Monday 8 January 2007

You wait, I wait, he waits, she waits

Traffic jams, the mere mention of it can make some people start cursing everything under the sun till the cow comes home. Can’t blame them really. I think any typical Malaysian driver spends about 1-2 hours in the jam on a daily basis and if you are rushing, it tends to raise your blood pressure of a bit.

Ask any of these victims and they will most probably tell you one thing… “aiya, don’t drive very inconvenient la. Public transport so cacat”. Have to agree with them. How many times you heard your friend or read in the papers about how ‘efficient’ our buses and LRTs are. Countless perhaps.

Things like… bus always not on time la… bus stop too far away la… not LRT around my area la… the air-cond in the bus not cooling enough la… the fella standing next to me got B.O. la… no parking at the LRT station la… not safe to walk to the bus stop la… make up the usual reasons.

Now, have you ever considered, if the public transport went through a miracle revolution and was transformed into a super efficient functioning system. Will you make public transport as your mode of travel? How many of us will… please stand up.

The reality is this. I am waiting for the public transport system to improve so that you will take it. You are waiting for it to improve so that your friend will take it. Your friend is waiting for it to improve, so that his ex-gf will take it. The ex-gf is waiting for it to improve, so that her current bf’s ex-gf will take it. That ex-gf is waiting for it to improve, so that her ex-bf’s current’s gf’s ex-bf will take it.

The thing is, every friggin idiot is waiting for the public transport to improve so that other idiots will take it and in turn, they can drive without any jam. I think of all us KL-ites have to admit one thing. We have all developed an I-must-drive mentality. And to some, they suffer from if-I-take-public-transport-I-am-not-cool syndrome. This syndrome is particularly apparent amongst yuppies.

So will the traffic jam problem in KL can ever be solved by an improved public transport system? I doubt it. Just look in the mirror and you see an idiot waiting for the rest to take public transport.

Last but not least, for those who thinks widening roads will solve the problem. Just have a look at these pics… can anyone count how many lanes are there?

Just imagine you being amongst them.... Now... for a night view

Wow... for a while, you thought it looked nice right? Not the case if you're part of it.


:: Nicole.F :: said...

whoa! oh man.. that's a horrible traffic jam

Sivin Kit said...

wow .. where is this? can't be KL right?

Seaqueen said...

I gave up on the public transport ages ago!

zewt said...

No worries Sivin, it's not in KL, but I am sure we are heading that way.

Jessica, it's becos ppl like you, that the roads are jammed up... haha!

*cosmic freak* said...

I think I'd go for practicality. Drive to work as for my route is against the traffic, altho it still took me an hour to reach there. weekends, probably park my car somewhere and take the lrt to town. town horrible traffic la, plus the parking fee is damn expensive. you already waste lots of fuel stuck in the jam and time, then you spent another hour to find a parking lot after paying somewhat ridiculous parking fee.

no wonder the picture doesn't look familiar, its not KL (as if I am a traffic controller who can identify road from aeriel views by heart, heh).

I'll wait for my ex-fling's ex-gf's mother's bestfriend's daughter to use the public transport whole heartedly before I start using them. hah.

Seaqueen said...

yea...yea...people like me...sad case huh...
But seriously if there're less muggers, rapers and the lot, more people will be willing to take the public transport...back when there wasn't that many 'monsters' I took public transport too in college k?

CharlemÂgne® said...

Hie there,

So where is the location of the jam? There are so many lanes!