Sunday, 7 September 2008

No apology... no worry...

The name is Ahmad Ismail, and he carries with him the title Datuk. Many Malaysians, and it does not only conform to Chinese and Indians, are pissed with him. And the thing he did? … … he openly labelled the Chinese and Indians as “penumpang”. By the way, did he also ask us to “balik tong-san”?

He has
refused to apologise for what he said. He said… “Why should I apologise? I didn’t do anything wrong. Those who do wrong should apologise but I haven’t don’t anything”

Ya’ know, I think all us Chinese and Indians should just let this fella go… for now. Why do we need to get so hyped up about something we all know will never see the justice in this country? And by the way, he does have a point when he said he didn’t do anything wrong. Since when calling Chinese and Indians “pendatangs” is an offence in this country?

I know, it’s something that can be rather difficult to stomach. But think about it… did what he say cause your “char kuey teow” to be less tasty? Did what he say cause your wallet to be a little lighter? Did what he say give you sleepless nights? Did it severely affect your life?

Perhaps it did raise your blood pressure a bit but I am sure the pressure is all normal now. If it’s not, it might that “char kuey teow” you had, too much cholesterol. And it still tasted very good by the way, right?

So, let’s focus on the bigger picture, on things yet to come. Let us not be upset but channel our energy on more important things like the Auditors General report which (again) showed unworldly wastages. Let us focus on how to deal with inflation, which the reduction of petrol price didn’t really help at all.

Let us not also forget what Zulkifli Nordin, what that PKR (yes… PKR) MP did at the Bar Council forum.

But above all, let us just wait and see how Project 916 unfolds and do not react in any manner which might jeopardise it.


Anonymous said...

To be honest, I am not bothered with Ahmad's remark at all. I am more annoyed at the remark made by the bapak 'amnesia' who complains of double standards when it comes to apologizing. Well he forgotten that they don't need to demand apologies, as they will unleash the ISA or send you to jail instead and even revoke your citizenship in the process.

Anonymous said...

It's not so much about what was said but the anti-chinese sentiment in his tone of voice. Obviously he hates us Chinese.

Anonymous said...

Of course I am bother with this. After 51 on years independence and calling Malaysia home, we are never good enough for Umno.

Immigrants my ass.

myop101 said...

zewt, zewt, zewt,

this is what i call sandiwara. it has been played again and again and again throughout the history of this country.

remember the whole fiasco with Article 11? see how our so called leaders backed down and forced to take back the memorandum?

and the whole operation lalang, bloodbathing chinese blood with the keris (oh, surprise, surprise, now according to Najib, they never regarded chinese as pendatang but partners in nation building).

in this case, mr ong's bro now said this must be stopped for the good of the nation.

tsk, tsk, tsk...

look, drumming up communal support in this manner is not only old but serve to fan national indifference. these buggers need to be put in a box outside of the corridors of power for a change to start looking at how to fix themselves.

Faisal Admar said...

i have no idea about who is right and who is wrong. i bet they bring this matter further to court? if they do so, i can't wait to see the result.

let them handle the case while we enjoy our life happily :) after all the actors in the drama has nothing to do with us right? we love each other... that is more than enough :)

Arena Green said...

I agree with you Zewt.

I think how Pakatan leaders deal with Zulkifli Nordin is more important considering that Anwar intends to be our next PM.

CV said...

After publicly declaring that Chinese and Indians are immigrant and 2nd class citizen, Ahmad still wants to show to the people that he is not racist because he had befriended Chinese and Indian for a long time. I wonder if his Chinese and Indian friends would still join him for "yam cha" at the local mamak stall after what he had said.

Sunshine said...

a lil boy sang a song, he almost got "disowned" by the country...

some people shouted for equality they got water bombed & sent to a lil cell looking at vertical bars...

a fellow took to stage calling people immigrants with full view of the press and national tv.. nothing happens... thats the power of um-no-vity

sad but true...

xonar said...

am waiting for the home minister to comment on this bugger after he threatened to put RPK away on ISA.
obviously,not a word from him.
in umno,its i cover ur backside and u cover my backside or else anwar will fire their backside.

am not offended by the statement,as a matter of facts i hope they utter more of this nonsense for the world to see what a superior race they are.

i thanked god for not being the same race as they are...damn malu lah!

whoalse said...

I have yet to hear any news to charge this Ahmad "Piss-mail" with Sedition for his remark.

One day when I bump into him on the street of Penang, I think I'll accidentally trip him. :P He and his kind deserve nothing but human wastes dumped at them.

Char Kuey Teow does taste a lot better than this "Piss-mail".

iamthewitch said...

This is a very good example that Malays can do ANYTHING and the PM and DPM would still protect them.

Huei said... harm has been done except for some little blood pressure raise..and a big roll eyes

because we're all looking forward to project 916!!

Anonymous said...

im not bother wif tat ahmad joker

but ur article did heat a little
"did what he say cause your “char kuey teow” to be less tasty?
Did what he say cause your wallet to be a little lighter? Did what he say give you sleepless nights? Did it severely affect your life?"
yes it did, any abalone sharkfin oso taste bad if ur mood is bad. wallet didnt lighter but will be lighter n dis coz sleepless nite. it did not affect my life but will affect my anak life if action is not taken.

bcoz he was not stating fact, he said v r pendatang (but i born here wor) n i will forever be treated as 2nd/3rd class citizen. which is very very distorting

u c, its our duty to compliment good n condemn wrong, tats ppl power! else y do u think v r @ dis state after 50yrs? but v muz condemn in the right direction lar, ahmad salah ahmad kena, ali tak salah ali tak patut kena mar

Bullshit Nonsense tot v r idiot like them, tot v gonna blame ali for ahmad salah so tat the heat can snowball n amplify... until it is big enuf as an excuse to apply darurat

i say wait till 31 Feb lar

Purple~MushRooM said...

You cannot teach an old dog new tricks.

Anonymous said...

Just let him go. We have to know there are many more Ahmad Ismail out there. This country has never been so racist since independence.

Jorji said...

racism berada di mana-mana.di padang bola peringkat antarabangsa juga ada.
Alex ferguson juga pernah dituduh racist kerana pemain Black dalm team Man Utd sangat kurang atau tiada pada masa dahulu.

pada setiap manusia mesti ada sedikit sikap racist.samada sedar atau tidak.Walaubagaimanapun,kita mesti kawal sikap itu.Jangan biarkan sikap racist itu menentukan pemikiran kita.

kita memang tidak racist juga anti racist.tapi apabila keadaan terdesak,adakah kita dapat mengawal sikap kita?

Dalam kes Ahmad, dia seorang ahli politik yg akan cakap apa saja untuk kepentingan politiknya. dia seorang ahli politik yg patut kita tolak!buang!

Saya secara peribadi mahukan Malaysia yang bebas dari cerita perkauman...tak perlu nak bagitau lagi yg malaysia ini berbilang kaum,tetapi hidup harmoni.bebaskan malaysia terus dari sikap perkauman.

terima kasih.

Rebecca said...

At The Seaside


When I was down beside the sea

A wooden spade they gave to me

To dig the sandy shore.


The holes were empty like a cup

In every hole the sea camp up,

Till it could come no more.

-----by age of conan

Anonymous said...

Who is not 'pendatang'? The orang asli-the sakai, senoi, negrito. The ethnic races in East Malaysia. These are the true princes of the soil (bumi putera) but do not enjoy the same privileges. Where did Parameswara come from? I rest my case.

*cosmic freak* said...

Hurm. Well said Zewt.

Problem with any race to that matter, is finding the difference between holding up the rights of their own race, and being a racist. When you take pride of your race, meaning you want to better your own race. When you start being racist, is when you put down other race.

I am malay, and I take pride on it. But I don't put down other races. And I don't cross my moral values in condemning other races. In fact, if one of my own race acts that way, I disregard him/her immediately.

All this September 16 choas has been driving everyone to jump into conclusion, make stupid statements and hurt each other. It saddens me to see the unity we preach falls apart just like that.

Thanked god my friends are not politically inclined. And I felt great having them for hugs and kisses during our mamak outing regardless of race. At least I keep my little unified circle of friends in tact and never diss on them.

Nichol Brooklyn said...

sigh... why are we having morons who speak without thinking as politicians and datos? that's saddening...

perhaps our education system does fail really badly.

Anonymous said...

He & his supporters have gone overboard today when they tore a picture of Koh SK at a press conference today.

Anonymous said...

another notch down..for BN.

BN..who says nothing and let this little man to provoke the also to blame.

down with BN.

-=SiN=- said...

The source of all these problem lies on the day "Bumiputra" was coined and constituted. We just legally deemed ourselves a racist country. Congratulation!

Let's face the fact many of us regardless of race are practically born and bred here.
If a time frame is used to determine “son of the soil”, a thousand year from now what will our future be? Are we still a race segregated by the system or we have truly become a Malaysian?

Until someone decide to amend the error in constitution; racial remark, biased opinion will always be there.

Anonymous said...

harm has been done. no apologies are accepted. no forgiveness given.

zewt said...

ulquiorra - forgive him... he is old and should be left alone.

ifiwerepm - patience... we have to be.

Red - dont get too hyped up... it will mean nothing... let's focus on bigger things.

myop101 - mr ong also said... he is staying in the party for the sake of unity eh? wahhhh lau....

Faisal Admar - yup... as long as we know we love each other. we all know we can sit and laugh at the mamak together. that's what that matters most.

Anak Merdeka - yes, that has to be closely monitored... should not be ignored.

zewt said...

NoBle - i totally disregard what he said...

sunshine - sad but true... and let's hope things will change.

xonar - hahahaha... even if God puts you there, you can still make a difference :)

whoalse - and say you've done nothing wrong after you trip him? hahahaha...

iamthewitch - things will change... let's hope so.

huei - that's the spirit.

zewt said...

anon @ 8/9 11.10am - hahaha... wooah, he really made some great impact in your life eh? i know it's tough to stomach, but i am sure we are quite immune to it. besides, have to focus on other things. yes, prevent darurat at all cost.

purple mushroom - dog eh... hehe...

jam - and we know he might just be a scapegoat for other things.

j or ji - tapi sekarang, banyak pemain kulit hitam kat man-U sekarang sampai saya rasa, macam team afrika hehe... bro... i support your... dia hanya protect dia punya kerjaya politik... itu saja... let him go. i forgive :) and towards a racial harmony nation... cheers!

aoc gold - :)

anon @ 8/9 5.36pm - haha... this is an old school argument. no point arguing on it. just keep it to our hearts.

zewt said...

cosmic freak - i know what you mean. and it's really good engaging with you on a intellectual debate on what is right and what is not so right. but i have already presented my case while you, yours. what we can fall back on is that our goal is common... a developed and strong nation... for the benefit of all malaysians.

nikz - education? what education?

Jemima - that will only bode well for PR's plan.

ngy - let's wait and see :)

-=Sin=- - i think it will forever be there, the constitution bit. we just have to make sure others dont get stepped on becos of that.

drumsticks - wah... so harsh eh? :)

Anonymous said...

A somebody became a nobody after election, now throwing temper tantrums.....sore loser! tak guna! deserves to be ignored like a nobody deserves

Anonymous said...

Yea, forget abt that bigoted embecile tt called Chinese 'penumpang' ( not pendatang !!). Do you notice, he looked more mamak than pure Malay ye, agree ?!

zewt said...

anon @ 9/9 2.00pm - i think he is just following orders...

anon @ 9/9 4.45pm - according to malaysia today... he is!

Anonymous said...

well, i do agree that much unnecessary effort has been spent on this unworthy 'pig'... i mean does it worth giving him so much publicity?? while it doesn't really affect me but i still hope to see him being reprimanded/punished/sacked/ whatever sort of penalty than seeing him so 'lan si' out there...

Mcmercedez said...

Hm.. To digest this issue is a bit tough... I'm sure a lot of Chinese out there are really pissed with him..

But yet again, if we think properly, it actually shows how stupid and barbaric person he is.. Tearing up people's photo?? Sigh.. So no point to get upset over a barbarian.. hehe..

zewt said...

jacss - i think in due time... he will....just wait and see. i am hopeful about it.

mcmercedez - that tearing act was really a big big big mistake. and i wonder how come koh tsu koon is keeping quiet about it. is BN having his balls by the hand?