Monday 17 March 2008

Final take on the hottest topic

What seemed like a boring topic just a month ago is now the hottest talk of town… Malaysian politics. When I entered the field for my warm up before football yesterday, even the younger players were talking about politics. I also know a few lifestyle based bloggers who decided to start a brand new blog to comment about politics. It is… hot!

I have plenty of things to say about the current political scene but I think I also have a lot to say about my working experience in London. As such, I am going to pen down all I wanted to say in this entry and will lay off politics for a while. One warning… I have a feeling this is going to be a long entry

Feeding the rumour monger

There are a few uncles who joined our Sunday football session. Ya’ know, these uncles are wise men in their own manner. They can tell you things that our knowledge based mentality cannot fathom, but their reasoning can really makes you wonder.

One rumour being raised yesterday; and I think some of you may have already heard is the mysterious death of the satay tycoon. Was his heart that vulnerable? Or he just fooled the whole Malaysia?

The uncles are saying that the news shown on TV actually focussed the camera on the deceased face and they lifted the cloth covering the body for that to happen. Now, my limited the knowledge on Islam tells me that the body of a deceased is usually wrapped in cloth and they don’t usually exposed it for people to see; certainly not for the cameraman to show to the whole country. There is also certainly no need to show the country.

The rumour on the ground is that the satay-man has put a new meaning to the saying “cheated death”. Confiscate the mansion; blame all the corruption on the dead man, family gets away free. Sounds like a great plan, don’t you think?

But then again, this is just a rumour. Certainly very interesting isn’t it?

Men with old ploys…

“People are brainwashed already. They thought vote PAS means no pork to eat. But in fact, there’s pork even in Kelantan!”

That’s what one of the uncles said today. Indeed, plenty have been brainwashed. The brainwasher mechanism is none other than the mainstream media, who at the disposal of the BN govt has painted a very morbid image on PAS. As soon as you mention PAS, the phrase “Islamic extremism” flashes in your mind without you knowing it.

We Malaysians hate it when those “gwai-los” think that we live on trees. We want them to come over and see that we are actually more advance that they are possibly imagine. We tell them they should not believe what is shown in their TV. Similarly, how many of us have been to Kelantan? Have we been there ourselves to see a Taliban style rule or we got all that from the famous mainstream media?

With the current ruckus in the opposition led states, the mainstream has moved in to make the worst out of everything. Check out
this article by Jeff Ooi on how the mainstream put words in the mouth of others.

We Malaysians have shown that we have matured and as such, we must let our maturity control our ability to discern between genuine and false media. We must think and analyse because if you are reading this blog, I am darn sure you are capable of it. Do not let the old ploys set us off on an aimless verbal diarrhoea. Let those who are blind continue to dwell in false news while we, indulge only in what is worthy of being called… news.

… boys with new toys

The opposition themselves never expected this. In fact, we shouldn’t call them opposition anymore because they are now part of the govt, albeit only at the state level. As such, they are in unfamiliar territories and as we can see, they are acting like boys… yes… boys… with new toys.

I think the general opinion was to let the opposition have a louder voice in parliament and perhaps deny the govt a 2/3rd majority. But I am sure we never thought the opposition can capture 5 states. Well, neither did they.

The current debacle happening in the opposition-led states is an obvious sign of inexperience. All they wanted was to be elected into parliament and continue to shout at the govt MPs in their capacity as opposition. Never in their mind would they imagine that they would no longer be known as opposition.

What the opposition should realise is that they are no longer opposition, at least not in the 5 states in which they have been elected. As such, they have to act like govt. And as much as I hate to say it, behaving like govt also means they have to speak the right things. Tactfulness is important. The days when they scream and shout in parliament are over.

But what is most important is that they must realise that time is of the essence. The people, though forgetful, are also impatient… very impatient. While instant results may not be possible, some form of positive vibes must be created soonest possible.

So Mr-opposition-now-govt, time to make good use of your new toys or else, your days are numbered.

No such thing as smooth transition

I am sure many have taken over a new role in your workplace before, either as a new employee or being promoted to take over somebody. Was it easy to take over the new role? No matter how complete the hand-over process was, there are bound to be problems thereafter. What more, if the hand-over is a reluctant one…

We want changes and changes are in the reckoning. And when there are changes, there are bound to be parties who are not happy and possibly oppose changes. So changes are not going to be smooth. There will certainly be a ‘war’ and we will probably be stuck in the middle of a battlefield, metaphorically speaking.

So when you feel disappointed or perhaps fearful of the changes and ruckus around us, remind yourself that this is what you voted for… changes… and there is no such thing as a smooth transition.

In conclusion, what we are seeing now may just be the beginning of a long journey towards what every Malaysians want to achieve. Remember that people have been screaming and thousands have taken to the streets just to rock the boat and now that the boat is rocking, we must play our part in holding on… holding on to our beliefs… holding on to the vision we have… holding on to the truth we seek.


Anonymous said...

PAS state or no PAS state, for the first time in many years I have a glimmer of hope that there might be a future here for my next generations after all. *fingers crossed*

Anonymous said...

Old shoes - fits perfectly, feels like a second skin. But the sole has worn off, and holes are appearing, allowing stones to get in. Time to get another shoe as your feet hurt with a stone in your shoe.

New shoes - looks better than the old shoes, initially feels okay when you try it out at the shop. But after a few days, you get blisters.

Do you throw away the new shoes, and stick with the old comfy shoes?? Of course not! Just stick some plasters on the blisters, and break in the shoe by wearing it constantly.

Same with getting new sunglasses. Initially may hurt the nose and/or ears but after a while, it will feel comfortable. Changing gahmen also the same, yes? :D

Zewt, you do realise you have played a part in this wind of change? By being part of the alternative media. When we left, it was because we decided enough is enough. What I had not realised was so many people felt the same, enough to make the change. 10 years ago, no one would have read harakah, or any other publication that held opposition views due to lack of dissemination. Not to mention the stigma of appearing radical by supporting opposition. Only mainstream media was available, and no one could possibly know that so many people nationwide are dissatisfied with the way things were. With the proliferation of internet, there have been so many articulate and rational thoughts and opinions and suddenly, you found many kindred spirits who hold the same views as yourself, outside your own circle of friends and family. There is solidarity among strangers, and for once we have access to both sides of the story.

50 odd years ago, the people then had their historic moment when the country gained independence. I had felt our generation was 'soft' in the sense that we did not have to fight for our country and we had nothing to show for in the history of msia. But I am proud to say that yes, we had a part in creating history! A fight with the keyboard as our weapons and the monitor as our shields! Only time will tell whether it was a change for the better or the biggest mistake of our lives!! :D

Gad! I have practically written a post in your comment box!! :P

rainbow angeles said...

I jz hope that the troublemakers go fcuk far-far away..

Anonymous said...

Changes take time...;give them a chance! Over here, the foul weather especially upriver has brought about flooding in some parts and right away, the finger-pointing has started. In a way, it is good so that the authorities will not forget the plans they have promised before the election...but on the other hand, people should not get the idea that instantly, there will be no more floods...for to carry out the projects takes time. (And knowing how things function here, just getting the funds will take ages! Not so much a matter of inefficiency...but why do they always work at a snail's pace? Is it the attitude? The culture? I digressing?)

myop101 said...

ah...can't resist aye?

you know my views...:)

WY said...

agree with what kat said.

each one of us who believe, and made known of our belief, is part of the change. change urself before you demand change in others.

well said zewt

Dan-yel said...

However, not all media are overtly pro-BN. I checked the Sun papers yesterday, and I was amazed at how balanced their report had become. The Opposition-favourable stories ran a few pages continuously after pg 2 or 3 I think. Never before have I seen such a blast to BN in 1 article commenting on PKR formulae of success and another on BN's cause of failure. And there's another article about 'broken window theory' that offset just nice what may become over-opposition-friendly tone.

The Star is also leaning away from the government it seems, but from what I heard not so with Utusan Malaysia. NST? A journalistic prostitute, come on lah, at least follow Star, slowly turn over a new leaf, not until become so disgustingly unpro even when BN is so weakened.

As for the conflict in Perak allocation of power, I prefer Tony Pua's view on this matter here

however, all in all, Uncle Lim was being reckless. He should not simply jump the gun like that. But with the whole debacle in general, disagreement is inevitable, otherwise one might suspect that one party is imposing too much influence over another (hint: Umno). Like they said in marriage, it's not the differences that divide us, it's how we handle the differences.

Huei said...

guess we'll just have to watch if grass grows!

as for kelantan..they're not allowed to wear not only sexy clothes..but even tight clothes! now that's abit..too much if u ask me. if it's for their own race..then i understand..but to put this rule to everyone else, just..makes the country go how guai lous would imagine us to be

just imagine..people have to wear clothes from neck to toe to swim......i cant!!!

but anyhow..we'll just hope for the best! yes..transition is not easy..which is why i think they need more time..more than 1 election anyways..afterall..msia has been corrupted for SOO many years!

missironic said... we have to adapt to the new will take awhile to do so..wat we want to see is improvement n tat those dissatisfied people to stop creating more havoc and controversies...wat we want is to live peacefully and in harmony..if tat basic ting they dun have in their mind..i dunno how they wanna govern the country.

Jorji said...

Lim kit siang,,,he thot he is still in the opposition side..thats why he OBJECT everything,like he always do in,he object the appointment of PAS MB..then he realise that they are on the same side as GOVERNMENT...:)

Penang UMNO.UTUSAN and Bernama are all now in the opposition side.thats why they are acting like one.

They can do rally and protest...peaceful motherfucking protest!

bongkersz said...

tactfulness is important yes, the 'new government' should behave like one and learn how to do thing differently from what they did when they were in the opposition with their shouting , boycotting antics. the difference now is they have power in their hands, so use that wisely.

p/s : ssshh.. i heard another version of that tauke satay 'death'. In this version he's really dead, but the circumstances leading to his death is.. a bit far fetched but, not impossible considering this is Malaysia :)

Rantings and More said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

i am attaching an interesting link. hope it can elevate some of your fears. have to copy and paste :p

Anonymous said... ex-classamate a FULL minister now!!! Gosh! He was small-sized, slim, fair and handsome and omigawd!!! How did he grow to be SO fat??? Welcome to the suituapui club!!! Wakakakakakakakaka!!!!!

me said...

one thing i know; old men are also very jaded and cynical. satay man faking death?? puhlease lah. the so called benefits are not convincing enough. don't listen to too much gossiping.

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy said...

Well said. We need to realise that this is a process and not an end in itself. With so many years of "business as usual" we, the people/Rakyat (I prefer the word rakyat actually, it's snappier), must have the courage of our convictions to see it through. This might not have been possible before because of the use of draconian laws to subdue and repress. But now, we need to realise that this is going to be a long haul and do what is necessary and be patient.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I believe he is a dead meat already. I really never read and heard about this rumour.

Pak Zawi said...

You said it right, pork is sold in Kota Bharu right smack in the middle of town where the pork market is located. It is next to a taxi stand and barely 50 meters from Dewan Pas where the weekly sermons is held.
please allow me to address huei.
Have you ever been to Kelantan? I doubt that you have reading from your ignorant remarks. Be my guest and visit Kelantan. That may open up your mind abit.

zewt said...

sooi2 - let us all have lil patience... and hope...

kat - well, i must say hope gettng fed up is getting more and more common here and i certainly cant blame you. based on the cabinet announced today, looks like things might not change. me? alternative media? hehe... i am merely expressing my view...

angeles - hahahaha... me too.

suituapui - hahaha... it's a culture... and mentality. it will take more than power to change all that.

myop101 - hahaha.. definitely.

rational thinker - thanks... and yes... we must really brace ourselves...

zewt said...

dan-yel - if thestar is changing, could it be a sign of change in MCA's allegience? haha....

huei - more than 1 election... susah ler... if opposition don bring about any good changes... it's bye bye to them.

missironic - there will be parties who wanna create havoc and blame the wrong parties.

j or ji - and the 'govt' should ask the police to escort them... let them protest... dont react... sure they bengang.

bongkersz - tell me tell me!

rantings and more - hi... why did you remove your comment? :)

zewt said...

ladyjo - hmmm... change of ID?

suituapui - which one? which one?

me - gossip anyway...

allan yap & nigel a. skelchy - yup... going to be a long haul flight towards the light... it's not going to be easy and after voting... we have much to do still.

jam - interesting eh?

zawi - seriously, is this swimming with everything covered real?

Dan-yel said...

Flip of allegiance? Deng deng God 'forbid'! HAhaha, ...interesting... (stroking my beard)

As regard to Kat's view and your response, I'm very optimistic. Only a day after the election results Pak Lah seemed to have changed his tone. A few days later, even in his warning to Guan Eng for the kononnya "May 13" citations suggests an underlying intention that he's going to play the role of a 'guardian' than a political antagonist.

The apology from Bernama, the appointment of Zaid Ibrahim and Sharir Samad, if not a satisfying refurnish, at least signify a small step forward.

By the end of the 12th Parliament, I predict 3 possible ends, the conclusion of a more accountable Umno-MCA-MIC-dll BN, the descent of BN coalition into an opposition or the merger of all BN component parties into first-ever multi-racial single party with the likely exception of Sarawak and Sabah component parties.

All in all, if our expectations are not met, surely we can still safely say that Malaysians have become irrevocably confident, and the powers are irreversibly ours, barring the invasion of terrorists, China imperialism or the rise of the likes of Mao Ze Dong or Saddam Hussein in our own lands.

Huei said...

zawi..i think i should have a look. just wondering, since it was out on the news and all that tight pants are not allowed, clothes that reveals too much are not allowed. is that true?

zewt..actually i was just saying..i dun think it's real..unless they're going for scuba diving! ;P

missironic said...

i guess its never ending then..sighs...

Pak Zawi said...

I think the spin doctors writing on the MSM's owned by this Barang Naik parties did succeed in implanting extreme ideas into some peoples mind.
Only when you scuba dive will you need to cover yourself from head to toe.
Aiyo I tell you better come and visit Kelantan la to find out the truth. Both you and Huei had been to places all over the world why not pay Kelantan a visit? If I can't take you around I will ask my chinese friend kbguy to take you around. Then you can write something on PAS ruled Kelantan.
If only I have the connection, how I wish I can get the state government to sponsor your trip to Kelantan. You will be the best Kelantan's Ambassador to the world. Hopefully Datuk Husam Musa will read AZAIG and take it up from there.

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy said...

Hey Zewt if you don't mind me addressing zawi directly...I agree...

I think as Malaysians who live in KL we live in a total vacuum...hmmm I think I sense a blog entry

hehe will write about this...


Huei said...

lol sorry for the exaggaration! *paiseh*

i guess..with the help of the mainstream media, somehow, the idea of being wrapped up from head to toe gets engraved into my mind, and hopefully i'm not wrong, but into minds of many others too

great to learn that it's not true though! =)

zewt said...

Dan-yel - i am afraid the people are not so forgiving... though forgetful. the people want change, and if that doesnt happen quick enough... bn will be back in power and they are going to rule with an iron fist... i think.

huei - hey... that PAS MB in perak can speak mandarin, hokkien and cantonese... even i cant do that! anyway... you dont like to wrap up eh? like to show show? hah...

missironic - it's sad isnt it?

zawi - i really wanna visit kelantan once before i leave this country. perhaps my next holiday destination? what is a nice spot? kota bahru? and yes... a state sponsored trip would be best and i would gladly blog about the real kelantan.

allan yap & nigel a. skelchy - sounds good...

Huei said...

he can?? woah! it's nice to know actually! =D

um..well..shorts once in a while would be good in this hot weather! =P

zewt said...

huei - hahaha.... i think shorts are not a problem.