Monday 19 May 2008

The young begins to hump

I met up with a close friend today and I always remember him saying that if he has a daughter, he will have sleepless nights. No, not because the daughter will bother him, but rather the worry he will have of whether his daughter is out with some ‘wrong company’. With so many stories about kids started humping away at a tender age nowadays, I can't blame him.

But seriously, are kids really having sex at an early age nowadays? Across the screen, I can hear some of you saying “I-am-not-a-kid-anymore!” If you are one of them, you’re absolutely normal. I remember someone calling me a kid when I was 16 and I absolutely detest the idea. I believe the moment you turn 13; somehow, you just don’t want to be known as a kid anymore, right?

Coming back to the point of discussion, what is the earliest age you have heard of people started having sex nowadays? The earliest I have heard of recently was 13. I guess that is about the right age since the boy will really see cum when he cums. And the girl probably knows what it is with the internet age nowadays. And I wonder if any of them will shout ‘I beat Paris Hilton’ after doing the deed.
Anyway, on a more serious note, I think many of us will not deny the fact that kids, at a very young age, are already humping around. To the least, they would have engaged in some sort of sexual encounter already. To be fair, such things already happened during the time when I was ‘a kid’. [No, I didn’t do it ok!] The only difference is that, more and more people are doing it now.

Have you ever wondered why are such things so rampant now? Is it really due to influence from the west where being a virgin at the age of 18 is a shame? Perhaps…

But if you ask me, I think parents have got to take some blame here. Yes, you with kids… I think you are quite the culprit here.

I think children nowadays are forced to grow up by their parents. At an extremely tender age, children are asked to learn things beyond their age. You want them to learn as much as possible in as short time as possible and by the time they become say… 12, they already have much knowledge about all the good stuff about life. The problem is that they don’t have the wisdom to govern it.

Also, have you seen young kids nowadays? I don’t know what is wrong with parents but at the age of 11 or 12, parents are already dressing their daughters with mini-skirts and body hugging spaghetti strap blouses and sending them to saloon to have their hair done up extravagantly. Have a walk at some shopping malls in town and you will see girls without boobs but wearing bra and without pubic hair but dressed up like some super models already.

Top all of the above with the knowledge that they garner from internet and influence from the television, then add 1 or 2 years to their age to get the hormones into the picture, your children might just be humping away in their room while you are slaving at your work place. Do you think it is not possible?

If you want your kids to be the first in everything, you kids might just be the first to be a father or mother too.

On a totally unrelated note, how many of you who are 18 and still a virgin, raise your hands… anyone?


sweister said...

I AM RAISING MY HAND UP- FIRST! Losing virginity at 13. That's so early. I remember having this family friend whose daughter got pregnant at the age of 15. That's like whoa though I don't think it's the influence of "being a virgin even when you're 18 is lame" factor for kids to hump away. Instead, it's more like the kids not having enough supervision from their parents.

Yeah the friend of mine who got pregnant when she was only 15 and had to skip PMR was because she's always left ALONE at home. Her parents are too busy working all the time (HAH SEE? STH FOR ALL PARENTS TO CONSIDER ABOUT: MONEY VS KID'S FUTURE) that they never bothered checking up on her till she went out with random guys and did the deed and ended up with the 9 months' suffer. Though of course it's her own fault too for mixing around with the wrong crowd.

But still, how can her friends not get the baby load while she got it?

So see. Parents are to be blamed. :P It's Malaysia dude, there's no pressure about being lame as a virgin. I DON'T GET PRESSURED IN COLLEGE so nah, it's not a strong point as to why kids in M'sia specifically, do, you know, stuff.

Anonymous said...

I'm 18 and I'm still virgin... Oh BTW I just saw a pig flying by!!! hahaha

Anyway, about humping; it's still about how you bring up your kids, how late in the night you allow them to crawl home, what kind of friends you let them hang out with, how you or your wife behave (whether you hump around freely), and what kind of kids you bring up (which means it depends on their parents' characters, again).

day-dreamer said...

*raises hand, hoping that there's no weird stares around*

Well, I've heard of a case where a Standard 5 girl getting pregnant and was forced to stop school until she delivers... -_-"

It's scary to think that some people younger than me have sex experience. Some are because of their boyfriends wanted it and they gave in. I cringed at the thought that some people can even mention break up just because his girlfriend doesn't want to have sex.

*shakes head*

Anonymous said...

Me too..23 to be and I'm still virgin and always proud to be :)

Anonymous said...

Ya, I remember I observed a situation of this sort, and written about it at my blog, I stumbled upon a pregnant teen during one of my pre-natal check-ups.

Theodwyn said...

*raises hand*

I think its more about the ATTITUDE towards life which the parents instill in their kids rather than the discplinarian factor. I never had a curfew. I was allowed to go out late from secondary school onwards (not that I did it often, but I was allowed to as long as my parents knew who I was going out with and where). So lack of curfews isn't a direct link to young humping.. Besides... there're ways to get around curfews... and who says you can't have sex in daylight?

Parents should instill a sense of values and priorities in their kids. But there shouldn't be a lack of knowledge either. Young humpers are just one end of the spectrum. At the other end are 30 year olds who don't know anything about condoms and STDs. In my mind that's almost as bad as humping 10 year olds. A proper sex education is needed, whether we like it or not, and whether it is given by the schools, the parents, or the religious institutions, it IS NEEDED and it is time for us to acknowledge that and not sweep these problems under the carpet like we always do..

Sorry if my comment is too long Zewt. I hope all is well with you.

rinnah said...

*looks around for a show of hands*

I think whether or not the kid starts humping at an early age has a lot to do with the kind of upbringing he/she has. But then again, you have those kids who will take their parents' well-intentioned advice and go do the exact opposite. (No, I was not one of those kids. LOL.)

Then you have the peer pressure issue. Again, I feel it is the upbringing of the child and his/her personality that will see whether or not they will join the crowd just because that's what everyone else is doing and they don't want to be left out. (And no, I did not join the crowd. Double LOL.)

The best line has to be the one where you ask if the parent wants the child to be first to become a mother or father. :P

Bee Ean said...

During my time "saving the first night for husband on wedding night" is the norm, at least among my group of friends. Now I don't know, but still I don't see kids humping around.

Now I'm in France, I will say, teach your daughter about pregnancy pill as soon as they turn 12.

Anonymous said...

22 and virgin. True love waits..

TH said...

I wonder if non-virgins will show up to comment. Lol.

I agree with what you say though. I remembered I was 15, still innocent and no idea what a penis looks like because my parents never told me about sex (Is there even sex education in Msia?) Had to learn it from friends but at least I still turn out fine :)

Anonymous said...

haha.. i like your 2nd last sentence. '... your kids might just be the first to be a father or mother too.'LOL.

hmm.. the kids lacked proper guidance in morality? some parents pushed their children to develop their heads/intelligence but they didn't train them to have good morals and character. Well, 13 and have sex.. looks like they absolutely have no parental guidance. Hmm.. but i feel, its just too easy to get pregnant, even without full penetration, it can happen through pre-cums fluids. I read that that's how many unwanted pregnancy happen and those who found out are usually extremely shocked because they didn't penetrate. On another note, 13 is just too young. Can the little gal bear the weight and burden carrying the baby in her? beats me. One wrong move, one mistake, and that's it.

oh btw, i watched 'JUNO' yesterday. It is about this 16 yr old gal who got pregnant and how she handles life after that. Quite interesting.

Anonymous said...

Since I oredi have a baby, I tell u I'm a virgin oso u won't believe rite? :P

Like it or not, kids should be given sex education before puberty. Not just the biological facts, but definitely the emotional and spiritual aspects as well. And it certainly pays to watch over their activities 24/7 with eagle eyes for as long as they still live with the parents.

mistipurple said...

*sheepishly raise hands*
now being virgin is very paiseh leh. people think you're left on the shelf wor. :(

Anonymous said...

er, i think i said something out of context.. 13 having sex but not pregnant right? hehe.. oh btw, i would like to raise hands. haha. Sex is seldom talked about, well, among my circle of friends, but not sure about other groups and the guys - maybe its one of their fave topics. I seriously wish there's more sex education around here. One thing being a girl is that, we do not really talk about it, and my only source of sex edu is from the internet, and hopefully learn something from the guys but even that i'm not gonna depend on my bf to know about things like these. I guess sex edu is all about understanding ourselves. haha.. okay i talked too much.

huntressmoon said...

PROTECT YOUR VIRGINITY. this is just a term made up by society. Back in the old days, girls as young as 12 are already married.

I believe none should be blamed because it is made by society itself that tells people how bad and shameful sex is.

No doubt, children will be curious about sex when they reach the tender age. it boils down to the parents, teachers and also the government to project the responsibility of sex.

Anonymous said...

It's not so much what the parents do...but what they DON'T do! Many today are too engrossed in their careers or in the pursuit of money, money and more money...and they put so much pressure on the kids to do well in exams (not their studies! There's a difference!), tuition classes left, right and centre, music lessons...and they forget to TEACH their children. These kids are crying out for attention, rebelling...or craving for love (=sex, in their minds).

Some parents may not know HOW to teach their kids, making the same mistakes their own parents did...but times have changed and what worked on them before may bring disastrous consequences.

Gee!!! There's so much to write on this, I can just write a whole book if I go on and on.....

Anonymous said...

*laugh with twisted heels*

I think parents are very important in this whole humping issue.

The upbringing is key to how the teenager will view sex in life.

But on the flip side, should the teenager want to be rampant and promsicuous, the parents must also be able to accept and educate them about safe sex, warning them about dangers of STDs, looking for causes why do they want to engage in promiscuous acts... dah di dah..
( Though I accept it's very hard in Asian society)

frostee said...

Hahah! I can't raise my hands up cos I'm a father of 2 kids! Anyways... what you say does make strike a chord. Best if we let our children enjoy their childhood as much as they can cos we all know it ain't gonna be fun when they are all grown up.

* looks above at Jule post. Go away spammer!

missironic said...

tis entry reminds me of when I was studying in college tat time when the topic "pre-marital sex" was discussed in our class. Well, we were having a debate then actually.

i guess the factors tat lead to gals humping way too early these days are peer pressure, media influence, the mindset of youngsters nowadays and some parents whom r probably to shy to talk abt the birds and the bees to them.

i guess the best possible way to lessen the "damage" is by proving sex education and letting them noe wat are responsibilities are all abt...and yes, parents play a really important part in this situation. i mean who else wud these children look for answers if not their parents?

Huei said...

gawd i'm so over 18..sigh..i hate age! hahahha

wut to do..nowdays u see kids BELOW 10 walking around with the thickest ICI paint on their face walking around in skimpy clothes with their MUM...

but anyway..i'll be open with my daughter next sux being OVER controlled..sometimes when u pull an elastic band too far, it retracts back really hard. n also..being OVER protective means ur daughter will be SOOOO naive..n more prone to being hurt....
i've experience this ok!! hahaha

Sharon said...

i was a virgin when i was 18 thats for sure! thats waaay too early for me to be having sex (even tho its not in the eyes of westerners bleh)

just like what other readers have commented, i do agree and think that it takes both hands to clap. Both parents + kids should have their fair share of role to play. As much as parents want to control and at the same time give the kids freedom to go out and mix, the kids themselves should realise that freedom given to them should NOT be misused.

If they're mature and old enough to engage in premarital sex (hopefully after 18 la),so be it... there is no one to blame but at least, let's hope they do it the safe way. thats just my take so.... =)

happy-suang said...

if u tell ur friend that u still virgin, they will not believe also ler.. and the worst part is they will laugh at u & call u a liar.. But to me, whether im still virgin or not is none of their business :)

Anonymous said...

Reading the above comments, I'm getting a bit sidetracked... How many would associate waiting for true love with waiting to lose one's virginity? What if true love never comes? Or it turns sour some time after?

Does that nullify the experience of sex? I think sex is an important part of life and growing up, and something that can be enjoyed. However, it should be a personal choice whether to have it (or not), whether to wait for marriage (or not).

I'm thinking at the end of the day, if you're gonna have it, just be safe about it. Sex education doesn't have to be a class in school you know, if only we were more open about it and there is more ACCURATE information being disseminated.

On a side note, a friend's parents only discovered the joys of oral sex in their 50's. Ah well. Never too late... :P

PabloPabla said...

We all know what God says about this - parents to discipline and bring up their children in the ways of the Lord and children / youths not to engage in pre-marital sex. And we all know the devastating consequences when such rules are not followed.

Anonymous said...

Like your last pic, here's a little story to share with you :
A little boy and a little girl attended the same school and became friends.Every day they would sit together to eat their lunch. They discovered that they both brought chicken sandwiches every day!
This went on all through the fourth and fifth grades, until one day he
noticed that her sandwich wasn't a chicken sandwich.
He said, "Hey, how come you're not eating chicken, don't you like it anymore?"
She said "I love it but I have to stop eating it." "Why?" he asked.
She pointed to her lap and said
"Cause I'm starting to grow little feathers down there!"
"Let me see" he said. "Okay" and she pulled up her skirt.
He looked and said, "That's right. You are! Better not eat any more chicken."
He kept eating his chicken sandwiches until one day he brought peanut butter. He said to the little girl, "I have to stop eating chicken sandwiches, I'm starting to get feathers down there too!"
She asked if she could look, so he pulled down his pants for her. She said "Oh, my God , it's too late for you! You've already got the neck and the gizzards!

Anonymous said...

It tickles me when people are starting to confess their virginity at the comment :p

When will kids started to have interest in opposite sex? I believe that would start around puberty period whereby their hormone and body are starting to change or maybe even earlier!

Now to the big question; what age is the most suitable for XX activities? Seriously this depends on society. Even in US, each state have different legal age and rules for sex and marriage. In the olden days, it is normal for a person to start learning working skill as young as 12 and get married at 15. If we were to discuss marriage in Malaysia, it is normal for someone in rural area to get married straight after Form 5 but for urban people, that would translate "What? Is she pregnant?". So the whole acceptable age very much depends on society itself.

As for the role who should play the role in sex education, I don't think parents will do a good job in this. Most of the parents will just say "NO! JUST DON'T DO IT. DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT UNTIL YOU ARE MARRIED.". However, I do think parents should have open minded attitude in giving answer when their children ask them. Kids have lots of curiosity and denying them the answer might lead them to finding the answer in very unfashionable ways.

School should play this very important roles. We must admit that teaching this subject is not as easy as teaching math or science. Having wrong answer in math won't do much harm; you can re-do until you get the right answer but having wrong act in sex are gonna affect them for life. A well trained teacher in sex education will needed; not just any teacher with thrown in text book are suitable for this crucial job. For my opinion, it is best to educate kids around puberty period, which is around 12.

Jerrenn said...

At the beginning I was nodding my head continuously! I DON'T like being called a child!

I'm a year away from 18, and don't plan on losing my virginity so soon yet.

Choonie, the Guru said...

Hey.. My first time here and I find most of your comments are so long. Wow... but you have an interesting topic.
I am not talking about sex. I am also not a virgin. hahaha...
I want to share about my student. Just a few days ago, my colleague said that a new Lower 6 student of her tell her that he is no more a kid. So, don't treat him like a small boy. But my colleague doubts that because not only her, I feel the same too. The lower 6 students, and sometimes even the upper 6 students are still acting like a small kids. I hope they are still a virgin.

zewt said...

SWei - 15! well, not surprising isnt it? and yeah, all you parents should read this story!! all these beliefs about working and making loads of money will guarantee a good future for the kids are all bullshit! as for you... pressure will come when u have your first prince charming.

LC Teh - haha... pigs fly eh? i assume you are not a V then? yup, if the parents are cool about their lifestyle, that's when things will happen, deeds will be done.

day-dreamer - well, that is reality. nowadays, anything is possible. i guess it's part of human evolution.

syun - hi there. good on you :)

Siew - shall check it out later.

Theodwyn - wow... there are indeed a lot of V reading AZAIG eh :) yeah, curfews will not solve the problem. it will be a proper upbringing. by the way, one of my very very innocent looking colleague said... as long as they use condom, it's ok.

rinnah - i think the main thing nowadays are peer pressure and the fact that most parents are cool about it. hahaha... first in everything... might as well right?

zewt said...

Bee Ean - hahaha... it's the french you're talking about. masters of love... what do you expect?

lynnx01 - there are indeed a lot of virgins reading AZAIG.

Twisted Heels - hahahaha... i was waiting for that to come. indeed, those regular commentators who didnt comment... makes me wonder.... hahahahaha.... and no, no sex education in msia.

drumsticks - wow... very technical there about pre-cum and all. yeah, it's possible and i think as long as you're capable of getting pregnant, you are capable of carrying the child. Juno... think it's a bit unrealistic. sex is seldom talked about? wow... that's something new... i understand that is the hottest topic around, even amongst kids.

sooi sooi - u tell me you're one i also wont believe la hahahahaha.... i never got any really. learn everything thru porn! haha...

mistipurple - not really... dont need to think like that. in the true asian culture, it is still a noble thing.

HuntressMoon - so are you one who is for or against sex at early age?...

Jun said...

we're always being swept by the tide of times. we may think children nowadays grow up too quickly, losing the joy of childhood to internet games, heavy makeup and all that, but if we step into their world, perhaps we may realise that these are what their childhood is all about (unlike our days of yore, whereby our childhood was defined by legos and barbie dolls etc). and if we take a further step back, did our parents have the same thoughts on our childhood? did they think that legos and barbie dolls took our childhood away and made us grow up too fast in their eyes?

so maybe losing one's virginity is also part of the childhood of the new millenium. i'm not advocating that it is a good thing, but i'm not saying that it's bad either as long as they have the mental capacity to think for themselves, and to know (and avoid) the consequences of their actions.

from a parent's point of view, of course this action has a lot to account for-- they're worried if the child's capable of making such decisions and shouldering the responsibility later, they're worried that this may affect the child's performance in school, and some asian parents mite even worry abt their own "face" if words get around. totally understandable. but in this day and age, one has just got to accept the fact that kids are doing it at a younger age nowadays, and as parents, if you're worried, u can only do so much to educate them on the birds and the bees. it is their prerogative eventually.

Anonymous said...

is masturbation counted still virgin? haha!

zewt said...

suituapui - not that they dont know, they just dont have the time. and they leave everything to the maid and of cos... the internet. a book... go do it! haha.

pavlova - hahaha.... *laugh together*... well, i think asian community needs to grow up.

frostee - hahaha... let them enjoy huh.... very blessed your 2 kids are...

missironic - parents are too busy working and making money and trying to ensure a good future but they fail to realise that what the kids need is attention and care.

huei - hahaha... thickest ICI... that is so true that is exactly what i am trying to say. parents are just trying to make models out of their children... so you're naive? hey... u didnt raise your hand! hahahahaha....

Sharon - 'was' ... so now... no more eh? :0)!! well, i think you cant really give children absolute freedom, there must be some sort of control.

amanda - hahaha... ok, none of our business then :)

zewt said...

Kenny Mah - that is very profound... what is true love never comes... wow! and your story about ppl in their 50s learning about oral sex... hahaha... that was priceless.

pablopabla - when God comes into the debate, i guess everything is pretty clear cut...

Lindy - hi there. hahaha... think i have heard of that joke before. well, wonder if we will laugh if that happens to our children.

willchua - hahaha... nothing funny about that. and wow... very profound comment indeed. like your point about ppl in rural area and maybe during the olden days when marriage (where sex comes along) happens at a very very early age. i guess it's all about the society perception. again, when everyone is doing it, guess that is ok kinda feeling.

Poseidon - there you go... not a kid eh?

I'm Choonie - hello, welcome to AZAIG. judging by their act... i think they certainly are virgins haha!

Jun - very good point. honestly, never thought of that... the childhood of the new milenium.... iPod, make up, internet and sex. certainly, we cant rule that out. like it or not, ppl are just gonna keep evolving.

anon @ 20/5 9.40pm - of cos la.

Anonymous said...

I Rise up my hand, Highly.

While, what I think is the person’s attitude, and they need to have a clear understanding they need to responsible to they own caused.

I’m 21, still raising my hand highly. I go pub, disco, travel, outdoor, beach, cruise myself, alone. I’ve even been offered “services”. Sometime I even dint go back home/ hotel sleep for whole day.

My mum dint say anything, she just mention that “ you all are adult, if I say anything you may unhappy, so I let you do whatever thing you like, what I can give is just mentally support. You can have a baby,(accidentally/ purposely, without husband) I can take care it too, but now is not the time, you dint have strong financial to support the baby, don’t make other suffer, and also suffer yourself”

And also I have a very strong mindset that I’ve not qualified/ able to handle the risks yet, and i see a lot of cases.

I have a
Neighbor having baby at 15
Relation having baby at 17
Friends having baby at 21/22
Friend’s friend having baby at 16

From what I understand,
In these 5 couple, just 1 couple is happily and welcomes the children, although they need to tighten up their financial.
In these 5 couple,1 couple’s husband still play with girls, kiss hug them, ignoring the feelings of his wife.
In these 5 couple, 1 couple already divorce, and now enjoying shopping, enjoying her life and her child cry everyday at home want mama.
In these 5 couple, I couple’s husband suddenly disappear; from we can meet him every day spending time with his wife.
Then another case I don’t know, because I don’t know the person.
Both parties enjoying the “working process”, why girls need to suffer the risk?

Anonymous said...

Zewt, I'm not a virgin.. When I raised my hand I meant that I was one at 18. I reinterpreted your question a little when I answered it, lol..

Will Chua's "NO! JUST DON'T DO IT. DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT UNTIL YOU ARE MARRIED." comment makes me think about all all the stories i've heard from my relatives and friends in the medical line. Imagine the first night conversation:

M: Honey.... we're married right?
F: Yea... why?
M: You wanna try having sex?
F: Erm... ok... I have an admission to make
M: Eah... me too... You go first lar
F: I'm a virgin, I don't know anything about sex
M: Me too!! That's exactly what I wanted to tell you!
F: Nevermind darling, we learn together.
M: Ok.

*Ten Minutes Later*

M: Honey... where's the hole ah..
F: I dunno...
M: Baby grow in the tummy right. So means my 'ahem' have to go into your belly button hor..
F: Er... I think soo...

(Dialogue is made up based on true story of a couple who spent 2 years expecting to get pregnant by ejaculating into the girl's belly button)

Huei said...

cos i'm not 18! =P i would love to raise my hand..but i'm scared i'll get detained by the IAssA for lying =P

nah..sometimes..naive means easily cheated..if u get wut i mean! =P

missironic said...

ya..tats true..bsides providing luxuries to them, should also provide emotional comfort to them really an only money making world out there...

Purple~MushRooM said...

I am married and still a virgin... ya.. seriously.

Anonymous said...

ok,then i m a virgin until age18 or age19 i thk. after tat,i gaf it to my 1st gf. hehehe!

zewt said...

anon @ 21/5 12.51am - i take it as though you're a guy? so... if so, then i must say... kudos to you. as for those 5 couples you mentioned, i guess the who is happy is willing to take up the responsibility. as for the rest, well...

Theodwyn - NO WAYYYYY!!! hahahahahahahahahahaha.... are you sure!!! 2 years?????? what led to the guy ejaculating? dont tell me he screw the belly button too.

Huei - yes i do... when you were 18, i am sure you were :O

missironic - indeed.

purple mushroom - no wonder i saw a pig flew above my head just now.

anon @ 21/5 5.41pm - hahahaha.... and did your first gf gave hers to u? :P

bongkersz said...

I am still a virgin when I was 18 Zewt. Oh now still virgin, metaphorically speaking. *wink wink! yes.. I am 25 and I am still a virgin.. la la la la ala... :P Well, virginity is overrated, to me.

ps: What is the definition of a virgin again? :P

Anonymous said...

Zewt, the story starts with a married lady seeking out a female doctor for a heart-to-heart. When she finally found one (this was in the nineteen seventies and lady doctors were hard to find), she told the doctor she's been married for two years and have no children. She was getting anxious because her in-laws have started pushing her husband to take on a second wife. Upon examination, the doctor discovered that the lady was a virgin.

Some questions later, the lady revealed that her husband has been 'impregnating' her by ejaculating semen into her navel.

The doctor was shocked, but nevertheless she was very diplomatic and professional and gave the lady an impromptu lesson on human biology. A few months later the patient was very happily pregnant.

How's that for over-naivete!!??!!

Anonymous said...

Reply Zewt

Nope. I’m a gal, not guy..
If not, how to get a baby without husband??haha

anon @ 21/5 12.51am

zewt said...

bongkersz - over the last few days, many ppl have given me different definition of a virgin. gonna be an interesting blog topic.

Theodwyn - i am really curious, what did the husband do to ejaculate? he cant be **** the belly button... no?

anon @ 22/5 12.51am - good on ya. i guess gals like you are hard to find nowadays.

KEF said...

*foot up* *hands up*

Anonymous said...

Since the lady was a virgin.... how else do you think he ejaculated?

Anonymous said...

And I don't think anyone can **** a belly button... Use your imagination lar...

zewt said...

kef - :)

theodwyn - my imagination just wouldnt work under this scenario haha!

doc said...

i was a virgin when i was 18 - does that count?

to those who claim that virginity is over-rated, can i ask this : would you still marry your girl-friend who lost her virginity many bf's before you? would you say the same to your kid sister or even your own daughter?

zewt said...

doc - good point... but i think in time to come... that might change.

Victor Tan said...

It is sad but alot of girls are not virgins anymore. Sex is very much intertwined with popularity in school these days. Even back then when I was in school. Now I can imagine it is worse.

Zewt, help me find virgin can ah? LOL.

zewt said...

victor tan - haha... so you're quite old or quite young still? virgin? getting extinct lor...

narrowband said...

I beg to differ on putting blame on parents. It's the kids themselves ;) There's not much the parents can do!

zewt said...

narrowband - i think parents play a big part... of cos... kids must also bear the blame.

vibradores said...

The dude is completely just, and there is no suspicion.