Thursday 22 February 2007

Go with your flow vs Blog for a show

How was everyone’s CNY celebration? A bountiful ‘ang pow’ harvest? Definitely plenty of sinful indulgence… perhaps it’s time to hit the gym after today. I should be, since I’ve been such a glutton. But hey, I am sure we all agree that we deserve it right? After all, it’s only once a year.

One thing for sure, blogging has been scarce, for me I mean. Not for others though, kudos to though who still managed to squeeze time from their CNY schedule to continue blogging.

Blogging… been talking about it lately. If you wish to blog,
time shouldn’t be a problem, nor topic. But readership seems like an important ingredient for some. Actually, there’s no blog that’s without a reader. For those personal and private blogs, the blogger himself/herself is the reader, don’t u think?

As for those who thinks readership is important, what do you do to keep the readership going? Or increase readership for that matter. I’ve said earlier that 90% of the stuff I intend to blog about has not appeared in my blog, or not yet. Someone what are those, and more importantly, why didn’t I blog about them already. Honestly? I think the time is not right yet.

I think most of us started a blog with a particular direction in mind, your flow of thoughts are very much established. Basically, you sort of know what do you want to blog about, despite the lack of topic somewhat. As time goes by, do you deviate from that direction?

Recently, a blog by the name of compiled a list of
50 most influential blogs in Malaysia. Occupying the top slot is none other than I’ve visited quite a number of blogs and his blog is often categorised as “A must read” or “Daily reads” or “Daily blog dosage”… somewhere along such line.

His is a personal blog with loads of pictures, sometimes enhanced with photoshop. Imagine this… what do you think will happen if he stats to blog about the English Premier League? Or he starts blogs about politics? One would wonder how many people will continue to brand his blog as “Daily Reads”. Having said that, I would if he starts to blog about those.

KennyMah once commented that it’s up to him to keep his blog interesting as he enjoys having people reading his blog. Well, I have to agree with him. But again, do you deviate from your original ‘theme’ in order to keep your blog interesting?

The villain in the movie “
Speed” said “A bomb is meant to explode, that’s the destiny of a bomb”. Can the same be said about blogs? Not explode of course, but to be read. Metaphorically speaking, do you continue to ‘build your bomb’? Or just anything as long as it explodes? … do you go with your flow … or are you going to build for a show… hmmm….

Now, I wonder how many people will continue to read my blog…


rainbow angeles said...

Stop wondering further... just blog it! ;)

Anonymous said...

Just do it.
Be yourself and do what you like
If one likes it they will come back
Please yourself before pleasing others, which is so often not the case if I may say so

Weig said...

Two thousand and seventy seven readers, Zewt. And counting...Well, actually, its less than that cause everytime the blog refreshes, those who are still in the page gets a double count. Sorry, did I just blow your bubble (I mean bomb)?

PS. I think everyone likes feeling read. Same goes with everyone here who puts in a thought or two, its nice to know that the zewtpinion will get a response from the master poster (o' wise one, please continue lest my workday makes me take trips to the toilet for naps.)

PPS. Unlike the likes of certain papers (the absence of functional word 'news' is intentional) who encourage public opinion via so called blogs and then hauls a few to a day or two in court. I mean, what the hell do you think an opinion is anyway?!

Anonymous said...

yoz bro.
i like your blog cos the way u put things. u r an amusing character and sheds a different light on issues. that's what it offers me. also, your blog persona is attractive~~
i like this quote btw
"For those personal and private blogs, the blogger himself/herself is the reader, don’t u think?"


for me, i blog for me. the issues that concern me most but at the same time i try to tone it we erm are supposed to be (*ahem*) responsible bloggers~~

Lobak said...

hi!! happy new year...i'm so sorry i actually didn't read the whole post..but my cny was fine..i'm still busy as ever and i'm giving u a courtesy 'comment' *cheers!*

happy new year and may you have many blessed returns this year...btw..i don't really know wat PJEFC stands for..i don't attend that church..was just passing by :D


zewt said...

angel - of cos i will... ain't going to stop!

zeroimpact - please myself before pleasing others huh... that's damn right!

cirnell - always a pleasure to ensure that you do not make trips to the toilet for naps.... cos i do know how bad the toilet there is. well, as for replying to external zewtpinions... i guess it's only appropriate.

freelunch - hey bro. thanks for your kind words. as for toning it down... well, go with your flow bro... your flow...

blueapple - thanks for the courtesy comments. and thanks for dropping by.

Pookyma said...

Welcome back from zewt...btw u just got tagged by me...pls do k...gimme a lil' bit face..thx

Nora aka Anon Fm Miri said...

Nice Blog.

Keep on blogging


the witch's broo said...

hi zewt,

yeah, you were on holiday. i had been going to yr blog to see if you had updated...
now, finally.
well... i know i wont stop reading yr blog and giving my comments....
ciao! and keep on blogging, yr blog.


hi zewt,

how can you lose your fans, man?
i know i will be reading "As Zewt As It gets".

Anonymous said...

Another blogger, spiffy asked me a similar question: What do I choose to write in my blog to attract readers?

Well, again, I'll look at what I enjoy reading in others' blogs:

a) Humour
b) Informative (about stuff I'm interested in)
c) Emotionally raw & honest
d) All of the above

And just sometimes I read a blog entry or two that manages (d) and that's payday! That's why I continue to read blogs... never know what's good out there. Some of it might even be great.

As for my own blog, maybe one day I'll get a reader or two that feels it's a (d) and that is reward in itself.

H.C. Tan said...

thanks for dropping by =P erm i guess just write watever u want lo, if they find it appealing then they'll come back. sumtimes its very hard to blog for others though..hv to think of what to write. i find mine getting duller by the day..but its my blog, so..who cares rite?hahah. btw..keong hee huat zai..and Liv rules!!! win over barca la dei..hehe


hi again zewt,

when my good friend zaharah (kak Teh of choc-a-blog)tagged me,one of the names that came to mind was yours.
hope you dont mind.... but i have tagged you. please read my blog.

Anonymous said...

wah zewt..apparently u r a big time crowd puller....

well i think if u modify what u write to ur readership then ur blog will turn into a the sense that you would only want to cater to a certain genre ....not to mention to make some money of it haha

i understand that some blogs have some profit motive but its only because they need to cover the server hosting fee n etc...

well i guess stories that are thought provoking with hunmour, sarcasm and pics thrown in normally draw the crowd..regardless of the topic...agree?

BaitiBadarudin said...

yeah, why not make money at something you enjoy doing? and i mean blogging!

baggie said...

say what you wanna say, not what your reader wants you to blog about.. :) It is your own originality that readers love about you.

zewt said...

pookyma - since you said give face... then I give face lor...

Anon.Fm Miri - hi there, welcome. you should too.

witch's broo - hey, thanks for dropping by regularly. ya, i was on holiday and doing my visiting, thus, not much time to blog. really appreciate your comments.

Nuraina - thanks for dropping by again. it's really good to know someone like you reads my blog. and I'm done with the tagging stuff.

Kenny Mah - wow, you have to let me know about blogs that manage to obtain a (d)... i gotta read such blogs too. well, one thing for sure, your blog is certainly (b).

H.C.Tan - keong hee huat zai... your blog is ok... dunno if it's "duller". One thing for sure... liverfool sucks!! Wait till they meet ManU... then they'll be taught a lesson! haha!

Economist - well, you know sarcasm and humour are pretty much my main trait... I guess I will continue to incorporate those into my entries, whatever the topic may be. And you've been tagged!

QueenB - well, I think this blog will lose it's direction and identity if I am blogging for money. Don't u think?

Calvin's girl - thanks... I shall do just that!

Anonymous said...

Haha, I like the fact so many feel my blog is a (b) now, but earlier readers would feel it isn't (b) at all, but completely (c) - all feeling feeling aje tapi no isi.

For examples of (d), I'll recommend Waiter Rant. It's really all of it, but you have to read enough entries to get an overall feel. There was one entry where he met a girl in bar and suddenly she lost interest when she realised he was still a waiter all these years later...