Tuesday 17 November 2009

What would you want to be the reaction?

You should read and ponder upon “What would be your reaction” before reading this…

Weekdays, on the way to work; and you were stuck in the jam once again. You just couldn’t understand why the lights always turn red as soon as you were about to cross the junction that day. Perhaps it was just not your day.

You turned to your right and saw the other driver smiling. “Seems like a good day to him”, you thought to yourself.

A loud unknown sound redirected your attention. You turned to the source of the sound and you saw it… a motorcyclist had smashed a metal rod into the driver window of a few cars behind you. He seemed to be pulling something from the driver side of the car.

2 seconds later, he swung the metal rod again to the car and a loud scream followed. To your horror, you saw a splash of blood on the windscreen of the victim’s car. The motorcyclist, who has firmly established himself as a criminal then sped off; and he was going to pass the right side of your car.

At that moment, your mind somehow brought you to the countless victims who have fell prey to such theft and they are now either dead, or left in a coma.

You engaged a gear and just as the perpetrator was about to pass your car, you intentionally crashed into him. You got him! He was pinned between your car and the car next to you.

You paused for a few seconds to recollect yourself before exiting your vehicle. The thief was screaming in pain and your car was badly damaged, so was the car next to you.

You wonder how the owner of the other car would react…

What would you want to be the reaction of the other driver?

Those who commented in the earlier post… any thoughts?

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cy said...

from a different perspective.. :) u r good.

blackjack said...

zewt, i must admit, you got us all there. bravo!

kat said...

I hv just been involved in 2 accidents (not directly), so I'm not exactly in the most rational frame of mind at the moment to comment! :D All I can say is, when the authority can't or won't do anything, we need BATMAN!

UAE is a good place to visit. Just to see all the man-made wonders! :D And the weather is pretty good from Nov - Mar, ranges from 28C-14C. And the indian food is fantastic! :D

When an accident happens in AD, no one can move until the police comes. Because you can't get your car fixed without a police report. Both my accidents involved ladies backing into my car (!), so not my fault. And nope, I did not kena any fine, contrary to what your friend told you. I just claim insurance from the other party. Both my experiences with the police have been good ones.

j_yenn said...

why so many questions one?

3 cars damaged in order to cause pain to one of society's hopeless scumbags- expensive, but "worth it".

No choice lah. If not, who's going to arrest that snatcher? Nobody leh.

TG said...

Haha.. wow.. I think I really have no idea like in your previous post. I guess in this case you just hope the driver won't be too mad about the damage you caused.

jun said...

I think the owner of the other car will curse out WTF at the moment of impact. Then be in horror and shocked when finding there was a guy sandwiched in between the car. (if he dunno what happened) then be in dilemma whether to blame or not to blame after found out what actually happens.

If is me, I want the other driver to say, don't worry i will deal with my own car. lol! but i guess in msia i doubt this would be the kind of ending for this story.

sweister said...

Zewt, you can write a book I tell you. Like, seriously man. LOL.

'You wonder how the owner of the other car would react'
- OMG YOU STOOPID PERSON. WHY WERE YOU SO KE POH TRYING TO GET THE MAN DOWN LIKE THAT. Pay for my freaking car you brainless nutcase! *continues arguing; hurting thief ignored (which he rightfully deserves anyway)* haha.

(Man, I'm having so much fun now with all this hypothetical questions. Haha)

What would you want to be the reaction of the other driver?
- I'd obviously want the other driver to be pleasant and all. Something like high 5-ing me for having successfully got the thief down. LOL.

hikazew® said...

the other driver was smiling previously.. so he obviously was in a good mood or was the type that look at the glass half full..
so, i think he'll take the whole thing in if you explain yourself ..

and let insurance company settle for your car damage..and his..

well it may not be financially sound or lawfully right to take action against the snatch thief but hey wake up.. we're in Bolehland..

btw, me and my colleagues my wallet got 'pickpocketed' (at different times)in singapore.... probably our own faults.. taking out wallet to scan ezlink card at mrt then put it back hastily at easiest compartment of our handbag in a crowded area and (notorious?) area so i heard
rare case huh? i was in a very

_butt said...

it doesn't matter what his/her reaction would be. just point out that horror splash of blood on the victim's car will do.

dy said...

a bit tiu and wtf lo.. cos who to claim the damage from? the thief? or the police? hmm i think the government should pay for the damage lo... good citizen ma. we helped them to catch thief wor.. no?

if i'm in the situation and got a chance to do so, i think i will do it also. normal reaction ma.

Jackson Tan said...

Take the law into your own hands?

The driver who banged the thief seems like a hero but what if the thief died?
He would have to spend some time in jail. How sad that would be.

What if the other driver who got bang has old people or babies inside? What if he is driving a proton which provides little protection to the passenger? What if the passenger is a baby?

Again not a wise move I must say.

And people who commented "from a different perspective.. :) u r good" are just easily swayed without utilizing their brain.

Use your brain people.

Jackson Tan said...

What if the baby inside the car that got bang die or worse still suffer permanent damage?

If you want to be a hero you should chase after the thief, corner him at a dead end, get out of car and kill him on the spot.

Again use your head apple polisher.

Jackson Tan said...

The point is nobody agree to be part of your hero scheme.

You don't drag other people involuntarily to achieve what you THINK is correct.

If you think of wanting to do something to the thief you should have got out of the car and handle the thief at the very first place instead of hiding in the car and bang the thief and the car in front.

Jackson Tan said...

What if the car in front that got bang has a pregnant woman as passenger?

What if because of your reckless action the woman loses the baby?

Is it worth it?

Still a Hero?

What a lame duck.

iamthewitch said...

Different vantage point eh? Well, though I might feel the anger of the driver at that spur of the moment, I still don't think that putting other people in danger justifies catching the thief. Too much is at risk, don't you think so?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

interesting i suppose its a wtf..and go blame the stupid thief..

but 1st reaction would be "WHY ME!"

Jackson Tan said...

I really do not understand why people are discussing about insurance, and how insurance can cover the damage to the car.

Life is at stake here, people.

Who gives a fcuk about the car or the insurance.

Where is your priorities?

Jeezzz,,, malaysians are indeed a bunch of idiots...

Clare said...

If I were the other driver, this is my reaction:


First thing that comes into my mind if my car was knocked would be:-
1) OH CRAP! There goes $$$;
2) No car to use for the next few days, how like that? (Can claim consequential loss from the other party's insurance but during that period no car to use very mafan)
3) Police! Have to waste time make police report la, whatever la!
4) Insurance headache! If the accident has something to do with crime, it is not covered (referring to the guy who knock the thief). In this case, that driver is taking law into his own hands (using the car for unlawful purpose which is not covered under comprehensive nor third party insurance). So don't know if that's considered crime (malicious act). So have to depend on the outcome of the police report. In the case of the car who got knocked, his damage caused by malicious act is covered. Still, everything has to depend on police report also.

[Re 4), I am in the industry so I'll automatically think of that aspect as well.]

Don't know where I am getting at also. Haha! Hmm...maybe I can ask my claim manager about this scenario. Will tell you more after I get the info.

Clare said...

Unfortunately, in Malaysia, people think about themselves and their property first. So you can imagine how the reaction will be like. There is no right or wrong answers to this.

The accident will be highlighted in the papers praising the good samaritan and all but everything will be forgotten the moment the newspaper is put down because your order of roti canai/nasi lemak/bak kut teh has just arrived!

dy said...

Jackson Tan,

Most typical Malaysian are selfish people. and money is important. it's very normal to have such thinking. i think you have your point and other people have their point too. so what's with "Malaysians are indeed a bunch of idiots"? it's just a comment box.. we don't judge who's right and who's wrong or what we're supposed to do and what's not. that's why it's called commenting.

Pinknpurplelizard said...

I'd offer to pay for the other car's damages and take whatever that will be dealt to me. But before that, I'd smack that thief's head and say "Looks like u lucked out, a*****e!"

The score
Divine retribution/Justice 1
Snatch thief 0

I sound so cruel... Muahahaha!

autumn said...

first things first.. im too much of a coward to put on such a show of bravery lor >.< and then, the thief would have passed by my car before i'd even realized wat had happened (sigh, im really slow wan...). also, i'd be thinking of the damages that might be caused before i do anything like tat =P

but leh, if, a big IF, i do happen to do sth like tis lah, i'll probably foot the whole bill because i'd think it's my fault, UNLESS the other car owner insists on paying for his own damages, which i highly doubt so.

and then, at the end of the day, i'll think to myself "why was i so stupid? *wail*"

Hiden Iden said...

Jackson Tan,

may your wife or sister be hit by the iron rod of a thief and the rest just stood and watch.

Unknown said...

What happens if the chap on the motobike is related to the OCPD in your Police District? Happened to my father. The chap was hanging around my father's car. Then he broke into the car, ripped the sound system. Witnesses ID'd him, he was a drug addict.
Detectives caught him, they even found the goods which were at a friendly "fence".
Detectives had to release him, then told my father that that chap's brother-in-law was the Chief Inspector.
Asked at least we can get the goods back from the "fence". Told cannot, fence also protected.

My father was a Div.1 civil servant. Now, if u r of Indian origin, and the motocyclist is not, you could end up having committed suicide in the lock-up due to remose. AND nobody other than a mad chap at Human Rights Party who rights grammatically wrong sentences with past tense might say a word or write a word on your behalf. MIC may offer to pay for your body to be cremated. (Make sure you get it, coz they tend to forget to cough up the cash after making promises).

leyaw said...

Other driver: I have two steering locks in my car if you haven't got one.

Me: I have a slash hammer in my boot. You can use it after i'm done

Kenny Mah said...

I have to be honest and say my first reaction would probably be more like Joe's. I guess it takes those among us who are tougher or had enough with the wilful and reckless crimes perpetrated to take such immediate action.

Still. My hat off to ya.

foongpc said...

I really don't know cos I will NEVER EVER try and kill a criminal and at the same time crash onto someone else's car. NEVER.

But if I did, I would expect the driver of that car to kill me and kill the criminal if he's not dead already : )

J2Kfm said...

this is a toughie. if i'm on the receiving end, I sure hope I'm driving some old car that doesnt mind a little banging every now n then.
but seriously, i wouldn't have crashed into the thief, and into another car.

zewt said...

cy - thanks :)

blackjack - not everyone will get it.

kat - 14 to 28? that's surprisingly quite cooling. certainly doesnt fit my middle east impression. experience with police a good one, how rare...

j_yenn - exactly... nobody.

MKL - always another side of the coin :)

jun - haha... exactly, malaysia... the reaction would be quite typical. you can already seen one typical reaction here.

SWei - will you be the first purchaser to my book hahahaha... high 5-ing with you.. haha!!!.

zewt said...

hikazew - yeah, we're in bolehland, sometimes, it's just quite ironic isnt it? and singapore...? got pickpocted? you must have gone and buy 4D... :P

_butt - very good idea indeed.

dy - very brave and bravo to you. yeah, good citizen, this is what i called citizen arrest.

Jackson Tan - wow, you really do feel very strongly about this. and amazing that you have thought about so many aspects of the situation. but somehow though, there are also other aspects of the situation that you have not thought about. since you have consider so many other elements, have you considered that the thief might have escaped and did the same thing to your family member and you and left them dead.. oh, not dead but permanently damaged? ahh... maybe not... and i like your last sentence, malaysians are a bunch of idiots... where you from mate?

iamthewitch - vantage point! hehe... i like that.

constantly craving joe - well, God's will perhaps :P hahaha....

Clare - hahaha... yeah, after a while, i was also lost reading your comment. oh... insurance industry eh? and yes yes yes yes... you for the perfect message... all will be forgotten cos the food has arrived!!

zewt said...

pinknpurplelizard - not many will deem you cruel :P

autumn - wow... you footing out everything, very noble of you. should at least ask the other guy whether you all wanna go dutch.

Hiden Iden - haha... that's nasty.

Bob - Hi Bob. that is a typical malaysian situation isnt it? indeed, that is something we all fear and it is something that we, as malaysians, must put a stop too. if we keep having such thinking, we will be back to the feudalism days.... where we are all nothing but slaves.

leyaw - wow... nasty!! ahahahaha....

life for beginners - thus, i think we all need to be tougher.

foongpc - if i do another post and put u in the situation of the family member of the person who got hit by the iron rod?

J2Kfm - it's ok... not many will. it takes a lot

Crankster said...

I would like for the driver of the other car to get out of his car and high five me! ;-)

But that is probably wishful thinking - even I'm not so open-minded. The least is that he swears for a minute and then sees the funny side of it.

Actually Zewt, I'd never have thought of you as that sort of guy who would even consider sacrificing to get the thief. My apologies for the prejudice, but now I understand why you'd fit into a first-world country easily.

jam said...

Why you wanna put us in such a difficult situation! But if I were there, stopping the thief is my first priority. Of course with the condition that no one will get hurt.

Huei said...

just cos i drive a cheap car...well cheap la considering that most ppl drive all the new changgih cars today..so my 55% of ncb is not THAT much..i'll quickly get down and appologize to the car i banged n say we'll claim insurance for that! hahaha but my mum wun be happy

but then again i think i'll be too chicken shit to bang the thief cos i scared i'll bang others as well..sigh. worst is if i try..miss the thief..n still bang other cars.....damn mou gu wei! =P

pervertism101 said...

i want the other driver to be understanding (yeah rite).

the fact: he'll be shocked, pissed and maybe, just maybe after he calms down, shakes my hand, congratulates me on a work well done and ask for me to pay for the damage.

a compromise, oui?

zewt said...

Crankster - not exactly first world mentality. just that, i think we citizens should stand together... unity against crime!

jam - of cos, hurting someone is not our intention... :)

Huei - hahahahaha... considering that you have got your license suspended before... better dont lah...

pervertism101 - will u pay for the damage?

pervertism101 said...

not much of choice do i?

i did smashed into his car. it's the right thing to do anyway.

no right, no wrong. just the consequences. and the consequences are an injured thief, disputable just act, damaged cars and payment for said cars.

zewt said...

pervertism101 - may there be more of you around.

neno said...

dun dare to think bout the other driver's thought..lol..

zewt said...

neno - aiyah...why la?