Thursday 21 February 2008

A matter of un-proven record?

Yes, I won’t deny it. The opposition is in a somewhat disarray state. The withdrawal of a certain influential MP does not help either. Further, there was also news on how opposition will be opposing one another in certain constituencies. Very disappointing indeed, and it certainly did not augur well for their reputation.

For those who never had much confidence in the opposition parties, this is like a confirmation of that gut feeling, isn’t it? For those who think that only the present government is capable of leading the country, this certainly strengthen your believes, isn’t it?

Not for me though.

Yes, all of them are probably selfish and have personal agendas. But I have more respect for men who have been to jail and upon release, still go back into politics and made themselves heard than those who blatantly do wrong things and yet, refuse to admit. That is on top of the fact they will never pay for what they have done.

I also recall people who screamed about how great our local universities are and how quality if top notch and results are fantastic only to know for a fact that none of their children attended local universities. Heck, I don’t think they even attend local public schools. I don’t even want to go into how the funds which sent them overseas come from.

I think I am more comfortable placing my trust on people who have proper qualification and have been writing political blogs in decent English than to have people who speak like that that that that that that on international T.V. being a minister. It’s not a matter of bringing disgrace to the country, which is also true of course. It’s a matter of who is more qualified.

I am also reminded of how I have to pay excessively for a non-proton car due to high taxes imposed to protect the already failed local automobile industries. Thereafter, me and other non-proton owners are branded as non-patriotic by the same people who have been driving around in Mercedez and BMWs; purchased by the taxes deducted from our salaries.

While some people travel in expensive Mercedez and BMWs, I remember how a friend of mine died because he had to fly
an expired helicopter called Nuri. They said those junks will be replaced but till today, they are still in the air. I wonder if ever one will come crashing to my house while I am blogging. And what about those bus and ferry crashes reports promised?

Yes, religious freedom is still in the air. But the fact that temples and churches are being demolished quietly (and some in broad day-light), I can only ponder whether this self proclaimed freedom will end one day. With the way things are, it’s not looking good.

And despite the somewhat state of disarray of the alternative parties, I don't recall any of them asking me to "... keluar dari Malaysia..."

I am not a lawyer but I know if you have material evidence and witness testifying against you, you are as good as dead. But I am reminded of a system when a man being recorded going ‘correct, correct, correct’ with people testifying against him can just say “… it’s not me” and… that’s it! What if one day one of my family member is killed by a connected individual? All he needs to say is … “it’s not me”?

It is still very fresh in my memory on how the number 1 man in the country (by title at least) can make a statement one minute and make a 180 degrees turn on that same statement within 24 hours. Forget how some blogs are claiming that he had totally forgotten about it (which could be true of course); but such thing just put me in a speechless state.

When I think of all the above and a whole load of other things which I didn’t or can’t mention, the state of disarray in the alternative parties and how a MP walks out of a party becomes rather relative, if at all material. While the alternative parties are not exactly doing a fantastic job in trying to convince me that they are they way forward, the current ruling power has certainly done a fantastic job in convincing me that they are… not the way forward.

And most importantly, the very reason why I think we should all still give the alternative parties a chance is because… you read the above and you agree with it.

Updated: For those who are voting, please do an online check to see if you are voting at the right area. Fellow blogger Albert Yap foung out he is supposed to vote in some god forsaken land he has never step foot on.


Anonymous said...

i think most people would agree to what you have said above.

the problem is even getting people to vote.
look at the highly contested state of Penang (which is where I hailed from), everyone is so heated up over that region. Why? Foreign investors.
You know the big names... Intel, Motorola etc.
But have you been to Penang recently?
It's a damn mess.
Look at the roads. Look at the road conditions.
Where were these "contesting" candidates few yrs ago? Why were there flyovers here and there, and guess what, that took 5 yrs to be built?

But have a chat around with people at the coffee shop while you're having your Char Kuay Teow.
Many of them can't be bothered to vote. Some can't be bothered even to registered.

At the end of the day, people need to be proactive in this before we can even talk about voting for the opposition.

I don't know, really. I don't know...

svllee said...

Hi Zewt, good and insightful writing. Yes, it would be a good opportunity to allow a greater proportion of seats in Parliament so that the ruling party will be checked. Call me a cynic, but i never trust any politicians fully whatever colour or trait they are, its just the nature of the job to promise lots to get your vote and then to renege on their promises. But I will give the underdog a chance because of what you summarised so well in your post.

It would indeed be an interesting election year ahead! Vote for change!

myop101 said...

yup yup... you said it...:)

as usual, you know who I am voting for. anyone or anything as long as he/she/it is not aligned to the party with the scale logo...:)

Huei said...



i was on the LDP last night..then saw a big big "scale" sign, and a quoted speech saying something about that person is not a servant or whatever...and his face was painted over! HAHAHA i was too slow to take a photo of it..haih

i drive a proton..but..what to money's like damn involuntary man!

Anonymous said...

there's really nothing to lose already, so eitherway, why not try for a change.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if the claims on this website is true, but have a read:

If it is, could be cool to conduct a little support-the-opposition-experiment and see if the numbers work out.

Anonymous said...

Hey Zewt,
Good thoughts, I actually spammed my mailing list with this post. I think it is spam-worthy.

Sorry, I havent been active online the last 2 months, much changes in my family life and work.

This is my other 'simplier' blog..

frostee said...

Well said dude. It's good to look at the bigger picture. I did a crude acid test amonst the people I know. Most will not vote for BN. If only it translates to real life.

Vote wisely people. Most of these jokers do not deserve being in that position.

frostee said...

As for Albert's case:

He's supposed to be registered to Kepong, but the very fact that Kepong is an opposition area, some 'unseen' hands are moving Kepong folks out of the opposition stronghold to allow BN retake the area.

my 2 sen worth.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to check my voting area. Mine is correct and the same as the last round, but somehow along the way they managed to misspell my name. Geniuses.

But yeah. Spread the word. Voters Rule!

P.S. Happy Chap Goh Mei to you and your readers! :D

Anonymous said...

Eh.. are you back yet for the election? :D

I already checked mine and ready to vote. Lucky thing it didn't coincide with my March trip. :D

Albert Yap said...

Hi Zewt, Thanks for all you concerns...Really appreciate that a lot....

Fellow Voters, pls use your vote wisely, not just for youself, but your next generation...maybe next next or next next next generation.

Yes, Voters Rule!!

Anonymous said...

I have to go to Canberra to vote, imagine that. So I'm not doing it. Wonder if I can do it by mail ?

You bring up the valid points, zewt. However, for the sake of stability, I'd rather not vote for a loose coalition of parties which have conflicting ideals.

Such is the state of our country , huh ? I can't help but feel like I have to choose between a lesser of two evils.

Anonymous said...

jasonphoon, things must come with a risk. if u continue voting for the same thing, u'll just have the same thing. there is really nothing much to lose anymore.

Anonymous said...

vote wisely! gonna determine ur fate for the next 5 yrs!

rainbow angeles said...

Is there a button for "Deny the 2/3 Majority"?

Mr. "Ship" Singh dikatakan akan bertanding di tempat I mengundi. Tapi, orang Cina penyokong Roket tak nak dia... amacam??

rainbow angeles said...

I jz read, itu Mr. "Ship" tarak di tempat I... masuk itu anak Lim K.S...

whoalse said...

zewt, you're on the roll and please keep the streak coming!

Come to think of it, I never really have respects for politicians or those involved in politics. I have met them thru my involvement in sports! They seldom keep their promises til near election and/or unless it's beneficial to them! R'ber the millions going to Chinese schools a couple of weeks ago?

Hailing from Penang, I have to agree with pavlova on the condition of the roads! Potholes here, uneven surfaces everywhere. I wonder how much was pocketed by the involved parties for the 5-freaking-years-to-built-flyover. Wonder when they will get the priorities right?

There were (perhaps still are) a big woohaa on getting our nation to become a cyberhub but where is the infrastructure of better and faster network connections. Let's not compare to Singapore. How about to Korea, Japan (read: Look East policy)?

Well, I'm flying back home in about 16hrs but I will miss the GE (what a bummer)! Don't worry, zewt. I'll eat the food on your behalf! =P Maybe by the time u read this I'll be having teh tarik over some roti canai! Grinz

zewt said...

pavlova - isnt it sad that the fate of the nation is determined not by us, the people who cares... but by those who are bothered by it... their ignorance sealed the nation's fate, dont u think?

svllee - a lot of phantom voters reported and nothing is being done... quite disappointing though.

myop101 - hahaha... i sure know...

huei - aiyah.. do a U turn and take it la... i wanna see... post it up or something.

anon @ 9.41am - couldnt agree more.

GYW - yeah, i read that.. a bit worrying isnt it? history has shown that ppl in power will do all they can to stay in power.

zewt said...

Joshua3 - no worries... i am sure we all need a day off for our life sometimes. spam worthy :)

frostee - but a lot of phantom voters everywhere... a bit scary... as for albert's case... i am really not sure how it can be rectified.

kennymah - hmmm... name spelled wrong, i think you need to check that out. what if they deny you your right to vote? hmmm... this might be a new strategy.

gina - sigh...i have to miss it... sigh sigh sigh...

Albert Yap - no worries. now i hope you can do something about your problem.

zewt said...

jasonphoon - and u think the lesser of the 2 evil is the current coalition??????

anon @ 4.50pm - true enough :)

anon @ 4.52pm - more than 5 years this time i think.

angels - hahaha... mr ship... so where is mr ship going? your place... don be so racist la...

whoalse - seems like penang is really a hot place to be right now eh? well, i am sure jeff ooi will do something if he is voted in... as for roti canai... aiyah... i am sure i will plenty of those when i am back in april :)

Hope said...

Living in Malaysia is like living in a fictitious world of richness and harmony, prosperity and peacefulness, where you are fed (by the government of course) with only the 'good' things in life.

Some of us unfortunately are so blinded by that, or maybe just refuse to acknowledge that fact as we are already in our comfort zone, and changing things would mean that we will have to move to an unknown territory.

It's time for everyone to wake up and see what's happening around us..

myop101 said...


Mr Loh's vandalised billboard can be found at this website:

jlshyang said...

zewt, i like this entry very much. You've brought out issues which were almost never brought up in political debates. Have you seen Malaysiakini's 'short documentary on poverty' on Youtube. Search for Forgotten Malaysians. IMHO, hardcore poverty in Peninsular Malaysia is one issue that has nvr been taken up by the opposition. Hardcore poverty shouldn't exist in Peninsular Malaysia at all! How has the NEP benefit the orang asli?

zewt said...

hopefulpessimist - let's hope everyone shares your sentiment... else, this country is really going into the tunnel.

myop101 - ohhh....

jlshyang - NEP is a failure is used only as a tool for someone... as for hardcore povety... so long as ppl refuse to stand on their backbone... there will always be hardcore poverty... i think.