Friday 15 April 2011

I did something for tomorrow, did you?

During the last peoples' power tsunami, I was out of the country... for a substantial period of time.  I missed it...

As the country heads into another historical moment tomorrow... I will again be out of the country, and also be out of Singapore... for the entire week. 

I hope it is a good omen.

And... to those of you who once commented anonymously that you choose to "stay back and fight" and those who left the country shouldn't be complaining about the country.  There were also some very harsh words.

I want to ask all those of you today... what have you done that amounts to "I choose to stay and fight?"

I don't know about you but I sponsored someone to fly back to vote tomorrow.

Not telling this to show off but I really want to ask those who said "I choose to stay back and fight"... What have you done?


Robinn T said...

I'm in for a fight. But, if its futile, I think I will just leave after like 3 attempts, close to 2 decade. I can only start fighting next year, and the next battle would only be like, in 2015. So, if things still don't change after all the fight, why stay? I've given the chance, they didn't take it, screw them.

Cherry Popcorn said...

As someone who is out of the country and definite not gonna be in the country in the near future.. Sigh.. I do agree.

Malaysia will always have a special place in my heart though..

Cherry Popcorn said...

Thanks for dropping by! Great to hear from you! Take care and have a great trip!

Starmandala said...

Goodonya, mate! ;-)

soren said...

zewt, i am an old reader of your blog. i think you should not care for those who discouraged emigration. it is a personal choice. i understand why people would want to leave, and i understand why some of us choose to stay. i have lived overseas and have chosen to stay in the country. we all know what is wrong here - but we all have different priorities in our lives. i wish you all the best for your future in the new place. as for your question, i put forth my fight by being an active voter. the next election will be my third. i try to educate friends and family on the importance of having an opinion and debating supposed accepted "facts". i am sure everyone is doing their bits to better this place we call home.

it is not wrong to want more than what you can get here. if this place limits your potential, by all means, do leave. in the end, we all want to be happy, regardless of where we call home.

CK said...

safe flight zewt!
we all care and fight in our way!
i salute yours!

John Ling said...

Barisan has been in power for 54 years. That's two generations and a half.

Even if Pakatan takes over today and governs perfectly with zero setbacks, it will take a generation (20 years) to fix things. That's assuming that it takes half as long to fix a country as it does to break it.

Just putting things in perspective. =)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

wow, that's very big of u. let's hope for the best.

Terra Shield said...

By being an active voter I suppose... Anyway, what do you think of the latest proposal of bringing back overseas Malaysians and luring them with a 15% flat tax rate?

kyh said...

expected results, but at least there are improvements. we can only hope for the better.

Anonymous said...

and sarawakian stupidities continue..

John Ling said...

and sarawakian stupidities continue..

Most Malaysians still believe that free and fair elections are possible, but in my opinion, it's wishful thinking.

In a system that has been bent for 54 years, there's nothing to stop Barisan from discounting/nullifying Pakatan votes and installing themselves as the victors anyway.

Theodwyn said...

luring in Malaysians with the 15% flat tax rate is one thing.. but if there are no jobs... it doesn't matter how low and how flat the rate is.. The bottom line is that there will never ever be a job for me.. so no matter how much I love my country... I cannot go back. There just isn't a job.

Ngui Yeang Hong (SIBU) said...

So what if you sponsored someone to go back and vote. The election is almost a lost cause. That money us probably better off donated to a school to educate our children.
I am here in sarawak, and because i am here i feel i know where the real battle is.
It does not need to be political.
The real fight is to create a healthy layer of society which will uphold justice and fairness.
No matter what people say and do, as long as everyone treat sarawak/malaysia like a whore, one u fuck from time to time, and tip when you feel guilty, we will get nowhere. If you love her, then just love her, for real, she does not need less than true love. Come back and stand your ground. Change does not start with the one at the top, but from each and every one of us.
Just admit it, there is no fight at the moment, there is just too little of us...... and our land is and will be raped in front of your own eyes.

huntressmoon said...

i am going to write a blog entry in B.Malaysia. =p

Anyway, you sound sad and tired or i could have read wrong. There is no such thing as government without a corruption. Yes the country suck in most ways but not as suckier as the incident happening in Greece.

If we cant change the Government is fine, its time to change the way of life of the people. Fact that shows corruption was so bad that the people in Greece follows.

on the ramblings of justice and fairness, we need to ensure that we are not hypocrites ourselves.

1. Did we littered in public for the last 12 months (throw the pei si is also littering)
2. Did we clean up our rubbish after eating at mcdonalds?
3. Did we take action against people who gives poor customer service to you.
4. Did we try to bribe the policeman.
5. Did we have good manners when we drive on the road.

Alot of things that we pin point to the Government, we ourselves are slowly seeping in the government dirty tactics. Like the saying children see, children do.

at the end of the day, the government is still human. if you want the corruption stop, you have to stop yours entirely and take action everyday, not just when it comes to election time only.

ZACL said...

A serious thinking question Zewt. I cannot give you any substantive answers on the basis you raise your question, other than to say, I remain concerned.

I am sorry that people under serious threat to their well=being need to remain anonymous, it is understandable.

I am also sorry, as you know, that people choose to be offensive to individuals under the cloak of anonymity.

Arena Green said...

You still care, and you always will, wherever you maybe Zewt. Well, May is here. How time flies eh?

neno said...

i did sth fr tmr as tmr :)
shud haf done it ages ago..hope i can catch up those years i wasted..

TRACE said...

u made a difference!

SmartSarawakians said...

To anonymous and John Ling,

Stop insulting the Dayaks, Bidayuh of Sarawaks.

They choose to be with the Malays, Malaysia that is their choice and because they are smart.

The Chinese was brought 100 years ago by the Raja Brooke a Mat Salleh who claim Sarawak is theirs! Imagine the land of the Dayaks was given away to the Chinese.

But the Dayaks, Bidayuh etc was poor and uneducated. They lack the ability to fight the European.
But with Temenggong Jugah they learned from the Malays that Sarawak is their land not the Chinese immigrants land.
From Malay rights, the Dayak claim bumiputeras rights.

So the Chinese are pissed off when the natives choose to rule over their land. That means control over timber from the chinese predators.

Sarawakians are not stupid. They are smart in order to reclaim their land from Chinese hegemony.

15percenters said...

The 15% policy is the MCA attempt at luring back Chinese who have left Malaysia.

That is really a stupid way to do things. Firstly Chinese leave Malaysia because they cannot find job in Malaysia. So whatever the tax rate multiply by 0 job is still 0!

They are mostly makan gaji Chinese. And when you makan gaji and be paid in US dollars or Sing Dollars u earn more.

See how stupid the MCA is. The entreprenuer wont leave. They pay corporate tax on the profit they declare. Which can be small so 28% of 0 is still 0!

What Govt should do is encourage smart Chinese, Russians, iranians scientist and give PR.

malaysiahistory said...

me the martian said...
we all know what is wrong here -

There is nothing wrong here in Malaysia. The problem arises when the 2nd generation chinese and indians woke up to the fact that Malaysia which consist of the Federation of Malay States are Malays!!

Unlike their grandparents who knew the hardship in China and came with only 10 dollar like Goh Tong, they were grateful to be given citizenship. Although at the back of their mind they were looking for the right time to balek India or China.

But they didnot realised that the new nation is a Malay nation with a Malay Agung, Sultans, polis, army courts, civil servants! And the Malays while grudgingly accepted Tunku's citizenship to Chinese and Indian did not necessarily love them.

So that is why the new Chinese generation and the mumbai pariahs suddenly went to London to petition with their Queen. huh as if the English Queen would bother. For the last thing they want would be indian/chinese british subjects from malaysia knocking on their door.

Smartly Malaysia has allowed vernacular schools which allows the mumbai slums group to go back to India and the mandarin speaking group to go back to the chinese communes as they still keep their chinese and indian heritage if they want to. But of course none of the indian or chinese want to back to those poor uncool nation. They want australia.

And Malaysia provided them with some cool factor. Tell the australian you come from china or india looking for jobs or tell them you come from Malaysia. You can tell the difference reception. Malaysia is held in high regards in the world as many commentator mentioned. A new nation with no baggage. English speaking, modern democracy, benign monarchy.