Thursday 9 October 2008

The Chronicles of Hole and Pole

With so many things happening around the world, there are actually quite a number of things that I would like to write about. But then again, it’s always good to take some time off to relax and have a good laugh, particularly when the weekend is near, right?

A year ago I wrote about
“The other Newton 3 laws of motion”. And during an e-mail chat with some of my colleagues a while ago, I mentioned to them about the second law under “The other Newton 3 laws of motion” which reads:

When a pole is put into a hole
The result is a new soul
Of either a hole of a pole

This actually sparked off amongst us with this second law being twisted and modified in all ways possible. Jane’s (not her real name) reply to the above was:

When a pole speaks about a hole
All intellectual activities are put on hold
It’s a fact that we all know
Men are always boys who will never grow

To which I replied:

Even for boys who didn’t grow
His pole is enough to produce new soul
Don’t believe?
Go try and you’ll know

I have actually forgotten who made the reply to the above but the fun continued with:

Without a hole, a pole cannot produce new soul
And if the pole doesn’t grow
The pole will have hard times finding new holes

I don’t know what has gotten into us that day but the reply just kept coming:

North Pole South Pole
They all need a good hole
But some holes have to pay toll
Before the pole gets the hole
But while others prefer asshole
But all in all, it’s good for the soul
So let’s wait not for the bell to toll
And get on with the common goal

Finally, I made the final reply to the e-mail conversation with:

Sorry but when it comes to asshole
I will have to say no no no
Though hole is indeed our common goal
I prefer to keep shit off my pole

Who says accountants are square?


pei ling said...

not sure wat to say...but it did make me laugh...hahahahaha......

Anonymous said...


nice rhymes!!!

Anonymous said...

Accountants aren't square. They just need to work everything out with a pencil. :p

A Blessed weekend to you, Zewt. :)

myop101 said...


have a nice weekend ya...:)

Anonymous said...

All I could think of was Santa Claus and his North Pole. LOL

Purple~MushRooM said...

Very good! Hahaha!

Jorji said...

hole pole soul sold goal toll..

hehe..sekali-sekali akauntan tak main number...

zewt said...

rin - good to know you enjoyed a good laugh.

pookyma - powerful leh... haha...

jemima - and now... it's keyboard.

myop101 - too much stress here i think haha.

life for beginners - hahahaha... that's a different kinda pole.

purple mushroom - nice leh.

j or ji - akauntan boleh main apa jua pun hehe.

Anonymous said...

haf a great weekend!! ^^

CK said...

hahahaha.... thnx. TGIF

zewt, stop being angry of being an accountant! engineers are squarer, and earned a lot less. how bt tat? feel better?

Call me A.S for AkiraSabine said...

What good poetry skills your guys have.

J u n e said...

LOL too creative!

ManaL said...

A hole with no pole
Has better life than a pole with no hole
- Manal's haiku.

Err...good to see u back in a cheerful mood...hows ur poling activity, anything growing already besides the size of either pole or hole...?

xonar said...

Shit hole to some are pure gold
These people we called homo
When u said is a no go
Santa Claus says ho ho ho

*have a nice weekend*

baggie said...

wukakakakkaka good one! Something nice to crack up my boredom while downloading a stupid driver which is taking me ages!!! gah!

Faisal Admar said...

haha hole and pole. nothing else in my mind. i know i'm such a pervert! lol

Ted Torrence said...

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U-Jean said...

Hi Zewt,

I'd like to give you a Butterfly Award for being one of the coolest blogs I know. It's ok if you might not want to receive it. I'd just like you to know that I enjoy reading your blog.

Have a nice day =)

the girl said...

man, u got talent la...

Anonymous said...


small pole meets big hole
no goal.
end of show.

(and sorry ur comments were stuck in my spam queue apparently and i didnt realise it till now :P)

Unknown said...

I prefer hole in one. Too many poles spoil one hole.

Anonymous said...

And now I know accountants are quite creative too!

Anonymous said...

Happen to blog-hop here again.

Wow, nice thread of poems and rhymes. So impressive! Lol. It just happens to coincide with what I had with my friends on Facebook..a thread of rhymes and poems too. You gave me idea on what to post on my blog.

day-dreamer said...

Hahahaha~ nice one!

zewt said...

Lynnwei - thanks :)

CK - well, never truly complain as an accountant. i know there are worst jobs out there :P

Akira - never underestimate us... hehe.

AngryYoungChild - we do have talents u know :)

Manal - a pole without a hole and a hole without a pole aren't just whole. :p hahaha... nothing is growing just yet.

xonar - santa's pole not into hole? oh no!

evelynholic - ohhh... downloading pirated stuff eh!

Faisal Admar - arent we all ...

zewt said...

Mr.X - okies...

u-jean - thanks... will claim it soon enough. thanks for your support.

pamina - hahahaha... now only u know meh?

ser - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... small pole meets big hole... no goal.. end of show... that's the ultimate!

kbguy - hello there. welcome to AZAIG. so protective of your hole eh?

jam - hahaha... never too late to realise that.

Lifong - Hi there and welcome. and what is your blog? dont hide lah.

day-dreamer - hehe... thanks.

Anonymous said...

you guys are hilarious!!very witty lah. heh!

Anonymous said...


zewt said...

imp - never underestimate accountants.

lifong - ahhh... shall check it out now.

Sharon said...

hahahaha wow impressive!

Sharon said...

lol, a statement made by bf
'although i like my pole in the hole, I'm very afraid of the soul'

Huei said...


alot of holes indeed!

zewt said...

sharon - he is afraid of new soul u mean... hahaha... so... ok, i better not ask.

huei - holes??? a lot???

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