Tuesday 16 January 2007

They said “it’s just a number”

I was at a friend’s wedding last Sunday and happened to bumped into an ex-primary school mate. Damn, primary school… those days seem ancient to me now. Anyway, went over to his table, did the usual stuff, you know… Do you remember me? Where are you now? What are you working as?... the usual stuff.

After doing the usual ritual, I returned to my table…

Person sitting next to me: Who’s that?
Me: A friend. Actually, my former primary school-mate.
Person sitting next to me: What? You’re kidding me.
Me: Why would I fu*king lie to you?
Person sitting next to me: He looks like an uncle!!

It’s true, my former school mate seemed to have lesser hair than me (not that I have a lot), carrying a “prosperous” tummy (he is runnin a biz in Sg, what do you think) and seriously, he did looked like he was way into his 30s.

Person sitting next to me: And you look the same compared to when I first met you.

Wah, I felt damn good at that moment!! Hehe…

I remember a lot of my friends (and me… sigh, have to admit la), when we were young, all of us had the 1-wanna-be-older syndrome. Why? These are the reasons:

Before 12, wanna be 12 cos parents said we can do certain things only when they reach 12, which is of cos a big lie.

Between 13 – 15, wanna be 16 cos wanna enjoy the honey-moon Form 4 year and apply to be prefects / librarian, it’s a cool thing then.

Between 16 – 17, wanna be 19 cos those Form 6 jie-jie are so damn hot! Wanna be older so that we can ‘kau’ them. Also, wanna be older so that we can fearlessly walk into arcades and play StreetFighter. Not that we don’t anyway. Remember those days?

Between 18 – 20, wanna be 21 cos then we can go clubbing (I don’t really club then… hey, it’s a fact ok!). Wanna be 22, cos then we (well, most of us) would have graduated and it’s friggin cool to be a graduate. It’s friggin cool to start workin! We were all friggin morons then.

Now, things usually change after you hit 23 or 24. You will probably think like this…

At 25… Fu*k! I am a quarter of a century! But it’s ok, maybe at 27, I will be a manager and will be making some mega big bucks.

At 27… Double fu*k, I am heading to late 20s, I dunno what I am doing at work, I am not making big bucks, my bf/gf just dumped me and shit! I am gonna be 30s!!

At 29… Can I be a 12 year old again?

Are you one of those?

Well, there’s no turning back in age. Some people say ‘age is just a number’… but have you ever met anyone who wanna be 55 so that he/she can retire?


:: Nicole.F :: said...

lol.. good point.. no one wants to be 55.. not me at least :p~

anyway, yea i just realize that i'm 25 now! darn, turning 26 soon.. i'm OLD!! argh!!!! but luckily i'm married :p~ in a few years i'd have kids.. then grand kids.. then great grand kids.. erm, if i do live that long..

now, how i wish i'm 21 again.. i don't want to get old n wrinkly.. hmmmm, mst buy SK II then.. hehe..

Seaqueen said...

Zewt, seems that you're trying to keep your middle age syndrome at bay...
but dun worry...age is only a number as I say n you'll always be that cute adorable boy.... =P

*cosmic freak* said...

sorry to say, i'm one of those who wants to be 55. I want to just be old, be merry, entertain my grandchildren, watch tv. read a lot, and of course, devote myself to god.

no fuss thinking about money, no fuss thinking about non existing love life, or finding one, or maintaining one, no fuss getting pregnant since I wud hit menopause then, no fuss climbing corporate ladder, thinking how to stab your colleagues, thinking how to dodge your colleague's stabbing and the like.

I wish I'm 55.

I have 30 years to go ... hope we dont hit armageddon anytime soon. *fingers crossed*

Anonymous said...

dude! if you want me to add you in friendster file a request la! lol!

Anonymous said...

wahahah i dont go clubbing..ok i believe you.....

its not how old you are...its how much you have done in those years that matter...as long as you are happy then its fine...no point pondering so much on it.......LIFE IS TOO SHORT FOR THAT!!

zewt said...

Nicole, 26 is not that old ... yet.. hahaha...

Jessica... me a cute adorable boy? yay... am i back to 12 yet? :P

cosmic, hahaha... no fuss about pregnant by 55 hey... well, that is if you're still 'doing it'.

aput, hey!! you're here... i think i send the request already la.

Economist, i didnt go clubbing at that age, but when i 27/28 then i went la. by the way, kambing soon.

Weig said...

You are as old as you feel. So, by having a bloody long blog about it, I should think you're kinda feeling the age coming on, eh buddy?

Here's how you deal with quarter life crisis - stuff it in the faces of the wanna-be-older 12 year olds (plenty of them still bashing away at Ryu at the arcades).

Eileen said...

Hehe... very nice ideas there... and I totally in this same mode as u had written in your blog

At 25... Fu*k! I am a quarter of a century! But it's ok, maybe at 27, I will be a manager and will be making some mega big bucks.

However, I would prefer that I nailed down a billionaire guy who sayangs me a lot. Any recommendations???

*cosmic freak* said...

zeWt, to keep updated with the world, you gotta always keep 'doing it'! hahaha. regardless 25 or 55.

Anonymous said...

"Between 16 – 17, wanna be 19 cos those Form 6 jie-jie are so damn hot! Wanna be older so that we can ‘kau’ them"

yeah, those jie jie so damn hot.. hehehe.. miss my 16-17 years old time sob sob.. i'm 24!! close to a quarter of a century.. fark!

SFGEMS said...

Oh Zewt! I can't wait to be 50! I know things today that I didn't know when I was younger. Each year is a blessing and I so look forward to the golden years! :)