Wednesday 18 February 2009

“Doh Yu”

Today, I would like to teach everyone a very famous Chinese saying. As you’ve noticed from the title, the Chinese saying that I would like to teach is:-

Doh Yu (directly translated as “extra fish”)

It simply means doing or getting something extra but that extra bit is totally useless. Something like… buying pads for a guy. Get what I mean? It’s meaningless… it’s useless… it’s futile.

Some other very good examples of “Doh Yu” are:-

Blogging an entry to make fun or criticise a certain toyo politician in retaliation of the Eli saga.

Making comments in blog (particularly anonymously) to make fun or criticise a certain toyo politician in retaliation of the Eli saga.

Blogging or making comments in blog that circles around the notion “don’t-resign”.

Blogging an intellectual entry to reason out what is right and what is wrong and who should be responsible regarding the Eli saga.

Signing online petition for someone to intervene.

When you see situations mentioned above, you can safely say… “DOH YU”! Can you think of anymore examples?

Chinese saying previous taught… “
Sam Jiu


vincent said...

Best example I can think off:

Being irritated with people for bullshitting you, and then voting into power another even bigger bullshitter.

leyaw said...

"Zewt Can Teach", maybe this can be another category of this blog.

If Labu airport is approved, then it will be a very expensive piece of Doh Yu.

iamthewitch said...

In case you're wondering, there's an English word that serves this very purpose of Doh Yu, called Superfluous. I have always used this when I was in uni. Very useful word! :)

Anonymous said...

sumtime even those it's doh yu, tapi tak bolih tak buat 1 lor

bcoz apa apa pun tak buat = sao zhu doi tou (stand still at the tree wait for rabbit)

oredy wait 50+ yrs, still 1 2 wait how long summore wor!?

Huei said...


well use "extra PIECE OF fish" better

"dor kao yu" =P

eiling lim said...

Actually the most "doh yu" award should go to Khir Toyo!

A Black Cat said...


Actually it doesn't directly translate as "extra fish", it translates as "a lot therefore there is excess". (Almost) same pronunciation but different word =)

pei ling said...

Don't get you this time. I would be extremely disappointed if nobody created any noise when an extremely decent MP like her quit for doing nothing wrong. These "noises" shows that our people still know who's in the right and wrong in the least. Show of support can never be too much for any victim, politician or not.

Unknown said...

i tot is "Duo Yu?" haha i think you can start a chinese lesson by now~~~ but still, seeing the current state of malaysia's politics, i can only say, Doh Yee....

taxy said...

I thought that was Homer trying to -
"Doh you!"
"No! Doh you!"
"No! You!"
"Who? Me?"
"Yeah! You!"
"Doh you back!"

zewt said...

vincent - which one is which ah? all bull lah.

leyaw - ah... u got what i mean :)

iamthewitch - really? i think superfluu superfli superfloiuu... i think i shall stick with doh yu.

anon @ 19/2 8.56am - hahaha... well, some things are still doh yu. those not doh yu.. we are not prepared to do it.

huei - HAHAHAHAHA... doh 9 yu!!

-eiling- - he needs another chinese saying.

Jun-E - i think it should be "more prepare", if i get it right.

Rin - it's just a chinese saying :)... anyway, we are all free to do anything. keep it up! :)

Binn - next one... "sai hei".

taxy - hahahahahaha... you're truly... doh yu!