Wednesday 24 January 2007

Modern Slavery - Part 1

Went to my first ever baptism class last Sunday (yeah, who would’ve thought huh!). Anyway, was going through the stories in the bible and we reached the famous tale in exodus, the part where the chosen race were delivered from slavery in Egypt. It was then that the Pastor said something which caught my attention… he mentioned something on modern slavery (Pastor, I know you might be reading this, don’t worry, that’s not the only thing I learn from that class I assure you).

The 1926 Slavery Convention described slavery as "...the status and/or condition of a person over whom any or all of the powers attaching to the right of ownership are exercised..." A slave is not allowed to leave his owner, (and hear this) an “employer” or a territory without explicit permission. It basically means someone has got you by the balls. If you’re a woman, it basically means someone has got you by …(censored due to the anticipated presence of a Pastor).

In our current civilised world, one would argue that nobody owns us and we are free to live our own lives, do our own things, and have our own time… or is it? Let me ask you… have you ever whine that you’re a slave to your company before? Ahhh…I hear many yes.

The working world… the way towards financial independence… the glamour of being a professional (particularly this)… as long as you’re in the workforce, you’re a part of the modern slavery. Many professionals, driven by the desire to be at the top spot up the ladder, sign their souls away in their first employment letter without knowing it. Funny enough, some are actually very proud and will make a declaration to the world… “hey, I am going to join a-big-corporation-that’s-gonna-squeeze-the-shit-outta-me-but-I-dunno-it-yet-cos-I’m-a-sucker, are you still looking for a job?”

From the day you step your foot into the office, you will:

1. Lose count of the days you failed to see sunset (including the sunsets on weekends).
2. Your computer screen will probably made up 80% of what’s being registered in your retina everyday.
3. Skip lunch and consoling yourself that it’s a good way to diet not knowing your ass and tummy will most probably be inflated due to the junks you stuffed your face and lack of exercise and spending too much time at the mamak bitching about your boss.
4. Realise that there’s no such thing as working hours, but work-in-every-hour.
5. You have no time for everything else (but thank God you have time to read this blog).
6. Leaving your office (or client’s place) at 8pm is considered early.
7. Have a world that revolves only around your colleagues, your superior, and of course, your work.

At this juncture, you will:

1. Realise saying “I’m busy with work” doesn’t sound that cool anymore.
2. Wonder why are you still doing this despite being paid peanuts.
3. Continuously remind yourself that the experience will get will bring you to greater heights.
4. Wish that you can just throw “the letter” to your boss and say “fu*k you!” but you know you can’t do it.
5. Tell yourself that you can’t leave because you’ve been in the line for too long or have not got enough experience or under some kinda bond.

Now, go back to paragraph 2 and read “A slave is not allowed to leave his owner, (and hear this) an “employer” or a territory without explicit permission”… so, are you a slave?


Weig said...

The modern slave is a creative slave. He/she/it would devise methods for:-

1. Looking like he/she/it is work-in-every-hour when he/she/it is actually reading and/or writing potentially national-newspaper-defaming blogs (hmmm, actually, that could be a career in its own right...possibly paying more than peanuts given the new legal fund);

2. Scheming for ways to retire young (that's a relative term, of course), such as buying lottery tickets and making promises to the gods like "if you make this one it, i promise i won't ask for anything else" or "i will forward sell my future soul to you, after usage by my current master (employer), if there's any left over";

3. Saying "yes" to "are you busy" questions regardless of actual status;

4. Looking stressed enough to be granted a 5 day MC from new and cash desperate doctors; and/or

5. Using your degree-laden knowledge to find new and pop-culture definitions for words like "slave", "abuse", "mad", "sick" and "child labour".

This list is not exhaustive, of course.

Seaqueen said...

You read our minds pretty well eh??

Anonymous said...

I always believe there is a tradeoff so if you are a slave just make damn sure at least you are a RICH modern slave ...if not heck you are better off enjoying the QUALITY LIFE.......

Anonymous said...

all of this reminds me of a certain accounting company i worked for briefly.. lets keep the name secret now .its Ernst and...This cleverly disguises itself as a reputable accounting firm but their KL office is actually a disguises for the gates are hell.. you are lucky if you ever get home for the night and colleagues appear to be robots with no life of their own outside office, ever willing to keep quoting bullshit firm principles to you, Trying to take leave is as difficult as to draw blood from a stone , making claims is next to impossible because computer system is so fucked up and to even get a pen out of them is next to impossible... Avoid this stingy company like the plague it will suck your soul and leave you an empty shell of a person...

zewt said...

All your input will be mentioned in part 2... rest assured..

me said...

the question, mr zewt, is are YOU a slave? the above post sounds like it was written in bitterness, knowing too well that you are also part of the group. let's cheers to the slave. :-D