Friday 13 April 2007

Give you a 5

Number 1:
I’ve registered under Advertlets in my second attempt to get paid through blogging. Help me complete the 4 questions at the side bar.

Number 2:
26 April 2007 is a bank holiday and since I work in the bank… I get a holiday! Don’t be jealous.

Number 3:
Finally found a date for my wedding dinner in a very nice hotel. Congratulate me la!!

Number 4:
The famous 5Xmom interviewed me and then… this happened. And if you agree with her, you can also vote for me at the sidebar here.

Number 5:

Another riddle for you guys if you are up to it….

“What English word (not Manglish ok!) that is 9 letters long, and each time you remove a letter from it, that word will still remains as an English word… from 9 letters all the way down to a single remaining letter”.

(One reader commented saying its too easy, just have to google it. Well, this is just for fun, not for heavy thinking, like the one last Friday)

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Weig said...

1. Done.

2. What? Your bank doesn't think you're more special than that?

3. Congratulations.

4. You should just disclose your full name, I.C. number, address and voting district now.

5. Next time you post a riddle, try not to make it too easy to research/ google, Zewt. Won't spoil the fun for others.

Arena Green said...

1. Later, 'k?

2. Ya ya .. don't gloat. I'm even luckier, everyday is a holiday. LOL!

3. CONGRATULATIONS (a celebration!!) Post some pictures of the big day here, 'k?

4. What a co-incidence coz I just came from 5xmom and hey! I didn't know you are so cute! LOL

5. Gotta crack my head on this one. Err .. google, Cirnelle?? heheh ..

Have a lovely weekend too, Zewt. Cheers!

rainbow angeles said...

1. Tarak questions seen.

2. Technically speaking, if it's a "bank holiday", isn't it a public holiday?? *quiz you back*

3. Tahniah!! So, how can we help you celebrate? ;)

4. Got potential lah hor... now you'll have young girls running after you.. LMAO!

5. *mou hei jor*


mh said...

Congratulations!!! So, you work in a bank =D. Btw, did you use to work in Pusat Bandar Damansara? You look familiar

:: Nicole.F :: said...

CONGRATS!! :) when is the big day??

MissSHopaHolic said...

1. We'll c lor...

2. Wah one freakin day aso so
happy one ah?? Me college
student la everyday aso happy
hour.. jealous?? me.. nah!!!

3. I'm happy 4 you..
congratulations and may you
have a fruitful married life..

4. My hair ain't straight.. big
curls.. men...(i'm rolling my

5. No cakap la.. oredi life is a
puzzle must we solve this one

Have a fun- tastic weekend.. i have to hit the books exams are around the corner.. chao

hcfoo said...

Congrats on your wedding!

kyh said...

wah u work in a bank wan!!! and i finally can spot ur face in that photo! KKK!!! so which one is ur fiancee? the one in black or the one in red?

congrats wor wanna kahwin liao! got jemput us or not? now ur mummy can really rest in peace liao... and if better, faster poooottt a pair of twin babies out! :P

last q... think think think............. later when i get the answer (which i dun think i will!!!) i'll be back la.. ;)

Theodwyn said...


Acrelaine said...

Congrats!! one more eligible bachelor down the drain.... wtf.. no lar. hehe one more gone to the married gang...


hm... from the 5Xmom interview, it seems like, bachelor no.9 is not bad.. muahahahaha.. *laughs evilly*

oh yea, i've done the adverlets thingy long time ago...

Dangerous Variable said...

Hahahaa.... How lucky a holiday on that Thursday.

When you getting married ler..?

I am too lazy to do riddles. My iQ is only like 70 plus plus...

sereneannabelle said...

hey! hope you earn many many money...


post all ur wedding pics up ok? :)

ahjohn said...

wait. holiday on bank only or holiday on clinic as well?

no, i am not a doctor but i need to get an MC on thursday to sleep, so we cant afford to let those doctor rest at home... WE NEED MC!

as for the word...

i know the answer..

9 words - aaaaaaaaa
8 words - aaaaaaaa
7 words - aaaaaaa
6 words - aaaaaa
5 words - aaaaa
4 words - aaaa
3 words - aaa
2 words - aa
1 word - a

from word 9 to 2 it means screaming aaaaaaaaa...
just that each letter reduce the screaming gets less scary

and the word a is a singular word that means single.

pheww....i feel like having a TV channel call



baggie said...

LOL, its nice to have a post like this every weekends... Like it alot. Thunbs up for Zewt!

Number 1: Did u do mine or not first, LOL.. I do larh aiyah..

Number 2: Is it?? LOL, ok u have a nice holiday then.

Number 3: Congrats to you n Julez, your mom would be very happy for you too. Sooo, bila tuh??

Number 4: Okie i din read that wan yet, hehe.

Number 5: not heavy thinking ah?? i think it is.. (=_=)" cos i can't think of it... I dont wanna google it, i wait for ur answer, k? *grins*

Jazzi said...

Whey!! Weekends are for relaxing! Sif make us suffer with riddles over weekends for the 2nd weekend running!


I gave up on the riddle, and congrats on No. 2-4.. =)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

all this blog ads..have any received any money yet?? I havent got a single ad on my blog..worth to sign up for this 1 ar..
no more riddles la..i giv u my kind of to do consolidation accounting? haha no answer

dy said...

wah!!!! congrats wor.... don't forget to invite me.... :P

King's wife said...

Agrees with Angel...We want to help celebrate! ;-)

TCA Student Council said...

Congrats on your wedding!

SuLee said...

congratulations! wahhhh everybody said u leng cai wohhh kembang lah....haha

Anonymous said...

1)I did the questions for you already.

2)So good. But me is better..almost everyday is holiday :P

3)Congratulations, genius zewt :P for your wedding. Wishing you a very very very happy married life! And hope your wedding preparations going on smoothly!

4)You look cute! HAHA! From the side, looks a bit like Justin Lo (the HK singer)

Anyway, great weekends for all, i'll have bbq later on this sunny and a bit chilling weather!

may said...

congrats on finding a place, and named hottest male blogger... *grin* good stuff!

that word... errrr... hmmmm... it's no wonder I didn't become a language professor...

Marie said...

Congratulations on your wedding! I wish you all the best.

zewt said...

cirnelle - 1) thanks 2) i have decided to remain a public commoner. 3) thanks 4) so we're talking about politics? 5) google spoilt all the fun, no?

anak merdeka - 1) ok! 2) wahhhh, you're a housewife eh? 3) thanks! pics for sure. 4) thanks for the compliment:) 5) dont follow cirnelle's easy way out!

angel - 1) wait for it to load la. 2)it's a holiday for the bank:P 3) thanks 4) but i am not single and available anymore lor 5) ok,ok, i reveal answer soon!

mh - yes, i used to work there... hmmm... are you stalking me? :P ... kidding!

nicole - next year... :)

MissSHopaholic - 1) how's the seeing going? 2) wait till you become a slave!! 3) thanks!!! great wishes! 4) hahah... we are typical arent we? 5) just some brain exercise mah... it's good u know? all the best in your exams?

hcfoo - thanks :)

zewt said...

kyh - hahaha... so now you know how i look like eh? yup, the one in black is jules! thanks, my mom will surely be happy and smiling from heaven. as for the riddle... i await your answer.

Theodwyn - thanks!

Acrelaine - there are plenty out there... when you're back, i can intro u to some of my friends who are all hunks! :) thanks for the advertlets thing, appreciate it!

dangerous variable - work in a bank, then it's good... or gomen also can :P .... next year bro.

goodshithappens - money is always good :) thanks... will certainly post it up when it's done.

ahjohn - when you go to the clinic and get a MC... that's always a holiday ler hahaha!! wahhhhhhhhhhhh you're so good la... you're the winner! english with jonathan rocks! :P

calvin's wife - but i can run out of nice and intellectual riddles ler. 1) i did yours la of cos. 2) i know you're boss u also holiday everyday. 3) thanks! next year. 4) do read la :) 5) ok, i shall share it soon.

Jazzi - hey... i expect a person like you to solve it :)

Anonymous said...

I completed the poll!

Don't forget to send me my share of the money you'll get! :D

When are you getting married btw? Congrats :D

Have a nice weekend!

zewt said...

someone who is constantly craving - not yet unfortunately... but i hope it will soon. anyway, that's not my priority. consolidating accounting? hahaha... not for us tax ppl.

dy - u come or not?

king's wife - wahhh... king's wife also wanna help celebrate... it's an honour lor!

big rice - thanks!

SuLee - no kembang la... legs still firmly on the ground :)

Seok Thong - 1)thanks 2)wahhh, i am so jealous! 3)thanks for those nice well wishes! 4) OMG!!!!!!! SHIT!!! .... you're not the first to say that! and you are not the second or third of forth... i am not joking....

may - dont think there's any language prof here. hmmm... hottest blogger... i am number 10... last ler :P

Marie - thanks marie.

LaSh - hey dude!! thanks... i shall go to mauritius and give it to you personally... haha... mauritius for honeymoon... it's a good place eh? next year is the bid day!

Kenny Mah said...

Love ahjohn's answer...

And nice interview. Hottest male blogger, huh? Any benefits to go with that? Heh heh heh...

Anonymous said...

what a small world?
hahahhahahahah we meet again..i guess we never got to know each other in cell group...good to see u....u back in dumc??? or baptised somewhere else?


Horny Ang Moh said...

So u r a banker?? So hows a banker life?? Congratulation!!I gave up on no 5. My english is terrible as u can see in my entries. Have a 'hor ny' weekend.

**************Jz***************** said...

congrats to u on ur weddin prep...good year for wedding hehehe

hey congrats me la i shifted my friendster blog to a proper blog on top of that i will now officially comment on your blog as jaezrel and not the anonymous mate =p hehehehe for the fun of it..

Rabbit said...

I have completed that 4 questions! Iyk iyk!

And congratulations!!

And.. I want holiday! Tsk tsk tsk!

Anonymous said...

Hi zewt. I see congratulations are in CONGRATS ON YOUR BIG DAY!! Once married you are no longer a boy.. have to give angpow!! Oh, and become man of your own household... :D

Re your template, if you are on new blogger, you need to revert to classic blogger template before you can cut and paste the HTML code. It was a pretty straigthforward switch and worked quite easily for me after I reverted to classic blogger. If you have done this and it still doesn't work, then I'm afraid I can't help you.

So, will you be inviting us to your wedding?? I'm sure we can do a pretty mean YUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMM SEEEENNNNNGGGGG...!!! :D

Ah Yun Wong said...

Congratulations on your wedding!
"Good good make people"(hou hou chor yean) lah :)

zewt said...

Kenny Mah - hahaha... nah, no benefits...

freelunch - nah, i have not been at dumc for a really long time. baptised in BLC.

Hor Ny Ang Moh - banker's life sucks! hahaha...

jaezrel - hey mate, glad you finally made your way to blogger. no more anonymous is also good!

rabbit - you get denggue again then can holiday again lor... hahahaha... kidding!

kat - yeah, i tried it already. but i will lose all my links and my external html code, and me being a non html person, i dunno how to put that back in within the html coding itself. for now, i am using the sidebar options, everything made easy. for now, i will give it a miss, once i master html coding, i will try to change it.

mean yum senng? hahahahahaha.... can u sing my school song too? cannot leh.... that's my tradition.

TingTitLei said...

ouwh and we are not invited to your wedding?

haha congratulations

Anonymous said...


so you've decided it's gonna be Mauritius for your honeymoon? :)

me said...

1. like i commission moeeeee..(i also accounting-based mah; money matters....kekeke)

2. i'm not working in the bank...but i don't care. i'm also going to take off :-p sue me..

3. this one must serious sikit...congratulations. it's the best thing that can happen to u. treasure her...for now and always..

4. actually, i only know u and rojakz....n since wingz doesn't know me...i guess i can only vote for you...sympathy vote mahu tak?

5. riddle? since u say answer is available if i google it..lazy lah.

Huei said...

1. wokey! after i komen!

2. really bank onli ar?!?!? WHY1!??!?!?!??!?


4. *clicking on vote*

5. er..i will guess it when i wake up from this drowziness!

dy said...

haha! you invite or not sin??

gRaCe said...


1. Done..when u become really rich, don't forget me to treat me to a nice meal. =P

2. yah yah...dun gloat..i wudn mind working, cuz i'll be flying to KK on the 28th-30th. Company trip..but i'll definitely be making use of the trip to totally relax. *Just imagine, me lying on a beach chair, reading a book, enjoying the sea breeze and the sounds of the waves.* Hahahahha...=P

3. Congrats pal!! Take loads of pics ya...;o)

4. Voted for ya ady..good luck!

5. Urgh...dun like riddles. =P

zewt said...

TTL - who knows?

LaSh - considering it really. not kidding. if i do go... make sure you take me around!

me - 1)how much you want la? 2)haha... means 1 day off your annual leave 3)i will 4)up to you lor... 5)sigh... i am not going to post anymore riddle la...

huei - 1)thanks 2)yeah, cost civil holidays means central bank holiday means all banks also hols lor 3)thanks!!!! 4)thanks again! 5)sigh....

dy - you'll neve know...

grace - 1)no prob 2)wah, got company trip... better than hols la 3)yes i will! 4) thanks 5)hahahaha... okies, shall reveal the answer soon.

Anonymous said...

For you, I will learn your school song, ok? :D

You just gotta know how to read the HTML codes. May was a great teacher and she taught me how to read certain codes (by this, I mean really simple codes!!). Also, when you get new stuff to put into your template, you can see the HTML codes right? What I did was copy all those new external codes from my old template HTML to my new one. Place them in appropriate places (you can tell because because you will see text like "Archives" and "Previous entries" and stuff like that)and that should place them on your sidebar. Oh, and I save the entire HTML code from my old template in a word doc first! Just in case things go wrong!

Just need a bit of practise scrutinising the HTML codes!! Don't worry, if a silai like me can do, a smart fler like you shouldn't have any problems! :)

Anonymous said...


u'll be welcome :D

kyh said...

wah going to mauritius???? wowwww

but not maldives meh??? or seychelles... or bora-bora... or capri... or santorini...

hahaha... i'm confusing u even more now! erm... maybe not... :P

Lil Daydreamer~ Make The Impossible Possible said...

Number 1: I have already taken that poll! Help me too ok? cause i also join that!!!

Number 2: I am jealous caused my work only off 1 day means sunday thats sucksss:(

Number 3: Congrats!! You'll have a new chef assistant to help you in cooking! Hey not inviting fellow blogger friends to your dinner ??

Number 5: congrats again!!

Number 6: i lazy to use my brains..:P

Wickedsa said...

*cough*26th april is my birthday as well!!!*cough*
neways, congratz on ya coming soon big day:)
pictures okie?

zewt said...

kat - no kidding! hahaha... thanks for the tips. i have found another way to change my template. look out for it.

LaSH - alright, i will hold you to it!

kyh - i think it will all depend on how much i have to spend... keke...

fiona the confusing girl - 1)ok i will. 2)wow, so young and you're working? 3)thanks! bloggers, dont think so, cant fit. 4)thanks again! 5) haha... typical

baby sa - sure!