Monday 12 February 2007

No time?

"You've got a blog??!!!??!"

That's what one of my ex-colleague said to me when she found out I have a blog. Well, having a blog is not a big deal right? Actually, her point was... that I actually have "time" to blog. She said she always have things to do... work... meeting up with friends... read... errands... and one thing she said that I will always remember...

"When I am in the house, I am always busy doing something"

For those who intends to start a blog but couldn't, their all time favourite procrastination excuse is "no time". Seriously, who has time in this world? Every tom, dick and harry or mary, jean and jane are busy. And seriously, if you think you have no time, let me tell you about this individual who:

  • Has over 1,000 (yes... one thousand) blogs in his read list. Say 25% of the blogs are updated in any particular day, this means he will have to read 250 blogs a day;
  • His line of work requires him to have meetings regularly and on top of that, he has to meet people regularly to bond with people;
  • Married and has 2 children and from what I understand, picks up his son from school;
  • Besides meetings, I think he has to attend seminars and workshops regularly to equip himself;
  • He watches series, that last time I heard, he was watching Battlestar Gallatica. He is going to get Grey's Anatomy and Heroes from me pretty soon. Wonder he has already watched L.O.S.T.;
  • Even on a Sunday, he has to work, because that's his main working day. Yes, he is a pastor which means he has to prepare his sermon and practise his sermon during the week;
  • .... And yes, he blogs, quite regularly too. Most of his blogs are reviews on books or other interesting read sites; and
  • The fact that he blogs about books regularly probably means he reads... a lot.

So maybe you're really a very very very busy person. Maybe you always have things to do. But I am damn sure if you really wanna blog, you will find time to do it cos you really don't need 28 hours a day to blog.

I am sure some jokers will say they dunno what to blog even if they want to.... now, that's a blog for another time...


Anonymous said...

wah zewt y like so much angst?

in life we have to make time for the things we really want to do...if ppl really wanted to blog they would make my case i didnt tell you that i have no time right? i only said no one will read it hahahah....

eh you got the heroes already? desperate housewives also hahaha..and gilmore girls wahahahah

Sivin Kit said...

"this individual" is crazy .. that's what I will say.

not sure whether the 1000 blogs was communicated right, I think he has a modest 256blogs subscribed on his googlereader.

as for series, yes ,, he is hoping to start "heroes" during CNY. But not sure whether he can handle more than that. He's only human. He got lost after missing some episodes of LOST.

As for sermons, he will tell you it's about life and the practice is more than the 35-40minute "sermon", "practicing what one preaches is hardwork and yet rewarding ..more another time on this subject!

he thinks it's cool you implied he works on other days too. most people thinks he doesn't! :-P

he blogs because it's like where there's an itch, he scratches .. and obviously, he's always itchy!:-)

ah books ... now that is the real addiction!

and if there's anything more important than blogging, he believes .. (or I mean) I believe it's living a life that's meaningful (with other human beings) and doing something worthwhile ..

rainbow angeles said...


I started reading blogs maybe 4 years ago and started my own blog nearly a year ago after much 'motivation' from the bloggers I frequent.

4 years ago, I sleep around midnight. Today, I sleep around 3-4am! (Yes, madness is me.)

And currently, I feel my life has been 'enriched' with some of the people I know from their blogs.

Like this lah, zewt, if she doesn't blog, YOU don't lose out on anything, right? LOL...

Deepak Gopi said...

Hi nice to meet you

rainbow angeles said...

Dear zewt,

Looks like someone is trying to flame me over you in my blog.. hmmm... interesting... it's either an angry boy, or a jealous gf... :D

Just in case the person @ is reading over here, lemme just tell you, "You can run but you can't hide...


zewt said...

economist - not angry bro, just rendering my zewtpinions hehehe.... dun worry, i started this blog without knowing anyone will read, cant be too worried about that.

sivin - 256 blogs subscribed is quite something already. everything you do contributes to your ultimate performance on sunday, so i guess you're working all the time.

angel - 4 years!! wow, that really made me feel like an infant!! glad that you've been enriched by fellow bloggers, and that made 2 of us. 3-4 am!! that's pretty... late... oh... i think we should just ignore that how did you get his IP anyway?

Deepak - thanks for dropping by.

Anonymous said...

no time is the lamest excuse in the world.....

Huei said...

Yahh exactly!! I mean..alot of people think of us people who blogs are too-damn-free, but free time don't just come around knocking on your door offering you some time to blog, you have to find it, and we happen to! =D

BaitiBadarudin said...

Happy V Day, zewt! Get a punching bag to let off steam, man!

baggie said...


I'm blogging in the middle of the night, I'm addicted to it. *grins*

No time, it's because that person does not have good time management(?) Or perhaps, that person does not like to write and ponder on things(?)...

Anonymous said...

Hey zewt - blogging seems to tap a different part of my brain. I'm going to blogroll you. Tell me if you mind!

the witch's broo said...

hi zewt,

actually, i have discovered that "no time" is a REAL excuse for many people when they don't do many things such as working out, reading books, and blogging. as opposed to imagined excuse.
they really believe that they do not have time because they do not make time for these things.
but let's face it... some, if not, many people are somewhat daunted by the act of blogging. for various reasons. such as "what the hell should i be writing about?"
many people are not comfortable writing about themselves or their life. some people think they cannot articulate about a social or political issue.
i think most people need to be inspired by people or events. I know that most people begin blogging after a certain personal or emotional experience or when they feel strongly about an issue or a development in their lieves or the country.
OK...enuf said, Zewt.
And a Happy Valentine's Day to you, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Hey Zewt!

I came over from Tunku Halim's blogroll, so I guess it works! ;)

Just my five cent's worth: On the classic "What to blog about?" issue, I believe one should blog about whatever one is passionate about.

This way, you aren't trying to force yourself to update your blog just for the sake of having something new on it. And seeing how it's Valentine's, don't forget Passion leads to Pleasure... reading pleasure, I mean, get your heads out of the gutter, kids!


zewt said...

freelunch2020 - yeah, it is the lamest excuse. others include nothing to blog about and "no one will read my blog"

Huei - hahahahahaha... but i think you're really too damn free woh... anyway, bloggers is a new brand of ppl who have the guts willing to share their thoughts, that's what i think.

QueenB - same to you.

divina_angelina - welcome to you. tried to access your blog but there's an error. let me know the address again. as for us... we shall keep blogging.

tunku halim - welcome to you. as for blogroll, sure... not a problem at all.

witch's broo - ah yes, a big lot are just not comfortable in writing about their lives, of cos, we respect such privacy. but like what freelunch2020 said, having no time is certainly the lamest excuse of all. you on the other hand... is one who is willing to write about your life, which is cool, really.

flaminglambo said...

Personally, blogging is like an online diary. I don't give a rat's ass that nobody reads it. I can keep my family and friends updated about my life and thoughts and it's good to look back after a while and see some of the shit that I've written and to see how I've grown...or not.

Btw, Happy Valentine's Day. Hope you score a hat-trick! Man, come to think of it, do prices for morning-after pills sky-rocket on Valentine's Day too? Hahahahaha!

flaminglambo said...

Yikes! I forgot that there might be a pastor in the midst.

Forgive my crudeness...

Anonymous said...

no time? bullshit. that's the lamest excuse one can give. make time, if one is passionate enough over something i believe one will make time for it. it may not be blogging, it may be other things - reading, watching movies, masturbating, meeting old friends (no time for a gathering with old friends, which only held once in 1-2 years? wtf.. sorry had this excuse given by some 'friend' recently :D)

don't know what to blog? most of us think too much lah, what to blog, i'm not good at writing bla bla.. well, that's why most of us still stuck with our lousy blog and not making money from writing :P (in that case.. my lousy blog haha!) i think most of use started without thinking whether people will read our blog or not. but somehow when there are people, anonymous or strangers leave some comments in our blog it's such a pleasure to read that! and we want to write more after that hehe. (so people do read your crappy blog yeah? haha!) flaminglambo said it best, totally agree with him/her there :)

"I can keep my family and friends updated about my life and thoughts and it's good to look back after a while and see some of the shit that I've written and to see how I've grown...or not."

zewt said...

kenny mah - thanks for dropping by, i guess the blogroll really works. gonna drop by your blog later and see what's your passion.

flaminglambo - hahahaha... crude is welcome. your idea about letting ppl having an update about yourself... well, that's more like a personal diary. having said that, i think that's the original intention of a blog.

bongkerz - yo bro! finally you appear again in the blogosphere. you're damn right about no time being bullshit. keep your flaccid mind going!

Anonymous said...

lol, you sounded like i was missing for ages.. ceh ceh.. :D said...

I think whomever uses expressions like, "you have time for a blog?" are probably just jealous & envious of it, coz they actually wish to have one, but use "busy" as their poor, pathetic excuse. Blog on!

TRACE said...

i like this zewtpinions!
No time? God is fair, everyone given 24hours a day, use it meaningfully. im telling myself though...=P

zewt said...

TRACE - it's truly upt to us to make time.