Sunday, 22 April 2012

A free trip story

A friend of mine asked me why in the rarest of occasion when I do write, it’s quite certain that I will be bashing the country.  Well, let’s deviate from that for this one… though, not exactly much…

A story was relayed to me when I was back at my KL office last week.  I have heard of such stories being circulated via word of mouth and you probably did to.  But to actually hear it first hand… that was quite something…

The mother of a colleague of mine is a member of this association, which shall remain unnamed.  Just to be clear, it is not a political association. And so, this association sent out a notice telling all its members that a free trip is available for anyone who is available on the trip date.

It’s a free day-trip to a local destination that covers everything – and my colleague’s mom thought… why not?  The free trip is not only open to the association’s members, but family members as well.  My colleague; being a filial daughter, decided to accompany her mom.

And so, the day arrived.  All the uncles and aunties together with so and so who tagged along for the free trip all happily boarded the bus, looking forward to a day of fun, fully paid. 

As soon as the bus hit the road though… things took a twist…

The supposed tour guide then announced in the bus saying that the free trip has been cancelled.  Instead, everyone in the bus has now been given the “supreme privilege” to meet a VVIP of the country.  Everyone was “carefully selected” for this supreme privilege… so it seems…

That’s not all.  Everyone will also be given a free T-shirt to wear during the meeting with this VVIP and... get paid!  Wow, things just get better isn’t it?  From a trip to a trip where you will get paid…

There is a catch though… in order to earn this supreme privilege and obtain payment, everyone must clap when the VVIP arrives and… and… and… sing a song!  If you do not know how to sing… not a problem at all.  It will be taught to everyone during the journey.

You may be asking... how can one learn a song within such a short period of time? Well, it is a very simple song.  Similar to the ABC song... this is actually a number song.  In fact, it's much simpler... instead of having to sing all the numbers, you only need to say only "satu"...

This song... a lot of the word "satu" in it.
(satu = one in Malay).

Of course, that free t-shirt has got a big “1” printed on it.  Something tells me you know what is the word that comes after 1.

All the uncles and aunties with their innocent tag-alongs were sent to some school where the VVIP arrived and everyone was to clap and of course… sing the important “satu” song.  Apparently, there other buses arriving from other places… seemingly bring other souls who thought they were going for free trips.

It was a cheerful atmosphere.  People clapped and sang and at the end of the day, everyone was paid… MYR20.  Apparently, the VVIP said during his speech that he was so happy that many came to support him.

Woooaah… free bus ride, free t-shirt, free singing lesson, meet a VVIP and now… free money! Where to find!

I don’t know about you but that sure beat a free trip anytime… next time you hear of anyone getting free trips, be sure to join them ya… you might just get this supreme privilege.


Robinn T said...

whoa, and the vvip would be? gosh, scam and shmams. Deceitful deeds of the educated.

and yes, welcome back.

Yvonne Foong said...

I like the way you worded this post. ;) The dry humor.

Val said...

Your posts never fail to amuse even if they don't come by as often anymore. I thoroughly enjoy reading your entries, Keep blogging!! :-)

Ping said...

Despise the free lunch.

Ivy said...

Subtle... but message delivered...

day-dreamer said...

I... am... speechless...

Cherry Popcorn said...

Woah. I didn't know such thing existed. Damn... =.=

So sad.

kyh said...

wow, am truly amazed.

Anonymous said...

takde makan free ke zewt?
ps. let me share this on my fb pls

zewt said...

Tempus - you know i know ler? :)

Yvonne Foong - hopefully i am not trying too hard.

Val - will do, not easy to find the time now...

Ping - hehehe... they dont seem to have a choice.

Ivy - that's good.

day-dreamer - i was too, initially...

Pink Cherry - indeed... such is our country.

kyh - amazed? i am actually stunned! haha...

anon @ 12/5 2.46pm - go ahead!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, I think if the uncle and aunties know the destination in advance. The bus will be empty all along and the VVIP will be cheered by nobody ... that's really amusing about the popularity of these VVIP.

ZACL said...

It sounds like The Tao Of Pooh..."We'll go because it's Thursday."

There must be a moral to the tale somewhere.

I'll throw caution to the wind....and blow, blow, blow and blow.

TzeThon said...

i'm not surprised. thought of that before. but you have just confirmed it!

anyway. am leaving this place soon. pending EP and everything. keeping my fingers and toes crossed.

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whoalse said...

So, will you be voting then?? hahaha

Happy walker said...

visiting here with a smile~ =)

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary)

CJane said...

Tis post is filed under 'Zewt Laugh' and here I am laughing my ass off in the middle of the night. Beh tahan on this part: " in order to earn this supreme privilege and obtain payment, everyone must clap when the VVIP arrives"

ohmyohmyohmy! Syukurrrrrrrrrr Malaysia aman!

PS: Ehh.. how come so long never bog? It's 2013 already!

randy said...

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ManaL said...

Hi zewt, its been a long time since i last follow ur blog. Now u r working in singapore i see.
Anyway we can catch up with u? FB perhaps?

My FB: Manal Ismail Al-Masry.

OK see ya

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