Wednesday 12 December 2007

Will this point hit you?

I know we are all high on supernatural stories lately and the momentum is strong. But let us pause for a moment at look at what is happening around us… just for a while…

I spoke to a few of my friends about rally yesterday (yes, there was one in case you’re unaware) and we were talking about things are seriously wrong in this country, how the mainstream media is taking us for fools and how this country is slowly but surely redefining the term ‘human rights’.

Anyway, conversation led to the usual point… race issue. Many are of the opinion that the Bersih rally held on 10 November was a Malay affair, though attended by other races. I have to agree. Most Chinese are still hiding quietly that as long as they can place 3 meals on the table, everything is fine. Or is it?

Moving on, the Indians took to the streets under the banner of Hindraf. I am sure not many will disagree that the Hindraf rally was quite entirely an Indian affair. Of course, there are some brave Chinese and Malays who walked with the Indians and for that, I salute you.

The question now is of course, what will the Chinese do? It appears the Chinese are doing nothing and will never do anything; all in accordance to the Chinese saying of…

“Yan 1 si, fong ping long jin. Tui 1 po, hoi fut tin hung”

The above saying simply means tolerance is a virtue. But Chinese are a cunning lot, and I am sure many would agree. While leaving the dirty work to the Malays and Indians, the Chinese are also slowly doing something. This view is supported by RPK of the famous Malaysia Today website. What are the Chinese doing?

The Chinese are slowly (or perhaps hastily)… moving away. All my friends who have migrated are all Chinese. 90% of those in the process of moving away (including yours truly)… are Chinese. So what are the Chinese doing? They simply move away. This is very real, as shown in the Chinese depreciating population. This even resulted in
a call for Chinese to fuck more so that there will be more Chinese babies.

And it hit me!!!

Ya’ know… those of you Chinese who are living in your wonderful dreamland that as long as you can place 3 meals on the table, don’t rock the boat… those of you who are staying behind because you love this country so much and that those 3 meals you place on the table are not any other food but delicious Malaysian food… you know those kind of Chinese?

Have you ever thought… that in 15 or 20 years time… when majority of the Chinese have left the country… when the 60% population majority becomes say; 90% majority… that will be the time when your children would become adult. That would mean that your children will be out to hunt for a partner… or being hunted. What does that mean?

It means there is a 90% chance (or more) that your children will end up with the majority population. No disrespect, I have nothing against inter-racial marriage. But the complication falls on the religion factor, which I do not need to elaborate further.

Have you ever thought of the chance your children will come back with someone of a different faith? One which makes conversion compulsory?

I highlighted this point to a friend of mine who just had a baby girl. He will be seeing a migration agent next week.

P/S: Zewt would like to apologise if this entry offended anyone.


Helen said...

Naturally I would like my child to embrace my faith and share my beliefs and value. But then in the end it still boils down to my child's decision and what he/she chose to believe.

As for the Chinese not being vocal about the state of politics in this country, I agree. But then not being vocal does not mean they don't have an opinion.

But then from my personal experience, most working class said they'll vote for the opposition while bosses would more likely vote for BN. lol

Ivan said...

The thing is that there will be some minorities who won't have the opportunity to migrate overseas. When the time comes when there will only be a 10% minority in Malaysia, these people will be left worse off than now. Their rights won't matter anymore.

It's alright for people to think about moving away - but is that a solution to the woes of this country? It is not a solution for the minority, but only a solution for individuals that can afford to migrate.

I have heard the sage advice from friends who tells me that it's better to move away. But why should I move away from my own country? It might be a great idea if every minority can leave the country - but can we all? So who will be left to fight for the rights of the super minority when all the dust have settled? Bear in mind that the super minority could happened to be either you or me.

The Chinese community (which would include myself) should at least try moving their asses for once and make a difference in deciding what their rights are. Moving away won't solve anything. You will still be a minority overseas. Wait till you see a 30% minority population in other countries such as the UK - then you will face the same problems when the white majority starts hating you for "stealing" their jobs. I know it'll happen cause I've already felt some of the vibes when I was working there. Will these people move again? Where to next? China?

baggie said...

i love my country, the place where i was raised up, i mean who doesn't. We've been mingling and understanding each other's races and all, i think we all would be a big happy family if things were OK and not been polluted with the G's way... *sigh*

Well, maybe the chinese thinks that it is not worth it to go so much trouble just to gain back some freedom of speech and all that? Maybe they think that, heck, if Malaysia just sucks as she is now all the way, just migrate lah... they can always go other places to cari makan?? Speaking of the truth, chinese memang pandai go places to cari makan... no offence but it can be clearly seen i guess the chinese really dont care much, as long like wat u said lor.. cukup makan 3 meals... tats alright for them liao...

As for me, I really cannot see the future being here... i am in my comfort zone right now really..but u might know wat will happen in the future... wat can i alone do to change the country? I can't... the rest is not in together as well, they can't be bothered... so? solution is... go away lor.. tats wat i will do too... in future...

Anonymous said...

i have never been so angry. i was having a drink with one of my long time bumi friend. one of the subjects that crop up was the recent protest. sure, i can understand his rationale for his stand against such protest as in his opinion if not properly controlled may lead to some very unsavoury outcome.
my contention is that the protests are generally non-violent and that the nation must grow up after 50 years of independence.
after much disagreement, he told me that if i am not happy then i should look into migrating! i said, gee i am a taxpayer like him, born and bred in malaysia. is it not within my rights to fight what i think is good for the country and of course my kids. i told him in no uncertain terms, if the country doesnt permit me to fight for my own rights, then it has no rights then to collect taxes from me. i told him tell it to all the taxpayers. but then, we shake hands after that and agreed that we agreed that it is ok to disagree.

lynn-w said...

if want to move, move to where? where will chinese be accepted? we are matter where we go, it wont be home...
for me, msia is ok for now....who knows what would happen in 10 years or even 20 years to come?

Dan-yel said...

I personally think that religion and race shouldn't be an issue. However, I understand how you may feel when your child have to sacrifice her belief just to be with someone. Perhaps we should look to reforming Islam in Malaysia for the version of Islam we have here is too patriarchal and too unliberal. Islam first rose in the 7th century as a profoundly liberal and modern religion in the middle east, and it never meant to remain static, its laws and doctrines. It's supposed to be ever-evolving.

Anyway, I personally wouldn't be bothered about Chinese moving out of this country. They have every right to do so. Simply because of how I view Malaysia, what Malaysia is to me.

Some may say that Malaysia is the land of the Malays. It may seem so at one point in time but it will never remain so forever. Malaysia's true identity lies in the ideals it represents (and do not confuse Malaysia with BN gov't, they are totally different).

For me Malaysia represents a pin-point of cultural diversity of South-east Asian civilisation. Apart from that, it's the centre of that meeting of civilisations, China of East Asia and India of South Asia, in the settings of regional culture and community.

It represents values of tolerance and simplicity. Gentleness is one key features of Malaysian civilisation. I think, the only criteria for a Malaysian citizenship is the appreciation of that culture.

Jamy pointed out to me the "fearful" mindset of the Chinese diaspora. I must say, I'm rather sad for them, for if they continue to migrate, with no sense of belonging, that diaspora-mindset will never stop, hopping from one country to another, some may even view them as parasites who feeds on the resource of the country and would not repay in contribution back to the country. Like how some Europeans came to view the Jews.

However that's not my view, as there are some who choose to remain in this country.

Anonymous said...

disturbing isn't sad.

kyh said...

Ah yes, if a non-Malay marries a Malay in Malaysia, he/she and his/her sons and daughters will automatically be deemed as a Malay officially, rather than a mixed. No wonder it's generally considered a taboo for non-Malays esp Chinese due to the fact that some aged-old Chinese customs would somewhat be dropped and abandoned, and get replaced by Malay and Muslim traditions.

I'm worried about the growing numbers of people who want to emigrate out of Malaysia too (though I'm lookin' forward to migrate someday. How ironic!). But I think only a small percentage of us would be able to afford this, and the majority of the old generations definitely won't want to leave as they've lived and breathed here since the day they were born! Nostalgic values and 'this is my birthplace' thinkings are part of the factors.

Yet, what can be more painful and humiliating than be treated as a 2nd class citizen in our very own country? Nothing beats that. I'd rather be a 2nd or even 3rd class citizen in a new adopted nation than be treated the same way in my native land.

lovie said...

We don't speak out loud doesn't mean we agree with what the government is doing.
So what if we say what we think, do you think the government will listen? Do you think they give a damn? In the end we will only have some chemical substance sprayed on our faces.
We move away. We find happiness elsewhere. Although we miss the food, we miss the familiarities, we miss the sun all year long, we still need to find a way to live more peacefully, and be treated nicer.

flaminglambo said...

Let us not forget that the Malays are migrating too.

Here in Australia (and my cousin tells me that the UK is the same)we have a big congregation of Malay Malaysians who are permanent residents. Just talk to some of them about going back to Malaysia and you'll see why they do not want to.

I've read a report that says quite a few students with government funding that were sent to the UK or US to study do not consider coming back or at least apply for permanent residency before they do.

One of them was my friend.

Many of the comments have been about the inequities of the minority races but why would a bumi not go back and to receive handouts from the government? Her reasons basically hit home the concerns of EVERYONE. Education, health care and the standard of living are just some of the less sensitive things we discussed.

We all know that migrating is not the solution and that we'll be a minority in the popular migration destinations but do those countries' selection system for university (or basic education at that) deprive the minority?

The answer is a big fat 'NO'.

If you get good grades, you're in. That's that.

I think a lot of us are concerned more so about our future generations. Our children and our children's children. It's fine for those that can afford to pay to send their children overseas but if they stay, even if they're geniuses, they are still judged by the colour of their skin (remember that Chinese genius that couldn't get government funding?). One's child do not have a fair chance at life to be the best that they can be even if it is for the benefit of the country. Now, in my opinion, that's the worst kind of injustice.

xonar said...

move on,zewt to new grounds where you can excel and most important is be happy.
malaysia is sinking fast and there is nothing the nons can do about it.
how can one fight with hands tight behind its back with isa?
how can my voice be heard when phantom voters outnumber my vote?
the people in power speak about championing their race,their religion,their language as if the nons are no matter and need no mentioning.
exodus is not a new thing for the nons.we are hard working people,no matter where we go we will survive and excel.
"where there is a will,there is a way".
but the will for the nons is not in malaysia.

TH said...

Now that I've started working here, I often get this 'Are you coming back home?' question.

On another point of view, there are those of us who studied overseas and continue working; at times thinking of moving back home, maybe yes, maybe not..but we've got so comfortable here for a couple of years. We can get too comfy we don't wanna go home anymore. We're half migrants, I think.

myop101 said...

dear zewt,

the time is coming and it will soon arrive. our people can no longer tolerate this govt. perhaps, as part of birthing process, M'sia will go through its own turbulence and from it rise a new nation.

i don't mind if my children (if any) intends to marry someone other than my own race. my only hope is that they retain our faith in Christ. i believe if my children (if any) have faith in the good Lord, they will resist their fleshly desires and pursue those whom He grants to them.

right now, it is still not yet time to run. the season will come but it is still the time to resist.

myop101 said...

Dear Zewt,

Something just came to my mind as I read Jeremiah 11 & 12 (especially first few verses in Jeremiah 12). I felt it spoke to me like the conditions Malaysia is in now. Yet, I have not received a word from Him to move out. I am uncertain if I am to remain here for how long more to work the fields and harvest the fruits. I guess I need to pray and read more to know the direction from Him.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

well its ur kid, and he/she should have every right in who he/she wants to sleep with..haha..

yes..i also want to "leave on a jetplane"..

Huei said...

sigh..msia sux! the indians and malays have done things, and what's the use? just get sprayed by chemical in the eyes.

stupid cunttree!!

Sunshine said...

im part of the statistics who met and fell in love and now facing the compulsory conversion, seriously, im still scared of the whole conversion thingy!

PabloPabla said...

My daughters' lives are in the hands of God. My duty is to raise them in Christian living. When they are old enough to think for themselves, they would be responsible for their own actions. So, I shan't worry too much about how they will turn out to be in the future.

As for the seemingly bleak future for chinese in this country, I can only say that history shows that this race somewhat has the uncanny ability to survive wherever they are in this world. It's part of our culture to work hard and find ways to adapt to difficult situations. We are all conditioned from young to word hard and be independant and that will be virtues which I want to pass to my kids as well.

The other part which I find comfort in is God's promise for His people that His people will be a blessing for the people around them. We, Christians, may be a minority but we can make a difference through God's blessings.

And finally, make each and every vote count. I challenge each and every reader and commentator here to register yourself as a voter if you have reached the age of eligibility but have not done so.

Anonymous said...

I put the future of the children in the hands of God.

Jun said...

one of my indian frens once observed that the chinese are a private lot, in that they dun tend to meddle with the affairs of others. this was brought up when she was telling me how in the indian community, EVERYBODY knows EVERYBODY, downright to the personal lives of someone's aunty's niece's daughter -_-

i pondered over this observation of hers and realised that it is the nature of the chinese to be neutral ppl. in many chinese families, elders would incorporate the concept of "internal affairs" to the younger generation, so i think it becomes habitual for the chinese to adopt an "i-couldn't-care-less" attitude, esp if things dun concern them. for example, the hindraf rally, which, like many have observed, to be an indian thing.

of cors, the chinese is not an entirely passive race. i know that they do stand up for certain things, ie the preservation of chinese-medium schools. i think it is more a feeling of frustration that drives the majority of the chinese to migrate. who doesn't want a better future for themselves, and for their children? it is an undisputed fact that the economy power is held by the chinese, so with wealth as a means to a better tomorrow, what do u think the chinese, who are a bunch of practical ppl, do?

Anonymous said...

Fuck more doesn't mean surely will get pregnant mah! Hahahah!

Anyway, if you want to talk in terms of propagating - we don't get to have legal polygamies to sow our seeds.

We don't have the means to feed so many mouths. Baby come out, everything is money money money. And we don't get 5 to 7% discount for houses, higher interest rates in govt bond, a shot at local U even if our kids score 5As straight in STPM and being sent to do Pertanian instead.

So, it's natural that talented people migrate overseas, to seek for greener pastures and to help in other countries' economy which will appreciate them.

And one thing on how I ensure my future descendants have no problem in adjusting to the going to be 90% controlled country - I simply do not intend to propagate.

Azlan Zed said...

i wonder what if i bring back an ah moi and introduced to my parents... hurm...

Beer Anyone said...

increase the chinese population & why not...

for a starter, we could get more china/vietnam girls to come here.

gracieq said...

If a non-Malay marries a Malay and have to convert, it doesn't mean that he/she will be a Malay. That person is still Chinese or Indian, etc. The only thing that changes is the religion.

frostee said...

It is a sad scenerio. Many people will question their loyalty. Well, my asnwer to that is that my loyalty is to my family. Don't talk about loyalty to me when one is not treated equally and always be threatened by another May13.

I too will vote... both in the ballot box and subsequently with my feet.

Anonymous said...

After 50 years of independence, why do we still identify ourselves as malay, indian or chinese. Is this the fault of our present gov'nt or we had been too long under same governing parties. I sincerely believe this is so. We had been forced to identify ourselves in small differences such as religion, skin colour and race. Divide and rule, they have been very successful all these years. I, for one, cannot identify myself as chinese, even I was born pure bred as one. If one has gone overseas, live with those so called chinese from other countries including HongKong & China, you will find our way of life, concept in life, behaviour, even culture etc, etc are different. In fact, I felt more comfortable with people from malaysia of other races than chinese from other countries. This post me the question, do we have the right type of politicians or even educated ones. Are our leaders truely malaysians, from what I experienced, I doubt it. Even the malays have lot their identity. The indonesians are complaining malaysia not to interfere or corrupt what are theirs, so where do malays in malaysia stand, such a pity. We can always migrate, actually it is not that difficult to migrate to another developed country. Sorry for the rambling, just thought i have to share this.

Anonymous said...

Our lives & our children's lives are all in GOD's hands.
Only GOD knows what is best for us.
Hence, HE will lead us on the RIGHT it here or anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

Bro!! I too had wanted to blog about this! But all the silais pressured me for my posts (u know which ones la).

I had lunch with a fren and his views damn kaw pissed me off!

"What problem?", "Those who say got problem are those that have no money", bla, bla, bla.... really ah. Arrgh!!

zewt said...

Helen - well, if your child willingly embrace it.. then it's fine. otherwise...

Ivan - indeed.. what i am trying to get at is not to get the chinese to move out... but to actually come out and do something. dunn what... just do something. and you are right... there isnt anywhere we can go where we can be first class citizen. but the question is... where is the best place to be 2nd class citizen?

Calvin's wife - well, i think most chinese are still in the comfort zone... i am waiting for the time when the needle finally pokes the flesh... then...

Anon @ 2.48am - i am astonished to hear your experience... but yes... i think someone actually pointed out... when the crunch times come... what seems to be good friendship might be at stake...

l y n n w e i - like i said... the shitty thing is when we are 2nd class citizen in a place we are born. and the next question is... where is the best place to be 2nd class citizen?

Dan-yel - good comment as usual, dan. and indeed... the fear in us is just too tremendous to actually do something. we are all too fearful to do what is right.

tomcat - indeed...

zewt said...

kyh - i was only refering to faith... and seriously... the racial part got passed me... damn... you're right!!! now... that is really a bummer, isnt it? and damn right... rather be 2nd class in an adopted nation than to be a pseudo first class here.

lovie - doesnt agree and keeping quiet = nothing. so i guess moving away is the best way:)

flaminglambo - tat is true... but the percentage is toooooo small. further... the regeration rate compared to chinese is much much muchhhhhhh greater.

penang-kia - yeah... when the sword of ISA is wielded... all will the anger will be suppressed, it's already happening.

Twisted Heels - you're migrants there... you're being told to get out here... so... predicament.

myop101 - well, if you think His plan for u is here... then I guess you should stay. and i dont think ppl will get beyond just ranting. the ISA has been mobilised... all will soon settled.

zewt said...

constant craver joe - well...not against who he/she wanna sleep with.... but the compulsory conversion part is worrying.

Huei - and also tear gas... sigh...

Sunshine - and now i must tell you.... think properly. i am sure u know why.

pablopabla - history shown that this place mostly survived by moving away, not staying put. yes, must all make our vote count... but based on the survey i put up long ago... not many AZAIG readers are voters.

giddy tiger - Amen to that, and we shall continue to hope and pray.

Jun - chinese is a race which only cares about 1 thing... making money. they will only come out of their shell when they cannot place 3 meals on the table.

gina - that's the thing. while we carry this mentality... some ppl are making football teams. so what do you think the composition will be like in the future?

zewt said...

alan zed - i think your parents will be estatic... but the ah moi's parents... that i dunno lor...

Beer Anyone - hahaha... so import is the solution eh?

gracieq - and do u mind the religion part? and one thing, according to the constitution... malay is defined there. once you convert, you are a malay... constitutional wise.

F.O.N Frostee - hahaha... the hand votes... the leg walks.

william wang - unfortunately... yes, we are still racially identified... just look the forms we have to fill. well, if you think you're best fit here... then good for u. but one thing, i am not asking the ppl to move out... but to come out and do something.

Jemima - well, if you wanna bring God in... then I cant argue.

adrian - i dont get your what your friend trying to say though...

totally ignorant! said...

hahahaha... fuck more issit?

Well, what you said is true and dont think people should be offended...memang the proverb, tolerance is a virtue.. practised by so many chinese that it can hurt us in the end...

As for your poll, I think TETEK to replace breast would be good...

Good idea on nen nen as well - couldnt stop laughing!

missironic said...

i totally noe where u r heading in tis entry..yea, though we shud live in muhibah n everyting..but then..its better tat we stay in our own community...not to say im not open minded or have conventional tinking or wat..but still..u already noe ur own community lifestyle n u can get into the flow with a snap of the finger only..rite?

well, if love really strikes n u fall for the 'orang luar'..there's noting harm on it too..but i figure it will be tough learning each other culture, lifestyle n not to mention religion.

migration is another ting..we, chinese loves to save ourselves..but is true la..if one by one leave..who's there left behind? can say our population also will be lesser n lesser..i guess we dun see the big pic...

MystiKaL said...

I love my food =)

The way i look at it, this is not a racial problem at all. Its primarily an economic problem. The have nots should be given equal opportunity to excel and progress..

It is sadly a by product of governmental policy that the problem has become racially stratified..

and it really sad that the government is using this racial sensitivity as a tool to bury evidence of economic instability..

"Problem? where got problem? the troublmakers are in jail. No more problem. Malaysia is a multi racial society where there is cohesion among races"

Its like Bush starting the Iraq war to draw attention away from the economic crap happening in the Big A. And the dollar has been slipping ever since.

i know i am putting what is happening in an abstract light. But the way i see it, to avoid all that racial "tension" is to make it problem that everyone can associate with. An economic problem.

Regardless of race, religion, country height weight what ever.. As long as you are not given sufficient opportunity to put food on your own table and provide for your family and live comfortably.. Something is really wrong, and it is the governments prerogative to make it right.

Selva =)

Anonymous said...

It's really depressing what's happening to our country ... so much so that it has given me another knock in my determination to stay in the country. I love staying here, I love my life here, I feel like I'm being FORCED out of a country like some refugee because I'm too afraid to reside in the country of my birth.

So sad!

I wish migration was a simple matter, however. Right now, I simple can't afford to, financially (it costs RM10,000 just to use a migration agent and get your forms processed!! And let's not forget the money you have to bring to the new country...) and emotionally.

Jun said...

yeah, i guess the chinese mindset of "practicality" translates into "making money", which i dun entirely disagree. but if u look at it thru a less cynical view, the reason why the older generation strive to earn a living is so that they can provide for us ie for our education, and, as u said, to put 3 meals on the table so tht we wun starve to death.

of cors i can also see that nowadays, becos of the (over)indulgence, the younger generation are getting more selfish, and thus their purpose of making money is entirely diff from that of their elders. even my frens admitted that, once they started working, their goal is to make as much money as they can. in other words, they've stopped working for their ideals, which kinda disappointed and saddened me. they told me that once a person starts working, he/she is bound to work "for money" rather than "for pleasure", which i disagreed. then again, i cudn't make them see my point of carrying a noble attitude towards work, becos i was the only one who's still studying :(

Chicken Ball said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chicken Ball said...

First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out--
because I was not a communist;

Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out--
because I was not a socialist;

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out--
because I was not a trade unionist;

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out--
because I was not a Jew;

Then they came for me--
and there was no one left to speak out for me.

--- quote : Martin Niemoller -----

zewt said...

bensiu - tetek... never thought of that hahahaha...

missironic - well.. those who stay behind or intend to stay behind... better stand up and be counted... else... good luck.

MystiKal - hey and welcome! racial cards have always been the trump card. it can always win hearts in our country. even amongst best of friends... when that issue is brought up... sure there will be havoc. unfortunate... very unfortunate.

Messy Christian - well... when there is a will, there is a way. i things go according to the trend now... soon, it will even be tougher.

Jun - well, i think you work in an environment whre most work for pleasure or passion. not where i live... not amongst my friends where survival is everything. you will soon know. it's a sad world.

Chicken Ball - hahaha... how apt... how apt....

Anonymous said...

What he is saying is that as long as he is making his money, there's nothing wrong with the country. He doesn't care.

People who say there's something wrong are mostly people who have no money. If these people had money, they won't be making noise.

If they had a big house and drove around in a BMW, they won't be making noise.

missironic said...

ya..if not bcome invisible..dunno existed..hahahaa...

zewt said...

adrian - your friend actually has a point there. it's a sad truth.

missironic - that is not possible.

whoalse said...

So zewt, when are you joining the gang in the land of hoppers?!

i've been encouraged and supported in one way or the other to move out. So, I guess i fit very nicely in the silent voter category.

being a malaysian (yes a malaysian), it's kinda difficult when i can't really hang out with most of my childhood friends. Of course, there are plenty who have moved to other countries.

like a few mentioned here, i'd rather be a 2nd class citizen in a new country where opportunities may be more equal (while earning [n spending] the stronger currencies).

the girl said...

i personally think this thing called "love for your country" is rubbish. in the end ppl do whatever it takes to save their ass. migrating isnt the chinese's hobby, its the hobby of rich ppl regardless of race who can well afford it.

those who stayed behind are poor sods, like me and you. really, if given a choice, everybody thinks abt it.

zewt said...

whoalse - well, i should be on the way by middle of next year... hopefully it will be succesful. yeah, rather be a second class citizen in a better land.

pamina - that's true. but more and more poor souls are moving out too... by way of seeking employment elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

I am not a Malaysian,
but I would like to drop in a comment here.
I have made a lot of friends from all races here in Malaysia and have been here more than 5 years already.

Here is one thing that strikes me about Chinese.
When you mentioned about "Religion",
i.e. Change of religion is an inhibiting factor.
Well I wonder what makes Chinese o casually drawn into christianity then?
Not few but many times I have come acros families with mixed Buddhist and Christian, and the the sons and daughter after embacing christianity laugh at their Buddhist parents for believing in Buddhist pactices, Chinese traditions and superstitious beliefs.

What is this?
then Why so Islamphobic?
This again only for Malaysian chinese, I have worked in UAE (Abu Dhabi) for 3 years as a medical officer and I have seen many Phillipino nurses, so many Chinese embrace the islamic faith.

Well, as one Chinese colleague pointed out to me over tea,
He would not mind marrying Malay, but his parents said marry anyone, any religion, but not Islam, else she will disown him and break all ties.

Such is the sentiment?
Dont just blame Malays for everything here.
Chinese attitude of hatred, suspicion has been of no good either.
Hate will breed more hate,
and it will eventually be the majority who will take control cos of their numbers.

Both races are at fault.
A clap never sounds with one hand.

As one of your readers already pointed out.
White nations where a lot of migrants are seeking refuge, are initially finding comfortable,
but let times pass by, and have a Chinese or some other ethnic population to such numbers where they can influence politics. Say even 20%. Thats when things will start turning hot for the minority.
The majority will turn Racial, since this will help them unite under one common race to pit fight against the growing minority.

This can already be seen even in US companies where there are significant number of migrant workers. Racialy targetted layoffs and firings are very common.

zewt said...

dr hussein - hi there... sorry for the late reply.

i must say, you have a point there, chinese have placed a facade on the malays in certain things, particularly religion. but you cant blame the chinese when there religion is no longer a freedom when one decides to marry a muslims. there are also other rules which i dont quite agree.

and yes, racial problems is not only in malaysia, it's everywhere. BUT... the opportunity for other races to succeed in other countries is wayyyyyyyy better.