Monday 1 January 2007

Zewt 1st Talk

Finally decided to start a full fledge blog. It’s not exactly a very easy task per se. Besides the ‘setting up an account’ thing, I am wondering if I can consistently post interesting stuff here.

Further, blogging has been a centre of attention lately due to some bloggers having fascinating thoughts and thus, their verbal diarrhoea ended up in some forbidden ‘toilets’. Blogging may get you into trouble some say but hey, life is about taking risk, else, where is the excitement in it?

Last but not least, my main concern is whether anyone will ever read my stuff. I am not exactly a famous dude (well, not yet hehe!). But then again, I guess if I never write, there will never be any reader, if I do write, there’s a glimmer of hope, so what the heck!

Alright, hope you guys and gals like my stuff!


A Black Cat said...

Will check back regularly =) Keep up the good work!

patrickteoh said...

Hey remesis, congratulations on your blog. Good read. Especially your post on the issue of dialects and language.

caterpillar said...

heya! welcome to blog-a-world! you sound like someone i know... but DO i know you? :P

:: Nicole.F :: said...

u got my attention about your blog now :) keep on blogging!~