Thursday 26 February 2009


Some readers mailed me or commented; asking me about my urinalysis. I guess it is only appropriate if I provide a little update on the check up.

The urinalysis went well and though there is still protein leakage from the kidney, it is not leaking at an alarming rate. It has also not leaked to a rate where I need to undergo a biopsy. Hopefully that will remain for the longest time. As for now, I just have to continue to look after myself... sufficient rest, a healthy diet and exercise, something even a perfectly healthy person should do. Next check up in 6-months time.

Many also mailed me asking me about sub-prime. Even my friends who are not in the corporate world asked me to explain to them. And when I did explain to them, they often gave me a blank stare or a reply saying "Thanks, but I still don't understand". Therefore, I hope
The story of Mr. Suck Plime will provide some light to this highly technical subject.

Have a good Thursday.


Purple~MushRooM said...

Take care dude! Glad that nothing serious came up.

Huei said...

thank god ur health's good! =)

take cares okies!!

Anonymous said...

Praise God for your health :)

Anyway, i wish i could find a bf like you, with brilliant economic sense plus a touch of humour. Sadly many freakonomics are boring/dull/mundane ppl. LOL! Shit, i am compRaining...:P

Keep rawking bro :)

missironic said...

Good to know that it went well. Take good care there! :)

day-dreamer said...

Glad to hear about your current condition. It will be better, take care!

Fi-sha said...

Alhamdullilah. God to know that your kidneys are doing ok. Dont worry much, just eat well ok. Cheerio!

Mummy said...

Good results. hope it stays this way for years to come.

Anonymous said...
i think the videos on this site can help understand better the sub-prime. take care of yourself mate.

Unknown said...

its good to know that you are leading an at least healthy life.... just make sure you don;t start killing yourself... and on the mr suck plime, it happens everywhere... and the magicians are truly superb in their work!!! wonder how they do it

vincent said...

This is for your friends who don't understand the subprime problem.

If they still don't get it, tell to start reading the business news in the papers first. A shocking number of working execs don't read the newspapers, not to mention the business section.

niss.. said...

try to avoid caffeine drinks, this will help u in the long road...

Coffee? a strict no no!!

Angie Tan said...

Hope you feel better soon.

In our high-stress, fast-paced lifestyle, we all seem to be breaking down faster than our parents.

Anyway, I need to do some check-up and etc too. 30+ yrs old and we got to start taking care of our health better.

Take care & God Bless!

zewt said...

purple mushroom - thanks be to God!

huei - certainly will.

Aoki - pray hard, i am sure one will come your way :)

missironic - sure will :)

day-dreamer - hopefully. need more discipline.

Fi-sha - many thanks. really hope it will recover.

zewt said...

Mummy - for the longest time :)

Albert - haha... very visual indeed.

Binn - sounds like u want to be a magician too eh?

vincent - maybe they are just too busy. or maybe, they are just fed up with the papers.

niss - have been staying off coffee for the longest time :)

Angie Tan - yeah, after all, God asked us to preserve this temple.

Ek Thai the Hamster said...

Hey, just read your post. I too had underwent a urine test a couple of times, and the doctor told me that I was leaking a bit of protein from my kidneys too. Said might need to do biopsy... That was early last year. Up till now I have never been back to that doctor, nor did I undergo a biopsy.

That was the verdict of a doctor based in some private hospital in Selangor. But when I was in Bangkok over the CNY and met a heart specialist, I took a urine test with much persuasion from my mum. Doc said it was normal for some blood to be traced in the urine, and he was literally shocked when mum told him that the doctor in Bolehland suggested that I had to undergo a biopsy..

So, who to trust? I ended up deciding not to do anything about it. Still keeping my bad eating habits; like eating lotsa meat, not much veggies... But I drink lotsa warm water and hot tea at work, and try to cut down on soft drinks.

Hopefully my health won't be that affected... As for the biopsy fears... What biopsy?

Hope you'll get well soon.

Ek Thai the Hamster said...

Hey, thanks for your reply. Well, I did the 24 hour urine test too back in 2008, but the results were pretty much satisfactory; according to the doc.

But the doc was pretty much coaxing my mum into getting me to do the biopsy. One year on, I'm still alright, and the decision not to push forward with the biop seems vindicated [somewhat] by the results of my uri test over the recent CNY in Bangkok.

So, I shall leave it for the time being, but of course I'll definitely retake the urine test sometime this year to ascertain that my kidney's aren't leaking so much protein compared to those deemed normal...

zewt said...

Ek Thai the Hamster - well, my advice (not that i am a doc) is to do an annual kidney check up. since we are considered "at risk", we should really take care.