Thursday 4 September 2008

Guess the 6th

It has been a while since I last posted a riddle and for some strange reason, I have been getting some guess-the-answer-and-open-the-file-and-fill-in-your-name kind of forwarded mails.

These mails basically has an excel spreadsheet which has been password protected. There will be a riddle attached to it and the answer to the riddle is the password to the attached spreadsheet. Once you managed to break the code, you can then open the spreadsheet and fill in your name and you can also see those who managed to break the code before you.

I have gotten a few and I am just going to let you all in on a simple one, just to stimulate our very slow brain on a Friday.


What’s the 6th number?

Happy guessing and have a wonderful weekend… It’s Matta Fair!


day-dreamer said...


Jonathan Chu said...

3263442!! haha!

Anonymous said...

Hahhaa, to be more cryptic (and guarantee I can't open the file), my scientific calc tells me:

3.26344 exp 6

a n n n a said...



missironic said...

3263442! hahaha..i also got this fwd mail! nowadays seem to b a trend. I've also received a few..

have a gud weekend! :)

Huei said...

i've gotten one of these mails..that was pretty easy though.

this..same ans as the others!

3263442! okok..follow back ur format of 1,806...3,263,442


Purple~MushRooM said...

I did not get the answer. I am stupid.. :(

Anonymous said...

got it!
i did it a longer way, after looking at annna's.
yxy+y prinsip! ahaha..

1x1+1 = 2
2x2+2 = 6

so..answer is 3263422

beetrice said...

didn't take that long to figure it out - but i'm not the first..*shrugs*

3,263,442...have a great Friday!

H.C. Tan said...

i think my IQ very low...i could never get any of these fwd riddles. lol...

happy friday zewt..and i also just signed up to a gym last nite. lol. maybe can experience some of ur "gym stories" experience also...

...and if my company block blogspot then who is going to drop comment at ur blog ar..?? lol.

H.C. Tan said...
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iamthewitch said...

It's 3263442, is it? :)

Gracie said...


its friday and i actually managed to do math!

Terra Shield said...

3263442... I happen to like quizzes like this :)

Choonie, the Guru said...

Almost everyone get the answer liao. But it is a good one.

huntressmoon said...

Waaaa Mata Fare so tiring.. I njoyed the free gifts signing up for credit cards which i am going to cancel all soon. haha!

They got a huge owl named KIddie.. SOOO CUTE ... i spent half of my day playing with the birdies.. Kiddie, Donnie, I forgot that little red parrot!
and dont forget to take a pic with 3 birds sitting on you.. which i did for RM10 only.....


the homework eating cat said...

1806 x 1806 =1806 = 3263442

Teacher, I din't copy people's answer. Real wann...

chip-pea said...

3263442 lar

WY said...

all the lazy people above, would have done what i have done...

1(2) = 2,
2(3) = 6,
6(7) = 42,
42(43) = 1806,
1806(1807) = 3263442,

GOOGLE it. lol. it's true, google is making us stupid!

Hope said...

I got that answer as well. Maybe all of us can be Mensa members hehe

SamSeiko said...

great google is making us engine made the IQ and EQ thingy easier...

zewt said...

day-dreamer / jon chu / annna / missironic / huei / beetrice / iamthewitch / gracie / chip-pea - correct!

Klaw - what?

purple mushroom - aiyo... try harder lah.

lynnwei - quite a long concept eh.

HC Tan - hahahaha... ok lah... dont block blogspot then.

I'm Choonie - malaysians are a smart lot.

huntressmoon - i saw the eagle... didnt do much there... nothing exciting for me.

u-jean - ok ok, i trust u.

WY Kam - that's the accurate way and... why la u choose the short cut??!!

hopefulpessimist - mensa wont just test us on this though :)

elitevillain - aiyah... some things... should not rely on google lah.

SLACKER said...

given the growth rate... the formula must be some algebraic multiplication table... since there's only 1 variable (i.e. the base number).. there are 2 possible fomulas as follows:

X = y*y+y..
X = y * (n+1)where base n = Y

where base Y = 1

both are general algebra replacement formulas...

SLACKER said...

given the growth rate... the formula must be some algebraic multiplication table... since there's only 1 variable (i.e. the base number).. there are 2 possible fomulas as follows:

X = y*y+y..
X = y * (n+1)where base n = Y

where base Y = 1

both are general algebra replacement formulas...

zewt said...

SLACKER - pengsan man... no need to think so complicated lah.

Anonymous said...

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