Wednesday 19 November 2008

Part 3: The Great Tribulation

Part 1: How will the end begins?
Part 2:
To Capture the Rapture

I have always wondered… if one day, 95% of the Christians around the world just vanish from the face of the earth, how will the world react to such phenomenon. Aliens have suddenly developed an interest in Christians perhaps? And what about those who are left behind?

The time after the Rapture is called The Great Tribulation (“TGT”), and it’s not a pleasant period based on interpretations. In Matt 24:15-22, in which scholars have interpreted that it gave a glimpse of how tribulation times will be; Christians are told to “run to the hills”, “woe to those who are pregnant” and “great distress”.

It is a time where most Christians are believe to have been taken to the clouds and the anti-Christ will be allowed to rule the world. I guess it puts life to the saying… “all hell breaks lose”. Perhaps there will be people who will actually enjoy life during this period. After all, “all hell breaks lose” sure sounds more fun than being lifted to the clouds right?

It was also interpreted that TGT will stretch over a period of 7 years. You may
>read here on how the interpretation is derived. Quite deep and I have to read it twice before being able to digest it. Again, it is just an interpretation by people. How long will it actually last… only God knows.

During the first half of the period, presumably 3.5 years; mankind will enjoy prosperity. Assuming 95% of Christians gone and then mankind enjoy prosperity, speaks a lot about the existence of Christians on earth huh? [grin]

Lo and behold, the second half of the TGT, as read in Revelation 13:5, the ruler (i.e. anti-Christ) will break the peace and bring chaos to the world. It’s like “all hell breaks lose” level 2. Some interpreted that those who defy him will be beheaded, literally. Maybe after that, the body will be c4-ed. Just joking. But the headed part is real.

It is at the end of the TGT that things will be so messed up where some actually predicted nuclear war, God will come back and clean things up. Then a period interpreted as the “1000 year Christ rule” will take place. It will be a time of peace where satan will be imprisoned.

Sounds boring eh? Imagine Jesus ruling the world, physically, for 1000 years, I am sure many will think… where is the fun? Will talk more later in the next instalment.

TGT has got many interpretations and some are pretty scary. One thing for sure, it is a time where I would rather not be in. I would rather be lifted up during Rapture and stay there happily playing the harp with probably a ring on top of my head.

Anyway, I have this burning question…

I have shared these series of event to many people and more often than not, I am being laughed at. Of course, these are not Christians. But let’s say… let’s just say… if suddenly a peace deal is successfully brokered in middle-east and the very next day, you wake up to a breaking news that a whole load of Christians have disappeared…

Will you go just shrug it off and continue with your life?
Will you brace yourself for the good “all hell breaks lose” times?
Will you head to church and try to save your soul?
What would be your reaction?

P/S: Don’t ask for my reaction cause I will be playing my harp up there already :P


myop101 said...

Hehe... you know who I am la. So a bit academic to answer.

I only have 1 verse to share with you.

"For the word of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God."

1 Corinthians 1:18

Lynn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CV said...

well, 1st of i will feel sad because i have christian friends.

After the sadness are over, i would realize that :"hey, the percentage of christian reported are actually wrong. There are far lesser number Christians who disappeared from the face of the earth"


Anonymous said...

I've always coveted my Christian friend's belongings. Time to stock up then. :)

Faisal Admar said...

I'd choose this one:

"shrug it off and continue with your life"

Anonymous said...

Answers from a non-christian:
Will you go just shrug it off and continue with your life? Yes
Will you brace yourself for the good “all hell breaks lose” times? No need, just carry on as usual.
Will you head to church and try to save your soul? No.
What would be your reaction?
Happy cos no need to layan those people who keeps asking me to go to church functions.

Pike-chan said...

Reply from a non-Christian

Will you go just shrug it off and continue with your life?
= Just continue with my life, ain't wasting my precious time thinking about all these...

Will you brace yourself for the good “all hell breaks lose” times?
= Look step see step, can not think too much of something that might NOT happen

Will you head to church and try to save your soul?
= NO

What would be your reaction?
= Life your life right and be happy always. Can't be bothered too much of it.

Anonymous said...

Zewt, if you get to heaven before me, please reserve a spot for me. *starts to practise her harp*

lovegoddess said...

haha.. nice post zewt ! i thoroughly enjoy reading this one :)

well when TGT happens guess i'll just continue to enjoy what life has to offer and stay sweet la, don't do stuffs like harming/hurting people. not that i'm doing that now la :)

looking forward to your next write !

Anonymous said...

wah, liddat make sure you harp music reaches us down here on plain ol earth. ;)

Anonymous said...

Mind boggling. I don't think I want to even think about it and perhaps, have a beer to go along with the BBQ in hell.

Zuraida said...

great interpretation...i love the beheading and c4-ed bit...

i guess we will all wonder when the day will happen and whether this is all true, but till then...hahahaah....lets just have fun because when hell break's loose we might not be getting any...


Angie Tan said...

Haahaa... Love the C4 bit!! :-)

You're right to ask this. Imagine the pain and guilt you feel if you were "left behind".

Have you watched the series "Afterworld"? It's a cool series which asks the questions you asked too. Suddenly technology collapsed and people just "vanish" ala Rapture style.

I can't imagine 1000 years of Christ rule... Peace for hundreds of generations...

Anonymous said...

Christians have always been at odds with one another, e.g. Catholics vs Protestants; Orthodox vs Catholics; Mainline Protestants vs Evangelists etc. While the rift of Christian unity is still very large despite having gone through 1000 years since the Great Schism and 500 years since the Reformation, I don't think that God would lift 95% of all Christians up to Heaven when they're still engaging in their dogmatic wars. Unless the Christians you mean exclude those followers of the Church that you think is heretical.

That said, I guess some factions would be exalted if this really happens.

zewt said...

myop101 - Amen to that!

lynn - hmmm... why did you delete your comment?

Noble - hahaha... definitely a lot will be left behind... i feel.

Klaw - now, that is a true opportunist! ha~

Faisal Admar - fair enough :)

PasserByInLife - hahaha... sometimes, they ask becos they care... sometimes lah.

pikey - well, if it's true, the 3.5 years will be a blast anyway, eh?

zewt said...

Jemima - i am sure we will all go together.

lovegoddess - well, sometimes circumstances may not allow you to do good all the time, no?

life for beginners - i will play as hard as i can hahahaha!

gina - BBQ in hell... i think you can do that 24/7 :)

Zuraida - might not get any? all depends on what is being let loose eh?

Angie Tan - nowadays series... a lot of things have got eng times connoctations...

kyh - you have a point. sad to say, christians arent the best bunch of ppl around. shame of us.

Lynn said...

Well... i deleted my comment becoz i m not in the right state of mind to comment.

But this has always been in the bottom of my heart.

when i use to be a stronger Christian whithout the cares of this world, i shared about God. But i don't go sharing about Oh,,Jesus love you.......jesus wants to be your friend, Because THAT doesn't work. They can say.." What...? My god loves me osso wat...all religons teach ppl to be good wat... not only christians wahh...

True. and we can osso argue that and faith;s followers are sinners...stalers, liars, fuckers....

So instead...i ony used that concept of ' If you die today you SURE you going to heaven ah?" and...i'll also tell them what my Bible says that there is something called a Rapture that is evitably coming u kknow what to do then?

Whatever ppl will say about it... " Ah Lians came to earth and took all the Christians away lor... now we are FREE! " and all that bullshit...

At least if they have sense they will remember wat i told them.

That that is actually thier 2ND choice.

U want to go to heaven, don't take the mark of the interpreted as probably being the bar code..I can count the number 666 from any bar code you give me.

It will be imprinted either on your forehead or hand. Because the anti-Christ goverment will call it the most safe financial system. If you want to buy or sell, you need to show your forehead or forearm and ur bank account will be deducter from what you purchase.

If you use credit cards or cash, thieves can rob you easily. But at that time, if they want your money, they need to chop your head or hand and bring it to the cashier to know...using those re light thingee they've already been emplying at almost every supermarket counter now....yeah the one that reads bar codes off the products.

Hmmmm...MUCH safer technique leh... who dowan?

BUT Bible warns us d, many will fal...coz it's the PERFECT SAFeTY SOLUTION..problem is...that's the mark of the beast. you take it, it's one way to HELL.

Think its' a party in hell? Think you gonna groove it with Marilyn Monroe? Bleah...she'll be all covered with worms and dissolved flesh and bones left...go la party with her,

Well.. that's what my Bible says..

That's all...that's why didn't want to comment after al...coz some ppl might be stubborn and thnkg " HAHAHAHA....CRAZY GIRL!!"

Hey... I didnt' say these things worr... Not my masterpiece of idea worr...BIBLE say one worr...

Ciao Zewt.. :)

Anonymous said...

Will celebrate the dissappearance of christians with the rest of the world. BWHAHAHAHAHA!!

Huei said...

aye..y all religious?

Will you go just shrug it off and continue with your life?

No, because I would've lost many great friends! And also i won't have Zewt's blog to read!

What would be your reaction?

pray for a letter to be sent to me from wherever you christians are..n tell me you're all safe! ;P

As for the middle 2 questions, duno how to answer la =P

Anonymous said...

the rapture only happens when all the people of the world has heard the when we;re raptured, then it'll open their eyes to see that what we're preaching is really happening! and when they believe, the persecution will be on them because then, they'll be the only believers left on earth until the 2nd coming of Christ.

zewt said...

lynn - like your funny and yet lethal description of the bible hahaha... well, we all have a choice, that's what God gave us. leave it to the ppl to decide, right?

Allen. G - hahaha... terribla la u.

huei - i will send you an e-mail... or comment in your blog still hahahah...

lynnwei - too many interpretations. our job is to be... prepared. that's all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Zewt,
I think this will interest you,perhaps you can add it to your blog uh??
greetings fr europe

zewt said...

anon @ 26/11 9.48 - wow...!! i am at episode 2... very enlightening... i shall post it up in my final instalment of end times :) thanks...

Anonymous said...

Hi. interesting post yet it really takes guts to post em up...
its scary when think abt these things and thats why we as Christians ought to live our lifes holy day by day and to repent when we know we should...
:) ehh i like your guts posting this up lahh! I wanna link you hehe...

zewt said...

makeupheek - hi there! hehehe... link away... it's a free world of blogging, of cos got guts lah :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Zewt I am glad you're enlightened!!!

anon @ 26/11 9.48 Jennifer

zewt said...

jennifer - hmm... i have yet to complete the series... shall get into it.

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