Wednesday 4 June 2008

To RM2.70 and beyond!

It was around 3pm today when a friend of mine who has close connection with Petronas told me that the price of petrol will go up to RM2.77 per litre. It took her a while to convince me but in the end, I told her that is not possible as I think the nation needs to be addressed first before any increase can be affected. 2 hours later, I was made to eat my word, though it was not RM2.77 but RM2.70.

And of course, many have begun debating how bad this is and how this is going to affect your life. But if you ask me, I think this is a damn good move and it should have happen long time ago.

Every Tom, Dick, Harry, Mary, Jean, Jane, cockroach, butterfly and grasshopper are talking about getting a car. If you can’t find a job, it’s no big deal. But you must get a car. If you want to work in KL, get a car. Then you get yourself a new car, you pay about RM700 – RM800 a month as instalment, and you complain that your salary is too low. That is IF you get job.

Freaking hell, there are just too damn many cars on the road! I know… I know, the usual… public transport not good… public transport not efficient… public transport this… public transport that. The point here is not about whether the public transport is good or otherwise. The point is that if you can't afford to drive, don’t freaking drive. If you don’t have that big a head, don’t wear so big a hat!

In my zewtpinion and you may call me selfish, driving should remain a luxury, not a necessity. Public transport was very much worse 10 years ago but I still travel from my home to Taylors’ College and then KDU for my classes and believe me, I stay very far away from those colleges. I wait for hours at the bus stop and sometimes, stood for the whole journey. Did I desire for a car? Yes, but I also know that I can't afford one.

Petrol price should just be made to reflect market price so that only those who can really afford it can be on the road and the rest, just freaking take the public transport. This will reduce traffic jam tremendously and will benefit someone which all of us care about… the environment. And thus I say… to RM2.70 and beyond!
Having said all that, I know what is in your mind. The word is inflation, isn’t it? Come tomorrow, a ‘char siew pau’ will cost more, a ‘char kuey teow’ will become more expensive, a ‘roti canai’ will have a more ridiculous price and whatever not. Yes, this is serious and it is a vicious chain effect.

Who is to blame?

If you want to blame the govt, I will say blame those who voted them-in in the past. They voted them in the name of economic stability and prosperity. Then how come we can't afford the increase in prices of goods? Where is the economic stability and prosperity which was the pillar of belief in voting for them? And if you are one who did not vote… too bad then! Suck it up!

Ahhh… nice to have that out my system…

Fact wise, some are saying that the petrol price will be revised on a monthly basis to reflect market value. Since crude oil is always on the rise, does that mean the price will also be heading the same way? Then my friend who has close connection with Petronas said there will be another major increase in August, possibly to RM4.50. Bearing in mind that she got all the info correct (including increase in TNB tariff) at 3pm, that is certainly an intriguing prophecy, isn’t it?


Little Jennifer said...

after read your blog, am pissing off with your kl, every where is so far apart...if we rely on public transport...wasting time, wasting our precious time! am the one ALWAYS use the public transport..i am sicked of it! always delayed...always got problems/..this and that...omg..yes, raise the fuel price can reduce heavy traffic jam problem BUT THIS IS MIGHT!!! before they slowly remove the subsidies from petrol, should the related parties review the problem of public transport? in order to make everything into win win situation, should they envisage the problem? slowly remove the subsidies AND improve the service ...not just always talk talk talk ''we're improving..bla bla bla...'' put into action mah...sigh~

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you that there are too many cars on the road these days. Every now and then there are promotions on cars such as interest free, low down payment and etc... to attract ppl who cant afford to buy a car. those ppl who can afford will tend to borrow 100% loan and some of them might struggling to pay off their loan and some will turn NPL. at the end of the day, who suffer? yourself... :)so think properly before you get a car.

back to the petrol hike, i guess 2.70 is quite reasonable. i think those you can afford a car should be able to accept the petrol prices. so if you think you cant accept the petrol price then sell your car off...

on the hand, the government should play a part as well...petrol prices

NYPT said...

abdullah is taking all the unpopular decisions so that a "smooth transition" will happen at the end of the year. he is the fall guy. hey, at the end of the day, the extra development funding for sabah has to be accounted for somehow.

i wish i had a honda civic hybrid...

NYPT said...

btw zewt,

if pakatan rakyat won the recent election, petrol prices would have gone down...

8 mac menang, 9 mac harga minyak turun- anwar ibrahim

Anonymous said...


goes up (totally lift the subsidy off), car prices should come down, improve public transport as in do not raise the prices and more efficient...i guess with that requirement, it's only fair for the government to totally lift the subsidy off...

ahjohn said...

one good move about this is, we'll see a complete stop to lumba kereta and mat rempit.

Anonymous said...

When you get to the greener grass, do keep us updated on the lifestyle, income opp, taxes, etc there yeah? ;)

rainbow angeles said...

in your zewtpinion, what are the ways of earning more moolah?

TH said...

Increase again? RM2.70 still cheap compared to here :( If it's not for my job, I don't even want to own a car. Public transport is great and I get to doze off for a quick nap on my way!

Angie Tan said...

Isn't it odd? Most of us have that same attitude about owning a car. Hmmm... I'd have to agree that public transportation has worsened over the years.

I used to take Bas 11 (walking) to walk to college and even then, if there were public transportation around my neighbourhood, it took me longer to get home by bus (it comes once every hour) than by walking. Such irony.

When I started working, my bosses advised me to get a car as I was required to travel to customer sites frequently and at the drop of a hat.

So, there was no turning back. :-(

Anyway, we can't afford to live in denial now. With the price of crude just heading towards the stratosphere, many countries can't afford to maintain the current subsidies.

However, the government should have planned this out YEARS ago. Didn't they forecast that the population would explode and that the public transportation be upgraded to support the movement of that population around the cities and towns?

Like it or not, we live in a post-RM2.70 per litre petrol now. :-(

Anonymous said...

this is something new.. didn't see it that way..

Anonymous said...

"new price" / "old price" X "current mileage claim" = "new mileage claim" ... wahahaha...quickie solution for now o.0

wahsai.. beh tahan...

day-dreamer said...

I am speechless by the price hike.

I guess it's tightening of belts for most of us now.

preserving insanity.. said...

Fuel price hike: Ditto
Too many cars on the road: Ditto
Public Transport System: Needs improvement and additions because of the growing population

Inflation: Killing us too

It's not solely because the government in power took some grossly wrong decisions. The same story around the world.. Well, started with the Subprime mess and weakening Dollar .. It'll take a while for things to get better .. The decoupling theory with respect to different economies around the world doesn't exist. As some say, when the US catches a cold, Asia sneezes too.

You read about General Motors decision to sell off their Hummer plant - the mamoth gas guzzlers..

WY said...

zewt, as a non-practicing economist, i have to agree with you. too many distortion in our economy that have led to unsustainable behaviour. Malaysians have been unrealistic given the luxury of a developed nation - while the rich kept puldering the country. now, as the oil is running out, our natural resources are slowly becoming scarce...the old techniques of bribing everyone with money will not work anymore.

if you can t afford a car, don't fucking buy a car. simple. malaysians need to learn that fact the hard way.

flaminglambo said...

Fuck me. 40% increase! Overnight! It's hard for people to see that the government is working for them when they kick them in the balls like that. I mean, was there even a warning? Did they think that this will mean a rise across the board? It'll be interesting to see how my local chicken rice stall can further reduce the portion and charge more for it.

What I don't understand is, why are we following the crude oil index when we are an oil producing country? Aren't we a net exporter of oil? Are we selling all our stock and buying them back in the open market or what?

Anonymous said...

Everybody's grumbling about the rising petrol prices...and finally, I find someone who's talking sens and sense!!! I sokong ur point of view, zewt!!!

P.S. The coast is clear. No more food posts so you can come back now!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

andrew said...

This is total madness wehhh!!!! 78cents raise!!! Omg... And Im only starting to work!!! wth is happening???? zzzzzzz

Huei said...

ok u have a point..buttt...instead of blaming US for all having a car each

shouldn't the gomen do something to improve this?

1. improve the public transport
2. improve roadworks
3. they should've stopped those who purposely drive here to pump petrol LONG AGO, now they're stopping it again.

we don't see other countries having the same problem!

i used to rely on bus to travel between subang n nilai..1 stinking hour of travel WITHOUT traffic jam..imagine..when i go back..and the school has just finished for those kids..just one stretch of road that'll normally take no mroe than 3 minutes to travel..takes 30 fuckign minutes!!!

electricity raising..rice hike also..the only thing that's gona go down is us lah!

this move will just increase the number of motorbike'll just increase the number of thieves. why? inflation ma..everyone also wana find easy money! i thought it'll reduce mat rempits..but i don't think'll cause ppl to have less bags though..all kena stolen!



n btw..about if u can't afford a car..then don't get one..thats y i dun have one..i can't afford one..thats y my boo have to fetch me to work..and end up using MORE is this a loose loose situation here?? i won't live near an lrt anymore after no more lrt! and certainly no bus..i'm too pampered..n my ass is made out of gold to take those! i don't wana be found amongst those who died in a bus crash!

*pHEWf* damn long comment..ok's almost a post here edi

missironic said...

expected to increase to rm4.50 huh..ok, everybody start collecting sand..we'll soon need to "makan pasir"...hahahahaa...

Anonymous said...

I m going to buy some junk cars very very cheap, park it and then claim the RM600 rebate for each vehicle every year. Is this possible?

Jorji said...

yup.student and politician shud use public transport.

will quote something from yr post in my blog later.

suanie said...

last time naik harga 30 sen. the saved subsidy was supposed to go to improving public transportation.


Anonymous said...

Yesterday I finished my exam at 6.15p.m. When I drive home I received a sms from a friend said petrol price has increase. What comes to mine mind is 1. Don’t know whether is true or not. 2. Luckily my mum pump full tank for me yesterday.

So you know what I do?
I go pasar malam. the traffic very smooth, dint jam, but before reaching the pasar malam, start to jam. Then I turn to my grandma house and said:” wah, pasar malam very stuck loh, now haven’t reach 7p.m koh, i wondering in front got any accident and lead to traffic jam, I watch tv with you and go when not so jam”….then my grandma said:” yalo yalo because they no school, so everyone is going pasar malam more early”

Shit, I out from grandma house about 8.00p.m.
I found that still jam, so I’m thinking accident won’t be stuck so long. Suddenly come to my mind, petrol station. Shit!

Previously I feel very easy because there have a lot of petrol station at my area, it make me convenient. But yesterday, I stuck about 3hours, normally I took about 15min to go hone.
I nearly finish all my “zhen zhu nai cha” , uncle bob chicken, nugget, chicken ball, etc at car.
The environment “cold” and “full” , confortable, nearly want to sleep at car.
When I get home, I feel mu leg is not mind, nearly to broke, due to manual car.

Some driver driving likes shit. Red light also crosses the road. Two lanes become three lanes.

Haih, yesterday I the most serious traffic jam I face in the 21 years.

Increase the price is not causing me direct problem, because my mum pay for it

But indirectly, shit, is a big problem. Just read the newspaper, the express bus may be increase 100%, all my journey planed within a limit budget; I need to eat myself already. haih.
I can’t get my mum to increase my pocket money, because i just increase it at May with the reason of Inflation.


Anonymous said...

well, this is shocking for petronas subsidised fuel...

i still think it's expensive.. dollar per dollar wise compared to western countries...
but prob ringgit is weak, however the subsidy doesnt seem to be much, innit?

time for better management of the country.
btw, dunno what the opposition ppl are doing... kinda quiet, arent they?
arent they supposed to be making noise in things like this?

Swee Ping said...

I guess the petrol will go up after the clock struck 12am yesterday when PM said he will reveal the new subsidize scheme on Wed. Not sure why you thought is not possible though. All I think is that it will increase this time and in August as well which I guess it is the case already. Sigh..

PabloPabla said...

You said all I wanted to say mate! My sentiments exactly.

And for those who are still in the dark, the accounts for Petronas is still classified under the Official Secrets Act. They don't want the public to know the true picture.

Seaqueen said...

Hahahah!!! I've nothing to say about taking public transport cos I've taken it before and now I still take them after work.

But I totally agree on your 2nd last paragraph on who to blame. But then again, our parents and generations before that wouldn't have thought that the politicians that time would become worse as the years goes by right?

Angel Eyes said...

If petrol price goes up to RM4 per litre, i guess we have to go to work, car pool. How are we gonna survive? Food is getting pricey as well and the portion is smaller too.

But when it comes to our salary, it's still the same.

Anonymous said...

The rise of petrol is inevitable. We cannot enjoy subsidies for the rest of our lives. Its like babying someone for too long and they become dependant. Today I saw less cars on the road coz ppl are being smarter (hope its not momentarily).
I would have received the news better if PM Lah had straightaway said that he would raise it tomoro and not say decide in August and be a hypocrite to raise it in 24 hours.
Construction and industries that operate large vehicles are on strike. Stopped work coz who is gonna pay when fuel is up 78sen. Cannot earn enuf to cover expenses.
This rise will affect our economy badly as ppl will go out less and spend less. Everything will go up. So now is the time we gotta be smart in how we live and don't waste so much.
We should start making sure our vehicles are fuel efficient as to make every drop count. :)

zewt said...

sugarbaby - hmmm... if you really think public transport is a waste of time... then i guess we have to suck it up and pay rm2.70 for a litre... no choice right?

C - improve the public transport is a must... but not reduce the price of car la... else back to square one. everyone just wanna stay behind the wheel.

Nicholas Y - hahaha... i wish i have a hybrid too. that anwar's promise... difficult to keep wan ler.

ahjohn - not quite... i think they will still be out.

sooi sooi - of cos! hehe...

rainbow angeles - storm into your boss room, bang the table and ask for more pay. hehe...

twisted heels - dont compare to there la... evreything is so convenient there.

zewt said...

Angie Tan - i think it's us... our must-drive mentality. we dig our own grave la. again i will say it... if you cant afford it... dont drive. as simple as that.

drumsticks - hehe... zewt's way.

-=Sin=- - wahh... that's something new.

day-dreamer - no need... just wipe our ass and get on the LRT.

Rashi - true... the US is really in a deep flu... we will feel the effect soon enough.

WY Kam - precisely... every tom dick and harry also wanna buy a car. and now ppl are asking for price of car to be reduced. everyone just wanna safeguard their position behind the wheel.

flaminglambo - sigh... the same question meh. already explained by an Oil and Gas expert here long ago lor.

zewt said...

suituapui - hahaha... i like to go against the flow.

andrew - well, your car... still can take it ler i think.

huei - haha... i guess your boo just have to continue to fetch you, no choice right? the price is just going to be revised upwards on a monthly basis... see where is your threshold.

missironic - makan udara better ler.

anon @ 5/6 9.34am - good idea mate.

j or ji - go ahead mate.

suanie - it went la... public transport for a fella to space... nampak or not?

zewt said...

anon @ 5/6 11.08am - hahahaha... very nice story... so only affected your trip to pasar malam for one day.. ok la.. not serious. as for other cost... i guess it's inevitable...

pavlova - oppo... trying to organise rally... bad move i tell u.

swee ping - hi there, welcome to AZAIG. it will just be revised upwards on a monthly basis.. brace yourself... :)

pablopabla - sigh.. make it a PLC ler..

seaqueen - they let their fear enslave them... so now, we are the slaves.

angel eyes - time to demand more from the boss... start a union!

pinknpurplelizard - it will, but i think it's inevitable, we all have to play a role to keep the inflation down. also... drive smaller car lor.

Pak Zawi said...

With fuel being more expensive, less cars will be on the road. Less traffic jam which translates to better mobilty of public transport like taxis and busses. This will contribute to the efficiency of public transportation.
Yeaqh let them hike up the price of fuel even more. Maybe by this action more idle land will be utilized to produce food for own consumption in order to survive.

Huei said...

ok well there's 2 ways of seeing it. ofcourse i wouldn't complain if there r less cars around. but i think the congestion is not all due to having too many cars on the's also because of

1. stupid buses n taxis stopping at the side of the road to let passengers down/pick passengers up. at the side of the main road where cars r travelling at a fast speed. for taxis it's even worst, passengers will have to stand by the door and ask whether the driver is willing to fetch them.

2. parents who pick up their kids from school hogging 1 of 2 main roads. now ok i'm not a parent, and i don't know the necessities, ok maybe i do given so many kids missing case, but like i mentioned, a road that takes less than 3 minutes takes 30 minutes when parents r blocking up the road

3. they say the road has nothign to do with congestion and accidents, but when they designed the road, they never consider blind spots. accidents happens, and more traffic jams!

n's not about paying more for petrol. i just received a mail today, i think it was probably from thestar blog, n the guy said "The rakyat won't buy your story because we know that we, as motorists, have already paid for the petrol "subsidy". In advance.". it's true isn't it? i don't mind paying for the petrol..i mind being ripped off. then again..oh well..what to's msia! bulleh!

another post here! =P

missironic said...

can also..but juz tot sand got more minerals? hahahahaa...

Mcmercedez said...

Hi there zewt.. Apology that have been missing for a long time.. hehe.. Interesting statement about the traffic and how petrol price increase could reduce that.. True enough it might help to reduce but i think they did not think the other chain reaction in a whole.. This will eventually leads to increase in every single thing and will cause something called hyper inflation..

What you said about those who voted for the gomen and especially that 8lah, i have to agree to it.. Totally agree.. hehe.. But how about those opposition party? Promise this promise that, nothing happen also.. They also being pulled by the ear by donkey 8lah.. So i think no difference also ler.. at the end.. those cow dang will win in the end..

Now i think what they are focusing on is to create a pile of shit and then leave the position and let the others clean up their shit.. Agree?

Anonymous said...

It'll be raised to RM3++ or RM4 by end of this year. Not trying to be the harbringer of bad news but its wat I hear...

Sigh... Time to bring out the bicycle. WAIT! I dunno how to cycle! *Sob sob* Ok la take bus 11

Anonymous said...

My mum told my sister who is in Singapore that petrol price is now RM2.70, and my sister said she will “send” her bicycle for me.

But the problem is, car with protection, security, people also can rompak, bicycle more easy to rompak lah…

Other reason is Penang people drive very “aggressive”, fast, rude, etc.

Are u dare to cycle alone or a group, in such unstable and “risky”Penang??

But I will, may be.

zewt said...

zawi - salam pak zawi. that is a very good point indeed. never thought of that. need to make it known.

huei - have to agree on stupid parents hogging the damn road trying to pick up their child... jamming everyone. the mail you received is valid. when you buy an imported car, the tax you paid should already cover the fuel subsidy... that's our country ler.

missironic - hahahaha... hard to swallow la.

mcmercedez - yeah, i agree on the chain inflation effect. but it's inevitable. but if you think properly, flour and rice have increased in the last few months causing food to increase already. how come we dont make noise. but when petrol increase, it's like end of the world. why?

pinknpurplelizard - hahaha... that makes 2 of us. time to learn then.

anon @ 6/6 1.56pm - hahaha... was just talking about that with a colleague today. if we cycle... we will nto die of air polution related disease... we will die cos cars will bang us dead.

Little Jennifer said...

nope...i got the other sometimes or about 90% of drivers were driving their cars slow like yesterday...i went to sunway...20ringgit>_<" most of the time i took to sunway was up to 17rm....@@" and bearing the risk of meeting ham sup lou (personally i met a few ady) sigh~

missironic said...

make into smoothies! =P

doc said...

your friend doesn't have prophetic powers - just inside info, which is good if you can spread it around. my distant relative who works in Shell had the same info early & know what he did? sent emails to everyone - duh, like we are all having desk jobs & staring at the PC all the time.

next time your friend has info on petrol increase, can sms me, ahh?

zewt said...

sugarbaby - or they are some ham sup lor right? haha!

missironic - hahaha... how ah?

doc - hahahaha... she is saying there will definitely be another increase in aug despite u-know-who say otherwise. TNB and petronas kam ching mah.