Wednesday 6 May 2009

What’s your law?

A simple hypothetical game was played in a small gathering. The question asked was…

“If you are given a chance to enact a law, what would it be?”

Of course, it must be a law which is reasonable; though reasonable can be very subjective. Moreover, the law must also be one where you will be able to adhere to. Amongst those being mentioned which might fall within your choice are:-

Motorcycles should be banned from the roads! --- Wow, rempit-free roads, how many of you want that?

Wednesday will be made a non-work weekday. --- can you imagine midweek is also a celebration besides weekend? What say you?

I am sure some of you are curious by now of the law that I will put in place if given the chance. I can’t be totally honest with the law, else I might be viewed as evil *grin*… Hence, I shall be a little noble…

I will make it illegal for anyone to “ta-pau” (take away / bungkus) without bringing their own container, punishable by a severe fine.

I definitely have no problem complying with it as I am already doing it. So what’s your law?

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leyaw said...

Minimum wage for every employee


Labour law to protect an employee's benefits


Everyone who works OT will have to be compensated

3POINT8 said...

tax rebates for those who carpool.

Kellaw said...

death penalty/murder trial for smokers at public places

jam said...

Take out the special privilege clause.

Klaw said...

Revise the 110km/h speed limit upwards. Seriously.

Rashikaps said...

Many actually - Zig zagging bikers issued tickets/fined
No honking!
Death sentence for rapists
Extremely strict action against potential terrorists and rogue elements.. As for 'real' terrorists ... ah well..

day-dreamer said...

There will still be people breaking those laws... like now. LOL.

iamthewitch said...

No more tolls!!!

Leno said...

How about,

It is "ILLEGAL" to bring own container to "ta-pau", and punishable by severe fine.

It is "ILLEGAL" to ask for 'Minimum Wage' if you are not planning to become an employer, but just want to stay employed.

It is "ILLEGAL" to ask for TOLL FREE unless you yourself own or build the highway.

Whoa ... I just open up a new perception to everyone ..kah kah kah ... !

pinknpurplelizard said...

Wow... There will be many.

Firstly, abolish the 1st and 2nd class citizens status. Everyone to be equal.

2. Policemen and other ppl on the enforcement team to undergo check-ups and fitness tests yearly. Fat enforcement ppl are just so not right! And they have to enforce the law as well.

3. Minimum wage.

4. Bring back English! A must to pass just like BM.

5. All sex offenders to be castrated or hung.

6. Drivers who are involved in too many accidents esp deadly ones to be jailed and license revoked.

7. Transparency in systems and out with corruption.

8. Public have a right to execute any dumbass politicians.

I could go on and on and on and on... I should stop there. ;)

Anonymous said...

smoking ban at all places, cigarette cost $1k/batang, smoking allowed only inside 'smoker tube' which the smoker can only get out of the tube after all the smoke is sucked into their body


Zuraida said...

make it a 4 day working day!!!!!!


Huei said...

U can keep as many pets as you want as long as you take good care of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

definitely more than 1 dog per house..or 2....

foongpc said...

1. Afternoon nap to be made compulsory for all workers.

2. A 4-day work week.

3. No smoking in public places or imprisonment for no less than 2 years.

4. No littering or do community work for a week.

5. Drunk drivers to be banned from driving for the next 10 years.

6. No talking on the phone in cinema or concert halls or get kicked out immediately with no refund.

7. Snatch thieves to be caned no less than 5 lashes and imprisoned no less than 3 years.

8. Queue jumpers to be prosecuted.

9. Car park operators to be responsible for all cars parked in their premises.

10. Car owners who double park their cars to be fined minimum RM500 on the first offence, and 3 months jail on the second offence, and driving license revoked on the 3rd offence.

vincent said...

Execute idiots who try to come up with stupid ideas and pass them off as 'the law'.

Oh no, wait....

Sheena said...

I agree with pinkandpurplelizard on transparency:

Compulsory annual declaration of all assets by all YBs.

Compulsory progress-report on all election promises & accounting of money allocated in the year's budget.

For all logging companies & any new logging ventures to be reviewed by an independent body to assess socio-environmental sustainability.

In fact, for it to be compulsory for all logging companies & any company involved in any way in land-development to provide sustainable development. (We'll wrangle exact terms later.)

Pet peeve: FOR ALL PLASTIC BAGS TO BE PHASED OUT IN 15 YEARS.Am I the only one who finds the sheer number of bags handed out by supermarkets like Carrefour for tiny, tiny purchases absolutely ludicrous??For any gang-members caught recruiting school-children to gangs to be punished.

For any family of any JPA scholar reneging on their bond to be fined DOUBLE the amount of taxpayers' money spent on them.

For any government servant caught spending taxpayers' money recklessly (eg. anyone still remember the RM600 screwdrivers?) to have the same amount of money deducted from their salary.

For every breach of social welfare, eg. poverty of family, lack of education, or child abuse, to be thoroughly investigated in terms of who are the authorities, eg. social welfare dept. who could have prevented the incident, but were too lax.


This is a really good topic, Zewt :) 'course, the gathering a bit no-lifelah (J/K! :) ) but seriously, good conversation topic.

zewt said...

leyaw - i like the OT bit. but just 1 law ok? :)

3POINT8 - wonderful!

Kellaw - hahaha... you have a killing instinct eh?

jam - ooo... sensitive.

Klaw - you're a speed demon eh? 1 law and u choose to do this.

zewt said...

rashikaps - only 1 law? i guess u will choose the rapist bit.

day-dreamer - cos now, no law.

iamthewitch - hahaha... so simple? think more lah.

Leno - you will be against the law then haha.

pinkpurplelizard - liz... a law... singular :P i am sure u will choose the sex offenders bit right?

zewt said...

anon @ 7/5 4.11pm - hahahahah.... wicked! i like it!

Zuraida - hehe... all will second this motion.

huei - there is a limit now?

foongpc - aiyo... 1 law only lah. dont be so greedy la.

vincent - hmmm... very subjective.

Sheena - just 1 law sheena... anyway, absolutely agree with the plastic bag thingy. u know why? cos those ppl at the counter has absolutely no education or whatsoever about the environment. the other day, i bought coms candy and that fella gave me a big plastic bag... i just said... "tak payah"... sigh...

Elizebeth D.L. said...

How about:-

It's illegal for a doctor who has not gone through cancer himself, to treat cancerous patient.

Then these doctors will know how to respect the patients and their family members.

Unknown said...

Elizabeth: Then I'm afraid you're not going to have a lot of oncologists.

Elizebeth D.L. said...

Sheena, I didn't mention "oncologists" to be specific, I just mentioned "doctors".

I will make it transparent, the doctor that treated my dad's case in SJMC I feel he is not fit to be a doctor, he is not oncologist, he is just someone diagnosing the case and do operation. Yes, I am still sour about it because I only have 1 dad.

zewt said...

Elizabeth - watching grey's anatomy made me realised that doctors are trained to be "heartless", to only see a patient as a case. that is why a good doctor is one who can do beyond that, like Patch Adam. I understand what you have gone through.

Sheena - The reason why Elizabeth feels this way is due to her bad experience. I am sure we all have our stand. I guess the best way to prove that doctors or oncologists are good doc is simply... to be one... i am sure you can do it :)