Monday 29 October 2007

The mess continues

I have been blogging for almost 10 months now and on an average, each posts usually gets about 45 comments. But if you were to notice, there are certain types of posts which do not get many comments. Indeed, those boring socio-political posts usually get very low comments count. Also, comments on such posts are usually made anonymously.

It’s quite apparent that people are not only afraid to blog about socio-political stuff, but they are also very afraid to comment. Very strange though. While comments count for such posts are hard to come by, the traffic of AZAIG will usually hit above average when such posts are being put up. I can confidently conclude that there are a lot of people out there who are interested in reading about socio-political stuff but are just too afraid actually get their hands dirty to type in something.

I linked a post written by an 18-year-old girl in September. It was a brilliant piece about the state of our country amidst the 50th Merdeka celebration. It was so good that Jules said she wish she could write like that 18-year-old. Hmmm… how come Jules never said anything about my writing before…

Anyway, this 18-year-old girl once again wrote another magnificent piece about the
current judiciary issue. It is quite apparent that the younger generation are quite aware and very much concern about the local political scene. When I say younger generation, I actually meant those in their teens. I have met up with TingTitLei and his bunch of friends once and they are all in their teens. But their knowledge and awareness about the current development and how they wish they can register to vote puts many of us to shame.

Besides those teens, another bunch of people who are very much concern about the current affairs of this country is the (with all due respect)… the ‘older generation’. If you are familiar with the blogosphere, you will realise that all the hardcore socio-political blogs belongs to this ‘older’ generation.

So we have the really young generation and the ‘older’ generation very much concern about the development of current affairs in our country… what about those in between?

I believe those in the ‘in-between’ generation made up most of the ‘silent readers’ population. They are those who live in frustration and fear. Many in the ‘in-between’ generation are frustrated and to a certain extend angry at things, but they are the ones who live in fear. They are afraid that their normal comfort lives will be turned upside down if they were to do something. Frankly speaking, I am quite one of them.

A quite quote from my earlier post…”Those who refuse to do anything because they rather not be a part of the mess… by virtue of not doing anything… IS part of the mess”

Based on the above… looks like we have the younger guys hoping that they can clean the mess… the older guys trying to clean the mess… and those in between… making loads of mess.

P/S: I am certainly not expecting many comments for this one...


stocktube said...

it's true zewt that there're tons of people (computer literate mind you) out there who whine and cry about unfairness but are just too afraid to express their opinion - even anonymously ... guess the 50 years of fear-policy has got into the people ...

and because these large group of people are too scare to rock the boat of complacent, the country is in the mess almost beyond repair ...

also don't forget lots of youngster are not aware of the socio-political happening around them, which would affect them in one way or another ... if only they realized what's happening ...

once i wrote a short comment about the problem with the country and asked the readers to vote wisely (what else option to wake up the administration?) in one of the well-known blog but immediately the author asked me to f&%$ off ... obviously the author was too scared with such comment (really, my comment was very mild) as if the secret branch will knock on the door and pull the author's hair into detention camp under ISA ...

you see, if every blogger (you don't think the press practices freedom of speech, do you?) think the same way as the above blogger, then we're living in the denial world as if everything is OK ... and if we wait till the unemployment reaches critical stage due to lousy economic administration, it would be too late ...

of course you can delete this post if you think my comment has crossed the line ... one person can only do so much within one's capacity, you need more to effect the changes ...

cheers ...

Anonymous said...

F.D. Roosevelt wrote that there should be 4 essential freedoms in this world:

1. Freedom of speech & expression
2. Freedom of every person to worship God in his own way
3. Freedom from want
4 Freedom from fear

We'll never achieve all 4.. not in this world.. hence, it doesn't matter what the very young & the reckless or the older & the wiser say.. whereas those in between says nothing.. it all boils down to the gift of freedom.. & at the very moment.. freedom is just a mental state.

That's just my 2 sens.

Cocka Doodle said...

You are 'quite one of them'.
Afraid of what? That they'll jolt you from your comfort zone and 'engineer' your career stagnation and leave you to rot?

Naw...they got more shit to sweep than that.

Anonymous said...

ah havent been commenting here lately. im meditating right now so trying not to read thought provoking posts haha but this shit has really gotten my mood back. as for the young ones who care, theyre only a very tiny part of the teenagers. most of the teenagers who i know only care about chicks, clubbing and wtv the fuck teenagers are in to nowadays

Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly agree with you. Actually most of us are just scared shitless by the government's willingness to supress us with the law and to make matters worst, they are just too happy to let high profile idiots get away with murder.

I guess it is ingranined to us to b|tich and moan but not do anything since we have the live and let live thing goin on here. We all know what happened the last time the boat got rocked or at least a version that our parents tell us.

Cest La Vie.....

p.s - it boils me that some people are more worried about their DOTA than society but thats just me.

Rashikaps said...

I guess the middle layer, regardless of the interest, lacks time. They are too busy working to get noticed, rise in the corporate ladder, make money to support themselves, their families, as also to secure their future.

Anonymous said...

great, i just left a comment and it seemed to have just disappeared into thin air.

anyway, i think i'm part of the mess. frankly speaking, i just can't be ar***. it's just got to the point where i'm so sick and tired of hearing the same thing over and over again. the socio-political situations in malaysia will never change. perhaps, in my dreams. and i'm quite comfortable living in my own bubble. and so far, i'm doing just fine.

but here's some food for thoughts (you prolly come accross it already)

First they came by Martin Niemoller

"When the Nazis came for the communists,
I remained silent;
I was not a communist.

When they locked up the social democrats,
I remained silent;
I was not a social democrat.

When they came for the trade unionists,
I did not speak out;
I was not a trade unionist.

When they came for me,
there was no one left to speak out."

Scary eh?

Unknown said...

The fact that many refuse to comment because of fear of 'rocking the the boat' means that the boat is actually not steady. Why continue living in an unstable boat when we have it in us to make it safe.

Anonymous said...

haha... zewt, is this your idea of making me start my own blog? you know i don't want to start one not because i am afraid, but rather i am not as persistent and creative as you when it comes to writing. besides that, you write well and i love reading it.

but one thing is for sure for me. even if we are afraid to write, we must act in a manner consistent with our conscience. when aragon decides to battle the dark forces for one last time, what is most inspiring about his speech is on the hearts of men. he acknowledged that there will come a time when men will, out of fear, betray their fellow mankind but this is not the day and they will fight to the death to defend their country. yes, this is only fictional but what about our forefathers who fought for independence? aren't they too faced with certain death at times? but did that, in the moment of fear, flee and betray fellow mankind, more so fellow brothers and sisters of this beloved nation? No! They fought the good fight and won. They achieved what their forefathers had hoped and glorous indeed was that day when the Union Jack was lowered and our Jalur Gemilang was raised.

if we let fear to seize us and paralyse us, then we would most certainly die in our moment of weakness. but if we let fear to seize us yet give us one last push to fight our way through, who is to say we will surely die? and you are right, in our inaction, we have decided our fate. we have cast our lot to go with the flow, despite where it takes us. and if the flow is down the waterfall and being smashed against the rocks, screaming and shouting makes very little difference.

cast the rope people, vote for change.

Huei said...

hahaha indeed, but one thing i notice, no matter how hard we try, then pop a few veins while doing it, getting all worked up and filled with rage, the mess will never clear, because clearly, this cunt-tree is what they call

"yi fan dou sai yeok fai"
(wasting money to find a medicine to cure)

i don't think they celebrated 50 years of independence..they celebrated 50 years of failure! sat pai!!!

me said...

hahahaha. inspired by messy moi, ah?? not don wan to comment, but dunno what to comment. i just hate politics. but i agree. pink pau is very eloquent and her writings are very engaging. you've also made me into one of her silent fans. as for why jules didn't say the same abt u.....lei chee kehhhhhh. u really want me to say meh? hahahaha.

Horny Ang Moh said...

What a 'deep' post! So how to comment? In all ur 'deep' post I can't really comment even thought I like to. But I didn't b'cos it is too 'deep' ( I might get the wrong meaning ) & I have a very small 'ball'. Also if I comment on it I might get 'poked' in all direction!
Nah! I will just be a 'hor ny ang moh' & continue with my pokeing post! Unless I change my nick to 'critical monkey'!He! He! So r u throwing back 'starfish'?
Have a nice day!

LuciusMaximus said...

well we are not myanmar or north korea for sure, and fear the secret police will break our door, apprehend us for some socio-political post or comment we made the day before and took us away to some secret detention facility, right?
i dont really think there are much state of fear in this nation that people actually shy away from being political in their writing. unless of course, ur post directly attack the 'personal life' of certain politicians OR have the tones that the government deemed as igniting racial or religious hate.
i read a lot of political posts, but dont really bother to leave my comment because most of the points were already mentioned by the writer, unless i have a few points to add on myself.
and i dont feel much fear putting a socio-political post myself, fearing the special branch police dragging me into the ISA camp next week for it.
or am i just being careless?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

haha well it depends..u c sometimes when i read the issue at hand, at that point of time, i just dunno how to comment..therefore not clicking on the comment link..

take it easy..the issues in malaysia are not new..its not goin to be an overnite thing..

just hav to b patient and work our way..or just seek "greener" pastures lor..

Ehon said...

well, as for me, i am not afraid to comment or write, but when it comes to issues re: socio-politics, sometimes it's hard to give your opinion(s). i am not over-ly update with issues around malaysia, thus, it is obviously unfair for me to rant and generalise things. it's just unfair. :)

Anonymous said...

Huei said "i don't think they celebrated 50 years of independence..they celebrated 50 years of failure!" and by 'they', you mean who actually? I've read a few rather immature and foolish comments made by this lady and this time, I feel like commenting back.

You can leave your frustration and hatred behind and start counting your blessings. Also, perhaps you shouldn't hastily generalise about these 'they' people! After all 'they' could have been your neighbour, your colleague, your friends (if any) etc etc who wouldn't even dream of harming you.

As much as the socio-politics issues in Malaysia anger all of us, I don't think it's wise to bring racial issues into the picture, especially when that's not the main issue. Coz like Zewt had said, we all ARE part of the mess...

Anonymous said...

The bottom line is, if the younger generation is not going to save this country, who will?

Basically, I found out that youngsters are ignorant or the sense of hopelessness in them is too great that they REFUSE to do anything, that's very pathetic.

So you don't give a hoot. That's what the elder generation told me: Wait lah, wait until you've kids!

Don't whine if you're doing nothing, you truly deserve what you've now! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Way to go with your blog..I do not think the "in-betweens" are scared. They are too comfortable and content with what they have at the moment. As long as they can drink branded coffee, can go clubbing, enjoy nice dinners,drive cars, have a job, etc...they don't give two hoots that this country is going to the dogs. The older generation is worried that this will all be gone by the next generation. Wait till this "in between" generation have their own children and families, then they will start to realise this. By then, it may be too late. God (and the Royalty) Save This Nation!

sh tan

m|ssK said...

honestly, i come from the population where i can't be bothered much about politics. yes, from the wider perspective, politics will affect our country and the way things are done, but personally, i think it's more important to focus on our work, family and loved ones. when we are successful career wise, money will not be an issue and when money is not an issue, maybe we can all flea the country??? hahaha...

MikeM said...

zewt, u got a point there. U see many people after reading certain socio-political blogs, they will feel angry, the fire inside them but too bad the next day, they live their life as normal. And even in public, i got adviced b4 to tone down on my political view about our Boleh-land, many claiming that "aiya, in malaysia, u can cari makan can d, politic put aside lar"

i salute individuals who blog as themselves to enlighten many others on our political state here. Often we see on tv, how they showed MPs in Taiwan fighting & punching in the Parliment but the local media r tryin its best to hide wat's happening on ours.

Bocor, wheel chaired r punishment fr god, etc. Who uttered all this out?

At the same time, cant blame some anonymous commenters as well, who knows who gonna b the next Nat Tan?

thumbs up to the 18 yrs old girl, jeff linked her b4 a few post ago, i linked her too a while ago. At least she is brave enuff to practise her right to speak on our Boleh-land.

Many more of her, MALAYSIA REALLY BOLEH!!!

rinnah said...

I fall squarely into the middle generation and while I like to read socio-political blogs, most of the time I feel shy to comment because I'd just be ranting away with no basis to my rants. Better not to put my foot into my mouth, eh?

But I really don't see how anyone can make a change in Malaysia currently, bar a miracle.

And finally, did you see the news yesterday? The IGP warned that joining the Nov 10 march is an offense and that the general public is warned to stay away. Peaceful march to the palace to hand a petition pun tak boleh. :(

The Pisces Man said...

Zewt, the thing about politics is you have to have strong principles and perhaps some good religion/spiritual background before entering this politics arena. Otherwise, we would easily be influenced by the lust of money and power that usually come with politics.

The question is, even if our government is replaced by our youngsters or us, the 'middle' people, there is always a chance some of them would be corrupted and power hungry.

We all have seen similar politic issues happening or already happened in other countries in the world. Or how, this particular young local politician whose stories about money scandal and power control revolve around him...

Helen said...

Zewt, it makes sense. The young generation are young and still have their ideals. They are still not tainted with the harsh realities of life.

The older generation had probably gone through much and seen much.

The ones in the middle are in transition... can go either way... heading to oblivion bliss or become part of the vocal older generation in due time. lol

Theodwyn said...

You're right.. There is a lot of fear floating around. Fear of being imprisoned, of loosing one's job, of loosing one's children, of being forcibly separated from one's family, of being unable to support one's elderly parents.... etc.

The older generation have the courage to talk because a lot of the fear the 'medium' generation feel isn't felt by them anymore, they are past the age. They have money to retire on, their children are independent, they have nothing much to loose... and the one thing they cherish is the past.. and their freedom. So they fight for a better future, a more united future, and for freedom, for them and for their children. That is their contribution at that age..

The younger 'teen' generation... they have more courage than the 'medium' generation.. because they do not have children, they need not be afraid of loosing their job, of being imprisoned and etc, because their age protects them. One of the fastest way for Malaysia to plunge even furthur on the worldwide scale of freedom of speech would be for them to ISA imprison a 14 year old for so-po blogging. Imprisoning a 14 year old is ridiculous right??

Fear is a very powerful weapon... and our government certainly knows how to use it.

mr jp said...

I was thinking of blogging about some political issues before. Then I realise I don't know enough about it, so I didn't want to sound ignorant.

Guess I kinda got my own niche now.

I'll leave it to guys like you to blog about these stuff ok ! ^_^

Maverick SM said...


I agree with you. Many wouldn't comment on political issues, probably because they may be govt servants or working for those bosses from UMNO or BN.

I didn't bother too much about it. I love writing the subject matter. It's about awareness...

Anonymous said...

we in the 'neither here or there' medium bunch beside having...

school going kids who loves to drives u nuts,

a teenage kid blogging about her cool gadgets, cool boyfriend & uncool dad,

a missus who try to keep up with the joneses,

non existence sex life (where the m'sian average is having 3x a week)

and all the 'perks' that comes with middle-age crisis

while having to shouldered all these baggages and whatever little energy left ( and to all u guys not in the middle info ) we can't afford to create any more mess but...

try stopping the young monkeys (like khairy & all the mat rempits)from making more mess,


getting those old buggers ( like badawi, najib, nazri & all those lowlife mps from bn )to owns up & clear all the mess before they leave the world.

Anonymous said...

Rinnah, Piscesman, et all:

There is a big difference between being politically aware and being politically active. We can all be politically aware and we can help spread the awareness through friends, discussions and blogs. It pains me to hear some say that all politicians are the same and it won't make any difference. Do we sit and do nothing if somebody rape and plunder us right in front of our eyes? Do you turn away when politicians make fools out of us the rakyat? Do we ever think that we could be a great nation if we had a great Govt? And that this nation has already lost one generation? Do we ever think that our forefathers sailed the treacherous seas to come here with only the shirt on their backs to seek a better fortune for themselves and for us? And that we owe our next generation for what our forefathers gave to us? If this Govt is not doing the right thing, tell them with our vote. If the next Govt is not doing the right thing, tell them with our vote. That is the least we could do to help make a change. We owe it to our children.

First they came for the Communists,
- but I was not a communist so I did not speak out.
Then they came for the Socialists and the Trade Unionists,
- but I was neither, so I did not speak out.
Then they came for the Jews,
- but I was not a Jew so I did not speak out.
And when they came for me, there was no one left to speak out for me.
(-Pastor Martin Niemoller)

Nothing in life is permanent. What we have today may be gone tomorrow.

Cheers and enjoy your coffee...

Jorji said...

Jika politik itu diibaratkan kekuasaan dunia,'Mereka' semua adalah Amerika Syarikat.Siapa yang boleh menang melawan Amerika?

Anonymous said...

I would like to prove you wrong, so putting my opinion here will add to your total comments received.

I think the in-between are just being complacent. We live in comfort withouth having insecurity. But things have change, it is time to get out of the BOX!

frostee said...

It is good to see the 'younger generation' to be concern. I'm not sure that the views of the 18year old are that of other 18 year olds. My hope is yes they are. We have come to a point that the jokers in the government are so darn detached from the reality on the ground that they literally bask in their own make belief glory.

I guess I come under the 'in between' category and I think what you say is true, the 'in betweens' are well into their career and building a name for themselves and they just do not want other things to mess up up their hard work or plan. Just hope that they would excercise their rights by registering to vote AND go out and vote!

Anonymous said...

The worst thing is some Malaysians are actually proud to be indifferent to the current sad political fact, its like a "fashion statement" to them.
What these people dun get is their time will come when the shit will finally "hit the fan" and everyone's gonna get's already starting...with our nation's coffers being robbed left and right, us poor taxpayers are being made to folk out more than we can afford to replenish the diminishing treasures. See how prices are rising everywhere and who is paying for it? Not the ones helping themselves to our taxpayers' money but us poor stupid fools...the biggest fools being the one who voted for the current baffoons.

The Pisces Man said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Pisces Man said...

Thanx Sh Tan for the inputs...

Guess what I had in mind didn't come out right on paper (or in this case, blog)... Yes, I agree that everyone of us, every citizen should be politically aware of what's going on around us. Otherwise, we won't know when our country's economy/security is at stake, and when our children's future is jeopardised due to the greed of (some of) our politicians.

Yes, we all SHOULD be politically aware/motivated. Only when some of us decides to move to the next level as being politically active, that's when he/she needs to stand firm on his principles, of not being easily swayed by the lust of money and power. Perhaps when some of us does take the next step to legally change all these unfair policies that bind us in, it is up to us to choose who are the worthy ones to represent our voices.

This whole discussion reminds me of the movie V for Vendetta where the movie portrays a government who manipulates the media (among other things) and instill fear into the hearts of its citizens.

It is up to a local hero to change the perpective and actions of his fellow countrymen and women. Nice movie... very philosophical I might add..

narrowband said...

Yes Zewt, you can call me to be part of the in-betweens as well. I admit it. In fact, I didn't know how to respond to this particular entry and that I had closed the tab. But on a second note, I want to let you know that despite didn't feel like dropping a comment, I had actually read the whole entry. If I hadn't been interested, I'd have skipped the entry after just a couple of lines.

One of the reasons why people don't talk much about these things is because too much has already been said and too little has been done to rectify things. The People get tired, you see.

Eileen said...

Zewt, you play tricks... Hahaha... I know you smart enough to know what I mean :P

xonar said...

Who is responsible for the mess?
With our race base policy,guess you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out.

Arena Green said...

Let me hazard a guess Zewt.

The "in-betweens" are probably afraid of losing their jobs or get thrown in jail.

And I agree with Mave - bloggers like us continue to write because it feels good to vent our feelings. Syok sendiri, I guess. :-)

Observer said...

Shucks... guess I am kinda an oddball that doesn't fit the norm profile..

Purple~MushRooM said...

If the anonymous are so afraid to even put a name on their comment, why comment at all? I see so many of these cowards, especially in Maverick's blog, and I don't understand why they wanna even comment at all.

_butt said...

I think that those who read choose not to comment simply because some are not quite sure how to start. I know I am. Sheesh.

a very good reverse psychology trick on the P/S though.

Seaqueen said...

I kinda agree with narrowband. It's a repeated story again and again. It's like your parents lecturing you again and again but nothing is done. All that is done we vent out. It sure is nice to vent out our feelings in the blog. Once in a while it's perfectly fine. If it's time and time again, even I get bored of saying the same things, let alone people reading it.
Going on about it, no one's going to bother, other than us. DO you think that the relevant parties bother? They'll take it coming in one ear n going out d other that's all.

zewt said...

stocktube - i think there are quite a handful of kids out there who are quite well aware of the happenings in this country, which is a good thing. yeah, i am astonished to know that there are certain blogs which dont practise freedom of speech. anyway, i will delete comments too... if they get out of hand, but certainly not yours.

jemima - if freedom is just a mental state, then i guess everyone is free. i think freedom is subjective... but absolute freedom is dangerous.

cocka doodle - yeah... someone told me the other day... if we think that we will be arrested simply by attending walks and writing political stuff occasionally... then we truly overestimated ourselves.

tingtitlei - it's good to be able write some shit to get you back in the mood eh? haha...

sinergy.starfall - DOTA is not in anymore... the current trend is facebook. soon, ppl will be facebooking more than blogging. ignorance is bliss to them i guess.

rashikaps - couldnt agree more. i wanted to put that in my entry... but i was afraid i couldnt stop when i talk about work.

lenny - thanks for tsking the time to comment again. i have not read that before... very enlightening. i am sure many readers here are glad you put it there for our reading. indeed... very scary.

zewt said...

kata tak nak - they all believe the boat will still sail to its destination.

anon @ 7.44am - oh come on, you're too modest. with your writing ability... i am sure you can garner plenty of readers in no time. indeed... fear is quite an incredible feeling that cripple us all. but the worse thing is that we allow it to cripple us. we must not let it cripple us.

Huei - cannot like that wan... must try to do our part. dont tell me you're numb already...

me - jules said she is better than me... but she covered that up by saying... we're different. i am so sad now... sigh...

hor ny - critical monkey... haha... not u. keep up the horny post. definitely throwing starfish back. hope u will too.

Lucius Maximus - well, it's good to know that you're putting up some socio stuff. i enjoy your blog too. blogging in your bahasa ibunda will certainly be able to reach more ppl.

zewt said...

constant craver joe - hehe... while we are still in muddy ground... try to plant some grass.

Ehon - well, then perhaps you should take some time and keep yourself abreast with things. after all, it's still your country.

Huhu - i will have to concur and say that we should try to leave race issue out of our discussion. although there are thigns which i think originated with race... but let us not get sucked into that dirty game.

SK - what made you leave a comment bro? :)... yeah, i guess we all have to play our part and do something. after all, it's still our country.

SH Tan - yeah, either they are enjoying life or they are trying to catch a dream... a dream which they think will bring them the best of in their lives.

as for your second comment (it's from you right?) i think we all have answers to all the questions you posted... we just dont have the courage to put them into action. we just dunno how to react to it... i think it all bogs down to whether we have the heart to make a difference or not.

m|ssK - hahahahaha... if you already wanna flee the country, it means you do care. you just take a different approach which is of course... entirely your choice and no one should judge you for it.

zewt said...

Michael Song - wow... i have not seen that many political entries in your blog... maybe i should run thru your archives? yeah, many ppl... as long as they can put food on the table... it's fine. just look at my entry called 'the reason evolution'.

rinnah - yeah, i read it... they will do all they can to stop it becos i think it's going to be a powerful one. it will be a real test of guts.

The Pisces Man - agreed man... really agree with u. the lure of money, sex and power when you enter into politics is just too great to resist. this is probably why i rather not be a part of it... hehe... so noble eh?

you and SH Tan is having a good time here eh? i am really enjoying this mini forum-like comments column.

Helen - if that is the case... looks like all 3 generations are doomed! haha...

Theodwyn - brilliantly said... i think your points there deserve a post by itself. well, if they really is to imprison a 14 year old... i think malaysia will forever be famous, no doubt about that.

Jason Phoon - hahahahaha... that's an easy way out!

zewt said...

Maverick SM - i think it's more like guts... and how much you believe in it.

Anon @ 2.46pm - u sure the last statement is valid? looks like those in the middle have plenty in their hands... our hands i mean.

j or ji - betul pun... eh... ada orang berani lawan amerika... tun la... siapa lagi... heh heh.

KGC - yeah... the box is getting smaller and everyone will suffocate inside.

F.O.N @ frostee - number 1... many are trying to build a career but many will end up dissappointed with the modern slavery world... number 2... many only cares about that and wont vote.

anon @ 4.03pm - damn right... so so so damn right... it's like a damn 'fashion statement'. they are more happy to say that than to say that they are a registered voter. voting is not cool... so doom we are.

zewt said...

narrowband - i understand how you feel, and indeed... plenty are tired of it. and getting fed up and giving up is exactly what the powers to be want... i may be feeling quite the same too.

Princess Eileen - yeah... 42 before i even reply on anyone of them. right?

penang-kia - it's not the race issue... it's the thing about playing race issue... agree?

Anak Merdeka - hahha... then am i considered syoking sendiri here?

freethinker - dont worry, i am sure you're not alone :0)

purple mushroom - try to go to tony pua's blog... it's even more rampant.

_butt - hehehe... no la, i didnt mean to reverse physho you all.

seaqueen - sounds like you're one who only wanna read about what's hot and what's not... so i guess the bus and ferry tragedy is long buried in your memory already eh :P

Wee-Leng said...

Like Narrowband and Seaqueen, my sentiments lies on being tired of over and over again issues.

So people like me stay numb, until it affects me. But I'll find a way to work around it and still get my stuff done or issue resolve. And life goes on. Why fight over something against you and lose the battle? Life's too short.

But my thoughts are, why be anguish over something which we do not want to take control over except ranting over it in the blog, or article or even within a discussion group. It's basically talking and talking and going around the mulberry bush. Someone gets an idea, then kutuk more, then after that, all is forgotten the next day until someone else brings up the topic or gets affected. Such a waste of time and effort.

So I dont like talking about socio politics not because I am indifferent or I don't care or afraid to speak out or I am busy trying to get a life to get noticed, instead I would only choose to be active IF I can make a difference to society today.

That, is the solution to our issues. Get involve, play the politics with the politics we have issues about, be member of the parliment, lobby for the right cause, state your believe then, make a difference.

The question is, are these people whose been ranting about things over and over like a broken record at every single nook and corner willing to dive deep into politics to change things?

If not, then, all talk and rant makes no sense. It's no diff from a tin kosong...

It's just like those specatators watching a football match of their beloved team. Whenever the footballer makes a mistake or missed a queue, there we go, complaint, start calling names or even kutuk habis2. Better still, we have a group of friends of the same kepala, the kutuk goes even more. But by end of the 90 minutes, what did the spectators do to make their fav team win the match? Nothing. Just sorakan and kutukan. Sounds familiar?


Chee Ching said...

Very true.

Cause after the past happenings that had been happening around bloggers that spoken widely about political issues, it is no wonder that us bloggers tend to slow down on the criticisms.

What is the so called freedom of speech?

The government is getting way overboard over their ways of conducting their rights.


Z said...

wee leng, i totally get you.

although most would consider me an adult by now (at 20 y/o) i still feel that i'm not capable of making much difference political-wise. and my cynicism with the image of corruption and politics going hand in hand makes me further disgusted to think much about it.

it might be a pessimistic stand to be in, but i'm just not interested in politics. and alhough this is really irresponsible of me, i'm still considering if i should even vote after 21 because i can't seem to choose any political party to have faith in/support.

i've gotten flamed by my parents for the idea of not voting (like, many times), but yeah, i'm not sure i'm ready yet to decide.

so in my case, i dont blog about politics because i dont like it. though there is the fear of getting prosecuted or banished from the country or whatever, i still do admire the efforts of some concerned & unwavering bloggers who take their time to walk the talk in fighting against the 'big' people.

as from v for vendetta (i love this quote):

"the people should not be afraid of the government, the government should be afraid of the people"

p/s - naw, i'm under study loan for mrsm teachers-to-be, not scholarship. =P

WY said...

i am late, but it just went past 51 comments.

people are too frighten to voice out their opinions for various reasons. I myself, had in the past, been punished for being vocal (not even political).

Thanks for raising this issue. Young Malaysians and Old Malaysians alike should all put our mouths and hands where our hearts and minds are.


My personal act to overcome my own political apathy is to be part of the following:

10th Nov 2007 - March for Clean Elections - Dataran Merdeka.

See you all there

Anonymous said...


It pays to rock the boat. Sometimes blood is the price.

Every year when I attend our Church July 4th gathering (America independent day), I always thought to myself, America is a great nation because they paid a lot of price to be different.

I think they are the only ex British colonies that is not under the Common Wealth and they are the one who defied all British system, like metric lah , driving at the wrong side of the street and etc.

They don't sing God bless the queen like most ex British colonies do.

While I was doing my America naturalization process, one of the things I read is everyone in America is equal, so if you have any title : Tan Sri, Tuan or Sir, lady , your 1st requirement to be an America citizen is to strip your title away. No Sir here. I don't think Elton John likes it too much.

They fought dam hard against the British. Many lives were shed, families put on hold because of the independent war.But with one conviction they went on, conviction of out of British control and rule by themselves. The more I study about America culture and history, the more I found America goes all its way to defile British system. I think they are the only country left in the world who is not using metric system ( we used lbs, inches, feet, yard, miles, gallons). Drive on the wrong side of the road. Everything about British system is the opposite about America.

In fact, it was so interesting for me after living in Australia for 15 years, New Zealand 3 months and Britain a year to find there is an Angmo place which is so different from their counterpart, the Britain. They fought hard for their own identity. Their systems, their government and everything from school to business, are like day and nite.

Is that identity important ? Well, the American then thought so because of a different kind of country they want their countries to be, not under the king but under the people, 1 nation under God, for the people, by the people. That vision make America it is today.

I don't think I can blame the middle generation too much, they are the ones who provide bread for their families.

It really takes a leader (or leaders) who are visionaries to start a revolutions. It takes a lot of prices and often times blood shed is inevitable.

Talk is cheap, action is expensive.

Every one of us have our own reasons and just because I am now a citizen of America,I don't necessary put my brothers and sisters in Malaysia into trouble because every one of us have our own reasons and most of them they are our families.


ManaL said...

All these polilitcal milieu talks....

I think we are getting smarter and bolder these days regardless whatever age/generation you are. It shows how much we are concerned towards the betterment of all. Aside from all those money, sex, power influences en route to gain higher position in our society, people do things to secure their best interest too regardless of what implications it may leave unto others.

Pisces man mentioned V for Vendetta, and for many of us who have read John Grisham, Robert Ludlum, Sidney Sheldon and etc, political "war" is everywhere and it just gets nastier and nastier unless we have some wise men/women amongst us who manages to lead to a better unity in order to strengthen our economy on a fair game scale.

I saw the program "Hujah" on tv9 last nite (9.30pm every tuesday, and it gets better if Dr.Agus Yusof is the mediator, he's funny, cynical yet sincere) and i applaud such live program on the national tv. It's far from kayu or too much orchestrated like those on the RTM. It actually reminded me of Question Time on BBC1. We can talk the talk but we must know how to talk to be able to relay our messages sans anger-driven or too emotional.

Zewt, thanks for initiating us to open some "can of worms" in a good way. Vote for ZEWT for the next YB!

lynn-w said...

honestly, i think your blog is really well written and i enjoy eveyr single post u've written since i started reading!!

Anonymous said...

the fear is real.
just had dinner with my friend and his wife. one of the subjects were that me and my friend would like to visit social-political blogs and post comments. you know what did she say?
"pleaselah you guys, be careful, I dont want to bail you guys out from the police station!"

~aSstHa~ said...

aiyoh.. so many times i wanted to comment but cudn't cos of my shitty internet connection.. comments just don't go thru...

but i'm sure u remember wat i said the last time u comment ppl normally don't put comments on political entries rite? so no need to repeat myself... :P

i think there's one more thing u failed to mention (which i think i didn't read any comments on it aso)...

those in-between you were talking about being tidak apa... or being comfortable in their own world or something like that... (can't remember ler... i read ur entry last nite n too lazy to reread it again)

u forgot there's a majority who is already fed-up for speaking up and feel nothing is goin to change bcos like ur entry on the one who spoke up to the hated one n no one else bothered to stand beside him...

i tink that also applies for this post. we always say we are tired... but do we really want to take the risk of putting our hopes on someone which have totally no firsthand experience? how sure are we that once favours are on their side they won't be money/power hungry too?

sure ppl can all say this, promise that but once they have a pot of gold in front of them how many can actually say no to it? hell... we do it too as employees... wen another company offer us a bigger paycheck n better perks don't we too jump ship?

how come our actions are ok but theirs are frowned upon? double standards no? but the difference is... wen we to it as employee's we're only causing discomfort to our former employers (cos they need to go throught the tedious task of interviews again)... but their actions, more people suffer.

ok i digressed as always...

bottomline is... no matter wat/who we decide upon... it's still a gamble... and there's that ratio thingy to think abt... wat are the odds of getting everyone of us to put aside their differences and go for jz one? nobody wants to take that risk of the unknown so as a result nothing changes.

i feel that's wer the in-between mostly lie... not that we are complacent or anything cos at the end of the day, one way or another it does affect us... it's just years after years of hoping for that change and not seeing it.. we know we're just kidding urself

to see things change we need everyone to pull their weight... not just a handful... there was this story, take a single stick and break it ... it'll break with just a slight movement to the wrist, but put them all together... even the strongest of man can't break it.

so at the end... i'll just sum it up as unity is not strong enuf cos one just want to take care of the own race and vice versa... so how will the others have the courage to put their faith in something that doesn't take them into consideration? i know i won't... that's the most simplest of the human form... to one it's own...

my two cents

zewt said...

wee-leng - indeed, i guess a bunch of tin kosongs will not make a difference. which is why i will try to do something and be at the walk... if i can make it due to certain changes in circumstances now. as for football... yeah, i so get what you mean.

chingy - the govt always get away things. it is up to us to at least say something.

Zaty - the v for vandetta qoute is just so overly abused... another NATO quote la... as for you, if you are not register now, i guess you wont be voting in the coming election.

rational thinker - i hope to see you there too.

jamy - yeah, i think america has gone a long way. but then again, it's no good to compare malaysia with america because it will not be comparing light to light. also, the issue here is not about having our own identity, because i think it's not possible to a certain extend. the issue is rights... of those who are born in this country.

Manal - i dont think i will be running for anything... so no YB :)... yeah, talk is cheap, which is why i am hoping that i will make it for the walk. indeed, the younger generation is getting smarter and smarter these days... it will come to a time when intelligence of the people will be the predicament of the govt.

l y n n w e i - thanks :)

anon @ 2.44pm - well, i cant blame them. we all have our comfort zone.

aSstHa - hahahaha... suddenly it's about employers and employees... but i think the society or the country as a whole do function like a corporation. yeah, the boss is always the enemy, the brave one will not get support, the hated one will forever be untouchable... and we who can make a difference will just stand at the side and blog about things. like you said, there is no unity... so it will be a long time before real change can be seen.

Anonymous said...


I am not saying you need to compare America with Malaysia or America with Australia (by the way, Australia got her independent about the same time as America, and they are still singing Bless the queen ). What I want to say is it takes visions and efforts to change.

I think overall Malaysia is still not a bad place to live, though it has its many issues but the people generally still feel comfortable but of course there are unheard voices.

Most Chinese or Indians or even Malays or natives decided to move away if they feel that system fail them and they themselves cannot change the system;; they move to other countries where they think they can provide better for their families.

The old Americans fought. They fought on everything lah that they cannot agree. And a lot of times they put their own rice bowls and families at stake.

Do you want to ? or you prefer to just move away from the problems you face now and start anew in a country who can offer you better opportunity ? That is for you to decide and not for me to judge.

I have some friends who are very keen in social political when I was in uni, they fought for their belief and they are still in political parties now.

Actually my teenage years are about the end of the hyppies era, we fought everything which we believe. Yes, I did my shares too,not for political but for religion. Australia was very ethistics society so we Christian fought loh then.

Yes, now I also fighting for what I believe. I am spreading the gold and silver gospel against the fiat currency system.

It does not matter if it is America, Malaysia, zambawe or Nigeria, it has to do with the people who live there to change the course of their country history, turn left or right, everyone makes a different.


me said...

u shld know yr own strength and weakness, it helps to improve. whilst yr writing is not exactly engaging, yr personality shines thru. nothing to be sad about. everybdy has different strength.

me said...

and it also means u can always count on jules for the honest opinion. that is not something that you can always get out there in this world of hypocrisy.

Danny said...

wow, zewt, you read a lot of blogs!!!

zewt said...

jamy - indeed... the people... and i mean all the people must have a heart to change... then only we can see a change. this is why the coming 10 nov walk will be crucial for everyone.

me - well, i guess that's an honest opinion from you already :)

danny hi and welcome. yeah, i dont read books but i certainly read a lot of blogs. thanks for dropping by.

Anonymous said...

Anything and everything can be manipulated in this country. Judicial, electoral... is there nothing that is still sacred?? Do you blame us, the in-betweens for being cynical and silent?

I'm sure things may not seem as bad real life, but based on what I read on the internet (the usual prophets of doom.. RPK, JOoi, msiakini, susan loone, msiatoday..) I am well and truly afraid for the future of msia. And really ashamed of the current state of political and judicial affairs. A democratic country? What a sham!!

zewt said...

kat - yeah, we do have to fear for our future... particularly when we are looking at starting a family. very very frightening.

Anonymous said...

in the first place, we are in this state of fear and the govt have strong control over what the public has to say is mainly because we let them have the power. why do you think they are getting bolder now? if everyone with the mentality of "why bother, it's not going to change, what i say or do is not significant enough to change the situation, why rock the boat if we still can cari makan' please think again. do you still can cari makan if the rot is already irreversible? what about our future generation? earn more money and migrate heh? running away is not my cup of tea.

the point is at least we are doing our part, be politically aware, share the information to the people we know, to the people that care. we never know the end result as we never really try. for many psychics future-readers out there, don't be so sure things will not change for the better...

oh yeah, politics is not dirty. It is all a distorted view of the real thing. I quote :

"Politics, the real thing, is essentially the noblest career human beings can pursue. You will agree when you think of its beginnings among Greeks, the people who invented mathematics, science and philosophy.

Derived from the Greek word, "Polis", which means "community", politics is actually about running a community. The dictionary defines it as the science and methods of government, be it of a small community or an entire country.

Government has preoccupied human thought ever since Socrates, the proverbial father of philosophy.

Socrates’ most notable "descendant", Plato, connected politics with philosophy – that activity devoted to the systematic examination of basic concepts such as truth, existence, reality, causality, and freedom. Now imagine if our politicians preoccupied themselves solely with driving Kenya toward "the ideal" – an economy that grows only upward, roads that angels could kill to drive on, air so fresh fish out of water could live on. Plato is the father of idealism in politics.

And Plato’s eminent disciple, Aristotle, believed that every state is a community of some kind. And every community is established with a view to some good. Now Aristotle took it for granted that mankind always acts in order to obtain that which they think good.

And among communities aiming for good, the state or political community is the highest of all. In other words, the man who taught that the highest power mankind can exercise over the world is to understand it, believed that the state always aimed at the highest good.

Not many people in the streets know this, but the only reason we send people to Parliament is so they can make laws. Good laws to govern the people. In its purest form, politics is about service, period. And what is greater than the call to serve? For politicians, the service is to make laws – not get rich.

zewt said...

bongkersz - bro... u should put this up in your blog as a single entry itself. hahaha....

anyway, you're damn right... if only ppl is to realised that the power actually belongs to us... that would make one helluva difference!