Sunday 12 April 2020

Zewt in hotel quarantine

It was such a good feeling to actually know that there are people still lurking around here, it gives me hope that people still fancy reading.   I myself have also missed some bloggers that I used to follow, and I too wish they would make a return.  However, we all have our lives to live.  

I wish everyone who is reading this is having a good life and that you are currently staying healthy and safe in this unprecedented time in human history.  I think no one alive has actually been through this.  Tough times but I am sure we will all come out of it stronger. 

Meanwhile, just want to share with everyone that I am now in hotel quarantine, and I made these videos to entertain myself and hopefully you will be entertained too.

My “Friday Frolics” crazy video, hope you will find it funny.

This one is when I first arrived.

Hope you enjoy them and I will see you again very soon.

Best wishes to everyone,


Gina said...

You stay healthy too! Sorry.. replies would be sporadic as now, we all have our lives to run. Haha. Take care!

zewt said...

LOL... yup, we all certainly do. Reality have struck all of us down unfortunately.... :)

dy said...

Hello!! So nice to see old friend blogging again... I've stopped for few years too.. Maybe should start writing again... Lately memory not so good.. 😂