the regular commentators are not putting a comment on that post… hmmmmm…..

Anyway, we have to accept the fact that the new generation no longer possess the mentality of having to preserve their virginity until they meet their true love. Speaking of true love,
Kenny Mah mentioned something quite profound too… he said, what is true love never comes? Are you going to live and die a virgin? Indeed, something to ponder upon.

On a related note, I personally think that the young ones are gleefully humping away simply because people are getting into relationship at a very young age. Right, I am not saying that people will begin to hump as soon as they go into a relationship but at the same time, let us also be open minded to accept that couples going into relationship nowadays will begin to hump in no time.

I have read in a blog entry before about how the blogger was consoling her friend who just broke up with a very fresh bf of 2 weeks. The blogger was saying that it’s no big deal unless of course, they fu*ked already. That is when the victim confessed that she has really been fu*ked, both literally and metaphorically.

There are also many stories that I heard where the deed has already been performed within weeks into a relationship. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying humping with your new found love is wrong, certainly not so. I am merely trying to say that in this modern age, sex and relationship comes hand in hand.

If you were to link that to the kind of age people are getting into relationship, it is no wonder that the young will begin to hump. Make no mistake, there are couples who get into relationship at a very young age during my time, just that it is not that rampant.

But now, if you were to walk around in those posh shopping complexes in town, you will see very young people doing dating. And most of the time, the guys will dress to impress while the girls will dress to kill. What to do? Parents are so well-to-do nowadays. So when these people go into a relationship, do you think they can keep their hands off each other?
With people getting into the ‘I-am-your-bf, you-are-my-gf’ mood when they are … 12, do you think they will wait till they are 15 before they hump?

Monday 19 May 2008

The young begins to hump

I met up with a close friend today and I always remember him saying that if he has a daughter, he will have sleepless nights. No, not because the daughter will bother him, but rather the worry he will have of whether his daughter is out with some ‘wrong company’. With so many stories about kids started humping away at a tender age nowadays, I can't blame him.

But seriously, are kids really having sex at an early age nowadays? Across the screen, I can hear some of you saying “I-am-not-a-kid-anymore!” If you are one of them, you’re absolutely normal. I remember someone calling me a kid when I was 16 and I absolutely detest the idea. I believe the moment you turn 13; somehow, you just don’t want to be known as a kid anymore, right?

Coming back to the point of discussion, what is the earliest age you have heard of people started having sex nowadays? The earliest I have heard of recently was 13. I guess that is about the right age since the boy will really see cum when he cums. And the girl probably knows what it is with the internet age nowadays. And I wonder if any of them will shout ‘I beat Paris Hilton’ after doing the deed.
Anyway, on a more serious note, I think many of us will not deny the fact that kids, at a very young age, are already humping around. To the least, they would have engaged in some sort of sexual encounter already. To be fair, such things already happened during the time when I was ‘a kid’. [No, I didn’t do it ok!] The only difference is that, more and more people are doing it now.

Have you ever wondered why are such things so rampant now? Is it really due to influence from the west where being a virgin at the age of 18 is a shame? Perhaps…

But if you ask me, I think parents have got to take some blame here. Yes, you with kids… I think you are quite the culprit here.

I think children nowadays are forced to grow up by their parents. At an extremely tender age, children are asked to learn things beyond their age. You want them to learn as much as possible in as short time as possible and by the time they become say… 12, they already have much knowledge about all the good stuff about life. The problem is that they don’t have the wisdom to govern it.

Also, have you seen young kids nowadays? I don’t know what is wrong with parents but at the age of 11 or 12, parents are already dressing their daughters with mini-skirts and body hugging spaghetti strap blouses and sending them to saloon to have their hair done up extravagantly. Have a walk at some shopping malls in town and you will see girls without boobs but wearing bra and without pubic hair but dressed up like some super models already.

Top all of the above with the knowledge that they garner from internet and influence from the television, then add 1 or 2 years to their age to get the hormones into the picture, your children might just be humping away in their room while you are slaving at your work place. Do you think it is not possible?

If you want your kids to be the first in everything, you kids might just be the first to be a father or mother too.

On a totally unrelated note, how many of you who are 18 and still a virgin, raise your hands… anyone?

Sunday 18 May 2008

When cost is not an issue

When I first mentioned about big corporations doing all the crap in the name of environment, there are those who commented saying that since it will benefit the environment, why not? No argument there.


What I find rather distasteful is that corporations are merely trying to paint their cost cutting measures with the rosy ‘save-the-environment’ picture. And, it is just not any cost cutting measure; it is actually a specific type of cost cutting measure.

My previous entry on the
evil side of ‘save-the-environment’ campaign may have made most of you laugh but funny it may be, the situation bears much truth. When cost is involved, to hell with environment. And… when it comes to cost, it must also be specific type of cost.

Consider the following scenario…

Modern Slave: Boss, I have a brilliant idea for our ‘save-the-environment’ campaign.

Big boss: Really? But you know what are the conditions… right?

Modern Slave: Oh yes. I definitely know what are the ‘conditions’. But this is going to a fantastic idea. It’s going to save the environment AND reduce cost!!!

Big boss: Realllllllly? Well, then I am sure it is a fantastic idea. Enlighten me.

Modern Slave: You know the CEO is now using a Mercedes S-Class, then 2 of our directors are on a 7-series and 5-series respectively? Then the 2 head of departments are on Volvo S-40. And of course, you boss… you are on an E-Class.

Big boss: Yeah..???

Modern Slave: All these are company cars and I am sure you know they consume a lot of petrol, which is of course bad for the environment. I suggest we sell of these cars and replace them with the Honda Civic Hybrid, which is an environmental friendly car. Not only we will save money for all the bosses’ petrol claims, I am also very sure that we will make a handsome profit by replacing the current fleet of luxury cars with the Hybrid Civic. Isn’t that a brilliant idea?

Big boss: [again… fill in the blank yourself]

Do you think it’s all about saving the environment and perhaps save some cost?

Wednesday 14 May 2008

Your say...

Following my criticism on the real intention of big corporation behind their initiative to ‘save the environment’…

Big boss: We are organising a luncheon next week right?

Organiser: Yes boss, you need anything?

Big boss: Yeah. In view of our environmental thingy, I want the caterer to be environmental friendly too. There should not be any non-biodegradable cutleries and plates.

Organiser: Huh?

Big boss: Yeah… No plastic stuff. Paper cups, paper plates, stuff like that.

Organiser: Right boss.
An hour later…

Organiser: Boss, the caterer has reverted. They said they are ok with using environmental friendly stuff to be in line with our campaign.

Big boss: That is good to hear.

Organiser: One thing boss. They said paper cups and all are quite expensive compared to plastic and styro-foam stuff. So there will be additional charge to the cost.

Big boss: [fill in the blanks yourself]

Tuesday 13 May 2008

Things can be spiritual

Many Christians will say that God is great and if you are not a Christians, you will probably not understand. That is perfectly fine because sometimes, it does not make sense to Christians either.

I have not been a good Christian but I have to say, if not because of God, I would have lost my sanity in the last week or so. I was literally screaming in my room when the panic attack struck and with so many uncertainties about my life, I almost lost it.
But God somehow came in…

I was driving to work and I wanted and need to listen to some songs to calm me down and as I browsed through my collection while sitting in the jam, I saw this CD titled ‘Music for the soul’. It is not an original CD, it’s one which was burnt by one of my former classmate, given to me years ago.
When my friend first gave me the CD years ago, I remember my reaction was like… Gee, why give this to me? ‘Music for the soul’? I vaguely recall what he said to me…

“This is for you, maybe you will need it some day”… something like that. And this was years ago.

I put on that CD and I have to say, there is this song and the lyrics touched me immediately. There is this particular song and every single word in it means something to me. Since that day, I have been listening to the song everyday and it somehow kept my sanity in place.

Here is the song…

Something which my friend gave to me years ago; I only found out I need it now. I know it’s going to sound cliché but this is indeed God’s hands at work.

Another incredible thing that happened in the last 2 weeks… it was just about 10 days ago Jules said that she thinks perhaps God is not real, just a feeling and something which we all create to make us feel good.

Yesterday and today, she said something to the effect that God is so real and He has been listening to all our prayers.

God is good (to me) all the time.

Speaking from the other side

“He has got high cholesterol… also a bit overweight. But he loves seafood and he will eat so much! And… he doesn’t exercise!”

That was what my colleague told me the other day when I was sharing with some of them about my kidney condition. How many of us are like him?

Yeah, the condition that I have is probably a result of my eating habit. I believe that as long as I workout sufficiently, there shouldn’t be any problem with anything going into my mouth and coming out from my anus. But what I failed to comprehend is not about things going into my mouth and coming out my ass but it’s fact that those things actually went on a passage inside my body.

I told my colleague that I understand how her husband feels. So long as we are still healthy and have not got anything seriously wrong with us, we will continue to live our lifestyle as though we are invincible. That char-siew ‘pun fei sau’ (half fat half lean) was just too yummy to resist isn’t it? That semi burnt satay, no problem is putting the entire thing in our mouth isn’t it?

We all know what is good and what is not good for us. But yet, we always indulge in things that damage us and will only stop when we are damaged. One would really wonder was the journey worth it. Well, I can tell you that your answer would be yes before you are damaged and no after you are damaged.

So long as you are on the ‘before damage is done’ side, you will continue to live and eat as though you are un-damage-able. I have been there, I know. But now that I am here on the ‘damaged is done’ side… I truly believe that we should have been a little more respectful to our body.

And mind you, it’s not just about food. It’s about that cigarette you smoke, that extra glass of beer that you drink and … (AZAIG’s favourite)… that extra hour you put in for your underpaid job. We all know they are harmful. Yes, haven’t you read before that being overwork can kill you? And yet, we still do it.
Some will say that if we live a life with so many restrictions, we would not be living life to the fullest. No argument there. But if you live life without control, you will probably be living life to the foolest instead of fullest.

Others will quote the famous saying… “Don’t drink, don’t smoke, eat healthy… die also”. Well, it’s not about dying… it’s about how you die… and in the light of things… when you die.

Saturday 10 May 2008

A note to Mom on a special day

Dearest Mom,

How are things on your side of life? I hope you still drop by occasionally on my side to catch a glimpse of me or something.

If you have been dropping by, you would have known that I have done something you have always wanted me to do… get married. Julia has been a wonderful wife and how I wish you were around during our fairytale wedding dinner.

But amidst the wonderful celebration, I feel that I have not done what I should be doing, that is to truly mourn your death. I am really not sure if the 49 days of vegetarian was sufficient. Right after that, I proposed and all I did was preparing myself for the wedding and to a certain extent, I lived my life as if you have been gone for the longest time already. Despite me constantly saying I miss you, my actions did not seem agreeable.

I know you are a person who holds strong to customs and if dad was the one who moved on, I don’t think I would be married by today. You would probably want me to keep the mourning period properly adhered to.

But anyway, I have done it and I hope you are happy. I also know that you have been wanting to have a grandchild to play with. With things progressing lately, I am really not sure if that is even possible now. I am confused, with so many thoughts trapped in my mind that sometimes, I feel I am drowning beneath them all.

Things on my side have been rather rough lately. Although I don’t really tell you things about my life when you were around but now, I feel the sudden need to just let all things out to you. It breaks my heart knowing that you are not here to listen to me. At this moment in time, I feel that no one is listening to me besides God.

I once remembered you telling me that the journey that I will go through is still so long but things might have just taken a twist. I don’t know, my mind is jumping between high and low that I can't even talk straight at the moment.

It’s Mothers’ Day tomorrow and I wish I could take you to another vegetarian restaurant just like how I took you 2 years ago. I knew you were very happy with the place I took you then as you told cousin about it and was very proud of me. Well, at least I made you proud then.

Not exactly a very happy note to you in this motherly season but I guess I really wanted you to know that. Wish I could give you a hug and hear you calling me by the name that is almost foreign by me already.

I guess there isn’t exactly an appropriate gift to you in this occasion. As such, I would like to dedicate my 300th entry to you. So Happy Mothers’ Day and I want you to know that you are still very much alive in my thoughts.


Thursday 8 May 2008

A familiar pub notice

Things have not been easy. I thought I am taking it well but it is really not as easy as it seems. Been getting panic attacks at night and I can't sleep. Really hope I will get over this soon. For the sake of everyone else, I must.

Anyway, saw this notice when I was in Rome earlier this year. Looks like Europeans also abuse bar the way we do... hehe....

Have a lovely weekend everyone....

Tuesday 6 May 2008

A new word… nephrologist

I only got to know what that means last week. It is the term used to refer to kidney specialist.

My body’s birthday present to me for my imminent 30th birthday is a kidney condition. Of course, I shouldn’t blame my body because I have not been keeping it well for the last 30 years. Well, some say I did take good care but I guess the situation is that, I didn’t take good care enough. Or, perhaps God has a different plan for me.

The last weekend has been one of the most mentally torturous weekends ever in my life. The time spent waiting for the results and then after the results are out. The urologist referred me to a nephrologist and then I have to find one who is available as I really wanted to know what is wrong with me. Oh yeah, nephrologist is really not easy to find.

I thank God that my friend, Simon, managed to get hold of a very good nephrologist for me and we had a very good time chatting about the condition and life this afternoon. My blood pressure has been high over the last few days but after speaking to him, it went down to 117/73 and he measured it not once but twice! Guess one good news is that I don’t have hypertension.

Anyway, yeah, I have a kidney condition, something which I am still learning to pronounce. There is nothing I can do about it except to monitor my health now and pray hard that God will have mercy on my soul and keep my kidney healthy for the longest time. I hope He will give me the chance to live a good life and stay healthy at least till my first grandchild. That’s my hope really.
For the rest, thank you for your prayers and well wishes. I truly appreciate them. I was really struggling as to whether I should blog about this but I think I should. Besides, it is something I must live with and I must accept the fact that I have it.

For those who have a persistent pain or you feel something is not right, better get it checked properly. In this day and age, though technology has improved the quality of our healthcare, it has actually deteriorated the quality of our health.

And don’t need to say you’re sorry to hear it, I think I appreciate more life now. More than anything.

Monday 5 May 2008

A glimpse of my childhood

I don’t consider myself rich now though I can proudly say I can afford quite a wide range of things. But when I was young, I was certainly poor. When I tell people that I came from a poor family, they often disagree after knowing where my home is. But they fail to comprehend that when I was growing up in my neighbourhood, it was not exactly the glamour place yet. Till today, I still don’t consider it a glamorous neighbourhood.

Just across the road from my house, the area used to be filled with squatter houses. Tell that to some young punks nowadays whose definition of coffee means Starbucks of Coffee Bean and they probably don’t even know what are squatter houses. In the middle of this mini village was a small chicken farm. Besides the chicken farm is a well. Ya’ know, the one where you can fetch water.

No, I do not live in some forsaken village. I was born and bred in KL and my neighbourhood is right smack in the heart of town. And no, I am not in my 50s nor 40s. I am still, technically… in my 20s.

We have a relative who used to operate as a hawker near our home and occasionally, she will keep all the chicken backsides from her sale and gave them to my family. My mom will deep-fry the chicken backsides with 5-spice-powder and that will be one of the dish for the day. The other dishes often resembled left-over stuff from some restaurant around town. They landed on our dinner table because my aunt’s friend’s daughter something something worked in that restaurant.

Food… anyone?

My definition of toy at that time was planes made from mahjong paper. Me and my brother made so many of them after sending all our planes in the air, they landed all over the place and the next thing we know, we had our sorry ass smacked nicely by our Mom. I remember a new family moved into the house next to ours and they renovated the place. Then their children were playing this thing with their tv and I would stand at the gate for hours just to watch them play. Later I found out that the thing they were playing was called ‘Nintendo’. They were playing a game called ‘Mario brothers’.

Of course, as I grew older, I did have some real toys. But, that was after I scored a lot of As in my exam and managed to squeeze one from my aunt. What did you play with when you were young?

I remember I had my first holiday, it was a trip to Sungei Wang Plaza. It’s a big thing ok! My parents will dress up as though they are going to grand reception. Of course, the result of the ‘dress up’ is still very much below the standard at that time. I remember I had to bring water bottles for the trip; water is expensive. Other holiday trips include visits to the Lake Gardens.

Where did you go for your maiden holiday?

Oh… one thing that I find rather amazing is that my family of 5, my parents, me brother, my sister and yours truly all lived in 1 room until I was Standard 3. That is a good 9 years. Yes, 9 years with all of us in 1 room. And trust me, the room isn’t big at all. Come to think of it, I wonder if I was awake during the production process of my brother and sister.

The only time I had my own room was when I went to London to complete my degree. Hands up if you have your own room…

There are many more elements of my childhood that I cherish but it would be too long to pen them all here. I know there are people who had worst condition than me. And I thank God I went through that childhood. To you, would you consider me rich or above average?

From there, I went on to become someone whom many still do not believe that I originate from ‘that place’. Also, when I tell some people I don’t speak English at home because my parents are illiterate, they will give me ‘the-look’. How is that possible? That is a story for another time.

Sunday 4 May 2008

Saving the environment they say

Lately, one group of people jumped into the save-the-environment bandwagon and are now actively taking measures to ‘save the environment’. Do you know who are they? No, I am not referring to the bunch of people who gather at Sunway or Pavilion to freeze for a few minutes and believed they have done something good for the earth. I am referring to the corporate players a.k.a. modern slaves masters.

Yes, a lot of big companies are currently actively engaging in environment saving initiative. From the initial look, one would think that they are indeed doing something noble.

Are they?

Well, perhaps we should take a look at the things that big corporations are doing in their so-called ‘save-the-environment’ exercise…

One of the very first things that corporations will do in their environment campaign is to ask their staff to use less paper. Try not to print your mails or your documents, read them from the computer. If you screw up your eyes, it’s perfectly fine; at least you save some trees. And if you really have to print, make sure you print them double-sided.

Next is the famous ‘bring-your-own-mug’ initiative. A lot of corporations are going to stop providing paper or styro-foam cups in their pantries. Styro-foam is of course very hazardous to the environment as it is a non-biodegradable substance while usage of paper cups will of course results in less trees on earth. So, they ask their staff to bring their own mugs to make drinks in office.

Reduction in usage of electricity is also a good remedy in saving the environment and naturally, these corporations have also made the necessary steps in trying to ‘play-their-part’. How if you may ask? Nope… it’s not by turning off the lights after office hour… it’s not by asking staff to shut the computer down after office hour… they are saving electricity by shutting down the……… air-conditioning after office hour.

There are many other things that corporations are doing in their own version of ‘save-the-environment’ campaign. Some are pretty ridiculous and they are always within the ambit of ‘reduce this’, ‘less of that’, ‘stop this’ and ‘stop that’.

I know I am being a cynic but from all the things these corporations have done, I think they are doing it only because it helps in cost reduction. To me, saving the environment is purely secondary. I mean, if they really want to protect the environment, there are a host of other things to do but it will involve huge investment.

One of which is to use recycled paper. This is more effective than asking staff not to print stuff. But then again, recycled paper is expensive so, do you think corporations will do it?

Why only shut down the air-conditioning? Shut down the entire office after say… 7pm, I am sure that will save A LOT of electricity. But that would mean people will not be able to work and business will be affected. Do you think corporations will do it?

The other day at lunch, one of my colleagues made a statement… “If not because it saves them money, I don’t think they give a damn’.
He was absolutely right.

Thursday 1 May 2008

I am back...

Many thanks to you guys for all your well wishes. I am back...

The reason I decided to take a break was to spend more time with Jules as she was about to leave for grassy land while I will have to stay back and wait for my turn to go. But then again, something else came up which made it more difficult for me to concentrate on blogging. Yes, it has something to do with my health and I am still waiting to see what exactly is wrong with me.

Well, for those who prayed for me, I am truly touched and May God bless your soul richly. For the rest, have a good weekend and watch out for more zewtpinions soon...