Wednesday 15 July 2020

Isolation returns

It was just a few months ago…

The world was put on a lockdown, an effort to intentionally isolate the human race in order to curb the scourge that is the coronavirus.  Strangely though, it felt as though the effort to isolate the human race actually raised inter-human communications to a much higher level, thanks to technology.

How many times did you FaceTime your family?

How many times did you have social gathering held over platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet-up or the likes?

I bet the level of activity in all your chatgroups also went up a few notches, or maybe you even started having regular whatsapp catch-ups with some friends whom you have not spoken to in ages.  And… people who usually takes ages to reply a single text… suddenly became rather prompt, did they?

Some claimed that the lockdown has given them a certain degree of stress, and pushed them outside the comfort zone where they have to do everything themselves.  A friend of mine was telling me his part time helper could not go to his place so he had to do all housework himself.

Isn’t it an irony that people are being pushed outside the comfort zone by being in their… “home”?

And of course, suddenly everyone is able to cook.  A wave of cuisine parade swept across social media, where people proudly showed their ‘product’ from the only trip that they can make during the lockdown… trip to the kitchen.

That was just a few months ago…

The word that has reversed all of the above is called… “normal”... while the term new-normal is floating everywhere as the new way of life.  However, it cannot be denied that normalcy is slowly but surely returning, or more specifically, the human race craves for normalcy to return.

Normalcy… lesser inter-human communications, no more online social gatherings that did not translate into more physical gatherings, don’t need to cook so much yourself, don’t need to do housework yourself, more time wasted stuck in traffic jams… you know what I am getting at.

Normalcy returns, “I am busy” or “I have no time” is back. Isolation has ended, and yet isolation has also… returned.


suituapui said...

Hello, my old friend! Stumbled upon an old comment of yours and clicked the link - glad to see your blog is still alive and kicking; many have fallen along the way.

Hope you're doing o.k. in Melbourne. How many kids now? Still in lockdown there. Sarawak has just turned green yesterday but that may be temporary, one case and it is back to yellow!

I'm getting used to the "new normal" (Singapore Archbishop called it abnormal - said humans need hugs, contact, interaction), #staysafe when I go anywhere, #stayhome most of the time.

Take care there, you and your family. God bless.

zewt said...

suituapui - well well well, good to actually get a comment from you. It must be some form of divine intervention that you dropped by a time when I actually decided to blog again. I have been trying to be a consistent as possible but as one person said, it is always a challenge these days. In any case, I will certainly try. I have 1 kid now.... and everything is well, thank you.