Sunday 1 June 2008

Remembering ‘Forgotten’

It happened a few years ago, I was very angry with God. Christians are hypocrite and I just put all the blame to God. In the midst of my anger, I wrote a poem and showed it to one of my friend, who is a Christian.

To a certain extent, he ridiculed me. He said I will not regret writing that poem. On top of that, I will actually use that poem as a testimony of God’s goodness one day. I said that will not happen.

That was a few years ago. And he was talking about today.


Life is indeed a cruel phenomenon
Where the wicked rules
Such sight is common
Though it speaks otherwise
Every Sunday’s sermon
Once you stepped out
It’s quickly forgotten… quickly forgotten

What good does it bring to be a humble servant?
Cause when you do
They’ll say you lack confident
To live by the rules
And be a better person?
Is the torture worth it?
Yet to be proven… yet to be proven

Always asked, to live by the commandments
What is the point?
I don’t know for certain
All I am aware
Things always worsen
Why try so hard?
When it’s such a burden… such a burden

Tired, rejected, lonesome and forsaken
I finally realised
It’s my heart that I should listen
Not to some hypocrites
Who think they are full of wisdom
I was lied to
But have been awaken… have been awaken

I want to be good but was treated gruesome
My heart felt such pain
The tears were abundant
So all that is of the world
I shall now sharpen
All that I have believed in
Has already been forgotten… already been forgotten

Despite I chose to forget about Him, He has not forgotten me.


Sunshine said...

its amazing right? how certain things that we take for granted/forgotten always bounce back into our face one fine day... and most of the time it leaves us feeling a lil guilty and make us self reflect in our own actions...

huntressmoon said...
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huntressmoon said...

I stopped going to church a long time ago. eversince her death because i can't bare to see the empty seat where she once used to seat with me beside her. it has already been 3 years. Church members might have taught i have slender but i dont have to go to church and pray. My prayers are everday in my house or where ever I am. As long the heart is right for prayer, u needn't prove anything to anyone.

Anonymous said...

Forgetfulness can be frustrating, both for those who forget and those who are forgotten. When we think God has forgotten us, it leads to disillusionment with God and his work in our lives. From the life of Abraham we learn that God never forgets. His timing may not be our timing, and we may have to learn patience in faith, but God never forgets.

The road isn't always smooth, but God's always there.

God never forgets a single one of His children. God remembers to clothe the lily and coffin the sparrow. He assures us we are of more value than many, many sparrows. He remembers what we have forgotten. God knows where you live. He knows your sorrows. He knows where it hurts. He has not forgotten you.

Huei said...

a very deep poem well written!

anger blinds a person to do things, you've written this poem, and years later (today), you look back, and realized that you've grown, perhaps, a very special way God's teaching you things =)

Anonymous said...

Human beings can be be quite narrow n hypocritical sometimes but the difference is God is never that. He waits for the right time and always loves us. As He says in the good book that he'll never leave us nor forsake us. Also he can be quite busy with so many demands in this Earth. Heh... He has much patience with us so shouldn't we be patient with Him also? :)

Alpha Lim said...

Very touching post, dude...

excuse me, I have something in my eye...

Anonymous said...

you know, God's grip on us is so much stronger than our grip on Him. Even the day we choose to slip away and let go, He still holds us strongly. So, u can always count on Him to hold u..

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you have read "Footprints". The message is clear...but I would think that faith and prayer alone will not help! We must do others especially those in need, be patient, understanding and forgiving, and generous and pray for others instead of oneself, and you will be truly blessed (for others will love you and always pray for you).

myop101 said...

dear zewt,

which is more precious in the sight of the Lord? the lost lamb or the 99 in the flock?

to me, all are precious in His sight. it is just that each has its own needs and the Lord pays more attention to the one who is lost as it needs guidance to be back to the flock.

so praise the Lord that you realised He has neither forgotten nor forsaken you...:)

zewt said...

sunshine - it is... it freaks you out really.

huntressmoon - it's not about praying, it's about observing the sabbath. but it's totally up to you. i am in no position to judge.

Jemima - I think God will forget... when it comes to our sins... :)

huei - yeah, i have truly grown. He has triggered me with the one thing that will capture my attention.

pinknpurplelizard - patience is indeed a virtue and we humble humans, just lack that... all the time.

passionista - :)... it's a good feeling.

lynnwei - yeah, He is really gripping me hard these few weeks, so hard I can feel it!

suituapui - yup... faith musy come with deeds.

myop101 - Praise the Lord indeed... now, it's my lifestyle to praise Him!

Anonymous said...

Ah...reminded me lamentation of Job (Book of Job,Bible).

The book was already prepared in advance for us :)

zewt said...

willchua - hahaha... guess we really have to follow the basic instructions eh?