Friday 2 February 2007

The tail to the tales...

Relationship… romance… love… we all long for it despite being burnt countless times. It’s like a condom, you would rather have it and don’t need it… rather than when you need it but don’t have it. Of course, some of us are fortunate enough to need it and have it at the same time (I mean love… not condom).

Like what QueenB said, relationship stuff is more complicated than rocket science. I couldn’t agree more. Sometimes, you think you should follow your head, but you end up following your heart. For guys, even worse, have to choose between head, heart… or dick.

Will age be a factor, as mentioned by AhJohn, Economist and PrincessEileen. They said girls above 25 will probably think love isn’t so blind after all. True? Or is it time, as mentioned by min? For the longer the waiting game goes, the higher the tendency for all parties to stop playing it? Or as Deborah said, revenge has a part to play in it.

I quite like Cirnelle’s opinion about Story 1, that is to date OTRFH on a probation basis! Haha… makes me wonder if you give a probation period to anyone who dates you. One thins for sure, the general consensus is that we tend to go for the things we can’t obtain. Like what Daisythecow said, the forbidden fruit is always more enticing. Oh yeah, I am sure Adam will testify to that. Of all comments, I like pink-lollipop’s comment best. Concise yet precise and brutally honest.

Right… I said there was a twist in the 2 tales and you know what? One reader managed to guess it, albeit by chance. Those who didn’t read the earlier entry, click here.

A tail revealed:

The title says it all. There’s only 1 conclusion to the stories. Why? Hehe… because the girl in story 1 and story 2… is the same! Mr.ROFH was dating someone full time and he was cheating on his gf with the girl in the story. That was probably the reason why he only calls when he was free… because it was an affair! (Huei, you got it right!). So yes, the girl rejected Mr.OTRFH to continue to ‘go out’ with a cheating Mr.ROFH, despite him not being able to give her 100% attention.

It went on for a while and the this-is-wrong-we-should-do-it-no-more drama stepped in and the pseudo couple called it off. Ahhh… once off, guess who felt the pinch? Yes, the girl now became the forbidden fruit and Mr.ROFH suddenly feel he wanted her instead of she wanted him. So this guy went and confessed to the official queen to the throne (i.e. the gf la) and the real relationship ended.

Now that the burden of a real relationship is over, Mr.ROFH can officially go out with the girl but does the girl wanna go out with him now?... ……………… I can see many of you guessing ‘No’. But the answer is yes. She didn’t choose Mr.OTRFH after the break up of the pseudo relationship, she didn’t play hard to get. In fact, I think she knows exactly what will happen after their initial ‘break-up’, it’s like a well planned plan. After all, girls can be evil. And no, she is not young, she is way above 25, so I guess age is not exactly a factor. As of to-date, the girl and Mr.ROFH are still together.

What happened to Mr.OTRFH? Oh… as soon as he realised he has no chance, he stopped communication completely and probably moved on to another girl. Guess he wasn’t that Right-For-Her after all. If he didn’t go missing, perhaps he would have been able to capitalise on the break-up of the affair. But then again, I wouldn’t suggest that, being too needy will not land you a girl. Particularly if that girl has already made up her mind on someone else.

So there you have it. Is this what you’ve predicted? Also, Mr.ROFH was initially attached to someone else, and a girl can actually consider a cheating man as the Right-One-For-Her. How about that!! And it was not for revenge, I understand she was really in love.

But what’s the ultimate ending? Happily married with loads of lil ones? … A story yet to be told as it has yet to unfold.


Anonymous said...

zewt, shouldn't waste your writing talent in some soap operas.

ahjohn said...

i dun think it's going to make it to the korean movies. girls wun like it.

But we modify the background, put some trees and some 'rolling' stories, it could well be documented in TV3 Indian drama. So-dramatic-a...

baggie said...

If Mr.ROFH were a married man, I definitely would have not liked the ending that you've revealed.

And still, even tho he is not married yet, she shouldn't take up the role as a 3rd party; for she had already experienced that bitterness in her own relationship. It is not about revenge and vengeance, to let other innocent girls feel her pain. Not fair.

For a guy, love could be blind you might say. So next time dont simply tell a girl you love her and then cheat on her and leave her. You call yourself a man with that kind of attitude? Irresponsible SOB, thats what you are.

For a girl, try to catch or steal that man you love the most even tho he is married or attached, is simply just too selfish. He left someone else for you, he will leave you for someone else too.

Mind my comments, please. I just simply hate these kind of people.

Weig said...

Let the credits role (actually, wanted to credit the Brangelina cast, but this is more interesting):

Girl........ Tom Cruise
ROFH........ Scientology
OTRFH....... Movie Goers
ROFH's Ex..... L. Ron Hubbard

Anonymous said...


i think the stories are quite common in real life. from my experience, love finds u at the most unexpected times and places. cliched but true.

my view is life is a journey + everyone that i meet is a gift to me, not necessarily romantic, but God/the Universe/the Tao has brought us together and we should enjoy each other.

love is a many splendoured thing and sometimes we need to break free from social structures, mostly artificial, of how love + relationships should be~~~~

Love conquers all :D

Anonymous said...

WAHAHAHAHA.... i agree with blackjack...zewt writing romance waste of his talent...maybe it was a BRAIN DRAIN THING.........pls revert to more EXCITING topics...

Purple~MushRooM said...

Lame story... maybe you should reveal the sex details... probably Mr ROFH is better in sex and could satisfy her more... who knows. Depends on what she's looking for lor... Love or Sex and the City.

Huei said...

Love is so complicating! Calvin's girl's right, she shouldnt tangle in a love triangle. It doesn't end well >.<

zewt said...

blackjack - thanks, i shall take it as a compliment.

ahjohn - this is just a typical malaysian love scene, not dramatic enough to make it to any screen ler.

calvin's girl - wah, calm down girl, you sounded really pissed there. burnt before? :P

cirnelle - i tot you will put britney, she is after all quite a husband snatcher, wonder who's next.

freelunch - yeah, i think we must breakaway from the common social structure. shouldnt be too rigid eh?

economist - hahaha... wat u want me to write? about OSA and ISA and some big boss bought some jets or some semi valuation from 30m to 70m? hahahaha...

purple - i am sure sex is part of his search... somewhere.

huei - nothing is more complicated than love. like i said, even rocket science cant beat it!

the witch's broo said...


love and any kind of movie --- potent ingredients.
in real life? happens everyday to most of us.

Zewt-- you go on writing any stuff you like.
No need to write about corruption and abuse of power.
Two bloggers are already being sued for defamation by the NSTP and 4 individuals for this. ... don'be a hero like that..

More love-lust stories?

Anonymous said...

"....and they all live happily ever after....."
sounds like a typical asian drama love triangle... spice it up with some sex/drugs/alcohol n u get the hollywood version.
a tad too complex for my small lembu brain... If only life can be simple n uncomplicated...

zewt, can consider a career in soap opera writing =P

baggie said...

LOL zewt... no larh, not me. But ive seen enough of it.. :P

Anonymous said...

dude, you are so good at creating suspenses hah! :D yes, you should keep on writing! damn you are good at it.