Tuesday 26 June 2007

What's your answer?

This entry is potentially provoking so… brace yourself…

My entry titled “
with or without a reason” received thunderous amount of comments. The issue of love and relationship is often very intriguing, don’t you think? From the comments, one will be able to grasp the general understanding of love between the male and the female species… truly enlightening.

One comment however, highlighted an element that influences much in any particular relationship. That element is……$money$. Now, this is the part where it starts to get provoking…

Many of my friends, and to be more specific… male friends are of the opinion that most girls are money minded. Girls, is it true? Of course, many girls will disagree and hey… you are not alone. There are many guys out there who share the same sentiment. I do have a few friends who think as such. They are very adamant that girls are not going after their money. Reason being… they are not rich… and they are having nice loving girlfriend respectively.

Well, I really couldn’t argue with them. I mean… they are indeed not very well to do and their girlfriends aren’t exactly ugly. In fact, some of them are pretty hot looking too. I know… I know… all the hot babes out there must be cursing my name but no, I am not saying that all you hot babes are money minded. I am just saying that my friends believed that their girlfriends could have gotten a richer guy compared to them, but chose to stay with them. So obviously, their girlfriends are NOT money minded.

Naturally, I asked my friends why do they think their girlfriends love them? Many reasons surfaced such as “I am nice”, “I am caring”, “I am kind”… ya’ know, the usual reasons, but of course, money is not the reason. For discussion purposes, we shall take ‘nice’ as the attribute which represents all the non-monetary reasons why girls like them.

And I reiterate, it never occurs to them that their girlfriends are money minded. And this is the time when I will ask them this question…

"Supposed there are 2 guys who now appear and try to wrestle your gf away from you. Not a very pleasant experience I am sure.

Guy number 1… is a very sweet guy. He is not exactly very good looking, probably as charming as you. He is also probably as rich as you. He could afford what you afford. BUT… BUT… this guy is 10 times nicer than you and also 10 times more caring than you.

Guy number 2… is also quite a sweet guy. But then again, you are much sweeter. Also, he is probably not as charming as you and in the tender loving care department, you 2 are comparable. BUT… BUT… this guy is 10 times richer than you. Whatever you could afford, this guy beats you 10 times."

The question is… which guy you fear more?

All my my-gf-is-not-money-minded friends never really gave me answer. Most gave me a smile and the best was “how can you say like that?”…

Why not? And… what’s your answer?

Girls… any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

this is a loaded question and there isn't really an acceptable answer, but here goes:

you don't have to worry about guy 1 or guy 2.

if a r/ship is strong, neither of them can pose any threat. the reason your gf was with you is becoz both of you were attracted to each other. it could be a host of things, but money and stability will surely be one of the reason, that is without doubt. but is it all that matters?

losing out to guy 1 is because you took your gf for granted, or didn't show her enuff attention, or lost the attaction factor. most guys will bend over and totally wuss out to get the gal. once you are with the gal, you show your true self. the gal sees the true you, din like what she saw, and saw another cuter, charming guy and leaves.

moral : always be a man, before during and after. human always want something they cant have, so always show that you have choices, and always be willing to walk away.

losing out to guy 2 means the gal is a gold digger and the love you had wasn't built on good foundations. i say good riddance. think about it, if she could leave you for a guy with 10x money, what makes you think she will stay with the guy with 50x, 100 x money?

moral: sniff out the gold diggers early on, and run as fast as you can. and dun ever try to buy your love, someone can buy it away someday

rainbow angeles said...

Another question of Chances & Choices? ;)

If I were the guy, I'd probably fear Guy No. 2 more.

If I were the gf, Guy No. 1 might have an edge. (maybe just me lah... sucker for romance, u see...)

Anonymous said...

I might fear guy number 2, because from my experience, rich guys tend to give and give that sometimes they forget what a "relationship" really is.

To be honest, I've been in a long relationship with my current bf. He's rich, I can't deny - as he comes from a very rich family. He used to shower me with gifts and I love it. Until I came to my sense that love is not always about money. After a long talk with him, I managed to convince him that I want a "lover" not a "provider".

We're still together now and I still pay most of my stuff myself. (unless when I'm really broke that is.. hehehe)

chanraymond said...

Tough one, this time. I have to say I would be afraid of both guys, but more afraid of guy 1, in fact. I wouldn't want to date a money-minded girl anyway. Wait, I'm sure everyone doesn't want to date such a girl in the first place =)

Weig said...

I think the level of fear depends on the girl's propensity to choose money over undivided attention. So, which girl is that guy dating in the first place?

There is no denial that some, if not all, girls tend to (once the heart settles down from the infatuation) choose the one that has her asking the least 'what if' questions. So, from your entry content, I think you'd view guy 2 as more of a threat.

Anonymous said...

Like cindy, i would fear guy no.2 too. I had experience with this. My ex-bf comes from a rich family too. I love it a lot when he buys me a lot of gifts that many of friends feel jealous with me. But after quite some time, i feel like there's a gap between us which i don't know how to explain. I don't feel happy all the time. And the rest is history.

I have many friends that have never had boyfriend before are having this issue. They want to look for guy no.2. And it's obviously not so easy if they are not those hot chicks or something..I don't know how to say, in their minds are only money money money.

My husband is not rich but we are living very happily..

Anonymous said...

Who's not money minded? It's just how far you take it (or control it).

Money can't buy happiness, but you won't be happy with NO money either.

Then again, money mindedness is subjective based on individuals...

day-dreamer said...

Not all girls are money-minded.

But sometimes (just sometimes) being a bit money-minded is being practical. They do say that your stomach cannot be full with just love and romance. :P

As for Guy 1 or Guy 2, I think different guys would have fear differently. (Am I right, guys? :P) It's up to individuals to analyse and come up with a conclusion. And since I'm not a guy, I don't know how should a guy's mentality be. Haha.

J.T. said...

Another interesting posting. I cannot speak for the guys but I can give you my two cents worth based on my experience.

I won't say money is not important. It is.. but how much? That depends on the girl. Before I got married, one of the few things I wanted in a guy was for him to be financially stable. That did not mean he had to be high-flying and loaded. I married a man who has enough for a rainy day and a stable job. That was and still is important to me, among other things.

Frankly I do not trust men with lots of money. Let's just say two dates with a rich guy was enough to convince me that he thinks he will get away with a lot of things through 'compensation'.
I won't say all rich men are not good. There are some decent ones and lucky the girl who gets that one. But more often than not, when a guy has money, he has power. When he has power, he thinks he rules... that is when his sweetness goes away.

So, to your question, which guy would another guy fear more? Hard to say. It all depends what your girl wants and needs in her life.

If she thinks loads of money will make her happy then, she is going for guy number 2. It may turn out good, it may turn out bad. All depends on how she treats him and he treats her in the relationship. It takes two hands to clap.

I believe you won't lose your girl to number 1 unless you are not treating her well.

JamyTan said...

Wow, lucky I don't have that kind of delima :). Not that lucky to have rich guy after me when I was young :)-., probably I am not that pretty lah !

I think in this year and age, a lot of women are educated and they are pretty self sufficient to provide for themselves and also have more choice than say our grandmother or mother days. So the fairy tale of Cinderalla and her prince story probably are out of date for professional kind of women :)- (at least for me that is, someone who hold a Master degree probably can provide for herself lah :):)).

I think most professional women would not want to go for too rich men cos they know that they entail and they probably would not go for too poor man because they know though $ is not the most important thing in the world but it is important.

The rich and famous guys probably is for the rich and famous girls kind of things lah :)-.

Like JT said, financial stable (enough saving for raining day), stable job, good character, sense of humor would probably most likely ingredients for us professional women :)-

JamyTan said...

Personally I think guy 1 is more threating.

KEF said...

In a short term basis, one should fear Guy No. 2.

On the long run, fear Guy No. 1, because he's always there, especially when you are not.

I have a nagging feeling that I have to agree with J.T. Men with stable job, earns more. More money means more autonomy in the relationship. If you have money, you have a part in the decision making. When you don't, just shut up and take whatever that comes your way. And by that, he thinks he's ruling and you are just feeding off his breadcrumbs.

Dangerous... could that be me?

Ehon said...

it's the pinky and the brain, the pinky and the brain, the pinky the pinky and the brain brain brain brain.. :P

i would fear both. 'nuff said. :D

Anonymous said...

I know many women who earns more than their boyfriends. I did..

There are many money-minded men out there too..

Regardless of whether they are in the relationship for money or not.. to me.. shallow men/women believe in luck whereas strong men/women believe in cause & effect.

Anyway, after their commitment to each other, if they find out that it's all because of money.. then I believe it's all God's will.

**************Jz***************** said...

so provoking reading such an entry in the morning

twehehehe anyways

if guy 1 & 2 is not very very good looking both are as caring as they should to the gf BUT 1 is richer than the other........i suppose why not choose the richer one......wahahahha u will call me 'D money minded' girl.......so yea stay away hahahaha but i am giving my honest opinion

further to what i have said which kl girls these days are not money minded??? not a single one......ya they might still exist but 9 out of 10....no no....

so stay away......hahaha

Anonymous said...

aheemmmm .. topic too difficult for Misha .. anyway ..

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!

me said...

the thing is ...many women confuse material presents with affection. she's looking adorably at that gucci bag in the shop window. he notices it and voila! surprises her with the present tomorrow. or he turns up at the door with a super-size bigger-than-human cuddly toy. most women will think this is a sign of their devotion, the man's love. with a poor man, his love is only his words.....perhaps a little lame to some women? promising you the moon and the stars.....

but i always say...the man to choose is the one who will give you $9 when he has $10, rather than the one who spends $1000 on you when he has a million.

Anonymous said...

We had this conversation with the MD during one of our obligated lunch appointments. He said, girls now are so materialistic. They think money is everything. And he threw the question back to us - girls.

I did mention something about having money is the source of living, not necessarily made you love the person more. Then, he said something about marrying a poor man, we can be happy too. I told him as a matter of fact that I would rather have a rich man than a poor man, as no matter how rich or poor a man is, in the event when they stray - at least you still have the money. Then, the whole meeting roared with laughter.

happy-suang said...

I also don't know how to choose. It depends on who ilove the most.. or who i feel comfortable with. Guys who are loaded with money doesnt mean that he is a good guy.. But what i've learned from my previous relationship, guys who are poor also doesnt mean that he is a good guy too.

Horny Ang Moh said...

'Nice'??!!!What do u meant by that???For me I will fear nither one of them!!There is the factor of 'trust'. What happen if that guy is 'nice' but he go 'pokeing' here & there? The other guy maybe rich but then it is a well know fact rich people 'poke'!This things did happen to my GF!The other guys is more handsome,rich & 'nicer'. But I have something extra that is unique.So how a ladies choose her partner is open to debate.
But to any ladies my advice to them is whoever they choose, they must be fanancial stable. Remember 'money can't buy anything,not money can buy nothing'.
Have a nice day.

Huei said...

i duno y ppl always like to say girls r money minded.

maybe i'm being a hyprocrite..i hate rich b*tches (sorry for using this..cos it rhymes =P) who think they can do anything with money, like kao luis

if that 2 guys went after me, i'll as the 10times richer to go fark himself

then again maybe it's my bad experience with rich ppl..those who look down on me..so..too much money turns me off! =P

ah nel said...

tats y nowadaes gals end up divorce coz they go for rich ppl but they nvr tink tat rich ppl owes have more than 1 gals ;)

i seen too much as granpa n grandotter lyk tat but the real is they r couple...not to mention the oldman property...

the more nicer u treat a gal the more they wana climb up ur head...

things in gal mind

1. money =they can showoff to their fren tat in young age they can drive bmw,marsilly.buy expensib clothes lar coz they boypren afford...

2. hansem =then everyone comment so she felt very proud as many gals r lyk tat.

3. famous =no matter how fugly face u r as long u r famous then they will go to u when thre no option 1 n 2.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

u really know how to work your crowd..this will be another post wif loads of comments..truth is im sure hard to say..its all boils dwn to gut feel about the guy..same wif us..its gut feel whether shes the one for us..whether poor or rich or they suck us dry..so even if hes dirt rich..but theres no gut feel..who knows?

Seaqueen said...

Rich guy 1 & 2 exist everywhere. So the current bf can potentially be rich one day too. And Rich guy 1 & 2 can be poor in the future. Who knows??

It all lies in the 2 parties, whether there's trust, loyalty etc.

Anonymous said...

Money can buy you a mansion of your dreams, a brand new wardrobe every week, holidays once a month etc. but what money can’t buy is love, loyalty, faithfulness,trust commitment, or friendship. Many mistake what money can do/buy as love only to realize later that is not true.

A man who is rich but doesn’t use money to buy love, happiness and power is attractive.

A man who is rich but uses money to buy love, happiness and power is pathetic because without his money he shrinks down to absolutely…nothing..zilch. His life is meaningless without money!

A man that isn’t rich but determined to continuously excel and do his best to provide for his family is downright attractive!

A man that isn’t rich and is just plain lazy and lacks the determination to secure a good stable career is a complete turn off. This man can’t manage his own finances, how can he manage the finances of a family especially when he has kids.

I think finding a man who is loyal, committed, empathetic, determined, patient, and understanding is far harder to find than a rich man. So if that man comes with money, than the money is like a bonus!!!

I would say a guy should fear guy 1 but only if the he isn’t treated his gal with love and care. There is no need to fear guy 2. In fact if your gal ditches you for guy 2 you should see it as a blessing!

Mat Salo said...

Zewt! As usual, love your very refreshing take on the Mars / Venus inter-planetary alignment.. hope you weren't under the influence tho' because the right answer is BAD BOYS who also happens to be FILTHY RICH. S should know, because I wasn't one.. he... Besides a face that only a mother could love, take a look around you. The rich baddies get all the fun.. It's not fair, but heck - that's the way it works dude! Haha!

Mat Salo said...

Zewt! As usual, love your very refreshing take on the Mars / Venus inter-planetary alignment.. hope you weren't under the influence tho' because the right answer is BAD BOYS who also happens to be FILTHY RICH. S should know, because I wasn't one.. he... Besides a face that only a mother could love, take a look around you. The rich baddies get all the fun.. It's not fair, but heck - that's the way it works dude! Haha!

Maverick SM said...

Girls are never money minded... but whatever they need and want, only with money can you get them for her. So, it wasn't money per se... it was the need and wants and if you can get them for her without using money, then, money wasn't the criteria. Agree?

flaminglambo said...

I'd say guy #1 cos' if she goes for money, it's better that I know sooner rather than later.

Although, if one really loves the girl, one should feel happy for the girl for having a guy that can care for her more.

Shhyeeah right!

Sounds like a line from Family Ties or Full House. I'd say get all Melrose Place on him and stab the fler in the back, front, top, down and sideways! It's fair game for any guy that wrestles a girl away from her bf, no matter how bad he is.

Maverick SM said...


These 2 guys don't exist o mother earth. If I am a girl, either one of them will satisfy.

The problem is, the rich guy will not be sweet and nice as they needn't. There will just be too many girls for him to choose and that will make him expecting the other to be what he wants. The poor guys have nothing to offer except his so-called Love and care. If the poor guy had none of this, then he has nothing to offer. This is a world of trade-off..

Angel Eyes said...

How can you say like that dear?

Personally i won't go for a guy with loads of moolah, but money is important in anya spects you see. W/o money, you can't do much nowadays.

Guy # 2 is much more threatening. Avoid him!

Helen said...

The underlying truth is, girls want a guy who can give her happiness and different girls have different definition of 'happiness'. Wait, let's not generalize. I would say, every individual (regardless m/f) have different say about what is happiness.:-)

About your question on which one would a guy have to fear, off hand I would say the 2nd guy. Yes, the guy with 10x more money than you.

The reason is simple. You can always give your gf more love and care. Its within your means to level the playing field with the first guy.

As for the second guy, you cannot beat him in the money game.

rinnah said...

I'm not a guy, so I don't know how a guy's mind works. But I agree with JT's comment for the female side of it. For me, he doesn't have to be rich to win my heart, but he has to have character and I need to be able to respect him. That's my kinda guy.

But, I'd dump the guy in a jiffy if all he did was sit and whine that 2 other guys were after me. *wink*

MissSHopaHolic said...

I donno about two sweet guys with money or without money... but i've had girl friends who've been dumped cause they don have money.. so i hope people will stop stereotyping women..but in the end you choose the one who you can imagine a life with and someone who can be there for you.. the not so rich can be rich one day.. der ten times richer than you can go really bankrupt and drag you along to the platform.. so in the end it doesnt matter.. money is important but it aint everything.. love and honesty is much more stronger than that... you gotta love oni one guy at a time.. if you love both than thats not love baby.. its LUST!!!!!

Arena Green said...

Wants and needs change over time due to changing conditions.

Terra Shield said...

Whatever happened to the chemistry aspect of attraction?

Rashikaps said...

I feel pity for guys who think they can USE their money or their good looks to win girls over. None of those last forever.. at least looks don’t. And, sooner or later the mask slips and everyone can see these guys for what they really are. Shallow.

Let’s get realistic. A large majority of the girls today are professionally qualified and making enough money to sustain themselves. They are not at anyone's mercy. Unless the girl is really a gold digger, I don’t think the money a man has forms the deciding factor. To me that would be looking for disability allowance without being disabled. :|

So what would really keep modern, professionally qualified girls in a relationship? I reckon it is the man’s love, honesty, loyalty, commitment, and generosity of spirit. If a man cannot provide these consistently, then any other man is a potential threat.

And, if your girlfriend turns out to be a gold digger, then you should consider yourself blessed and wish her new boyfriend good luck and say he’s going to need it now that he has landed himself this ‘treasure’. :):)

:: Nicole.F :: said...

financially stable is what i'm looking for in one of the requirements.. not that i'm money minded but it's true..

but then i'm just lucky that i got everything (loving, sweet, tall, dark, good lucking, financially stable, car freak) i need from a guy :)

even russ thinks that a girl normally would go for a financially stable guy coz the guy could take care of the girl :) and give her a comfortable life..

Jorji said...

From my experience..i fear no one..guy 1,2 or 3...if she want to go,just go!

What i fear and worried and hate is the cheating behind my back.

I always think that once the girl left me,it means i got another chance and opportunity to love ANOTHER girl pulak.

Mushu said...

Money may not be an issue...but it's definitely a plus point. What I'm trying to say is that, perhaps money does attribute to a girl's choice, but not because she can get the latest Prada or Gucci.. maybe just a sense of security? But hey, for me personality beats the cash anytime. :)

J u n e said...

Of course there's that little temptation to leave the current bf. Because its human to want something better than what u already have.

But at the end of the day, i think if i ever have to choose my future bf. I would have to decide that He would be my " Only One " and not the Best. Unless he cheats on me/ dump me. =p

Because your partner may seem the " Best Choice " this round, but there's always "a better person" that will somehow come around.

It's like a handphone XP At one moment nokia 3310 was the bomb, then there comes the new high tech N series. XP

Doreen said...

I am married and both me and my husband ain't rich but only average professionals and we're happy. so I guess $$ is not that important afterall? It is only a bonus to the relationship. Having said that though, I do luv every single penny we earn. Hehehe

ManaL said...

Would a girl settle for a staedler-2B guy nevermind how sweet, rich, caring and goodlooking he may be?

Sounds crude, but hey, to satisfy all the external needs and internal needs could be rather tiresome. IN other words, physical attributes, personality and financial status all intertwined and correlated. I can feel the chemistry between me and the man but it could also be platonic, or he isnt a hubby material.

Setakat lovey-dovey stage, any one of your men can be a prospect, though i'd say i'm least attracted to Guy#2 coz i aspire to be richer than my partner (ok ka like that?). I let the woman do the judging and of course whether those men can tahan her or not despite being "the babe. A bit bitchy, doncha think?

Sekian, terima kasih, dari saya, the complex one.

ps: this post is under the moodswing influence.

Anonymous said...

u got the money,u got the honey unless u are a "bandaraya" then i guess u don't need money.

Azlan Zed said...

i like to test girl on a date. i said i just brought rm50 for the date. then i would see her reaction. if she's for the money then that is the last date. but if she would like to see you again; that's a keeper. many girls failed the test. :)

zewt said...

johnson - hey bro... thanks for your 2 cents. spoken like a pro. we'll discuss this more on gmail.

angel - ya, generally guys will fear No.2. will blog more about this... wait for second entry hah!

cindy - hi there and welcome! honest answer on number 2 i must say. well... not everyone has the privilege to be with a rich guy. the question was actualy for guys, but appreciate your 2 cents anyway. hope to see ya around.

Little Ray - hmmm... the question is not about whether you wanna choose who, but if you're a guy with a gf... whom do you fear more?

cirnelle - you're supposed to be enjoying yourself in swiss!! hahaha... well, this entry will have a second part.

Seok Thong - good answer. you see, if everyone were to read the question properly... i am not exactly talking about long term.

anon at 3.25am - thus the saying... money is not everything. but without money, you're nothing.

zewt said...

day dreamer - being practical... good point. indeed... love cant feed an empty stomach. check out the guys comments for their answer.

JT - see Jacq... the question is actually addressing guys... i have not read guys' comments yet but from a trend... most girls said they will go for the caring guy. wait for my second instalment of this entry. anyway... your last sentence said it all :)

kayatan - finally see your comment again. hmmm.... i wouldnt agree with all that you've said though. i have seen some anamoly here in malaysia. will blog furthr on this notion. girls will usually fear No.1.

KEF - if in the short term basis, No.2 is feared... wouldnt this mean money can interrupt a relationship? strong as it may be? as for your question... well... only u know.

ehon - both? you're gonna be a fearful man my friend.

Jemima - I know when God's in the question, things will be looked differently. i will blog more about this ... you might just hear some Godly couple not behaving accordingly.

jaezrel - *clap clap*... you are the most honest of all. i respect that. :)

zewt said...

Misha - haha... well, you can always take a look at what adults think. thanks for dropping by.

me - wooooaaahhh... very profound. but what about a man who gives you 10 when he has 10 and another man who gives you a million whe he has a million?

gina - eh... tukar nama eh? well.. you were being practical there, and honest too. laugh as they may... when reality strikes... most will want to be in a more 'comfortable' position.

amanda - look at the attributes of the guys and ask yourself again... :) ... anyway, i was actually asking... whom do u fear more. not who will you choose.

Hor Ny - woooahh... you different mah. you pokeing expert... of cos you will be looked at differently haha!

Huei - what if he is rich and doesnt look down on you? he can gives you a car of your dream... your vios? and then give you enough allowance to know that you dun need to work so hard in your job... and he is 100% devoted to u...

ah nel - hahaha... u sudah off topic... but very nice analogy haha! so back to the main thing... whom do u fear more?

Anonymous said...

i don't know zewt. i don't know how to choose.. guy1 or guy2. maybe i should ask my gf.. haha! :D hmm, there's no direct answer to the question. between nice and rich? me personally will fear guy no 2. be practical lah. you can be rich and nice.. but you cannot be nice and rich at the same time :D when you are rich, you can choose to be nice.. or bad. but when you don't have the moolah.. you want to be nice also hard. being nice to girls nowadays involved a lot of $$$$$ :D love saja cannot buy nice house or nice car or nice dinner or nice ring.. but love maybe can be the catalyst for the nice guy to earn more and be rich. but then he's lacking behind the rich guy liao...because the rich guy just need to be nice. how hard it is to be nice when you got money heh? yeah.. that's my flaccid mind thinking.. hahahaha!

zewt said...

craver joe - many comments indeed. anyway... the question i am asking is not who she will choose... but rather... if you're the bf... whom do you fear more?

Jessica - again... refer to my comment to joe above. if i ask you who you'll choose, of cos more will say stick with current bf la.

NunaWading - hello and welcome to AZAIG. agreed with all you said. and i agree with your final para. but i think you're looking from a girl's perspective eh? every girl wanna find a good guy... rich is seldom the attribte. but when one rich good guy come along... things always get complicated.

Mat Salo - Heyyy!! long time no see! I must say... your comment is the best so far. BAD BOYS who also happen to be those FILTHY RICH... yeah... they get all the bliss dont they!

Maverick SM - well... have u heard of the phrase... if money can solve a problem, then it's not a problem... it revolves around the same argument, isnt it? and i agree with you. As for your 2nd comment... trust me... No.2 does exist... some of my friends have painfully experienced that.

flaminglambo - yeahhh right... hahaha... so you fear No.1? hmmm... that's refreshing.

Angel Eyes - indeed... i will avoid him haha! yeah... most guys refuse to answer the question cos they know who is the most threatening one.

backStreetGluttons said...

haha nice topic ! allow us hot potatoes o comment. The answer is called 'relative opportunities' with a combination of many things like timing , events , urgency , needs , moods , etc etc. It might be random it might not be. Nobody's perfect !
If u lose one take another no big deal. vis a vis !
Cheers and no need to scratch head !

zewt said...

Helen - Helen... you have just given one of the best comment there is... with very good reasoning too.

rinnah - hahahaha... poor bf of yours... he has to suffer in silence... haha!

MissShopaHolic - would be interested to know your friend's story. cool down my friend... i am not streotyping anyone... just open for debate.

Anak Merdeka - a one liner which says it all. :)

Terra Shield - those are for college kids my friends. hahaha... well... have to take that out.

Rashikaps - noticed that professional successful women will always go for the loving and caring man. you're the 3rd one here who said that here. hahaha... everyone also said that it's good to let her go when she is actually a gold digger. in reality, things can be very different.

Nicole - honesty is the best policy here. yeah, it is the temptation of a comfortable life that destroyed a lot of relationships.

zewt said...

jorji - hahahaha... an opporunity is loving another girl haha... that's very positive of you bro. syabas! :)

Vern - yeah... but what if a guy with personality AND cash and you're already in a relationship with a guy who has got personality WITHOUT cash?

AngryYoungChild - good point on the "alway better" truth. there will always be someone better, it's knowing where to stop. but then again... since there's always something better... why stop?

Doreen - hahahaha.... maybe you have not been tested yet... i hope you wont be put in such predicament. :)

Manal - hahahaha... ok la like that. then how ah? each time you beat your partner... cari baru? hahaha... anyway, why the sudden 'the babe. a bit bitchy..." tak beberapa faham.

anon at 4.41 - hmmm.... trying to decipher the second part... i.e. bandaraya.

alan zed - and what does that tell you? :)

bongkersz - hahaha... i like the rich and nice vs nice and rich thinking. true... when you're rich... it's easier to be nice... and such nice-ness can be very tempting to a girl... right?

team BSG - hi there and welcome to AZAIG... well... what if it's ceterus parabus? would that influene your decision? thanks for dropping by.

ah nel said...

i fear nth tat y i can manage stay single til now... ;)

but anyhow i hate those money minded gals as i seen too many...

i got 1 fren stay with his gf n before they stay together he stil got some cash then every month his gf spend on him buying household things then eat but when a rich guy appear he straight away wana left her bf...

the rich guy in my hometown then she at sinkapork working so now stil staying with my fren as she can save money on food and household.

she used everything on my fren and owes ask my fren whre the money go every month...then she smart and requesting tis n tat from the rich guy as he wil gv anything...she told me before tat her current bf cant gv her much...

she told me last year tat she waiting from supp credit card then laptop and everything from tat rich guy...

Anonymous said...

sorry u don't catch my drift "bandaraya"
it means u just sapu anything that comes ur way.even she is fugly or to put it simple not choosy.. lah.

Purple~MushRooM said...

I will fear Guy #2. Rich guys make me feel insecure. Having said that, does not mean that I will go for a poor guy. I will go for someone on average, but with good education, good career, good heart, and who loves me and cares for me. Looks does not really matter. If you see my hubby's photo, you will know what I meant lor.

Purple~MushRooM said...

Wah... I read all the comments.
Some really well-said and meaningful!

J.T. said...

Oh! got second instalment ah?
Like so 'kepochi' put in my two cents worth. :D
I shall wait for second instalment and see what else I can add. If cannot, I say "no comment". hehe

MissSHopaHolic said...

This is a true story.. maybe it doesn't sound that bad cause this is edited and ommited version but those who observed the whole messy thinging knew how horrible it was..cause A and B had loads of mutual friends..

The story goes like this...

A= is a gal
B= a guy
c= another gal

Though A and B were studying in the same college they oni knew each after B studied there 4 almost 1 yr, A was oredi studying there for 2 years. A and B kinda didn't like each other in the beggining ..(avoid each other when they are waiting 4 the lift,nasty stares during lunch,rolling eyes about each others comments .. and this was b4 they were close.

The relationship was a love hate thinggy.. like if one is not there .. the other persons day is doomed.. one day by chance they wen 4 lunch together and came back laughing(good chemistry actually) they really hit it off.. he was funny..she was equally witty.. bla bla.. all the green ligths.. (she never knew he had a gf cause he never mentioned) later wen she asked he said he has but it was over... A was happy that he broke up..They call up each other every day,once she slept off, B called and made a huge fuss(coz apparently she forgot)

Summer holidays came.
He went to work in s'pore..A was working in Kl..slowly the phone calls began to reduce.. B started to avoid A,(A is beautiful,smart,witty,honest and loyal)
B is aso smart cause he answers but he says he's busy and hangs up.. A began to worry coz B never actually said I love You.. and things were really weird.. A suspected that something was fishy.. really really fishy..either he found someone else or he's back wif C(C stays in JB)

Summer Holiday ended

B came back and A confronted him. B said " U have everything but I don love you enough to marry you, plus you don have the money ( B is filthy rich) A was shocked cause B is rich so wat der hell?? B said " I'm still with C,and she is rich, so when i marry her in case i go bankrupt, we still have her money and her dad's money.. but if i marry A we will go down the drain.. by the way.. B added " I love you but you came a year later in my life"

What the F@#%??
What say you Zewt??
By der way i'm not piss wif u about stereotyping cause u were not.. i was talking in general.. cool topic

By der way.. A is still hurting after 4 years.. and is still single.. whilst B is cheating on C by being with D,E,F,G,H,I,J ,K...
C knows he cheats but she swears by her grave she will marry him..

I'm showing my middle finger!!!!!

_butt said...

at first glance, guys would usually fear guy number 2. but the mr. nice guy qualities that guy number 1 have will be a threat too. in the end, it all comes down to how strong the relationship is at that point.

awaiting your next instalment. :)

rainbow angeles said...

Irrelevant question (or prolly got slight relevance :p)

If there are two girls:

Girl A - damn pretty, great body, intelligent, humourous but relatively poor.

Girl B - not so pretty, no great bod, intelligent, humourous and alotta $$$.

U think "generally", (important keyword yeah) guys will go for which gurl?


Daphne Ling said...

Hey Zewt,

No doubt, I'd fear Guy No 2 more...
If you ask me which guy I'd choose, it'd be Guy No 1...

I guess I look for something more than just what's on the surface in a relationship...

If a girl tells you money doesn't mean anything, she's lying...Money isn't everything, but let's face it, we need it to survive...And yes, there are things that I love to indulge in, I won't deny that...

But I guess the heart and mind both have to be on proper speaking terms when it comes to things like this...There has to be a balance...

:: Nicole.F :: said...

i think nice rich guys would usually end up getting used by girls.. girls would take advantage of the guy coz he's nice and willing to give things to her even if she's not his gf and have never even hold her hand before! but then it's hard to find nice rich guys.. so if anyone found one, treasure him :)

generally, i just think that it applies on both side :-

girl wants a good looking, rich, nice, sweet bf/husband

guy wants a pretty, sexy, slim, nice, sweet, maybe rich gf/wife

confessing7girl said...

zewt zewt zewt!!!! hv u ever thought about asking that same question to women... thats why our society is the way it is!! girls can be gold diggers but men cant??????? ah spare me!!!!!! i could make u a list of male gold diggers!!!
Anyway if u ask me about the guy options... i hv to tell u its not about being nicer and sweeter and more caring!! its about being nicer, sweeter and more caring but still a bad body, someone with attitude , someone funnier someone with more depth!!!!! zewt zewt honey dont try to make us women sound soo basic cause we r not that easy!!!!!!!
OkOK since i know im being a little b*tchy about ur post here im gonna end sending u kisses!!!!! :X :X :X :X

Sheena said...

I think my partner would have to worry about Guy #1 more.

Money, anyone also can earn.

But being nice, ie. knowing HOW to use your limited finances to capture a girl's heart... That is a skill not easily learnt. My partner's going to have to act quick if he doesn't want to end up losing me to the nicer, sweeter chap.

TH said...

Hmm. It still comes down to the individual. I'll go for the one that makes me laugh :)

neno said...

kekeke..depends..will most probably choose guy 1..might not choose any of them too..

Sheena said...

Just thought about this for another 30 seconds...

Gah, who am I kidding?

I'm all for Guy #2!

Teddy bears, shmweddy bears. Gimme a platinum pair of earrings any day.

(And Sheena solidifies her reputation as a gold-digger, or in this case, a WHITE gold-digger, in the blogosphere :P)

**************Jz***************** said...

phew....no more provoking entry ehhh.....wahaha but thanks for the entry i know i am still honest for a bit....

Josette said...

I like money, I admit it! Who doesn't like money, I wonder? The world is so materialistic now. It'd be rare to find someone who's not into money.

And lucky the guys who get girlfriends who still stick by them even though they may not be as rich as Bill Gates!

Hilman Nordin said...

even though i can easily say that if my relationshp is strong enough, i can withstand any challenge from anyone. If not, why my gf would want to go with me in the first place?

but, being a human, theres always a small doubt and fear. and i would go for guy no. 1... i think nice-nice have much more charm.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

indeed damn alot of comments..until i cant see ur reply lor..haha my answer...drums roll..is i not scared of either one..because i got faith in myself and her..

Huei said...

mm...well if he's devoted then ok..but..i still have this really negative thign towards rich ppl! =P hehehehhe

nah..i can afford my own car n house..dun need it from a guy! =P

hikazew® said...

i read and re-read again but i don't see any difference between those 2 guys. Why is it 'threatening'? Maybe bcos I usually earn more money than my exs so I usually don't feel pampered by guys. Hmm..??

JamyTan said...


I knew what u are thinking and I won't dispute.

Might be what I said was just based on my personal experience.

My mom always teaches the 3 of us to get married to someone who is honest, hardworking and faithful.
My dad was poor when he and mom got married. He was quite successful later in life. He gave up every biz he had to be at my mom bedside when she went into comma.

That experience has always stuck in my mind. And I always tell myself if I ever get married,I am going to marry someone love me and care for me like my dad. Lots of $ has never in my decision agenda.

When I met my husband he drove a 15yrs old car, lived in a studio apartment. I like his character - honest and kind (very much like my dad). Even people look at this photo can say he is a kind man.

I was in for a great shock when he send me a copy of financial statement that he send to embassy when he applied spouse visa for me.

I have never knew he has so much. His late mom has leaved behind a huge fortune/legacy for her heir. He is the only child.

I thought honest, kind and a stable job is all I ask for but in return I got a big bonus :)-

Before I got married, I had a very high position job, my salary was very high. When I decided to give up my job and relocate to US, a lot of my friends asked me if it is worth it, if my husband can support me .They knew he is only a librarian. I thought (I did not know his inheritance then) to myself, hmmm... I have never thought about that question cos I thought since he has a stable job with the university, it shouldn't be too hard for us to live a simple life with me working probably part time :)-. Of course not knowing that it is better than I have thought or dream !!!

That is why I when you ask to choose which one, the man with the $ has never cross my mind :)-.

But, I have to say it is double bonus to have a honest, faithful husband and with good in law :)-.

My father in law is one of my best friend. We write email practically daily and call wkly. He helps me even with my school assignments :)-.

baggie said...

My thoughts, no offence:

My guide to a lifetime partner is as below:-

1) A guy that has a stable income, prolly someone with a RM4-6k per month (KL pricing for a couple) to ensure me I can live a moderate life with enough food on the table to eat.

2) A guy who respects me as his soul partner and listens to what I have to say.

3) A guy who is moderate looking, from a Jacky Cheung to a Daniel Wu, any type from that range would do.

4) A guy with a moderate weight. Not too thin and not too fat, prolly better with a bit of chest muscle, abit... and no I hate muscle man.

5) A guy with a clean background, of course.

6) And of course he definitely dont have to be a prince charming. Why? If he can charm me, he can charm other girls anytime he wants to. Dangerous.

7) ETC...

Bottom line is, rich and handsome guys are useless, even those who are rich and ugly, no hope also. They assure you with money, but not with lasting love. Girls may want to stick around with them for some cheok sou, but it will never lasts long (very very rarely).

Girls are a total liar if they say money isn't part of their criteria. We are not in the old days anymore. "I love him though he is a peasant", is no such thing anymore. To live in reality, you gotta have enough income to get your ass survived.

Therefore, girls will find a man who can provide them an assured life. That also depends on each individual on how much she wants to be assured, just like insurance. ;)

zewt said...

ah nel - ahhh... i have heard of such stories before. plenty in fact... and some the girls are the victim. i guess that rich guy could be using her as a sex stock?

anon at 7.45pm - seldom see guys like that. there are a few... but seldom. guys tend to be choosy.

purple mushroom - honest enough... No.2 is more fearsome. yeah, i know what you mean about looks.

JT - i am sure you will be able to add more to your 2 cents.

MissShopaHolic - incredible... incredible... a rich guy saying such thing. have to admit first time i am hearing a version of such story. i tot a guy would think he would be able to provide. but then again... in this world...anything is possible. i guess the same story was told to D,E,F,G,H,I.... that they are not rich enough...? as for C... i guess she will say... true love?

_butt - hey there and welcome! well, i have seen strong relationship broken just like that.

angel - of cos girl A la... generally... money is not a reason guys go for a girl... looks is usually the main criteria.

zewt said...

Daphne Ling - yup... anyone who says money doesnt mean anything is definitely lying. they just have been shown the right price. hahahaha....

Nicole - yup... girls will use nice guys as provider of emotional support and the bad guys for monetary support.

confessing7girl - for a moment, i thought you were angry at this entry. hahaha... this is just a topic for discussion... actually, it's targetted at men...

Sheena - hahaha... you only need 30 seconds to reach the dark side eh? hahah... i tot you were so noble in your initial comment. well, at least you're truthful to yourself... which is a good thing.

twisted heel - let's say a guy book the entire disneyland for you... will you laugh?

neno - wooahh... then you choose who? lin dan?

zewt said...

kayatan - jamy, another one that deserves an exclusive reply :)

yes, i do know where you're coming from as well. but i have to say that it's very difficult to see such thing in the current materialistic environment. also, the age of the girl plays an important part in determining what kinda guy she will choose. dont u think? no offense though. i have personally heard how the requirement criteria of some of my female friends changes as they move along.

ask u one thing... if you have to make the decision of leaving your job and relocating to the US... notwithstanding the fact that you have a loving husband... if the decision to leave is roll back 15 years, would you do it?

very touching to hear your dad's story.

zewt said...

jaezrel - want to let this entry run to see more opinions.

josette - very honest of you... i like it!

hilman - hi there and welcome to AZAIG. charm is often limited when your wallet are well tied... :)... dont u think?

constant craver joe - got mah... i replied already. hahahahaha.... i think you will be scared at the one who dont eat much... haha...

huei - yeah... if he is devoted... IF he is devoted... waht if he is REALLY devoted... wouldnt that make you think twice? haha...

hikazew - hahahahaha... good for you lor. but not for guys who cant earn much. if you notice... those whom i asked that questions are not rich and they claim their gfs are not money minded.

calwin's wife - no offence taken my friend. anyway... i know what you're saying... i truly understand... but my question is... what if there's a guy who satisfy all the conditions and he comes with a 10times wealth wallet? that's the main notion. i am not talking about rich bastards... but rich charming nice guys.

hahaha.... the moderate looking description damn funny.

CRIZ LAI said...

Hmmm...relationship is based on trust. Neither one will be a threat to me. As some of you did say, money can't buy happiness. I agreed to that. I rather stay put with the one I love and ignore all the external "evil" forces that try to ruin our relationship. It did happen to me once but we are still together. I'm glad to find someone who love as who I am and not someone I'm supposed to be.

ahjohn said...

while the conventional way of saying love cant be baught by money, maybe..... but maybe...girls can be bought by money.

I find it true. Sometimes it freaks me out to go for a date. Sometiems, i just wish i can be in overseas cause it is the best way to hide my money from them...

not to exactly say kiamsiap, but these are worse than loansharks.
if your gf happens to have a birthday, dun even try thinking about making cards or a sweet BBQ. you need to have at least, i repeat at least a present more than RM500. and that, they will probbaly give you a nice sex and then forget about that present 2 days ago.

reality check? nah...reality cheque.

neno said...

NOOOOO!!! i repeat : i do NOT like lin dan..kekeke..

Anonymous said...

girls who opted for guy 1, i gerenti u they sure havent got married. ask them to get married, have kids then come bek comment again.

in an ideal world, the girl wud had married guy 1 and after marriage he struck first prize lottery and they live happily after.

but this is not an ideal world leh,LOL.

erinalaw said...

sang yat fai lok sau seng kong.....

Acrelaine said...

huhuhu.. i'm back, i'm back...

miss me?

newayz.. i chose guy number 1... he's hot.. wtf

Anonymous said...

lol.. i like sooi2 comment haha!

"in an ideal world, the girl wud had married guy 1 and after marriage he struck first prize lottery and they live happily after."

baggie said...

oi.. it's calvin's wife k, not calwin... *slap slap*

And well then, if there's such thing as Mr.Perfect & Rich, then I shall have nothing to say. He is the most perfect creation of God and perhaps he is God himself.

End of story. Period. *wink*

JamyTan said...


I believe I will even if 15yrs earlier.

My criteria in terms of $ might not be high but at 38, my criteria of a man is dam high :), he has to be only 2 yrs older or younger, never married, have to be same faith as me (a reform baptist, you got to go to his site to know what kind of man I married :):)). It looks very simple criteria but I tell you it is extremely high. To find a man at 36 or 40 and not divorce and still want to date a woman at 38, that man probably is insane. I think there are a lot of younger, pretty girl who is physically much healthier to be around with. To add insult to the injury, he needs to hold on to 1698 confession of faith that I hold on to strongly.

A lot of gfs asked me to lower my standard lah, never mind lah, if someone is Catholic, Pentecostals, Methodists also ok lah. I stay on my course :). Did not waver a bit.

Yes, my dad plays a very important part in my standard in finding a man. My mom was bed bounded for a year. He sold all his biz so he can take care of her. She was in a comma for a long time, docs asked him to prepare funeral. But, he knew he was alive. He talked to her everyday like she understands. For many months, she did not have any respond until one day he saw tear coming down from her cheeks when he showed her our pictures when we were young and told her to be strong to live to see her grandchildren.

He knew she was alive and has some sensation. She did wake up from her coma. And I tell you we are dam proud of my dad. He was one of the self made millionaire but $ has never changed his good character.

So from my dad, I learned very young that there are more important thing than $ in finding a live long partner. Someone who would not abandoned you when the rough storms in life appear.

I told my husband of my deformities when we 1st dated. I was born with congenital disease. We only married for 1 yr when I had my open surgeries. Yes, docs in Malaysia said I can never have babies cos of my heart issues. But, they did not know that one day I would live in America which has one of the world best health care. I conceived 6wks after my open heart surgery.

In fact, man and woman alike, there are a lot of people out there who looks for superficial things.

Ya, I was dumped by a man who and family dumped me for another girl whose family are richer and who does not have any physical defects. Just before our engagement, he back off, though it was not directly spoken to me but words have conveyed to me might be I will never bring him any off spring, might be my off spring will have heart defect. Ya, life can be cruel, I was dumped for no reason of my fault ! Life is interesting cos some saying do come true, like what comes around will goes around. His 2 child have heart defect , his wife and him have no defect ? My child when he was born scored 10/10 American's infant agar test. I also don't know why ? Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what is round the corner, ha ha ha ha.

I can only has 1 advice to your readers, live true to yourself, don't live a superficial life. Be true to yourself. Live happy cos you never know if you have tomorrow.

Zewt, I won't be writing for a week from Sat onwards cos we are taking our annual summer vacation , YA :)-
Check out my blog next wkend, there will be lots of nice pics :)-

~aSstHa~ said...

hi Zewt,

Am back. Firstly happy b-lated birthday and from wat I read, I'm guessing it was a superb one. Wish someone wud do d same for me but well, it's no good 2 depend on others 2 make u happy no?

Secondly, ur post. *argh* do u need to make me tink on my 1st day back at work not 2 mention mth end closing is today?

well, here's my two cents on the matter. it really depends on the girl herself as to whether or not she's happy with d current situation of d relationship.

guy no.1 can b caring n all but wat consolation will she hv dat he'll continue 2 b d same caring person she met prolly 3 yrs down d line (some can b even shorter den dat).. trust me on dis one. wen a guy normally acts real caring n all ders no guarantee he's gonna maintain it. most of d time, dey do it cos dey wanna pry d girl away from the current bf n dis is wer ALL guys makes d same mistake of taking ur gf for granted after a few years. been der, done dat u noe. trust me, wen a girl moves on 2 guy #1 it's normally bcos her current beau has somewhat neglected her n so she's easily err, wat's d word? seduced? by guy #1.

coming to guy #2, as most of ur readers has said, if she really is d type dat prefers material things den d earlier u know it, d better for u.

as a girl, i've met both guy #1 and guy #2. guy #2 normally gets d door slammed at his face if he thinks bcos he has a lot of dough he can "buy" me, he's in for a shock.

and as i said earlier, guy #1, the caring and niceties fades away sooner or later especially when the guy thinks bcos he's already got u, he doesn't need to pay as much attn to u as b4. it takes two to tango zewt, both parties must look at wat's wrong with the relationship at hand if such a small treat as another guy treatens to break d relationship. work at d problems or else it wasn't really much of a relationship to begin with in d first place if u can't talk honestly to each other, no?

~aSstHa~ said...

owh.. one more thing...
on charming, nice and rich guys... i always think they're a wolf in sheep's clothing...
but den again, you can nvr judge a book by it's cover, no?
as i said. it's the current relationship at hand. if both partners r equally satisfied with each other, none of these guys wud even stand a chance... ;)

may said...

omg, am I too late in here?! *peeks around all the canggih answers*

I'm simple. I'm also a sucker for nice guys. and if we could live comfortably at what we earn, why not. just don't start weeping like a girl, can already... lol!

Anonymous said...

hehey, zewt, can I choose... you ar? muahahahaha, just kidding.
for guy#1 yor, too caring and too nice, good boyfren quality, but bad husband material. If he is too caring and nice, sure he will be doing the same for his buddy fren one. Then I lose the husband to his buddy :(
Guy#2 pulak, too rich no good. Even if he loves me very much, but i can't guarantee that the other girls won't spot him and let him off hook easily.
So both also no good. Me stick to my current poor funny "chicken", if you know what i mean, hehehey ;)

Cherry Popcorn said...

Why did you ask which guy would we fear more? Is there anything to fear from these 2 guys?

But for my personal opinion, I feel that we can talk for as much and as long as we want on which guy to choose, but at the end of the day, I'll choose the guy that makes me happy, makes me laugh, makes me feel safe, and the guy that I love.

If he's rich? Well.. that's an added advantage! =P

Or maybe I'm just a naive innocent girl. Who knows! =)

ah nel said...

i ask my fren gf as tat rich fella got a lot of gals as maybe he just hungry of sex but she say no...welll...tat seem like no used i wana tel her coz she so trust him n he is rich... ;)

Anonymous said...

wah .. interesting, well .. money isn't everything, but without it you can't live .. that's one fact. im in neither side .. ha ha ha.

let's put it this way, every woman dreams or want to be with someone who have a steady life..I repeat, Dreams .. but what you want is not always what you get. so like my last post, it's more or less like this story :

“What is marriage then?” the student asked.

The teacher said,

“in order to answer your question, go to the corn field and choose the biggest corn and come back. But the rule is: you can go throught them only once and cannot turn back to

The student went to the corn field, this time he is careful not to repeat the previous mistake, when he reach the middle of the field, he has picked one medium corn that he feel satisfy, and come back to the teacher. The teacher told him,

“this time you bring back a corn…. you look for one that is just nice, and you have faith and believe this is the best on you get…. this is marriage.”

I think so ...

zewt said...

criz lai - ya, money cant buy happiness... but some said... you just dunno where to look :)

ahjohn - hahahaha... good one bro. love cant be bought by money... girls can. that's a damn good one. i think all girls will hate ppl like us... reality cheque indeed.

neno - ok ok ... lee chong wei... hehe...

sooi2 - are you speaking from experience? that's a very good point there. when reality cheques in.. you really need to have cheques.

erinalaw - tan kiu veli muchie...

Acrelaine - welcome back. you were having exams right?

bongkersz - hahaha... i like it too. that's in an ideal world... but is the world ideal?

zewt said...

calvin's wife - so now correct lor how... calVin's wife... trust me... there is... i am going to be one of them hahaha!!

kayatan - i read your comment and i am envy how God has blessed you... with an honourable dad... a mom who had it all... and now, you have a husband who will give it all to you. i guess you were tested much and you came out unscathed... which is why He is so pleased... His favours were all on you... will certainly check out your summer pics.

aSstHa - thank you for your bday wish... i had a blast that day :) ... well... you gave the conventional answer. i am sure we all know what's the right thing to do... but to actually do it... that's a whole different story.

may - hahaha... dont weep enough... so easy eh? hmmm... want me to intro friends to you?

mich - you cant... cos i am taken :) i think you cant really choose la... cos you're also taken already... sumore deal sealed :P

Princess Shin - hmmm... it's easier for richer guys to make you feel happy... i think. but then again... that's quite up to you...

ah nel - some ppl are just stupid. and i am not only refering to girls... guys too.

cibol - so profound. the corn story i heard is very much different. but i think i like yours better.

me said...

then other things will have to come into consideration, of course. like his sense of humour, how he treats his elders, how he is with kids, is he the type to share burden and housework with you...and of course, the most important, whom you have feelings for.

Anonymous said...

yay! #100th komen !

100% speaking from experience. just make sure u chequed that ur pile of money is in place before u plan to duplicate urself, jah? :)

zewt said...

me - ahhh... feelings, i think that's the most important thing. unfortunately... money can stimulate a lot of feelings.

sooi2 - woooaah.... never thought this post will be my century break! hahaha... i guess you're hoping your man will strike a lottery soon eh? haha!

Anonymous said...

here's the thing...i actually married a no.2 man, but along the way "economy" got bad and he became a no.1.

so yes, no harm in striking a lottery,haha!

zewt said...

sooi2 - ahhh... speaking from experience... you should give a testimony to the rest of the noble females her. no disrespect of cos.

Anonymous said...

this kind of thing where can teach one, must experience then only they know. if i teach they sure throw parang my way, ahaks!

incidentally, my husband is a "figure cruncher" just like u. ;-)

zewt said...

sooi2 - hahaha... yeah, judging by the comments here... there will certainly be a lot of parang throwing.

Z said...

if you were my guy (hypothetically speaking) i'd say guy 1, but only a little. how can anyone be always nice? it's unrealistic. sooner or later he'll show his darker side. ;T

guy 2, for me, is such a turnoff. i feel like his riches are used to 'bribe' me into feeling that i should love him. it's like poor spoilt rich kids where their parents give them everything they want except emotional bonds.

i'm a strong believer in 'it's the thought that counts', and i dont want my guy to give (that they probably just buy) me things in exchange for TLC. i'd prefer a not-so-nice-looking handmade cake than a bought, expensive one. the emotional attachment to it is just different. it wouldn't last.

from a girl's POV, i'd still prefer a partner who is suitable with me financially. what we become after a long union, richer or whatever, we'll work it out ourselves. =)

zewt said...

zaty - did u read the follow up posts and summary to this theme? hahaha...

Little Jennifer said...

through ur post, i was surprised with your assumptions..guys cant beat with the rich fellow...no matter how sweet he is ...at the end of the day, all $$$$...i have seen many friends, friends' families...all of them...just that the same...like a friend of mine, she was living happily with him..but he is little bit poor..yea...just LITTLE BIT..she is not really money-minded..since dating until about 7 to 8 months...she starting bombered him looking for higher pay job lar...why you are not as rich as my ex-bf...all these things came emerged day by day...

what i want to say is that..--> the reality ALWAYS leads people to move forwards and yet..PEOPLE STARTED TO DEMAND MORE & MORE...IF CANT FULFILL...ARGUEMENTS WILL JUST BE LIT LIKE THAT...love would properly becomes 'gan jing'...as time goes by, everything will change...no matter how sweet he was..he would properly changed...at the end of the day...MONEY still the only thing which I think is important..

you could say --> MONEY-MINDED BITCH...but nowadays...if a girl tells u i dont love money...u properly in trouble to be with her...

i have having a friend..she got to know a guy..young and rich guy...in front of him...the girl pretending like LIL innocent girl..god know that she is calculate and trying use all kind of tactics..just to hook him...she always 'imagine'..if I be with him ..i can buy many things bla bla bla....to be..THAT IS TRULY MONEY-MINDED BITCH!

zewt said...

alcoholic - well, i have to say i agree with you. but many ppl who commented say that money will not change their mind. i have to say... when the test comes, that's when they will know if it will happen. that's why i wrote... "when the if turns real".

Little Jennifer said...

''when the if turns real''..ha-ha-ha..certainly, some people might not agree my view...let's put it in this way...

i, for instance...my first bf dated with me for a year or two...at the end of the relationship..he almost destroy my life and my family made a decision and our whole family moved to a place which is far apart from my ex-home...

and now...after 5 years...i met an ex-classmate...she told me about him even thought she knew that i had been hurted so badly...she told me he neither change his job nor the way he reacts....everything remained the same...when i look back, reminisce everything he did to me..i feel so lucky that he hurted me so deep until i moved to another place and started everything all over again....

i dont deny that the time which i had been with him was the most happiest moments..but i lived in a life which now i described it as 'poor'..very very poor...can you get what i mean...? he..he looks good, very very good..sweetalks...but lack of ambitious...does any girl want a bf like tht....? 5 years ady, my salary is more than him even i am just doing some part timejobs...money still a measurement at the end of the day..this is wat i thought~

i didnt know how to say...hope that you could at least get what i trying to say...

zewt said...

alcoholic - well, glad you made the right choice 5 years ago. but for u to move away... i guess it must have been quite a dramatic incident. well, money is not everything but without it, you're nothing. it really make some sense, dont you think?

zoemusic said...

I am money minded. my boyfriend is not rich though. I enjoy spending my own money, not earn by others. my bf and I plans to build our own dream from zero. we are both workaholic. :D

even so, there are many girls who are indeed money minded, esp those fr broken families. money can make them more secure. some really likes to spend their bf's money, I would say, if guy can be so addicted to sex why girls can't love money?

Little Jennifer said...

''well, money is not everything but without it, you're nothing. it really make some sense, dont you think?''

i agreed with above statement..if u r rich today, people surrounding are ''apple-polish'' u even the fact is the other way around...

and bout zoemusic...i have the same thought as she does.

zewt said...

zoemusic - wow... that is a good point u made there. i guess it's a fair world after all. kudos on you spending only your own money.

sugarbaby - haha... u and her can be friends then :)