Monday 5 February 2007

Morons of the same brain park together

Was in Time Square last Saturday to catch a movie and despite many claimed that TS fails to live up to its expectations, it can still be pretty crowded. After all, shopping centre is like the solution to everything… pak tor? Shopping centre la… lunch? Shopping centre la. Wanna check out chicks? Shopping centre la… dinner? Shopping centre la… meeting point? Shopping centre la… buy phone? Shopping centre la… reunion? Shopping centre la… shopping? Wait for sale la!

If you think trying to locate a parking space in 1U is the tough, you may want to try the TS car park challenge. Anyway, after making countless rounds around the parking lot and having to race with other cars to the nearest available car park (and failed), imagine how I felt when I see this….

Unfu*kingbelievable!!! Ok, maybe… just maybe, we can forgive the Volvo driver becos that freaking moron is after all… a “P” driver. But then again, that moron literally parked in the middle of 2 freaking lots!!! Right smack in the middle!!! I mean… won’t you realise after you’ve stepped out from your car? I change my mind… totally unf*ckingforgiveable!

And that Waja driver… dunno whether he is stupid or brainless or was hit with the might-as-well virus. He could at least park nearer to the pillar so that anyone with a kancil can squeeze in (I actually saw 2 kancils stopped and pondered about that notion for a few seconds). But no… he has to join in the moronic act and park like an idiot.

I wanted to go check out what’s inside to ascertain whether it’s a guy or a gal driver decided otherwise, to avoid any overly-sexist remark.

Remember the car-plate numbers people, I reckon you wouldn’t wanna park your car anywhere near these morons the next time you go for movie or pak tor or makan or lepak.

The positive point? Managed to catch “Blood Diamonds” and have to say it was a good show. Also… the movie has a good after effect, shall blog about it soon, perhaps.


the witch's broo said...

hi zewt,

wow! I know how you must have felt. One of the very few times I get maniacal and homicidal is when I see inconsiderate bastards park their vehicles just so (like in yr pix).
If I were one of them superheroes with superhero powers, (like ability to melt metal or make thigns disappear), man.... I would just use 'em, you know.
OoooH...i am already so mad looking at the pix.
I have never driven to TS. What I do everytime I have to go there (unless someone is taking me along in his/her car) is to drive to the Tun Sambanthan monorail station and take a monorail there.
I think it is just 4 stops away.
Hope, the next time you drive there won't subject you to such heinous crime of parking at shopping complex.

PS: Thanks for tipping me off about the "no comment allowed" in my new posting. I must have accidentally keyed in something.. fixed that already.

Purple~MushRooM said...

Hahahah... oh well... it happens at least once in a lifetime to everyone who owns a car and looking for parking space in shopping malls.
Life's like that!

Huei said...

UgHHh these people are utterly BRAINLESS!

you should've left a note on their winscreen, maybe use superglue to stick it! =P

Eileen said...

Gosh, makes me think twice whether I wanna drive after absent of almost a year driving. Heading back to KL this Saturday, oh I miss Malaysia, & I actually miss driving... Hahaha, let KL driving & parking piss me off enough to bear without driving another year. And I feel for you, Zewt... keke.. Hopefully I aint that one this time around I go back.. rusty skills need to polish up... keke

Anonymous said...

Wah this 2 jokers power...normally ppl park at the kerb n etc...this one really mind boggling...but BTS parking is abit weird...the last time i went there also had to go few floors down ........if i were you i might park at lot 10 and walk over though a abit far and DANGEROUS!!!

Anonymous said...

morons! i know exactly how you feel. keep up the good writes zewt. will be reading from time to time.


Seaqueen said...

How come you drive there? I thought you should be one of the few who actually encourage people to take public transport. What happen to that?
But then again, those 2 are typical Malaysian drivers. I should take a photo 4 u to see near my place. A yellow box which becomes a parking space for the folks living there.

Weig said...

Who will you give a Volvo to? To the fella who takes the appropriate measure of diminishing space between rims and floor of the vehicle in question.

And may Proton's share value be as small as the litter of plastic bag next to the Waja when Volks Wagen/ Peugeot/ SPV with Euro1 share cap takes over the (subcontract of) manufacturing of their obviously defective parking sensors.

In defence of my gender, no girl would be caught dead in those cars. (Pun not intended despite shopping mall setting.)

zewt said...

the witch's broo - yeah, it's not the way he parked really, if the car park was empty, i certainly wont mind, but it was full! I will try to walk next time.

purple mushroom - happened to you before?

Huei - Wahh... you're cruel! But hey, I might have done it!

Eileen - I aint getting near your car when you're back.

Economist - that's why, this one damn classic. Luckily my cheap phone can capture such nice picture haha!

renee - thanks for dropping by.

Jessica - No, I am also one of the waiting souls hehe...

Cirnelle - As a matter of fact, can't imagine any girls driving such a old volvo. Most firls are behind sports car. Actually, I have never seen any girl driving anything less than an iswara.

flaminglambo said...

Hahahaha! I would leave the mark of Zorro (or Zewt) on the bonnet in such situations. GOLD!

baggie said...

Idiots... selfish BTC people. I guess its an uncle... uncles are all like tat... oh and ahbengs too.

Eli James said...

Hmm. Generalizations ... Sometimes you wish you were magneto, yes?