Sunday 31 May 2009

A thought while terminating

I watched Terminator Salvation last Friday. Oh no, this is not a movie review type of post. I don’t think I want to go down the movie critic route. Would rather go down the movie-audience critic path though this post isn’t exactly that either.

Ya’ know, it can be quite cool for some to be fighting machines in funky looking guns and travelling around in hi-tech planes. To the adventurous, fighting machines would certainly be quite an experience. Certainly, many would not enjoy the limited food and constant death that comes with it. And… did I mention no time to laze around and surf the net?

But amidst all that, a thought came to me…

I would imagine that if scenario like Terminator Salvation becomes a reality, it would also be a time where we will see each other in a totally different light.

It would be time where regardless of whether you are educated, illiterate, superbly gifted or hopelessly talent-less, so long as you are willing to fight, you will be taken in as comrades. And since survival depends on the fight, you will most probably… fight.

It would be a time where regardless of whether you look like a hunk (for guys) or like a supermodel (for girls), you are only as good as your courage to hold a gun to face the machines.

It would be a time where regardless of whether you are rich or poor, food will be made available to you because generally, no one wants you dead. Having you alive means an additional man to fight.

It would be a time where regardless of whether you are rich or poor, medical assistance will be given to you because, again, generally no one wants you dead for quite the same reason mentioned above.

It would be a time where regardless of whether you are American, European, Japanese, Chinese, Malays or Indians, you will always be seen as a compatriot, a fellow human, fighting for survival.

But of course, we don’t have Skynet and machines killing us so… we will continue to live our lives according to our differences.

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Cindy Khor said...

totally agree with you. when it comes to war, its like all human beings are treated equal, but if we live peacefully, discrimination keeps popping out here and there, especially obvious in the foreign country.

i'm gonna catch this movie soon.

vegemaster said...

its true, but im sure there was also a part where the female pilot was assaulted by a few men. therefore, despite having a mutual enemy, human greed or selfish still cant be removed that easily. I guess its a message to all of us that mankind is indeed a selfish and greedy world.

Personally, i feel that if there is indeed a war against the machines, it wouldnt be as glamorous as Terminator:salvation or any other action-packed films where humans all stand united agaisnt a mutual enemy.

Self greed and selfishness will just take control of us and we will do what it takes to survive. Not together but only for ourselves. Therefore in reality, a john connor wont exist.

Anonymous said...

hmm interesting.. robots fighting are cool.. haha..

i havent watch the movie yet.. looking forward to it.. =)

whoalse said...

most movies have hidden messages and this movie definitely is one of them. Survival of the mankind.

jacss said...

sure or not...dimana u saw them? meaning u must hv saw me also ma... :)P ??
so long never step into d cinema edi:( So do u like to be differentiated or not??

tulipspeaks said...

It needs a tragedy for the people to be united and to stay united.


drumsticks said...


guess what? i used to think there's a way to unite us malaysians is when aliens invade the earth one day.. and instead of chasing power, being occupied with racial/religion discrimination, all of us regardless of race and religion will only have one common goal to fight for - the aliens. how cool.. :) perhaps, that's why some countries which suffer natural disasters are more united for the citizens have fought for something together - survival. and not us.

fufu said...

wow nice essay!! enjoy reading this... yeah we should all fight for our futures... erm... but of course not alone!! we should gather the power and work in unity... otherwise we would not get what we supposed to have >.<

zewt said...

Cindy Khor - though it can be quite obvious in foreign countries... it is still not institutionalised... unlike here... sigh...

vegemaster - true.... that is why, humans will forever in conflict. there can never be absolute peace. so movies like startrek, the existence of a federation... bullshit. - dont put too much hope.

whoalse - in terms of hidden message, i prefer "the day the earth stood still".

jacss - i think i saw them in one of the shopping mall. or may all kids look the same.

tulipspeaks - sometimes, a tragedy is not sufficient. need more drastic scenarios.

drumsticks - hahaha... i had the same thought too. we all need a common enemy. sigh... humans, always a race fighting against each other.

fufu - hello, welcome to AZAIG. unity is something which is only a fantasy. or should i say, some quarters want to break unity in order to ensure power.

Jacy said...

Why don't presidents fight the war? why do they always send the poor huh? That's sadly, the reality right now in the world we're living in. As much as I want to put hope that discriminacy is pushed aside completely, it won't happen man. Not when I'm still alive here witnessing all those terrible stuffs happening here and there.

Well then again, if everything was as peaceful and unified, it would be robotic.

zewt said...

jacy - haha... you're not suggesting suffering just to make things non-robotic.... are u?