Monday 19 March 2007

I hate it but I have to do it...

I’ve said it before that I will not do this tag thing ever again… sigh, I guess I will have to eat my word. Since my last tag, I’ve been tagged by muststopthis, vegemaster, tiuniasing and the one and only wingz. As always, gonna combine the tag.

Muststopthis… your type of tag has been completed earlier… check it out here. Hahahahaha! One done

As for tiuniasing and vegemaster… here it is:

Tell 5 jokes:
1. I am very handsome.
2. And I look like a hunk.
3. And I am very sexy too.
4. Becos of that, Jessica Alba is in love with me.
5. But I rejected her.
Are you laughing yet?

4 fellas that I adore:
1. The guy who died on the cross for you and me.
2. My gf.
Sorry… no more.

3 animals that resembles me:
1. Horse (born in such year)
2. Fox (cunning… hehe)
3. dolphin (smart!... haha… damn perasan)

Now, for wingz tag:

A is for “anything also boleh”, the theme of this country.
B is for “be yourself”, no one else you should be.
C is for “cum”, that’s how you and I exist today.
D is for “dumb people”, many of such people around nowadays.
E is for “everything also boleh”, an extension of A.
F is for . Need I say more?
G is for “GOD”, you would like it when He is angry, and I am not talking about Hulk.
H is for “How many As in SPM you got?”. 17 / 18?
I is for “Idiot”. Again, plenty of those around.
J is for “Just blog it”. Don’t hesitate.
K is for “Koo Kien Kiet”, Malaysia’s hope in Olympics!
L is for “lame”, that’s me… sometimes.
M is for “Malaysia”. The land of …. errr… cannot say, cos have to be responsible.
N is for “Night time”, when I am most energetic.
O is for “O”, my blood type.
P is for “penis”, the better name for dick/cock.
Q is for “queuing”, what we Malaysians never do.
R is for “responsible”, be a responsible blogger ler.
S is for “Stupidity”, check that link out!
T is for “time”, something we hope we have more.
U is for “Under control”, that’s what the boss said.
V is for “vacation”, I want endless of them.
W is for “whoever-tag-me-again-will-have-his-dick-cut-off”, it’s a curse.
X is for “xxx”. Xxxx xxx xxx xxxxx
Y is for “your-dick-will-fall-off-if-you-tag-me”, it’s also a curse.
Z is for zewt la…. What else!

This is the best part… 5 victims for the A-Z tag, and the oscar goes to:…

1. Maxforce
2. Kata Tak Nak
3. Dienasty
4. Politikus
5. June x 2

Trust me, they are randomly chosen.



Wingz said...

hahaha! mahai i also wanna put up warning lidat ledi!!! dem pahwer!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... on 'Y' ar.... What if the person who tag you got no dick?

rainbow angeles said...

Hahaha!! U are farnies laaa!!

sadsarcasm said...

thanks for doing the tag..XD

Unknown said...

Zewt, pls, let me know what I have to do in this tag thingy, where do I post them or whatever it is I need to do. I don't want to be a spoil sport, so I will try to play along but first I need to know what is it I need to do? Please, need some help here.

Alliedmartster said...

Zewt...there you go...not so bad whattttt?
They will probably teach your version of the alphabet soon!

Huei said...

wahh zewt so fierce!!!

i'm glad i dun haf 'P', so...does that mean I can tag u? =P

A Black Cat said...

Really?? REALLY???

Trader Max said...

Aiyoh, first prize meh?

Eli James said...

Eep! I thought you were impervious to tags! And this one looks very scary ... all the letters of the alphabet.


Lemme see how i can go about doing it *flexes fingers*

zewt said...

wingz - put la. dunno whether it will work or not though.

theo - then may that person's pussy experience permanent closure. if you're in between..... then... well, it's already a curse... i think

angel - kena tag not very funny lor.

vegemaster - you're welcome.

kata tak nak - will drop by your blog to give you step by step instruction.

allied - yeah, but still... dont think i wanna kena anymore. wanna blog about more serious and intelligent stuff... hahaha... konon.

huei - you have no pu**y? wahhhhh!!!! hahahaha... refer to my reply to theo :P

june - yes... really, dont pway pway...

maxforce - who else but you... haha!

dienasty - after so many tags... better do la. but really, this time is the last. the A-Z tag is pretty easy i must say. you better do it! haha!

kyh said...

hahahaaaaaa!!!! i can feel your flames!!! calm down calm down! nah... hv a glass of iced cola. hehehe!

u da man! liddat oso can! :P

Trader Max said...

peanuts to me lah :P
Check out my Fusion Trader Blog tonight, jadikan your tag into investment/trading content ar.
Dun pray pray :P

Trader Max said...

Come to think of it, postpone one more day, else nothing to write about :P

Kenny Mah said...

How. Could. You. Reject. Jessica. Alba???

At least kai-siu to me first ma... :P

zewt said...

kyh - hahahaha... now that i have done my tag, i am ok already la.

macforce - read it... like i said in your comments... wont work in malaysia.

kenny mah - i remember i have her number somewhere... let me go find. if found, i will let u know. just mention my name, she'll know.

me said...

sooooooo lansi. *grins cheekily*

Trader Max said...

Thats not the one you should read.
Its here

And replied to your comment too :P

Anonymous said...

wud's a tag??????????? ignorance is bliss =p

Anonymous said...

wud's a tag??????????? ignorance is bliss =p

Anonymous said...

wud's a tag??????????? ignorance is bliss =p

confessing7girl said...

hey here i was looking around ur amazing blog when i find this!!! oops i tagged u after u posted this ... thank god i dont hv a dick!!! :D

zewt said...

anonymous - something like chained blog.... very annoying...

confessing7girl - hahahaha... i am sure you wont get one. very sure of that. :)