Thursday 15 February 2007

No topic?

My apology, made a mistake in my previous blog, that person in question claimed he doesn’t have 1,000 blogs in his read list but rather, I quote “a modest 256 subscribed on his googlereader” unquote. Have to be a responsible blogger, must own up to my mistake :). Well, I guess 256 is indeed quite “modest”.

Many fellow bloggers and readers (those who failed to find time to blog) are of the zewtpinion that time is indeed a lame excuse for not blogging. I am glad you all agree with me… thank you thank you. Some enlightening comments regarding finding time include:

Economist – in life, we have to make time for the things we really want to do

Freelunch2020 – no time is the lamest excuse in the world

Huei – free time just doesn’t come knocking on your door… you have find it…

Witch’s broo – … they really believe they do not have time because they do not make time for these things.

Bongkerz – no time? Bullshit (I like this best).

Guess we can conclude that having no time is really a lame excuse… or just pure bullshit. So now, if time is not a reason, what is?

Like I said earlier, there are people who say…”dunno what to blog about”. Sometimes, hidden behind this reason (or excuse) is the I-can’t-really-write reason. Seriously, one can blog about anything. And seriously, your English need not be extravagant to blog. A blog is not an English composition test. Having said that, you should make ‘understandable’ the minimum requirement for any particular entry.

Since started blogging 1 month and 15 days ago, I have read many blogs and most of them are really interesting. It’s also amazing how some people can post 3 – 4 entries per day! Talk about having no time. Of course, I am not saying all the entries are masterpiece but hey… nobody set rules in blogging. But of course, in this country, the code is… res-pon-si-ble, which simply means whack-the-govt-and-your-ass-will-be-in-jail. That’s basically it.

If you’re reading this blog, I am sure you’ve read many others and their variety ranges from humour to truly intelligent articles, from camwhore (I learnt this from reading blogs) to brilliant photography, from serious political views to pure nonsense, from appreciation to complaints. Basically, about almost anything.

Here is a tip for those who don’t know what to blog... I realise that everyone in this freaking world complains about at least one freaking thing every freaking day. So, at any time of the day when you make a complaint, blog about it. Complaints make quite good blogs. Don’t believe me? Just try browsing through the archives of TheStar Citizen’s Blog, you’ll find loads there.

And if you just happen to be without complaint, you’re probably not normal, see a psychiatrist. But if you really happen to be a complaint-free person… well, just make a complaint in your blog about having nothing to complain.

Now, the other all time favourite reason for not blogging is …”I dunno if anyone will read my blog”… now, that’s a blog for another time.


rainbow angeles said...

So, u r lovin' blogging now, doncha? ;)

baggie said...

hello there~!! (I was with that divina_evelina nick. It was my old nick, dunno why it suddenly came back... (=_+)")

I blog for my ownself, it's just a part of me, like a journal...

And seriously, why aren't we allowed to give out opinions abt our govt or anything political in blogs? Blogs are for cyberspace, not the real thing. There is sooo no freedom of speech here, huh.

Also hey, wanna wish ya a Happy Chinese New Year, have fun on this season... *smiles*

Anonymous said...

eh next post is going to be about me issit ? hahahah.....

i will reserve my comments till i see what you post.......

calvin's girl-freedom of speech is curbed here or havent u not been in MSIA for a long time?....the main reason giving will be national unity, multi racial country bla bla bla.....the prob is they cant HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps what you say is true, but not all bloggers would need extensive freedom of speech to write. Some bloggers only write about food, for example; others about disabled children.

Maybe it's more challenging to find a way to work around these obstacles. A more subtle form of blogging?

There are some bloggers who don't really care for traffic (i.e. whether there's people reading their blogs or not) - some even keep their blogs password-protected just for themselves or their close friends.

I'm not one of them, obviously. :)

But if I enjoy having people reading my blogs, it is up to me to keep the posts interesting. Now, I can't possibly cater to everyone (nor should any of us do so), but for those who share the same passions as me... the question I'd ask myself is: would I want to read this myself?

Huei said...

YES! complaints are very good for blogging..mine's filled with complaints!! hehehe =P

dy said...

i remembered i started my blog just to rant. and rant. and ditched my journal because i prefer typing than writing. in other words, i'm just too lazy to carry my journal around and get new ones every few months.

you're right. complaining is good. bitching also another way to blog.

btw.. you know my bestfriend and his heng dai too? hmm.. do i know you??

Anonymous said...

bitching is definitely one way to blog :P so many things to bitch about, especially when you are Malaysian hahahaha! Malaysians complain alot.. And if good grammar, good everything is prerequisite to blogging, better go for essay writing contests. good grammar, good vocabs is a bonus, it's not very the necessary :) as long as people get the message, it's good enough.

p/s: i hate those people going around blogs correcting them.. duh!

Eli James said...

No Way! You've been blogging for A MONTH!? You sound as if you've been blogging for years - seriously!

Ehheh. How about the 'want to chronicle your daily lives for future reference' reason for blogging? It's why i started my blog ... a coupla years back.

zewt said...

angel - lovin??? i am addicted... passionate... obsessed... ... beyond description!

calvin's girl - wah... so trying to confuse ppl with different identity la... haha! well, we often say we have 'controlled' freedom of speech here... decipher that yourself. But like what economist said, basically they are just in denial of truth. Happy CNY!

Economist - ah yes... about you!! hahaha.... but i think it's also rather general, about readers and all.

kenny mah - understand fully about keeping blogs interesting. from what i gather... ppl like my traffic post and the parking entry best. oh well, i guess one will enjoy an entry when you agree with it... no?

Huei - yours filled with chained entries now... haha! no worries, like i said, we are allowed to blog about everything! so keep it open!

dy - ahh.. bitching, a more honest way of saying complaining. your best fren and his heng dais are my fellow boys' brigade buddies. and they are also my football team teammate.

bongkerz - hahahaha... luckily i am not an english teacher going around correcting ppl. malaysians... we complain becos there are just too many damn freaking stuff to complain about!!

dienasty - damn i like your nick. yeah, just a month plus, believe it. i'll take it as a compliment though. ya, personaly diary kinda blogs are common. in fact, it's the most preffered blog according to readers in a research done by a fellow blogger. gonna blog about the results of that research one day.

Eli James said...

Oooh! Can't wait. Linkies?

And yeah - your blog is very readable ... only its black. Too black. But that's just me (i hate black) - still readable, great content, great writing style. *whistles and thumbs thru archives*


the witch's broo said...

hi zewt,
i blog because i just wanna let it all out.
but you know, sometimes when I want to complain about something, i really hold back.
what happened to Rocky (of Rocky's Bru) and Jeff Ooi (Screenshots) is worrying. I mean I know they write socio-political serious stuff like that and someone somewhere will surely feel something, take offence etc.
But the point is, some people are suing them for defamation.
How frightening is that? And the NSTP to boot! A newspaper suing bloggers for defamation. Oh my oh my...
I think my heart must have stopped.
Sure, sure... anybody is liable. But heck this is cyberspace, man.
Zewt, next time you rant about some f---ing problem at some shopping complex... someone might just take offence and sue you.
I meean, what if I complain about some asshole of a deejay and call him an asshole. And the radio station and the Dj sue me? will never end..
ok... enuf already. So depressing already.
Now I have to put on some bellydancing music and dance to cheer meself up..
Have a nice day, Zewt and a very happy chinese new year!!!