Monday 19 March 2007

Of parking, toll and a kick ass video

Malaysia is a place with plenty of diversity… particularly when it comes to traffic related stuff. Besides the well known traffic jam, to which we so conveniently contribute, we must also salute the legion of Malaysian drivers. Like I said, they are truly an elite group of people, don’t you think so?

Of course, how can we forget the idiotic creative parking ability of us Malaysian drivers? Try hitting places like Hartamas or Bangsar at night, you will see how idiotic creative how we Malaysian drivers can be when it comes to fitting cars in the smallest vacuum possible. One may conclude that Malaysians are master in fitting their tools into tiny holes… a mastery every man should learn.

Right… we have seen plenty… yellow-line-parking, middle-of-the-road-parking, double-parking, triple parking and the moronic parking… but you have not seen anything yet. Ladies and gentlemen… may I present you…..

Opposite parking:

I-shall-park-it-my-way parking:

Well, what can I say? I think I am going to post it to TheStar, wonder if I will win 50 bucks.

Anyway, while we are at the traffic topic, I know many of us here (excluding me) are really upset with the toll increase, no? That RM0.60 increase at LDP, I see many pictures of people screaming and putting up all sorts of banner. Well, next time you are pissed at paying toll… you may wanna consider this…

And to end the day, wanna share this video with you guys and gals. Brilliantly done, just like this one which I introduced earlier. But now I have learnt to post the video here (cos now Zewt is getting better and better in blogging skills already mah... don’t pway pway)… have fun.

Warning: Type A Chinese may not be able to enjoy it.


A Black Cat said...

Freaking love it!!!
The vid, not the other means of payment.

weiwei said...

the other means of payment!!!! muahahahahahahaha.. i want i want! lol lol!

rainbow angeles said...

I also "respect" you lor... cos you driving AND take pictures... :P

Trader Max said...

Whats the first for other means of payment?
Sorry, eyesight very bad oh.

potpourri said...

Not only M'sia, Singapore as well! *hmph*

Bad parking is universal.

zewt said...

June - thanks for the translation in your blog.

faichai - dont we all want? but what kind of 'other' u want?

angel - stop the car first la hahahahahahaha.

maxforce - i think it's smart tag... i think.

lakeside girl - you kidding me? i tot they are the most civilised drivers around??!?!?!?!

SuLee said...

hahahha hilarious!

I dont think i ll be able to drive around KL without breaking the laws :P

Huei said...

omgggg! these ppl r so damn dumb!! u'll get ur 50bucks!!! heheh

other means of payment??? hmmmmmmm heheheh

1 said...

hahahaha! priceless pics!

Where in the world is that sign board anyway?

Honestly, I'm not gonna be so uptight about people double parking in Bangsar/Hartamas, since I've found myself in dire occasions where I just needed 5 minutes in 7-11 or what not; my take on it is so long it's not obstructing traffic, but that's just me adding fat to the fire.. hahaha! It's the illegal valets I want DBKL to clear off, tho.

me said...

hahaha. i like. not just one idiot but a whole row of idiots. that must have been difficult to find. a collection of the power of stupidity..maybe can harness the power to takeover earth or something. did u check whether there was a idiot anonymous meeting nearby or something?!

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha .. u will sure get ur 50 bucks man. well, bird brains are everywhere dude. nice post!

Anonymous said...

The vid is really something
Luckily did not pump up the volume

Purple~MushRooM said...

I can't understand a single sentence in the rap. What issit about anyway?

I like the way the parking goes... parkers united... all park the opposite direction. Hahahahah.

zewt said...

SuLee - you will be the only one i am sure. wait... laws? what laws?

Huei - dumb to the fullest i tell u! hahaha... other means of payment. go to toll booth and ask the fella to bend down.

wan - think it's greece turkey. i think it's ok to dump off your car for a few minutes to buy something.... but only if there's someone else in the car to drive it away should someone wanna go off. illegal valets.... that's a good way of calling those thugs.

me - hahaha, maybe i should stand and wait and probably snap an idiot's face too huh? one whole row of idiots... idiots united.

cicol - hello there. welcome to As Zewt As It Gets. Thanks for your compliment.

zeroimpact - pump it up la, what's the problem? not much vulgar word. unlike the song from LMF... ham kah ling ham kah ling... that one is vulgar la.

purple mushroom - you can go to june x 2 to check out the translation. she loved it to much to took 30 minutes to translate it. she is the first to comment on this page. parkers united....i think more like idiots united.

Anonymous said...

haha! so you posted the video lol.. :D those 'parkers' must be one fella do that and the rest just follow.. cannot be all do like that????

Wickedsa said...

good creativity in way of parking!!!
I also never think of that way of parking.
they're born genius is parkings ya noe..

Anonymous said...

Way cool bro. Nice one on the parking probs. As for the videos, well screw the type A chinese if they can't take a joke. Keep up the cool postings.

baggie said...

Waaah.. hilarious vidoe, and, kinda true... altho i understand watzis saying abit only larh...

Unknown said...

like that video!!tats great!!!kakakaka!!!

Horny Ang Moh said...

I must say KL driver r very 'talented'. I will not darn to drive in kl & definetly cannot find any parking space if I use mine 'easten' style. I must say I enjoy reading your most informative entries at lest I known a bit of 'westen' life. Have a nice day.

The Angry Medic said... ARE getting better at blog skills. Bravo!

And that opposite parking pic made me wet myself with laughing. Seriously. My. Gawd. Malaysia Boleh indeed.

Unknown said...

Congrats, your pic really did make it to The Star :)

Anonymous said...

What other means of payment do you accept? Hahaha... lol.

zewt said...

bongkerz - i think those fellas have to park on one side cos one fella who decides to do the right thing will result in blocked traffic.

baby sa - born idiots i think...

MrDurian - thanks bro. too bad your blog is gone...

Calvin's wife - go to june x 2 in my blog roll... the translation is in one of her post.

barouqe witch - glad u like it.

hor ny ang moh - we are much more than talented i tell u.

the angry medic - yup, i am definitely making progress eh? boleh indeed.

chilaxis - thanks.

neo - well, use your creativity..