Tuesday 23 January 2007


Have a look at THIS!

I wonder how much was spent to produce it. One thing for sure, it's surely awesome. To a certain extend, I think the audio and video quality is much better than some of our local production.

For those who don't quite understand Cantonese, hang around, there's Malay towards the middle of the production. And for those who don't quite get the video, it's us saying 'thank you' to the Indon for the haze that hit us not too long ago.

I must admit, this one... Malaysia Boleh!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

yes excellent video.. fuck you indonesia la, just because we accept your fucking immigrants to become bumiputra resident here doesnt mean we also accept your fucking smoke here you chow chee bai mother fucking monkey tree living chee bai's you! gah ni neh!