Thursday 16 April 2009

The fate of 4 slaves

4 modern slaves:-

Slave 1
Works very hard and expects to be rewarded for the hard work put in. If reward is not due, it will show; one can see it on this slave’s face.

Slave 2
Works equally hard and tells everyone … “I am just glad that I can still keep my job in view of the current economic environment”.

Slave 3
Works equally hard and wanted to do something different. Was promised a change in job-scope but management failed to fulfil the promise. Pissed-off with management and started looking for jobs elsewhere and attending interviews. Told the boss that he has been attending interview.

Slave 4
Works equally hard and told the boss… “This is the dream job of my life”.

All the above candidates have the same paper qualification and of the same level of competence. They are of the same ranking within the company. Amongst them, the company promoted 2 candidates.

Guess who?

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Fi-sha said...

Dear Zewt, how about Slave 1 and 3?

Ulquiorra said...

the best ass kisser will get promoted.

Unknown said...

slave 1: It's useless to "show face"
slave 2: He's neutral, so nothing happens
slave 3: Threaten to leave, that's more likely to be effective
slave 4: "Ass-kisser", definitely got future.

So my guess, slave 3 & 4.

seokthong said...'s been quite sometime i didn't drop my comment..

My guess will be 2 and 4..Correct ah?

Theodwyn said...

I vote for 3 & 4

CK said...

1 & 3.

Anonymous said...

if im da boss ah, i will choose 1& 2 ler...coz im the no.1 type of ppl....tak puas hati, tapi dare not say anything or luan luan seem honest n humble enuf

tapi those 'realistic' bossy very likely will choose 3&4 ler as like wat Hai Seong said

Leno said...

All 4 are competence and hardworking with same qualification.

By promoting 1 and 3, the boss make everyone happy including himself.
slave 1 will be happy being promoted and it will show in it face.
slave 2 will still happy because he is glad to keep his job. He will not blamed the boss because he has been telling this to everyone.
slave 3 will be happy to be promoted and will stop threatening to change to other place.
slave 4 will still be happy because it is his dream job.

Jorji said...

1 and 3.
it happened in my office.

iamthewitch said...

I would say 1 and 3.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter who is promoted, they all still slaves !!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Definitely 3 and 4

hikazew® said...

slave 3 and 4

slave 4 most probably get promotion

slave 3 probably get it.. if not slave 2 will get it in place of slave 3.

Hilman Nordin said...

1 and 3. intuition. never been in that kind of environment.

Clare said...

I'll pick 3 and 4. What's the answer?

Slave 3 describes me very well minus the interview part. LOL!

Cindy Khor said...

3 and 4. i think.

Anonymous said...

1 and 3?

zhu m said... option all of that la!

neno said...

slave 1 n 3..

missironic said...

Slave 1 and 3

Mar said...


the other Im not sure. Haha.

Bengbeng said...

Personally if i had to make a choice i would promote 2 and 4. they r valuable to the organization, not expected to waste our time n resources training them n expected to b loyal to the company's interests.

Anonymous said...

@beng: already loyal, no need further reward.

1 & 3.

Jerrenn said...

I would say 2 and 3

ngy said...

First question; Is it a chinese com or western com? I'm betting on chinese com, cos the phrase "work hard"

Then I gotta bet on slave 2 and 4.

I would also bet they are from the older generation, cos the new gen would just try to "work smart"..haha..

Huei said...

i guess 4..but the others..

1. show lah..the boss will be happier! hahaha

2. the boss will know that he doesnt have to promote this fler..he'll stay no matter what

3. he's been attending interviews..n still here...means tak jadi lah! he'll stay too! =P

zewt said...

fi-sha / CK / leno / j or ji / iamthewitch / mohd hilman bin nordin / anon 18/4 1.13am / neno / missironic / anon 19/4 8.18pm - bingo.

ulquiorra - unfortunately, that's not usually the case.

Hai Seong - hello there. show case is useful... if you are needed.

seok thong - toally wrong leh hahaha...

Theodwyn / Jennifer / hikazew / clare / cindy khor / fassus - half right.

anon 17/4 8.49am - hahaha... show face is useful wan, if you are useful lah. wrong mate.

anon 17/4 1.33pm - hahaha... that's the most cruel truth!!

teis - what happened to szu? :)

mar - hahaha... like that how to pass exam?

bengbeng - unfortunately, that's not always the case. good ppl are always abused.

ngy - western company and you're totally wrong :P

huei - good reasoning but tak tepat leh.