Sunday 17 January 2010

Not a very good feeling

Last year was a transitional year so I was only asked to give my view. It did have some level of influence but nothing compared to this year. This year though, the decision depends solely on me. Certainly, whatever that I decide upon is still subject to levelling and approval, but I make the initial recommendation.

I had, in my first job, provided evaluation on junior staff. But that was very different. Back then, I only need to provide a rating. The rating I gave was combined with ratings of other “seniors” and the rest is up to the big bosses.

In my current position; I, me and myself will decide on the rating of those reporting to me. It does not end there. I, me and myself will then have to recommend promotion (should I want to), increment (should I want to) and also decide on their… bonus…

I will not deny it. It does feel powerful to have the fate of people’s career and financial rewards in your hands. Surely, it is a boost to one’s ego.

But I will have to say, it is not an easy position to be in.

It’s not easy to decide that someone’s performance is just not good enough. It’s not easy to decide that someone should be rewarded more than someone else. It’s not exactly glamour either, to deny someone a promotion. It is such time, that I truly see the clearest reflection of modern slavery.

But as slave of the modern world myself, I have to make a decision that reflects my judgement and my credibility. These decisions that I made, may be at the expense of fellow modern slaves.

And that… is not a very good feeling…

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doc said...

expect an "unexpected" increase in numbers of carriers & lickers amongst your subordinates.

you may even get to like the feeling!! heh heh!

TG said...

Zewt, you were them before. And they will one day be like you are now. That's how it is. You have a role to play in the system and you need to play it well. Or someone will give you check mate and adios! :)

hikazew® said...

hi Zewt,

i started my first job with 15+ QA auditors (majority of them who are women)under me. Yes, working with women auditors (bikering, jealousy, gossips.. etc) then i gradually moved on to a job where I work on my projects myself and accountable only to a boss. Even my boss doesn't know how to handle my account/project. i'm thankful that no one reports to me.

btw, reading your blog makes me thankful for not choosing the 'accountant' path. but i did another professional mistake by not becoming a salesman. :(

Anonymous said...

so are you a good boss or a bad boss?

deus X machina said...

zewt the hr manager???erk888

btw gud luck 4 ur career zewt...

Huei said...

hah! well i wish i had that power..then nobody will be coming in at 2pm or don't come in at all without notifying his superior! =P
it will be easy evaluating for such people..well person at least..and it'll mean immediate dismissal!!!

Yvonne Foong said...

I'd add to your confusion. I'll have some goodies sent over to you at your office and inculde a note like, "Happy new year, may you have a prosperous year ahead, boss" without a name. =)

Anonymous said...

Everybody is just trying to "cari makan" so if it not too bad , just be lenient .

j_yenn said...

I knew of a useless boss who made a girl remain at diploma-level even after this girl had managed to obtain TWO postgraduate qualifications. Don't be such a boss ;)

goingkookies said...

Be fair and impartial in your evaluation. Try not to let emotions get in the way.

Definitely not an easy role but nonetheless, an important one.

Take into account their capabilities and if they've met their expectations. Different people have different levels of smartness.

Some who are smart might not necessarily do the job well. There are those who might not be as smart but put in the effort to make up for it.

All d best, Big Boss in making your decision!!

Unicorn Girl said...

Do we get to learn anything out of situations like this ?

april said...

kakaka..appraisal time! my company starts taking names and employee id of late comers who come 5 minutes late onwards. Then can appraise those late comers .. more reasons for the company to save money! vss... BE... woohooo...

Anonymous said...

My ex-employer is a well-known company. There is a trainee work very hard, but don’t get the senior "sayang, because she is straight and seldom talk with the senior (dept senior is very garang, cool, and don’t like to talk with junior, just talk to those same level and higher)
Appraisal session, is 4 senior and manager Vs her, 1 person only, which other people just manager Vs worker. …
Manager give her appraisal 1 point only, after that ask whether she satisfied or not?
The trainee :" if I said I'm not satisfied, will you change the point?"
The manager:"No."
The trainee:" I also work very hard to finish my job, everyone see that. What the things I don’t know how to do, I ask senior, but no people want to teach me, document which I don’t know where to find, I ask senior, they give wrong direction, I'm wasting whole day of my working time because of their wrong direction, but work overtime without charge. Why don’t you see my good things, just see my bad things, which I did some wrong in my job, but everyone did this before.
The manager :" this is the HUMAN NATURE, people will see your bad things, dint see your good things"

The reply given my manager, which make me felt I'm so glad I already resign…… hahahaha

When im still there, there is 2 new girls coming, they know how to polish those senior shoes (the first week, treat them eat in restaurant, when senior say cold joke, will laugh with them, which I don’t do) , so, even they doing things wrong, wont get scold, and their job less, can go back around 7pm. (official bye bye time is 6pm, they back 7pm, I back around 10pm….. Cause I have lot's of those jobs to be complete( they give me bigger portion, and harder part), every time I ask senior, they will teach you with not willingly(black face)…. But for the 2 new comer, they will automatic teach them….

This is some sharing about the "appraisal"…. And it is real story!!! And haven't finish…. Cause the "human nature" things is really too much!!

But honestly, because of the senior, so I know, learn a lot's of things which others may not learn (cause other's senior is better…haha )
And I can say too, I really want to say thank you to them, to make my mind thinking different from those same age with me;P

InjusticeSistem said...

Very difficult? no la...very simple
Wateva decision made must be made in da good faith of 'benefitting ownself' and everybody else comes 2nd
1. Keep ur dept understaff to show da boss u are 'contributing a lot' to cost control.
2. Keep ur staff overwork to show da boss ur staff are da best 'value for money' in da whole company.
3. Keep ur staff basic salary low and reward them with 2 months beggars' bonus to keep them wondering for another 6 more months. This method make u popular within the boss cos u manage to find cheapskate worker, AND ur stupid staff also think you r such a nice guy for giving them 2 mths bonuses.
4. Never hire rich kids (i believe you touched on this topic somtime ago)
5. Never let high performing staff outshine you, always take credit for their work.
6. Always keep avg performing staff cos they will neva be able to threaten ur position, and since they are avg, they cant get better pay elsewhere.
For further advice on "Basics 101 on how to suck balls n being an asshole boss", you can email any UMNO members and im sure they can assist you.....

zewt said...

doc - hahaha... i prefer others to be that.

MKL - yeah, i was once like them. trying very hard not to forget that. :)

hikazew - hahahaha... well, still not an accountant.

anon @ 18/1 - somewhere in between?

deusXmachina - thanks dude.

huei - the whiner? lol!

Yvonne Foong - hahahahaha... i wouldnt mind that.

zewt said...

anon @ 18/1 12.23pm - yeah, i shall not forget that.

j_yenn - will never be.

goingkookies - i try to be fair. but sometimes, my hands are tied. after all, i am not the biggest boss.

Unicorn Girl - plenty... plenty...

april - and never consider those who work OT without pay?

anon @ 19/1 12.54am - in adversity, the best will thrive :) and you did.

InjusticeSistem - hahahaha... that's truly slavery. oh man, your last line kills it all :P

april said...

oh.. lately i heard those who leave office sharp at 6pm also name got taken down. If u work OT means u r inefficient in your job. If u come early means u follow rules. Come late means you are a bad staff. Leave office early means u are lazy. This is what I learn from corporate world. Hehe..

zewt said...

april - hahaha.... that has always been the case for the longest time. the reality of the cruel corporate world.