Friday 23 February 2007

Tagging – my first and last

Alright, I think someone is trying to infest the blogosphere with ‘forwards’ that filled the e-mail world in the form of chained-blogs and now… tags. Honestly speaking, I am not exactly a fan of it. But Economist mentioned that if I tag him, it means he has to post an entry. Consider the fact that there are a few of my friends who have (and still having) single digit entries in their blogs for the longest time, I reckon tagging them would be an appropriate ‘push’.

Was chained-blog by Huei earlier, to which I didn’t reciprocate, and now, Nuraina A Samad and P**kyma have tagged me. Since I am supposed to disclose 6 points in a tag e-mail, I will combine the 2 tags by taking 3 points from Nuraina and 3 points from Pookyma.

Bloggers meet-up (from P**kyma’s tag)

1) Who is the most wanted blogger you want to meet?
Have to say it’s Raja Petra Kamarudin from the famous Malaysia Today. He is the person who first made me into reading alternative news. Noticed not many people post comments on his site now, perhaps everyone’s attention is on the stock market.

2) Who are the group of bloggers you most wanted to meet?
Hmmm… I think I will go with the ‘serious’ bloggers for now. People like SkThew, Nuraina, RockyBru, MaverickSM, Tony Pua, Freelunch2020… ya’ know, those people. Having said that, I think the Wingz, P**kyma and Tiuniasing bunch are cool too.

3) Who is the “I can meet, want to meet but somehow never get to meet blogger’?
I think this is quite a trick question, or I just fail to comprehend it. Based on my understanding, I will say it’s The Angry Medic. Never get to meet cos that dude is all the way in Cambridge. Perhaps we will meet one day, but not in the operating theatre hopefully.

3 weird things (from Nuraina A Samad’s tag)

Weird thing number 1 – whenever I log on to my computer at work, I must launch my Lotus Notes first, and then my own folder, and then the server folder, and then my outstanding work list, then an internet browser. All these windows have to be in that sequence, otherwise, I will feel funny. So much so that it will actually affect my work. If I accidentally close one window, I will close everything and launch all the programmes in that sequence again. They call it idiosyncrasy.

Weird thing number 2if you have a pen with a cap, most people will remove the cap and fasten it at the other end of the pen and then proceed with writing. I can’t. Basically, I can’t write if the cap is fasted at the back-end of the pen. I must remove the cap and place it on the table in order to write. Ya, that’s another idiosyncrasy.

Weird thing number 3 – I don’t like to wear underwear…. Gotcha! Do you think I will tell you if I don’t like wearing underwear? Anyway, I can’t think of another thing weird about me right now so I asked my gf and she said that it’s weird I tend to tip-toe when I dance at clubs. Ok... not exactly tip-toe but i tend to lift my heel just a tad. Consider that I like hip-hop, I guess it’s weird since hip-hop and ballet doesn’t quite go with each other.

There you go… 3 from P**kyma and 3 from Nuraina. And I hereby tag the following:

June – to make up for the 10 days you can’t blog due to an uninvited guest.
Sivin – I hope whatever I write may end up in a Pastor’s blog.
Ubean – now you have got more inspiration.

Economist – now you have to post your second entry.
Cirnelle – now you have to post your third entry.

You guys are supposed to answer the 3 bloggers-related questions and mention 3 weird things about yourself in your blog and then tag 5 other bloggers. BUT DON'T TAG ME! :P

Now that I’ve finished… hmm… seems quite fun. No no no… must control… no more tagging from me!



Wickedsa said...

you're so kinda to do his tag.
next time, just ignore him:p


hi zewt,
thanks for being so so sporting. i am so hoping that that would also be the first and last time for me.
thanks again!
and hey, it's good to know that I am among the bloggers you'd like to meet!
it'd be cool if that happens!

and keep on blogging, bro.

Nora aka Anon Fm Miri said...


Thanks for dropping by.


rainbow angeles said...

Hmmm... looks like we all learnt something interesting about you today and no, it's none of the Weird Things about you... ;)

dy said...

God! i finally know someone who write like me too!! i don't like to fasten the cap at the other end of the pen too! i'll normally hold it with my other hand or just leave it on the table.. it's weird to write with the cap on the other side, right?????

BaitiBadarudin said...

Not half as wierd as wearing underwear on the outside; but then, look at Superman.

Sivin Kit said...

i will try

Huei said...

ahhh now i know u're not a tag person! damn..i have a new tag..and i duno who to tag!!! >.<

baggie said...

Errr..... lucky i din tag you. (=_+)" or else kena scolding only...

zewt said...

pink fairy - have to entertain once ler... no more tagging though. not that anyone is going to tag me anyway... hehe....

nuraina - like i said, only going to do it once. well, let's hope we can all gather one day to support jeff and rocky.

anon fm miri - no problem

angel - u sure? i hope ppl dont take the 'i dont wear underwear' seriously... haha!

dy - really???? hahaha, and i tot i am the weird one. ya, with the cap, the pen just feel... not right to write... right?

queenB - haha, that was meant to be a joke nonetheless.

sivin - thanks. and by the way, i am no famous blogger... just a regular one.

huei - i dont mind being tagged once, but not all the time. if you've tagged before i post that entry, i would have also do your tag.

cal's girl - haha, wont scold la. just wont do the tag only...

Weig said...

Too short ler to include as an entry.

Blogger questions:
1. Don't read any other blogs - can't answer.
2. Refer to above.
3. Again, see above.

Weird things:
1. Take naps in toilet.
2. Atheist who's scared of the dark.
3. Don't use credit card.

the possiblist said...

hmm.. it's weird to write with the cap on the pen.. i cant write if it's on too! do u think it's a gene cos dy also write like that?

and, i think what are you trying to say in weird 3 is that u are dancing like Sara Johnson (Julia Stiles) in Save the Last Dance movie? well, i think it's cool! ;) cos they merge hip hop and ballet together in this movie..

cheers! and yea.. nice blog!