Thursday 11 January 2007

When creativity = stupidity

I was driving yesterday when one really stupid advertisement came up over the radio. It goes something like this:

Girl: Hey, that’s a pretty cool car!
Guy: Yeah, it’s brand new. And now I’ve got a job, I can afford one,
Girl: Oh really? Must be a very cool job you’re having.
Guy: Yeah, it’s through .com. You check it out.

Them the narrator came in with the usual marketing bullshit and how you can find your dream job through .com and how you should log on and register immediately. And the last line goes something like this:

“Register and get your dream job, and a brand new car”.

What the f**k!! Just after I posted an entry about the ever increasing traffic fiasco in KL, some supposedly creative punk came up with such stupid advert. So this is how you attract people to whatever you’re trying to sell… by telling them they can get a brand new car.

I wonder how many people will go… “Oh yeah… I want a brand new car, let’s register with .com!” Not to underestimate the level of intelligence of people nowadays, I am pretty sure there will be some.

Great… come, come… get a brand new car… join the KL jam. Come.. Come…

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