Thursday 28 August 2008

The game

When I was still a modern slave in the first firm I joined, there was this particular game that my then-superiors like to play. This game does not involve any excessive physical movement, but rather more towards good brain-mouth co-ordination. The game is usually played in pubs, where alcohol flows freely.

No, if you are thinking that this is a drinking game, then you are wrong. This game is not to get people drunk. Instead, this game is played after people have had a couple of drinks, best when people are a little tipsy and when the brain-mouth co-ordination is at its worst.

Some will find this game rather sick but I can tell you… it is played with both guys and girls so there is really nothing overly sick in it. In fact, some girls thoroughly enjoy the process of the game while the guys are at it.

And again, if you think this game involves oral perversion due to the involvement of the mouth, you’re wrong.

Now… it is actually a very simple game. It is usually played with the players sitting around in a circle. It can be just chairs or at the table. Then, each person in the circle is supposed to say… who in the whole department that he/she wants to bonk have sex with. Yes, that’s it!

But I have to tell you, because this game is usually played after people are under the influence of alcohol, the things they say can really throw you off your chair. And let me reiterate that girls also join in the game so it’s really quite amusing.

Once you are done with the first question, you can further modify or enhance the questions into… who amongst the executives in the department you want to… who among the managers in the department you want to… who among the people in the other department you want to… and if you work in a company with hundreds of employees, it can be really funny.

Yeah, it can be quite sick but when you are all tipsy and with guys and girls going at it… it can be quite a game.


Angie Tan said...

Interesting... However, we have another game... Who you want to kill. LOL!!

Call it sadistic or disturbing but it'll reveal who you really hate in the company. ;-)

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Ahahaha!! My friends and I we play do/kill/marry. Yup its fun. I mean I only play with girls lah...I don't want that guy from Media class to know that I want to put whipped cream all over him and.....uhhh.....right.

Sounds like a fun game. =p

Daily Nibbler said...

Interesting...never played this game before. Could be dangerous, don't ya think?

myop101 said...

but i guess the current superiors would be too prim and proper for you huh?

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the answers may be more dangerous than the questions themselves... LOL

Andrew said...

omg!! sound so fun la bro!! when can we have a game together?? LOL... remember to bring me along wor!! hahaha =D

btw, you flying the flag already?? I already got one from my church!! hehe... fly the flag campaign!! weee!!!

Anonymous said...

I remember playing this game and it get really awkward when someone says he wants to bonk you and you're there right in front of him. It gets worst when everybody start creating rumours.

I personally don't like playing this game because it creates unnecessary trouble and most of the time it gets out of control.

Anonymous said...

Alcohol loosens the tongues so words flow freely. This can be a dangerous act as once words are said, u cannot take them back. One can never know if there's someone in the group who'll take those answers/words of those questions of the game in the wrong context.

Huei said...

hahaha hmm..interesting! should have the different ways u wana do them..not just the name..but the process! =P

i can't play co had only 3 ppl..3 r all girls..HMMM...ok glad i'm out! =P

U-Jean said...

hi zewt,

i wrote something in my blog that i would like you to read and maybe help to put it in your blog as well.

Thank you and sorry i'm using this as a dissemination channel.


Anonymous said...

Imagine a bung confessing having the hots for you and wanting to those kinky stuff with you..

GODDAMNED!!You'll traumatized..not only you bro!!

No one will look at you the same way after the game!

Anonymous said...

So how many wanted to have sex with you? Male or female? Hahahahahahaha!!!!

Angel Eyes said...


Tsu Lin + + said...

Zewt : o_O

zewt said...

Angie Tan - not much fun in that.... very anger driven... not good... not good :)

the Constantly Dramatic One - hahaha... well, it's only good when your company is huge.

Daily Nibbler - well.... i have played it several times, in fact, being forced to play... ok lah... it's all just for fun.

myop101 - hahaha... yeah, too proper... might just get crucified... maybe wait for the next batch.

life for beginners - well, what was said in the game stays with only the ppl in the game.

Andrew - now that i am in such a small dept... we dont play such game anymore lah... hahaha... no... not flying any flag... :)

Aoki - well, the game is meant to be a game and ppl should really treat it like a game lah. yeah.... shouldnt said someone in the circle lah... that was really bad brain-mouth co-ordination.

zewt said...

pinknpurplelizard - which is why... at that moement, one must have his/her brain-mouth co-ordination at the highest level.

huei - wait till u join a bigger firm. and wahh... process???? wah liao.

u-jean - will do later.

pookyma - HAHAHAHAHAHA... you are damn right... damn right. but i am glad i don have to experience such trauma.

suituapui - where got... dont have lah.

angel eyes - :)

Tsu Lin - hehe... sounds like you played before.

Medie007 said...

ewwww... sick sick sick..

Faisal Admar said...

this game remind me about a party organized my a friend of mine few years ago.

we play truth or dare and after a while truth had been banned and only dare available! lol...

we played spin the bottle!

i end up sucked girl's finger and pretend that i fucked her too! lol... and one of my friend who was gay... kissed a arabian guy too... after all it was only a game right? lol... damn alcohol!

Anonymous said...

hahaha.. its one of those games which is fun yet not fun... fun because you get to laugh and 'kepoh' at others.. not fun because people laugh and 'kepoh' at you..

er btw, why do you have so many weird experiences? ;)

Ninja said...

Ooh great game Zewty man! But since my brother and i hang out together with the same group, it could get very uncomfortable!!!!!! LOL!

Have u tried the other one where a statement is made e.g. "I have had a threesome", and anyone in the group who has done it has to take a shot! And it goes on and on with the questions getting more outrageous!! I tell you one can learn about how twisted their friends are thru this game...LOL!!!

Nichol Brooklyn said...

pretty interesting game. but i've never actually heard of this game b4 AT ALL.

my mates used to have this really lame drinking game called 'The Lion King'. so we put on 'The Lion King' cartoon during drinking session, and we gotta drink whenever a lion comes out. really lame but it's kinda easy to get someone drunk with that. lolx

zewt said...

ah-bong - sure boh...

faisal admar - now... that's really something quite wild.... hehe... kissed an arabian guy? ewwwww....

drumsticks - cos i was put into a very weird place... hehe.

sabrina - wow... they actually admit to it?

nikz - hahaha... is that even a game?