Tuesday 12 January 2010

Of current happenings

I guess I do not need to mention or elaborate what have been happening in the country for the past few days. If you are oblivious about it, you ought to put your head in the toilet bowl and flush… make that a used toilet.

Never in life will I imagine that they (whoever “they” are) will ever go to the extent of burning down places of worship. If you have seen the photos properly, you will realise that it is a co-ordinated and planned arson. Reminds me of what happened in Indonesia about a decade ago.

At the point of writing, 8 churches (plus 1 school) were damaged from attacked. When I realised that churches attacked comprise of 1 from each denomination, I can’t help but think that hidden hands at work.

Whoever “they” are, they are certainly trying to provoke Christians. Fortunately (or unfortunately), Christians will never retaliate. Either they fear God, or they are just plain fearful. Hence, there will be no retaliation.

When I heard about a brick being thrown at a “surau” (a Muslim worship place), the mark of hidden hands became very real.

The police has asked Christians to be vigilant, and then turn around and said they won’t have enough resources to patrol churches. Do note that at the end of each newspaper article, there seem to be a standard disclaimer which reads “No arrest has been made”.

Wolves on the prowl and no guard dogs available, I guess Christians can finally call ourselves sheep, sheep for slaughter.

Last but not least, the RM500k donation from the govt to Metro Tabernacle has attracted a lot of fire-fanning remarks from a lot of quarters. If this is part of the hidden hands’ work, the Christians are falling right into it. If Metro Tabernacle needs money, I think they should ask God.

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TG said...

Aren't you all children of Abraham? Why the hate and violence? Have you elaborated on that? What good can come out of it? Is the purpose intimidation?

Kakapo said...

MKL: At the country's inception, the Malays agreed to provide the non-Malays citizenship and protection, and in return, the non-Malays agreed to accept Malay political and religious supremacy.

It was signed, sealed and delivered, and you can see it in its full glory in our Constitution.
Islam is specifically named as the official religion of country and is accorded a special status.

Other faiths have never been and never will be equal so long as this Constitution exists.

whoalse said...

It's disgusting and saddening to witness this in the start of 2010!

deus X machina said...

i agree with u zewt
there's have a hidden hand behind this issue
i think u must know who

let's pray for the peaceful of this country
and hope that Allah forgive the stupids that attacked the church


uncle james said...

Dear Zewt,
let's all of us Good Malaysians (Christians & non-Christians) pray for Deliverance from all this madness....and also to pray that we WILL never be infected by all this madness no matter what.

missironic said...

Truly sad to know how the churches are burnt down just like tat. And to think it is a holy place, to begin with. If ever their holy place is being burnt down, how would they feel or worst, react? Seriously, they are a bunch of uncivilised people. I think the christians are reacting admirably by not succumbing to these ppl no-brain actions. Sigh!

Ninja Coffee said...

Hidden hands sound scary. It does make sense that there is someone behind the scene manipulating events to date.
Btw, somehow i have this feeling that god needs money. God always need money.

Pinknpurplelizard said...

Metro Tabernacle shouldn't accept any relocation proposals or incentives to move. As Christians, we are to be faithful and vigilant even more so when the days are darker so that our light shines brighter. Jesus said that we should turn the other cheek and I take that as not running away from adversity for easier pastures.

Antares said...

These diversionary tactics are so "old school" - they are inspired by the Third Reich! Let's shift gears and accelerate beyond aggravation or knee-jerk reactions, folks. We are the New Poltical Paradigm and THE FUTURE IS OURS TO CLAIM IN FREEDOM AND JOY.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

The Christians chose not to retaliate because well, we are bigger than that. Or else, we'd be just the same like them.

I somehow think the hidden hand could be a possibility. it could be of other race/religion/nationality who is trying to break apart the Muslims and Christians, and 1Malaysia. Who knows. You know how these conspiracy theories go.

hasilox said...

Sickening isn't it? Commit crime and hide behind race and religion. What have the malays done to deserve this?

The math is simple. 60%+ malays. The challenge is to keep them poor and make them stupid. Then criminals rule forever.

Supremacy? Heard of zimbabwe? Supremacy also. At the end the supremos are worse than dirt. Make a guess where bodohland is heading.

j_yenn said...

Words cannot describe how I feel now- yes, it's "emo time".

gracieq said...

1 church from each denomination? Interesting. I didn't know that. This could explain a lot of things.

Terra Shield said...

I agree with the hidden hands part... most probably a not so hidden agenda too.

It's sick. Truly sick.

melisa said...

So horrible and sad...

I agree, true Christians don't really retaliate and they don't scheme such harmful, inhuman acts against other people of any race or religion.

Anonymous said...


you are mocking christians so some will get angry and retaliate...im copying your post and will send to the relevant authorities...

malaysia sucks...australia good...you should write more articles on australia...as most of us are in the dark abt ur new country.

Anonymous said...


you are mocking christians so some will get angry and retaliate...im copying your post and will send to the relevant authorities...

malaysia sucks...australia good...you should write more articles on australia...as most of us are in the dark abt ur new country.

Jun said...

i think it's not being fearful or god-fearing, rather, it's the awareness that retaliation is a no-win situation and can only make things worse.

it's interesting how this situation is portrayed in foreign newspapers-- very different compared to the attempted cover-ups by the local news. it's reli sad but i reli have no intention of gng back anymore :(

Aoki said...

I think one reason why christians do not retaliate is bcoz in times like these that show if we're true disciples of Jesus... Question: What would Jesus do? I believe that His response will be one of love and not of hate, anger or fear.

Let us return to the teachings that we have received, especially in a time like this.
I have hope that God will turn this around - to paraphrase Joseph, these guys might have meant it for evil but God can use it for good. In fact, some immediate good coming out of this already:

1. Many Malay/Muslim Malaysias are speaking up against this and making efforts to show solidarity with Christians
2. This will push for more unity between all Christians (Catholics, protestants)
3. People who ask "what's in a name?" are hearing about the Trinitarian God we worship
4. Widei international coverage is putting pressure on our government to take responsibility

Some opportunities arising from this:
1. Reminder for all Malaysians that we need reform
2. Chance for Christians to show a different way to respond to violence
3. Gospel of Jesus to being shared through various online forums & debates that have sprung up .. many of which are in Malay (our East Malaysian brethren have not been silent in cyberspace!)

goingkookies said...

read raja petra's blog...

of course there's a hidden hand with hidden agenda.

take over selangor perhaps.. and all other opposition led states..

even if christians retaliate, it'll be pointless.. two wrongs don't make a right.

fufu said...

it really made me sad >< i am always trying to tell my friends that malaysia is a multi races/cultural country where people live together harmony, respect each other... but... well i wonder how the country will look like after the next election...

kelvotan said...

It is all too obvious that the attacks have been well planned, by some group, in terms of which church, location and time of attack.

Good thing these cowards didnt know how to make proper bombs, thank God, only one church was severely damaged. Thank God, no one was hurt.

I wonder what would I do if I had been in Malaysia. How would I react? Knowing the Metro Tabernacle was just stone throw away from my house!

Love it or hate it, I am still Malaysian.

I wonder when will they arrest someone. Like many stories, 'they' are just buying time before the rakyat forget about the incidents.

We need to keep pressing for actions!

Anonymous said...

Who is this "Anonymous:2010 4:19 PM" ? Get off this blog, we dun need irrarional rabble-rouser or running dogs here.

Go dip your short dick in some foul-smelling Blardy-Narcisstic cunt-blog!!

blackjack said...


for some strange reason, you now have a devoted hater lol!

jam said...

It is a shame! Less than one year 1Malaysia concept had been launched, the unity among Malaysians has stepped backwards! We are heading to Indonesia direction if we are not careful. SHAME!

Unicorn Girl said...

typical Malaysian mentality and ' attitude ' . I think the Indonesians are better off than us !!!

Anonymous said...

anonymous 850am,

you are the dog of zewt....no brain...dip ur chiwawa cock into zewt's mouth man...lol

Anonymous said...

I notice that some Non-Bumis on the internet never miss a chance to take a swipe at the Malays on supposed unfair treatment of them in Malaysia. True, we are not perfect, but the other races are not so great either (In fact, before anyone forgets, NO race is perfect!). The fact is, many of them have qualities that are even worse then that of Malays, among them, bad values like being greedy, having a insurmountable like for everything coming from the West, lack of identity, among others.

PSD Scholarships should be given to students based on merits eh? Ever considered loyalty as a merit? Or is it just getting A's on some piece of paper? Consider this, an ex-fellow classmate of mine, Chinese, who managed a PSD among the 'unfair quota' had this to say when we were discussing patriotism: 'I will never die for this (Malaysia) country, you know' in typical Chinese accent fasion.

'Deserving students' my foot! The truth is many Malaysian Chinese would be the first to run away if Malaysia was ever invaded. At least Malays have given their blood for this land. I have yet to read up any history book telling of a famous Chinese dying for this Peninsula (Remember, blood and sweat carry two destinct meanings). In fact, Chinese here in recent history have always aided and abetted efforts by others to colonise, and even when they were not, they fought for some other dubious Western ideology such as Communism to be implemented.

In recent times, Malaysian Chinese have also been increasingly Westernised, to the extent of accepting any idea, theory or way of thinking from the West, even elements alien to their own Chinese culture. Many have successfully traded their language and culture for a Western one a la US/UK and I wouldn't be surprised if they considered themselves Westerners. What are Malaysian Chinese actually? Chinese, Malaysian or European? Now this wouldn't be a problem if they keep it to themselves, but many have called for our way of managing things to be changed to be made more in line with the way America or the UK does things, for example, they talk about 'Individual Rights' and other such crap, is it any wonder why Malays dispise them? Hello, we're in Asia!

That's right, Bananas, migrate out of Malaysia. Migrate to a country where the people have had a long history and tradition of disrespect and violent massacring of other people who are not similar in appearence to them. You guys may fall victims too but hey, at least they are not Malays, right?

eiling lim said...

well said. the govt is giving the grant away just to keep our mouths shut or maybe trying to show that they cared about us. my ass!

Pinknpurplelizard said...

@ Anonymous (January 14) - There must be something wrong with this country (government included) if emigration keeps occurring. Did u bother to think why is this occurring? There are ample reasons around u if you look properly. But there are also reasons why some stay behind as well despite having the means to relocate.

History of this country is written to suit the ears and eyes of those in power. Example - Hang Tuah was found to be a chinese and they wiped him out from the school history books.

IMHO, loyalty is the result of respect. This country's government doesn't treat Malaysians equally irrespective of race, religion and gender. If the government does respect everyone equally then they should do without the widely implemented quota system and the special perks. Malaysia is a violator many human rights laws.

Anonymous said...

Human rights, human rights, my foot. Banana, if you want Westernised human rights, you go live in a Westernised country. Hello, we're in Asia!

Malaysia is the best place to live. If you read the news yesterday, 40000 Indians have immigrated illegally to Malaysia. If Malaysia is so bad, why they bother to come here?

Banana, don't be ungrateful. Malaysia is not Bangladesh or Haiti.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous January 14, 2010 11:47 AM lol, looks like you just disclose your origin. U are speaking like a son of the soil.

TG said...

@Anon 9:12AM

Hey, what's wrong with the West? Why is it bad, if Chinese Malaysians look up to the West? We may not be perfect, but many things run better here. Why wouldn't you copy something that runs better? We in the West also copy from the East, if it's good, why not? Your thinking is backwards and you only see it from your perspective as a Malay. We have a saying in my country, translated it says: The one who is full, doesn't understand the hungry one.

Anonymous said...


this is because the average white man thinks he is better than asians...and the average asian think that as well, a result of a years of hollywood movies where the white man always saves the day....malaysia bad...australia good...

TG said...

@Anon: First of all, why do you care what average Western people think? If you're self-confident, you would not bother what others think.
And you can't be an advocate for all Asian people, there is no one Asian people, Asia is too big and too diverse. There's not even one Malaysian people, so...

The way I understand your stupid comments is you see everything simple and black and white. Good and bad, this and that. You probably don't read Zewt's posts, you just repeat the same crap under the comments. You can be sure that this is my last comment engaging with you.

You're definitely a waste of time and cyberspace. Why don't you consult a shrink, maybe he can help you with your frustrations. You're obsessed with this blog, you probably think about Zewt 24/7.

If you had balls, you could at least write your name and link to your blog, so we can see what kind a hero you really are. But now that I think... no.. I don't really want to know more. You seriously have to live a very sad and pathetic life.

zewt said...

MKL - well, i think i know the purpose but in this country, i cant express it in words here, unfortunately. and man, if that anon thinks about me 24/7, i might as well die hahahahaha... cheers mate.

Kakapo - we can only blame our forefathers sigh...

whoalse - maybe "they" wanna start with a bang, literally.

deusXmachina - yeah, we all want a peaceful country where everyone can progress and be intellects. but "they" dont want that, clearly.

uncle james - i guess praying is all that we can do right now.

missironic - i sincerely hope christians will continue to hold our horses.

Ninja Coffee - hahaha... why?...

zewt said...

pinknpurlelizard - amen to that. let's pray for courage, i think we need that more than faith right now.

Antares - to freedom and beyond!

Amanda Christine Wong - yeah, and they are always intriguing. sad though, cos we are the pawn.

hasilox - yeah, i have blogged about a zimbabwean tale long ago... many didnt catch the message.

j_yenn - it's good to be emo, means you are human :)

gracieq - yup, that's the most interesting point innit?

Terra Shield - yeah, and we must not fall into it.

zewt said...

melisa - hey, good to hear from you all the way from the philippines :)

the anon who hates zewt - mary had a little lamb.

Jun - yeah, i guess christians take calculated risk hah!

Aoki - indeed, we must look at the good things that will come out of this. i gues that is the only silver lining we can draw from this dark cloud.

goingkookies - yup...all in jan, see if they succeed.

fufu - strange that a friend told me the same thing, the exact same thing.

kelvotan - wow, that near eh? it's the church of many of our friends. we can keep pressing for action, but i wonder if any will be taken.

zewt said...

anon @ 13/1 8.50am - well, dont need to waste our breath on that anon, really :)

blackjack - yeah, the most devoted reader actually i think haha.!!

jam - come on, u actually believe it when it was first introduced?

Unicorn Girl - those in bali, certainly.

anon 14/1 9.12am and 11.47am - yeah, can't wait really. after all, have to give pak lah's nasi kandar in aust business.

eiling lim - maybe the grant is part of a big plan too.

anon @ 14/1 4.58pm - dont lah break ppl's bubble, ppl wanna remain anonymous lah hahahaha

Anonymous said...

White boy, do you want to know why we hate the West so much? You should take a look at our history. Westerners invaded our country, raped our land and stole our resources. With the help of Chinese and Indians cockroaches, you enslaved us and abused us.

Human rights my foot. Now please don't be righteous and tell us how to think and how to run our country.

From the way you treat Muslims in Europe, it's clear to see what your true colours are. If the West is so great, why are you running away from it? Don't be a hypocrite here, okay?

LC Teh said...

We all know whose hands and we roughly know why. But what we want to know is the 'how'... Is it another round of turning the issue to their benefit and be seen as good guys? Or is it to turn the heat up and blow it into an emergency and the control remains in their hands?
Maybe your guess is as good as mine, or maybe I'm reading too much negative into it....

yh said...

anon @ 5.58am

"From the way you treat Muslims in Europe, it's clear to see what your true colours are."

From the way u Muslims treat non-Muslims everywhere in this world, it's clear to see what your true colours are.

Not satisfied with the statement? Well, I hate to utter that statement, but it's you who generalize the whole chunk first. A few bad apples don't make the whole basket bad. Don't be foolish. White peoples did colonize other countries in the past centuries. But does that mean ALL white peoples invade other countries? It's just the strong nations who carried out the invasions. What about those small, powerless ones like Andorra, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Albania, Liechtenstein, Monaco, etc etc. They too suffered invasions from their giant neighbours time to time! But the thing is, they are whites too! But did those powerless white nations carry out the invasions? So you're now saying all of them were guilty just simply because they were white? Take note, they were victims of their giant, mighty neighbours too!

By the way, don't think that your kind is oh-so holy. Don't be bullshit. Muslim Arabs during the early Islamic caliphate carried out various wars and expansions throughout the Middle East and into Europe! What? You don't call that as invasions? Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey, Spain were all under Christian rule until the conquering hordes of Muslim armies came trampling through their lands and subjugated the peoples to second-class citizens! What about those armies that invaded then-Zoroastrian Persia and Hindu India to set up a successive line of Islamic dynasties? Those were not wars? Those were done 'peacefully'?

I don't want to sound like a cynic, but the truth is, those were invasions which involved the spill of bloods, and THAT makes NO difference from the colonization acts of the Europeans during the colonial age.

Understand your history right. Don't be fooled and blinded by your short-sightedness and narrowm-mindedness. You might as well go live in a cave and become the cynic that you are.


yh said...

oh btw anon, from the way you wrote, you seemed to have a good command of English. But oops, that's a white people's language!!! Why the hell did you go learn it in the first place?? Are you not a hypocrite then? Why don't just stick back to your own glorious, holiest Melayu? Oh no, Melayu has Sanskrit origins! And Sanskrit is from India, those Indian cockroaches you mean! OOPSIES!

yh said...

oh another thing anon, you are probably using a computer, be it Windows, Mac, or Linux. You probably drive a car, ride a train or airplane, watch a TV, use a phone, dine at those giant fast food chains, shop at those giant hypermarkets, wear a pair of jeans and tees, use lamps and lights in your house, ETC ETC. Those are all inventions of the bastard Western world. WHY BOTHER USING THEM?

I strongly suggest you to just log off here and terminate all those technologies you've been using NOW AND FOREVER. What? You can't? You'll die without them?

Then my dear, you're just a HYPOCRITE. A shameless, unabashed one at that. And don't be so thick-faced to call yourself an Asian while at the same time you call other more authentic Asians with long, vibrant history and civilizations collectively as cockroaches. Go on the streets anywhere in this world, ask any one of them what does Asian mean to them? I'm sorry, the answers that you're gonna get will always gonna be "Chinese, Japs, Koreans, Indians, and whatnots". Period.

It's too sad to see your whole life filled with anger, hatred, vengeance and all those evilness. Get a life.

#Sorry zewt. Since I'm too free at the moment, so please forgive me for spamming here and crapping along with that anon. Cheers.

yh said...


"Human rights, human rights, my foot. Banana, if you want Westernised human rights, you go live in a Westernised country. Hello, we're in Asia!"

I'll answer this using your "From the way you treat Muslims in Europe, it's clear to see what your true colours are."

So what are you indicating here? That the Muslims are crying and asking the West to retract their unfair laws and bring back human rights to them? But you despise human rights! So human rights for the Muslims? You got me laugh! ;)

yh said...

"Malaysia is the best place to live. If you read the news yesterday, 40000 Indians have immigrated illegally to Malaysia. If Malaysia is so bad, why they bother to come here?"

Of course Malaysia is loads better compared to other low income nations! That's the thing with Malaysia. They always smug and takes pride in being better than other supposedly weaker, meeker nations, but never against those reigning champions! Just like the university rankings. Even though UM has slipped beyond the 1xxth mark internationally, they still have the audacity and shame to declare loudly that "CONGRATS TO UM FOR MAKING TO THE TOP 200!". If it's for other sane-minded universities, they won't even do that! Your rankings dropped drastically and you still want to declare to the whole world that you're oh-so good? What a joke!

Malaysia will truly be the best place in the world IF all peoples from all countries put Malaysia on top of the priority list of places to migrate/retire. Tell me again if 40,000 Japs/Koreans/Scandinavians/Hongkies etc have chosen to move here. That would prove a whole lot more.

Pinknpurplelizard said...

The thing I don't understand is why ppl use 'Anonymous'. Shouldnt one be brave enough to stand up and let all to see who they are than hide behind a generic name like anonymous? No originality.

To the anonymous who speaks like a 'son of the soil', grow up. There are worst places than Malaysia that's why ppl come here illegaly. There are many of your kind who have left this country in disgust as well.

Many have come from the West come here because of logical reasons such as the weather and the fact that the ringgit is so puny compared to their currency. They're able to live well here compared to their own countries.

U are quick to call ppl names and express ur many complaints. If you dispise the West so much, then why are you dressed in western styled apparels, using the internet and writing in English? All this are clearly from the White man who come from a region which u dispise.

zewt said...

yh - no worries mate. be my guest. i practise freedom of speech here unless it goes over the line. you would noticed that i do not delete anon's comment either.

pinknpurplelizard - well, he/she is truly malaysian born... double standards.... dont u think?

Anonymous said...

what the hell la you dont even know what you're talking about

zewt said...

anon @ 5/2 - i never did.